Provider Listing
Provider data last updated: 12/02/20
Last Update: 12/02/20

Neary & Hunter OBGyn, LLC
67 Belmont St
Worcester, MA 01605

One Call Care Management
135 Gold Star Blvd
Worcester, MA 01606

Sabel, Paul D., MD
100 Mlk Jr Blvd
Worcester, MA 01608

Saint Vincent Hospital at
Worcester Medical Center

123 Summer St
Worcester, MA 01608

Shields Radiology Associates
214 Shrewsbury St
Worcester, MA 01604

Tague, David Frederick, MD
300 Grove St
Worcester, MA 01605

Tague, David Frederick, MD
135 Gold Star Blvd
Worcester, MA 01606

Tyagi, Girish, MD
UMASS Memorial Medical Group
55 Lake Ave N
Worcester, MA 01655


U Mass Memorial Campus
119 Belmont St
Worcester, MA 01605

U Mass Memorial MRI & Imaging
214 Shrewsbury St
Worcester, MA 01604

U Mass MRI University Campus
55 Lake Ave N Ste H1-713
Worcester, MA 01655

Weiner, Milton Aaron, MD
123 Summer St
Worcester, MA 01608

Weiner, Milton Aaron, MD
20 Major Taylor Blvd
Worcester, MA 01608

Weiner, Milton Aaron, MD
100 Mlk Jr Blvd
Worcester, MA 01608

White, Scott S., MD
5 Neponset St
Worcester, MA 01606


Arnow V, Jonathan R., MD
Neary Hunter Obgyn
67 Belmont St


Worcester, MA 01605

Bader, David A., MD
123 Summer St # 1FL
Worcester, MA 01608

Bermann, Max Meir, MD
Neary Hunter Obgyn
67 Belmont St
Worcester, MA 01605

Bindman, David J., MD
55 Lake Ave N Vascular
Worcester, MA 01655

Bramson, Robert T., MD
55 Lake Ave N
Worcester, MA 01655

Brochu, Brian T., MD
Neary Hunter Obgyn
67 Belmont St
Worcester, MA 01605

Burd, Douglas A., MD
123 Summer St
Worcester, MA 01608

Chen, Peter S., MD
100 Mlk Jr Blvd Ste 300
Worcester, MA 01608

Davis, Steven, MD


123 Summer St Ste 580N
Worcester, MA 01608

Diana, Charles L., MD
Shields Radiology Associates,
214 Shrewsbury St
Worcester, MA 01604

Diana, Charles L., MD
Umass Memorial Campus
119 Belmont St
Worcester, MA 01605

Diana, Charles L., MD
Umass MRI University Campus
55 Lake Ave N Ste H1 713
Worcester, MA 01655

Feldhaus, Louise E., MD
135 Gold Star Blvd
Worcester, MA 01606

Feldhaus, Louise E., MD
5 Neponset St
Worcester, MA 01606

Ferrucci III, Joseph T., MD
UMASS Memorial Medical Group
55 Lake Ave N
Worcester, MA 01655

Ferrucci III, Joseph T., MD
119 Belmont St

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Provider Listing
Provider data last updated: 12/02/20
Last Update: 12/02/20

Worcester, MA 01605

Fey, Geoffrey L., MD
5 Neponset St
Worcester, MA 01606

Garrell, Ronald H., MD
Neary Hunter Obgyn
67 Belmont St
Worcester, MA 01605

Gibson, Peter B., MD
UMASS Memorial Medical Group
55 Lake Ave N
Worcester, MA 01655

Gupta, Preeti, MD
Vincent Hospital
123 Summer St
Worcester, MA 01608

Gupta, Preeti, MD
Vincent Hospital
26 Queen St
Worcester, MA 01610

Gupta, Preeti, MD
100 Mlk Jr Blvd Ste 300
Worcester, MA 01608

Gupta, Preeti, MD
Vincent Hospital
20 Major Taylor Blvd
Worcester, MA 01608



Kanzaria, Paulomi K., MD
26 Queen St
Worcester, MA 01610

Kanzaria, Paulomi K., MD
Saint Vincent Radiological
123 Summer St Ste 1N
Worcester, MA 01608

Kanzaria, Paulomi K., MD
1 Eaton Pl
Worcester, MA 01608

Kowal, Daniel J., MD
Family Health Center Of
Worcester Inc
Umass Memorial Medical Group
26 Queen St
Worcester, MA 01610
508-752-6068, 508-860-7777

Kowal, Daniel J., MD
St Vincent Hospital
123 Summer St
Worcester, MA 01608

Lasalle Green, Noreen M., MD
Saint Vincent Radiological
123 Summer St
Worcester, MA 01608

Lasalle Green, Noreen M., MD
Saint Vincent Radiological


1 Eaton Pl
Worcester, MA 01608

Lasalle Green, Noreen M., MD
Womens Health
328 Shrewsbury St Ste 100
Worcester, MA 01604

Messersmith, Dieane S., MD
26 Queen St
Worcester, MA 01610

Messersmith, Dieane S., MD
100 Mlk Jr Blvd Ste 300
Worcester, MA 01608

Messersmith, Dieane S., MD
328 Shrewsbury St
Worcester, MA 01604

Mukai, John K., MD
123 Summer St Ste 1
Worcester, MA 01608

Nir, Dan, MD
5 Neponset St
Worcester, MA 01606

Perrelli, Kara J., MD
300 Grove St
Worcester, MA 01605

Perrelli, Kara J., MD
135 Gold Star Blvd


Worcester, MA 01606

Perrelli, Kara J., MD
5 Neponset St
Worcester, MA 01606

Sabel, Paul D., MD
100 Mlk Jr Blvd
Worcester, MA 01608

Shields Radiology Associates
214 Shrewsbury St
Worcester, MA 01604

Skrzat, Jodie M., MD
123 Summer St
Worcester, MA 01608

Skrzat, Jodie M., MD
1 Eaton Pl
Worcester, MA 01608

Smith, Stanley Rhett, MD
5 Neponset St
Worcester, MA 01606

Summers, Allison L., MD
5 Neponset St
Worcester, MA 01606

Tague, David Frederick, MD
300 Grove St
Worcester, MA 01605

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Provider Listing
Provider data last updated: 12/02/20
Last Update: 12/02/20

Tague, David Frederick, MD
135 Gold Star Blvd
Worcester, MA 01606

Tyagi, Girish, MD
UMASS Memorial Medical Group
55 Lake Ave N
Worcester, MA 01655

White, Scott S., MD
5 Neponset St
Worcester, MA 01606

Registered Dietician

Albano, Caitlin, MS
Birchwood Nutrition Group
123 Summer St Ste 385 North
Worcester, MA 01608

Casaceli, Barbara J., BS
5 Neponset St
Worcester, MA 01606

Castle, Christine M., MS
5 Neponset St
Worcester, MA 01606

Lacroix, Stephanie, MS
474 Grove St
Worcester, MA 01605


Laura, Kusy E., MS
5 Neponset St
Worcester, MA 01606

Macneil, Inmay P., MS
5 Neponset St
Worcester, MA 01606

Minogue, Kimberly B., MS
Birchwood Nutrition Group
123 Summer St Ste 385 North
Worcester, MA 01608

Morris, Laura Z., MS
5 Neponset St
Worcester, MA 01606

Osborn, Wendy S., MS
630 Plantation St
Worcester, MA 01605


Encompass Health
Rehabilitation Hospital

189 May St
Worcester, MA 01602

Fairlawn Rehab Hospital
189 May St
Worcester, MA 01602

Healthsouth Fairlawn
Rehabilitation Hospital


189 May St
Worcester, MA 01602

Rehabilitation Hospital

Fairlawn Rehab Hospital
189 May St
Worcester, MA 01602

Rehabilitation Inpatient

Fairlawn Rehab Hospital
189 May St
Worcester, MA 01602

Rehabilitation Physical Therapy

Fairlawn Rehab Hospital
189 May St
Worcester, MA 01602

Saint Vincent Hospital at
Worcester Medical Center

123 Summer St
Worcester, MA 01608

Reproductive Endocrinology


Alper, Michael M., MD
Boston Fertility & Gyn,
Worcester Medical Center
123 Summer St
Worcester, MA 01608

Alper, Michael M., MD
Boston IVF Inc
338 Plantation St
Worcester, MA 01604

Bayer, Steven R., MD
Boston Fertility & Gyn,
Worcester Medical Center
123 Summer St
Worcester, MA 01608


Birbara, Charles A., MD
25 Oak Ave Ste 2
Worcester, MA 01605

Gilman, Suzanne M., MD
5 Neponset St
Worcester, MA 01606

Kaur, Maneet, MD
5 Neponset St
Worcester, MA 01606

Mody, Elinor A., MD
5 Neponset St
Worcester, MA 01606
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Provider Listing
Provider data last updated: 12/02/20
Last Update: 12/02/20


Reed, John I., MD
5 Neponset St
Worcester, MA 01606

Trinh, Hung G., MD
5 Neponset St
Worcester, MA 01606

Yood, Robert A., MD
5 Neponset St
Worcester, MA 01606

Skilled Nursing Facility

Blaire House of Worcester
116 Houghton St
Worcester, MA 01604

Centrus Premier Home Care Inc
770 W Boylston St Unit A
Worcester, MA 01606

Hammond House Care &
Rehabilitation Center

18 Hammond St
Worcester, MA 01610

Parsons Hill Rehabilitation &
Health Care Center

1350 Main St
Worcester, MA 01603



Trinity Eastern Orthodox
Nursing & Rehabilitation

300 Barber Ave
Worcester, MA 01606

West Side House
35 Fruit St
Worcester, MA 01609

Worcester Rehabilitation &
Health Care Center

119 Providence St
Worcester, MA 01604

Sleep Medicine

Albakour, Mustafa, MD
Mass Lung & Allergy, P.C.
85 Prescott St Ste 302
Worcester, MA 01605

Khurshid, Khurshid, MD
Mass Lung & Allergy, P.C.
85 Prescott St Ste 302
Worcester, MA 01605

Scott, Jeffrey A., MD
Reliant Medical Group, Inc.
123 Summer St Ste 390
Worcester, MA 01608


Speech/Language/Hearing Therapy

Davi, Jessica L., BS
50 Gold Star Blvd
Worcester, MA 01606

Watson, Haley M., MS
135 Gold Star Blvd Fl 2
Worcester, MA 01606

Sports Medicine

Burbank, Kelton M., MD
123 Summer St Ste 320
Worcester, MA 01608

Malvey, Todd C., DO
123 Summer St Ste 385
Worcester, MA 01608


Alosi, Julie A., MD
Reliant Medical Group, Inc.
123 Summer St Ste 210 S
Worcester, MA 01608

Arcand, Paul L., MD
123 Summer St Ste 210
Worcester, MA 01608



Arous, Elias J., MD
UMASS Memorial Medical Group
55 Lake Ave N
Worcester, MA 01655

Ayvazian, Philip John, MD
25 Oak Ave Ste 2
Worcester, MA 01605

Bellin, Paula B., MD
33 Kendall St
Worcester, MA 01605

Bojar, Robert M., MD
123 Summer St Ste 270
Worcester, MA 01608

Czerniach Jr., Donald R., MD
67 Belmont St
Worcester, MA 01605

Gulati, Subhash C., MD
291 Lincoln St Ste 204
Worcester, MA 01605

Josephs, Leon G., MD
123 Summer St Ste 210
Worcester, MA 01608

Kass, Jason I., MD
123 Summer St Ste 300
Worcester, MA 01608

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Provider Listing
Provider data last updated: 12/02/20
Last Update: 12/02/20


Kelly, John William, MD
UMASS Memorial Medical Group
55 Lake Ave N
Worcester, MA 01655

Litwin, Demetrius E., MD
Umass Memorial Medical Center
55 Lake Ave N
Worcester, MA 01655

Lockhart, Diane C., MD
Saint Vincent Physician
Services Inc
1 Eaton Pl Suite 1BB
Worcester, MA 01608
508-363-6881, 508-363-7100

Maroney, Sean K., MD
123 Summer St Ste 210
Worcester, MA 01608

Mehta, Savant, MD
UMASS Memorial Medical Group
55 Lake Ave N
Worcester, MA 01655

Mehta, Savant, MD
Gi Liver Group Pc
352 Belmont St
Worcester, MA 01604
508-755-0650, 508-755-9650

Perugini, Richard A., MD
UMASS Memorial Medical Group


55 Lake Ave N
Worcester, MA 01655

Potter, Michael W., MD
123 Summer St Ste 210
Worcester, MA 01608

Rao, Charanjit S., MD
10 Winthrop St Ste 314
Worcester, MA 01604

Rubin, Ronald B., MD
119 Belmont St
Worcester, MA 01605

Shufflebarger, John V., MD
123 Summer St Ste 320
Worcester, MA 01608

Simosa, Hector F., MD
123 Summer St Ste 210
Worcester, MA 01608

Stoker, Mark E., MD
123 Summer St Ste 210
Worcester, MA 01608

Tomczyk, Thomas, MD
123 Summer St Ste 210
Worcester, MA 01608

Unger, Lawrence C., MD
123 Summer St Ste 210
Worcester, MA 01608



Walker, Jennifer D., MD
Umass Memorial Medical Center
55 Lake Ave N
Worcester, MA 01655


Ayvazian, Philip John, MD
25 Oak Ave Ste 2
Worcester, MA 01605

Jaffee, Stuart R., MD
10 Winthrop St Ste 319
Worcester, MA 01604

Thoracic Surgery

Bojar, Robert M., MD
123 Summer St Ste 270
Worcester, MA 01608

Walker, Jennifer D., MD
Umass Memorial Medical Center
55 Lake Ave N
Worcester, MA 01655

Urgent Care Clinic


*AFC Urgent Care
117A Stafford St
Worcester, MA 01603

Carewell Urgent Care
348 Greenwood St
Worcester, MA 01607

Carewell Urgent Care
500 Lincoln St
Worcester, MA 01605

Family Health Center Of
Worcester Inc

26 Queen St
Worcester, MA 01610


Ayvazian, Philip John, MD
25 Oak Ave Ste 2
Worcester, MA 01605

Bellin, Paula B., MD
33 Kendall St
Worcester, MA 01605

Blute Jr., Robert D., MD
Associates In Urology Of
Worcester P C
95 Vernon St Ste 202
Worcester, MA 01610
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 Page 1355: Worcester 


Provider Listing
Provider data last updated: 12/02/20
Last Update: 12/02/20

Carswell, Brett M., MD
123 Summer St Ste 210
Worcester, MA 01608

Glazier, Wayne, MD
Saint Vincent Physician
Services Inc
85 Prescott 403
Worcester, MA 01605

Hopkins Jr., Timothy B., MD
Worcester Urological
25 Oak Ave
Worcester, MA 01605

McRae, Simon N., MD
123 Summer St Ste 210
Worcester, MA 01608

Parikh, Ankur M., MD
Saint Vincent Physician
Services Inc
85 Prescott St Ste 403
Worcester, MA 01605

Parulkar, Bhalchandra G., MD
Saint Vincent Physician
Services Inc
85 Prescott 403
Worcester, MA 01605

Patel, Chintan K., MD
Saint Vincent Physician
Services Inc
85 Prescott St Suite 403
Worcester, MA 01605



Sokoloff, Mitchell H., MD
33 Kendall St
Worcester, MA 01605

Wollin, Michael R., MD
25 Oak Ave
Worcester, MA 01605

Vascular Neurology

Nanjundaswamy, Shashidhara,

123 Summer St Ste 230
Worcester, MA 01608

Vascular Surgery

Arous, Elias J., MD
UMASS Memorial Medical Group
55 Lake Ave N
Worcester, MA 01655

Najjar, John G., MD
123 Summer St Ste 210
Worcester, MA 01608

Rao, Charanjit S., MD
10 Winthrop St Ste 314
Worcester, MA 01604



Vascular and Interventional Radiology

Bean, Mark S., MD
CleanSlate Centers -
411 Chandler St
Worcester, MA 01602

Messersmith, Dieane S., MD
26 Queen St
Worcester, MA 01610

Messersmith, Dieane S., MD
100 Mlk Jr Blvd Ste 300
Worcester, MA 01608

Messersmith, Dieane S., MD
328 Shrewsbury St
Worcester, MA 01604


Lenscrafters Greendale Mall
7 Neponset St
Worcester, MA 01606

  Worthington, MA  


Clinical Social Work

Feldman, Rossie, MSW
58 Old North Rd
Worthington, MA 01098

Physical Therapy

Cooley Dickinson
Rehabilitation Services

58 Old North Rd
Worthington, MA 01098

  Wrentham, MA  

Cardiac Electrophysiology-Clinical

Orlov, Michael V., MD
Steward Medical Group
844 Franklin St Unit 2
Wrentham, MA 02093


Dillon, William D., MD
Norfolk County Medical
844 Franklin St Ste 2

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Provider Listing
Provider data last updated: 12/02/20
Last Update: 12/02/20

Wrentham, MA 02093

Cardiovascular Disease

Cheema, Waqar A., MD
24 Common St Fl 2
Wrentham, MA 02093

Desai, Akshay S., MD
844 Franklin St
Wrentham, MA 02093

Dillon, William D., MD
Norfolk County Medical
844 Franklin St Ste 2
Wrentham, MA 02093

Orlov, Michael V., MD
Steward Medical Group
844 Franklin St Unit 2
Wrentham, MA 02093

Clinical Social Work

Dubinsky, Susan M., MSW
844 Franklin St Unit 7
Wrentham, MA 02093

Internal Medicine


Desai, Akshay S., MD
844 Franklin St
Wrentham, MA 02093

Orlov, Michael V., MD
Steward Medical Group
844 Franklin St Unit 2
Wrentham, MA 02093


Giuliano, Arthur A., MD
155 South St
Wrentham, MA 02093

Henry, Robert J., MD
155 South St
Wrentham, MA 02093

Physical Therapy

Rovani, Karen E., PT
50 Randall Rd
Wrentham, MA 02093

Vacovec, John A., BS, PT
50 Randall Rd
Wrentham, MA 02093

Registered Dietician


Farrer, Julie T., MS
Julie Farrer Rd
155 South St
Wrentham, MA 02093

  Yarmouth Port, MA  

Allergy and Immunology

Bloom, Richard D., MD
179 Route 6A
Yarmouth Port, MA 02675

Clinical Social Work

Pare, Catherine S., LSW
Catherine S Pare
947 Route 6a
Yarmouth Port, MA 02675

Dialysis Center

Cape Cod Artificial Kidney

241 Willow St
Yarmouth Port, MA 02675

Fresenius Medical Care Cape


241 Willow St
Yarmouth Port, MA 02675

Internal Medicine

Pare & Associates
947 Route 6A
Yarmouth Port, MA 02675


Quest Diagnostics
923 Main St Route 6A
Yarmouth Port, MA 02675


Reimer, James T., MD
251 Willow St
Yarmouth Port, MA 02675

Nurse Practitioner

Mulcahy, Lily C., MS
179 Route 6A
Yarmouth Port, MA 02675

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Provider Listing
Provider data last updated: 12/02/20
Last Update: 12/02/20

Pediatric Cardiology

Erickson, Lars C., MD
Child Heart Associates, LLC
244 Willow St
Yarmouth Port, MA 02675


Bloom, Richard D., MD
179 Route 6A
Yarmouth Port, MA 02675

Erickson, Lars C., MD
Child Heart Associates, LLC
244 Willow St
Yarmouth Port, MA 02675

Kaselis, Edith S., MD
179 Route 6A
Yarmouth Port, MA 02675

Norenberg, Leif R., MD
179 Route 6A Ste B
Yarmouth Port, MA 02675

Social Services

Pare & Associates
947 Route 6A


Yarmouth Port, MA 02675








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Provider Listing
Provider data last updated: 12/02/20
Last Update: 12/02/20


116 Belmont Street1322 


A Step Above Pt1165 
Abar, Matthew P., PA-C531,933,1206 
Abate, Stephanie J., MSW13 
Abbasi, Bardia, MD154 
Abbondanza, Lisa J., MS488 
Abbott, Jay L., MD284 
ABC Home Healthcare Profession1153 
Abdallah, Sheila, MD1061,1310 
Abdelal, Ahmed M., PhD1157 
Abdelrazek, Mahmoud A., MD337 
Abdennadher, Myriam, MD154,159 
Abdilmasih, Pierre D., DC1001 
Abdul Aziz, Dunia E., MD1203 
Abdulah, Dorina R., MD10 
Abdullin, Marat I., MD591,1083 
Abdulnour, Raja Elie E., MD84,139,216 
Abdurakhmanova, Anna, MSPT, CN160 
Abebe, Bisrat, MSW81 
Abel, Gregory A., MD103,113,139 
Abele, Michael Joseph, MD639,641,1145 
Abeles, Deborah B., MD295 
Abelson, Mark B., MD17 
Aberdale, Colletta, MSW1037,1038 
Aberman, Richard M., MSW398 
Abesamis, Aileen Agsalud, MD286 
Abi Younes, Sylvie A., MD851,853,904 
Abkowitz, Suzanne J., MD773 
ABL Visiting Nurses55,1296 
Abner, Anthony L., MD344 
Abokhamis, Ahmad, MD582,1015 
Aboobakar, Inas F., MD173 
Abou Allaban, Yousef K., MD785 


Abou Elenein, Rania G., MD1062 
Abou Nader, Roula Elias, MD504,505,506 
Abou Nader, Roula Elias, MD884,887,892 
Abou Rjeily, Charbel, MD1267 
Abou-Allaban, Yousef, MD1157 
Abou-Ezzi, Pierre, MD56 
Abrahm, Janet L., MD103,108,113 
Abrahm, Janet L., MD139 
Abrams, Jonathan Samuel, MSW81 
Abrams, Martin B., MD915 
Abrams, Thomas A., MD113,139 
Abramson, Jennifer Suzanne, SL1168 
Abramson, Ronald D., MD1192 
Abreu, Steven P., MD624 
Abric, Lauren B., MSN49 
Absolute Performance Physical 675 
Abu, Michele A., MSW991 
Academy Manor19 
Academy New England Orthotics 1259,1347 
Academy Orthotic and Prostheti1347 
Academy Swift River LLC397 
Acar, Diler, MD154 
Accardi, Alexandra L., MD977 
Accetta, Donald D., MD1134,1140 
Accredo Health Group, Inc.682 
Accupath Diagnostic Laboratori
Acelleron Medical Products803,805 
Acharji, Subasit, MD1041 
Acharya, Lopamudra, MD110,113,751 
Acharya, Lopamudra, MD752,915,916 
Acharya, Ravindra D., MD354 
Acharya, Utkarsh H., DO103,113,140 
Acharya, Utkarsh H., DO252,253,254 
Achebe, Chidi, MD641,651 
Achebe, Maureen M., MD103,140,252 
Achebe, Maureen M., MD254 
Achey, Michael D., MD1136 
Acker, Mark C., MD1140 
Acker, Scott Michael, MD298,299,300 
Acker, Scott Michael, MD1211 
Ackil, Albert A., MD826,827,828 
Ackman, Jeanne B., MD220,222 
Ackroyd, Luke J., CRNA5,618,1201 


Ackroyd, Luke J., CRNA1209 
Acquisto, Gail F., MS1227 
Action Physical Therapy and Re1071,1095 
Action Physical Therapy and Re562 
Acton Cardiology Imaging
ACTON Urgent Care
Acuna Villaorduna, Carlos J., 111 
Ada, Lourdes R., MD636,637,1143 
Ada, Lourdes R., MD1144 
Adachi, Jaymie, NP530,932,1206 
Adaikkalam, Aruna, MD26,493,1289 
Adam, Laura T., MD91,94,1001 
Adam, Octavian, MD893,901 
Adams, Ann-Rene, MA779 
Adams, Christopher W., MD86 
Adams, Cynthia M., NP611 
Adams, Donald W., DPM482 
Adams, Emily A., PA-C393 
Adams, John J., MD796 
Adams, Kate R., PA-C204,257 
Adams, Kenneth G., MD532,534 
Adams, Lynsie, MSN161 
Adams, Marc P., DO451 
Adams, Michael R., OD489,730 
Adams, Michelle E., MD427 
Adams, Susan E., CNP611 
Adams, William G., MD194 
Adams-Quow, Sonja Claudette, C439 
Adamski, Brittany, PA-C515,558,1087 
AdaptHealth Patient Care Solut679 
Adcare Hospital of Worcester1303,1306 
Adcare Hospital of Worcester1317,1323 
Adcare Hospital of Worcester1324,1347 
Adcare Outpatient Services Bos70 
Adcare Outpatient Services Nor818 
Adcare Outpatient Services Qui934,960 
Adcare Outpatient Services Wes1215,1221 
Adcare Outpatient Services Wor1303,1324 
Addes, Ira S., MD1129 
Addison Gilbert Hospital498,499,500 
Addison Gilbert Hospital501,502 
Addison Gilbert Hospital Imagi501,502 
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 Index 1 


Provider Listing
Provider data last updated: 12/02/20
Last Update: 12/02/20

Addo Tabiri, Nana O., MD103,140 
Adegoke, Tejumola M., MPH, MD172 
Adelberg, Robert, EDD342,344 
Adelman, Kenneth J., MD23 
Adelstein, Pamela K., MD1281 
Adelstein, Stephen B., OD367 
Adepoju, Oluranti A., MD69,211 
Adhikari, Krishtina, NP530,932,1206 
Adin Healthcare, Inc259,293,369 
Adin Healthcare, Inc372,410,433 
Adin Healthcare, Inc452,483,538 
Adin Healthcare, Inc716,787,823 
Adin Healthcare, Inc873,902,927 
Adin Healthcare, Inc985,1019,1100 
Adin Healthcare, Inc1120,1204 
Adin Healthcare, Inc1282,1300 
Adin Healthcare, Inc1349,1350 
Adkisson, Gregory Hugh, MD439 
Adlakha, Purnima S., MD554 
Adler, David A., MD211 
Adler, Jonathan N., MD310 
Adler, Paul D D., PhD631 
Adolphe, Soukaina, MD194 
Adornato, Britt E., OD1091 
Adra, Souheil W., MD226,233,741 
Adra, Souheil W., MD929,930 
Adriano, Karen, MSP395 
Advance Physical Ther & Sports668 
Advance Therapeutic Northampto467 
Advance Therapeutics1210 
Advanced Eye Surgery Center818,822 
Advanced Kidney Therapies Of F468 
Advanced Pain Management1119 
Advanced Ultrasound Mobile Ima1336,1350 
Advantage Health Corporation657 
Advantage Imaging Solutions241 
Advocates Inc471,478,678 
Advocates Inc681 
Aegis Health Partners PC522 
AFC Urgent Care24,48,247 
AFC Urgent Care325,411,684 
AFC Urgent Care749,759,760 
AFC Urgent Care808,1110,1168 


AFC Urgent Care1192,1226 
AFC Urgent Care1308,1355 
After Care Services Inc151 
Agahigian, David D., MD897,1090 
Agarwal, Kanika, MD173 
Agarwala, Aalok V., MD71 
Agave, Donna M., MS674 
Agganis, Georgia A., MS463,521,1249 
Aggarwal, Achal, MD42,1232 
Aggarwal, Nidhi F., MD886,887 
Aggarwal, Sapna, MD4,825 
Aggarwal, Sarika, MD113 
Aghassi, Payam, MD352,354,614 
Aghassi, Payam, MD617,622,1193 
Aghassi, Payam, MD1195,1307 
Aghassi, Payam, MD1317,1349 
Aghdasi, Iraj, MD1043,1050 
Agiomavritis, Demosthenes K., 1309,1317 
Agius, Christine R., BA161 
Agnesi, Joseph Nicholas, MD259,748,873 
Agnesi, Joseph Nicholas, MD874,996,1100 
Agnesi, Joseph Nicholas, MD1102,1126 
Agnesi, Joseph Nicholas, MD1166,1167 
Agosti, Rudolph A., MD483,747 
Agrafiotis, Katelynn T., PA-C496 
Agrawal, Anushree A., MD622,683 
Agrawal, Jaya R., MD466 
AGS Physical Therapy1154,1191 
Aguilar Lopez, Cesar A., MD1349 
Aguillon Bouche, Arturo, MD353,1064 
Aguirre, Andrew J., MD113,140 
Aguirre, Vanessa M., MSW1306 
Aguocha, Nnenna N., MD550,564,1070 
Aguocha, Nnenna N., MD1102,1234 
Aguocha, Nnenna N., MD1242 
Ahearn, Andrew J., NP618 
Ahenkorah, Ama O., BA1326 
Ahlawat, Aditi, MD488,728 
Ahmed, Lisa R., MA1155 
Ahmed, Mohamed Elamin A., MD1265 
Ahmed, Rasmia, MD475,478,680 
Ahmed, Rasmia, MD681 
Ahmed, Saad, OD449 


Ahmed, Safa M., MD56 
Ahmed, Shazia S., MD27,464,488 
Ahmed, Shazia S., MD494,560,667 
Ahmed, Shazia S., MD729,730,1009 
Ahmed, Shazia S., MD1022,1223 
Ahmed, Shazia S., MD1289 
Ahmed, Zaheer, MD641 
Ahn, Agnes Rhee, DO853,855 
Ahn, Andrew C., MD113,752 
Ahn, Eunjee, MS224 
Ahn, Lynne, MD270,273 
Ahn, Min S., MD1232 
Ahn, Paul B., MD1000 
Ahola, Lauren Elaine, RD295 
Ahson, Imran Mohammad, MD, DMD55,60 
Ahuja, Angela, MD362,368,802 
Ahuja, Angela, MD806 
Aidala, Heather J., PA-C732 
Aidlen, Jessica P., MD1130 
Aiello, Kiley R., PA-C204 
Aiello, Laura A., MSW1254,1255 
Aiello, Lloyd P., MD173 
Aillon, Rene Jr, MD879 
Aime Noel, Tatiana Bernde C., 811 
Ainsworth, Daniel, PA-C848 
Aish, Sergei L., MD474 
Aizer, Ayal A., MD218 
Ajayi, Oluwatoyin T., MD, MBBS91 
Ajegba, Folashade O., MD518,631,661 
Ajegba, Folashade O., MD835,865,1039 
Ajegba, Folashade O., MD1102,1149 
Ajegba, Folashade O., MD1174,1242 
AJH Aquatic Rehabilatation777 
AJH Outpatient Rehabilitation 777 
AJH Outpatient Services775,777 
AJH Satellite Offices at The M771,776,779 
Ajit, Nisha E., MD1316,1323 
Ajoian, Nayiri, OD1030 
Akanegbu, Christiana, NP279,839 
Akay, Aylin, MD692,703,1267 
Akbari, Nancy K., MD334,340 
Akcam, Sevilay, PA-C1096 
Akerkar, Geetanjali A., MD364,365 
 ^ = No New WC, * = EPP Provider
 Index 2 


Provider Listing
Provider data last updated: 12/02/20
Last Update: 12/02/20

Akoad, Mohamed E., MD324 
Akoma, Elizabeth P., MD601,1303 
Al Ani, Omar, DMD184 
Al Duaij, Nadeem, MD88,737,760 
Al Faraj, Abrar O., MD154 
Al Husami, Wael F., MD307 
Al Ismail, Maria, DDS184 
Al Mefty, Ossama, MD153,227 
Al-Tabbaa, Amer, MD29 
Alam, Aroosa, MD1078 
Alani, Rhoda M., MD86 
Alavi, Navid, MD113 
Alavian, Christina N., MD331,384 
Alaxandra, Haggerty, MD, NP457,515,582 
Alaxandra, Haggerty, MD, NP763,1180 
Alba, Amanda C., MS57 
Albakour, Mustafa, MD1316,1354 
Albanese, Mark J., MD328,343 
Albano, Caitlin, MS570,1353 
Albano, Josephine A., MD690,692,1287 
Albeck, Joseph H., MD50 
Albers Prock, Lisa M., MD113,194 
Albert, David Aryeh, MD505,506,798 
Albert, David Aryeh, MD799,887,892 
Albert, Jamie E., MSW330 
Albert, Kyneret Hope, MD886,887 
Albert, Lee S., MD722 
Albert, Mary F., MSW434,511 
Albert, Michele A., MD218 
Albert, Vanna, MD1073 
Alberta Wszolek, Lauren, MD331,384 
Albis, Jennifer Neal, MS346 
Albury, Lois C., MD554,1078 
Albut Sahlean, Roxana, MED304 
Albut-Sahlean, Roxana, LMHC361,586,926 
Albut-Sahlean, Roxana, LMHC977,1184 
Alden Stpierre, David M., PA-C61,501 
Alderman, James D., MD471,476 
Alderson, Lloyd M., MD316 
Aldrich, Judith V., DO884,893 
Aldrich, Meghan D., MS521,1249 
Alef, Jessica B., MA783 
Alejo, Teresita M., MD992 


Alessandro, David A., MD1296,1298 
Alessio, Deidre M., BA338,1029 
Alexander, Brian M., MD218 
Alexander, Erik K., MD89,113,140 
Alexander, John Edward, MD1185,1186 
Alexander, Kathleen V., MSN431,919 
Alexander, Sidney, MD308 
Alexanian, Sara M., MD89,114 
Alford, Daniel P., MD114 
Alfred, Benjamin S., MSN, NP1063,1326 
Alfred, Pierre R., MD28,494,560 
Alfred, Pierre R., MD1223 
Algendy, Sherif Fikry, MD261 
Algird, Patricia A., MSW840 
Algublan, Nawf H., MD1267,1270 
Ali Emami Associates LLC739 
Ali, Asjad M., MD39,548,1024 
Ali, Asjad M., MD1311 
Ali, Azra J., MD868 
Ali, Loreen A., MD368,370 
Ali, Moustafa Mohammed, MD445,448 
Ali, Omar A., MD812,814 
Ali, Syed S., MD352,862,1311 
Ali, Syed S., MD1317 
Ali-Ahmad, Dania M., MD375 
Align Networks7,13,14,33 
Align Networks34,48,61,202 
Align Networks245,249,257 
Align Networks288,303,328 
Align Networks341,368,372 
Align Networks376,379,393 
Align Networks403,409,413 
Align Networks420,424,425 
Align Networks428,433,458 
Align Networks459,461,467 
Align Networks469,481,482 
Align Networks489,498,508 
Align Networks522,524,527 
Align Networks537,543,562 
Align Networks572,583,590 
Align Networks593,599,627 
Align Networks661,668,674 
Align Networks675,676,678 


Align Networks682,684,688 
Align Networks696,716,719 
Align Networks746,754,757 
Align Networks765,782,785 
Align Networks810,823,837 
Align Networks840,847,856 
Align Networks861,864,872 
Align Networks876,899,922 
Align Networks963,987,990 
Align Networks993,994,997 
Align Networks1000,1011 
Align Networks1014,1017 
Align Networks1019,1020 
Align Networks1021,1023 
Align Networks1027,1030 
Align Networks1035,1036 
Align Networks1038,1049 
Align Networks1057,1095 
Align Networks1125,1130 
Align Networks1132,1133 
Align Networks1140,1147 
Align Networks1149,1151 
Align Networks1157,1165 
Align Networks1192,1203 
Align Networks1210,1211 
Align Networks1224,1232 
Align Networks1240,1258 
Align Networks1282,1284 
Align Networks1285,1288 
Align Networks1294,1299 
Align Networks1339 
Alimed Inc407 
Aliphas, Avner, MD187,781 
Aljafar, Ghassan A., MD1068 
Alkire, Blake C., MD188 
All American Home Aid252,256,258 
All Care Hospice665 
All Care Visiting Nurse Associ664,665 
All Lab Solutions567 
All Mobility Aids Inc913,915 
All Pro Physical Therapy Inc202,288,963 
All Southeast Physical Therapy245 
Allan, Anne E., MD384 
 ^ = No New WC, * = EPP Provider
 Index 3 


Provider Listing
Provider data last updated: 12/02/20
Last Update: 12/02/20

Allan, Kendra Beth, PA-C416 
Allard, Karen J., MD1036 
Allardi, Kelley A., PT1154 
Allardi, Thomas J., PT1154 
Allcare Plus Pharmacy836,837 
Allen Dicker, Joshua Will, MD114,916 
Allen, Anna A., MSP719 
Allen, Asherah B., MAO465,521 
Allen, Barbara J., DC831 
Allen, Danielle N., RD570 
Allen, Douglas G., DO439 
Allen, Hugh Graham, LAC668 
Allen, Kathryn M., MSW1306 
Allen, Maureen, PA-C732 
Allen, Molly, MSP1197 
Allen, Samuel D., MD12,805 
Allen, Steven B., MD426,428,515 
Allen, Steven B., MD518,630,632 
Allen, Steven B., MD660,661,833 
Allen, Steven B., MD835,1038,1039 
Allen, Steven B., MD1086,1102 
Allen, Steven B., MD1103,1172 
Allen, Steven B., MD1174,1238 
Allen, Steven B., MD1242 
Allergy & Asthma Care, PC1134 
Alleyne, Khalil C., MD841,842,1263 
Alli, Jennifer Marie, MSN1087 
Alliance Healthcare Services804,807 
Allied Health Clinic934 
Allied Pediatric Of Greater Br244,286,424 
Alluri, Ravi V., MD1068 
Almacari, Georges S., MD284,458 
Almasry, Inas O., MD348,446,447 
Almasry, Inas O., MD986,987 
Almeida, Ashley A., MC342 
Almiron, Suzann B., MSW1216 
Alom, Mohsina, MD1337 
Alonso, Yadira, MD211 
Alosco, Michael L., PhD214 
Alosi, Julie A., MD1354 
Alovisetti, Kimberly B., MSN161 
Alper, David B., DPM50 
Alper, Michael M., MD1168,1353 


Alpern, David B., MD832 
Alpert, David J., MS50 
Alpert, Haralie E., MS, OT1022 
Alpert, Stephen M., MD1006,1008 
Alsadiq, Salam, DDS193,256 
Alscher, Emma R., AUD787,1197 
Alsdorf, Stephen A., MD504 
Alsmaan, Hafez, MD881,892 
Alson, Naomi F., LAC609,877 
Altekruse, Philip D., MD354,575,909 
Altekruse, Philip D., MD934,1122,1175 
Alter, Steven, MD816,818 
Alternative Care Medical326,327,328 
Alternative Care Providers Inc813 
Altieri, Nicholas, BS857 
Altieri, Rafael A., MD382,544,546 
Altieri, Rafael A., MD849,850,1051 
Altieri, Rafael A., MD1053,1278 
Altieri, Rafael A., MD1279 
Altman, Larisa, MSN1087 
Altman, Richard Eliot, MD370 
Altman, Wayne J., MD20 
Alvarez, Nicolle D., PA899 
Alvarez-Morales, David, MD286 
Alvaro, Devon M., MSN728 
Alves, Gary J., DC758 
Alysandratos, Konstantinos Dio216 
Alzaim, Aboualkheir, MD1044 
Amado, Roberto S., MD1263,1265 
Amaral, Laura L., MA1027 
Amato, Richard Anthony, MD1242 
Ambler, Christopher A., MSN27,1254 
Ambrose, Sandra A., MS295 
Ament, Christine Shortsleeve, 173,282,717 
Ament, Christine Shortsleeve, 791,1137,1202 
Amer, Pamela V., MSW770 
Amer, Robert I., MSW770 
Ameri, Darius M., MD1121 
American Home Care Specialists1296,1299 
American Homepatient Inc1216 
American Prosthetics and Ortho246,925 
American Renal Associate LLC9,31,38,266 
American Renal Associate LLC377,444,552 


American Renal Associate LLC659,1073,1135 
American Renal Associate LLC1159,1199 
Americare Health Services1025 
Ameripath Mass Gastrointestina795 
Ameripath New York10 
AmeriPath New York LLC243,244 
Ames, Carrie, MSN611 
Ames, Jessica M., MSN647 
Ames, Margaret P., MSN161 
Amesbury Health Center13 
Amgott, Rachel S., MS161 
Amin, Parag M., MD303 
Amin, Priyal, DO1247,1249 
Amin, Rupenkumar P., MD679,683 
Amin-Hanjani, Soheil, MD281 
Amini, Ali A., MD723,725 
Amiri, Toryalai, MD665 
Ammidown, Colleen E., BA41,571,728 
Ammidown, Colleen E., BA1326 
Ammon Analytical Laboratories 1194 
Amoena USA Corporation578 
Amon, Jennifer C., MSN845 
Amonoo, Hermioni L., MD211 
Amorese O Connell, Laura M., M1065 
Amorin, Olivia L., PT424 
Amorosino, Mark S., MD772 
Amorosino, Paul, PT847 
Amos, Robert A., MSW1028 
Amponsah, Kwame O., MD1332 
Amster, Mark S., MD750 
Amsurg and Sheridan Anesthesia2,247,295 
Amsurg and Sheridan Anesthesia484,671,734 
Amsurg and Sheridan Anesthesia928,1142 
Amudala, Naomi A., BA161 
Amylon, Robin E., LDN345 
Anabaka, Billy A., MSN1326 
Anamur, Murat A., MD638,645 
Anand, Curuchi P., MD1314 
Anand, Pria, MD154 
Anandaiah, Asha M., MD216 
Anandasabapathy, Niroshana, MD86 
Ananthakrishnan, Sonia, MD89,114 
 ^ = No New WC, * = EPP Provider
 Index 4 


Provider Listing
Provider data last updated: 12/02/20
Last Update: 12/02/20

Anastasi, Margaret T., MSN, MS597,845,1271 
Anastopoulos, Harry T., MD99 
Anatol, Algernon, MD242,513,554 
Anatol, Algernon, MD761,886,887 
Anatol, Algernon, MD1077,1079 
Anatol, Algernon, MD1170,1171 
Anatol, Algernon, MD1218,1219 
Anatol, Algernon, MD1316,1317 
Ancowitz, Bret A., MD492,843 
Andelloux, Derek, MD742 
Anderegg, Susan, MD1273 
Anderson Jr., John H., EDD517 
Anderson Physical Therapy523 
Anderson, Alicia N., MSW614 
Anderson, Allan N., MSW634,653 
Anderson, Beth M., PA-C845,847,1270 
Anderson, Beth M., PA-C1273 
Anderson, Carolyn, MD318 
Anderson, Dayna L., MD10 
Anderson, Dierdre M., AUD712 
Anderson, Eric M., MD320 
Anderson, Erin M., PA-C848,964,1274 
Anderson, Karen S., MD103,114,140 
Anderson, Kathlyne, MD744,748 
Anderson, Kathryn W., PA-C204 
Anderson, Kenneth C., MD114,140 
Anderson, Kevin B., DO1025 
Anderson, Kimberly T., MA51 
Anderson, Kristina M., NP279 
Anderson, Lauren, AUD866 
Anderson, Mark E., MD1041,1043 
Anderson, Mark E., MD1044,1045 
Anderson, Mark E., MD1260,1261 
Anderson, Mark E., MD1265,1267 
Anderson, Mark E., MD1270 
Anderson, Mark R., MD1003,1004 
Anderson, Mark R., MD1006 
Anderson, Megan E., MD186,227 
Anderson, Michael J., MD1265,1266 
Anderson, Michael J., MD1267,1270 
Anderson, Michael J., MD1278 
Anderson, Reid J., BS28,517 
Anderson, Stacey, MSN317 


Anderson, Susan J., MSW634 
Anderson, Susan L., MED535,537 
Anderson, Thomas J., MD632,835,1039 
Anderson, Thomas J., MD1242 
Anderson, Timothy D., MD319 
Andler, Robert H., MD1255 
Andonian, Samuel J., MD626 
Andover Eye Associates17 
Andover Surgery Center15,18 
Andover Surgical Day Care15,18 
Andrade, Ariana M., MSW81 
Andrade, Heather, FNP763 
Andrade, Joseph TOMAS, MED765 
Andrea, Nancy T., MD103,140 
Andreoli, Christopher M., MD173 
Andreson, James L., MD386,387 
Andrew, Ryan, DPT1011 
Andrew, Sarah, MD1287 
Andrews, Allison, PSYD587,926,979 
Andrews, Nancy C., MD103,140,194 
Andreyeva, Olga I., MD1079 
Androkites, Arlene L., BA161 
Andrusyshyn, Yuriy, MD1115 
Anesi, Stephen D., MD992,1162,1333 
Ang, Anna M., PA-C423 
Angel, Tiffany A., MD86 
Angeles Jr., Hermenegildo Garc1189 
Angelis, Dimitrios G., MD1305,1317 
Angell, Gregg S., MD448,763 
Angelov, Alexander V., MD1132 
Angle, Heidi Stearns, MD1255 
Anglero Diaz, Yohanis L., MD211 
Angus, Barbara E., MD963 
Angus, Ralph G., MD457,1180 
Anid, Youssef Salim, MD266,292,295 
Anim, Sandra, MSW1306 
Anis, Sarah N., MD449 
Ann Wang-Dohlman MD PC779 
Anna Jaques Hospital769,770,771 
Anna Jaques Hospital772,773,775 
Anna Jaques Hospital776,777,779 
Anna Jaques Hospital Physical 777 
Annino Jr., Donald J., MD184,188,194 


Annino Jr., Donald J., MD208,227 
Anodyne Medical Services958 
Ansari, Essam M., MD238,239,309 
Ansari, Essam M., MD313,322,324 
Ansari, Essam M., MD532,534,538 
Ansari, Essam M., MD540,780,781 
Ansari, Essam M., MD783 
Ansari, Husamuddin, MD173,479,1016 
Ansari, Husamuddin, MD1162,1227 
Ansari, Sara, PT202 
Anter, Elad, MD262,263 
Antes, Rebecca Loveland, MSP395 
Anthony, Laura B., MD528,529,932 
Anthony, Laura B., MD1205 
Antigua, Maida Paulin, MD543 
Antin, Joseph H., MD103,114,140 
Antonelli, Laura M., PT517 
Antonelli, Richard C., MD194 
Antonellis, Carmen, NP674 
Antonioni, Janet L., MD1164 
Antonsen, Peter L., DC11 
Anudon, Daphne Marie, MSN, CRN1283 
Anwaruddin, Saif, MD1305 
Anzalone, Maria M., MS799 
Anzola, Robert C., MSW350 
Aoude, Fouad, MD567,712,725 
Aparicio, Hugo J., MD237 
Apetauerova, Diana, MD316 
Apex Healthcare Services Inc1077 
Apholt, Mary K., FNP-C894,1285 
Apollonio, Sara A., OD6,28,494,600 
Apollonio, Sara A., OD619,1334 
Aponte Rivera, Maysabel, MD11 
Aposhian, Christine, EDD1030,1031 
Aposhian, Christine, EDD1165,1166 
Aposhian, Christine, EDD1252,1253 
Apovian, Caroline M., MD89,114 
Appell, Diana L., MED807 
Apple Home Care Associates Inc1112 
Apple Valley Center47 
Apria Health Care Inc541,542,852 
Apria Health Care Inc853,1308 
Apria Healthcare1073,1296 
 ^ = No New WC, * = EPP Provider
 Index 5 


Provider Listing
Provider data last updated: 12/02/20
Last Update: 12/02/20

Apria Healthcare LLC541,542 
Aprile, Kristin, PA-C707,1119 
Apte, Darshana M., MD647 
Aquilanti, Elisa A., MD114,140 
Aquilino, Kenneth S., MD554,1236 
Ara Ludlow Dialysis659 
ARA Springfield Dialysis1072,1073 
ARA Springfield Dialysis1092 
Aragona, Elena, MD286 
Arakelian, Joan M., MSN1326 
Aras Richard, Kathleen M., MD486,488,489 
Aras Richard, Kathleen M., MD490,567,568 
Arbeit, Robert D., MD111,114 
Arbesfeld, Stuart J., MD635 
Arbetter, Jeffrey L., EDD627,628,708 
Arbetter, Jeffrey L., EDD709 
Arbour Counseling Services531,535,538 
Arbour Counseling Services633,645,653 
Arbour Counseling Services840,845,849 
Arbour H R I Hospital298,304 
Arbour Hospital151,211 
Arbour Seniorcare845 
Arbour-Fuller Hospital29,32,33,35 
Arcand, Claudia E., MSN1194 
Arcand, Paul L., MD1354 
Arcement, Danielle Leigh, MD, 717 
Archbold, Gabriella Nicole, MO401,402 
Archer, Damian K., MD867,868 
Archer, Emily D., MS1047 
Archer, Stephanie A., PT202 
Arcia, Maria D., MD394 
Arcoleo, James A., DO, MD551,555,1070 
Arcoleo, James A., DO, MD1071,1079 
Arellano, Ronald S., MD698,699,710 
Arellano, Ronald S., MD711,993,994 
Arellano, Ronald S., MD1120,1122 
Arena, Cheryl A., PA-C204 
Arena, Diana M., DO1287 
Arena, Julianne, MD919 
Arena, Timothy J., DC1023 
Arguello, Bethany L., PA-C321 
Arif, Hassan, MD386,387,1264 
Arif, Hassan, MD1265,1267 


Arif, Mansoor, MD334 
Ariza, Miguel Alejandro, MD418 
Arizzi, Peter, DC720 
Arjun, Dolly A., PA-C42 
Arlos, Alexa, MS161 
Armada, Mary J., MD354,453 
Armand, Philippe, MD103,114,140 
Armani, Annemarie M., MD487 
Armet, David Hugh, PT1285 
Armet, Jennifer L., RPT1285 
Armitage, Marshal S., MD284 
Armstrong, Blair K., MD173,282,1138 
Armstrong, Grayson W., MD173,674,961 
Armstrong, Linda M., MS161 
Armstrong, Lori Blanton, DO564,1241,1242 
Armstrong, Lori Blanton, DO, M1100,1103 
Armstrong, Melissa Paige, DPT716 
Armstrong, Neal E., DPM463,465 
Armstrong, Richard A., DPM455,459 
Arndt, Kenneth A., MD373 
Arnould, Meghan, MED435 
Arnow V, Jonathan R., MD778,1350,1351 
Aronow, Mary E., MD1118 
Aronson, Mark D., MD114 
Aronson, Matthew J., MSN591,1032 
Aronson, Scott M., DPM348,349,1123 
Aronson, Scott M., DPM1125 
Arose, Bruce P., MD1100,1101 
Arose, Bruce P., MD1103 
Arous, Edward J., MD352 
Arous, Elias J., MD1315,1354 
Arous, Elias J., MD1356 
Arpin, Theresa J., MD567,568 
Arrigg Eye and Ear Associates604,605,606 
Arrigg Jr., Fred G., MD606 
Arrigg, Claudia A., MD605,609 
Arrigg, Paul G., MD12,17,173 
Arrigg, Paul G., MD302,535,606 
Arrigg, Paul G., MD805 
Arroyo, Jorge G., MD173 
Arroyo, Maria M., MA758 
Arrubla, Maria S., MD1064 
Arruda, Kathryn M., OD821,1139 


Arsenault, David P., DC532 
Arsenault, Philip M., OD244 
Arsenault, Robert Bruce, DC532 
Arsenian, Michael A., MD498 
Arshad, Saarah, MD273 
Arshanskiy, Yevgeniy, MD323 
Arslanian, Armen H., MD1116 
Art, Childs R., MD800 
Artinian, Mihran A., MD408,410 
Artus, Rachel, BS807 
Arvine, Lisa B., BA161 
Asaker, Bahige, DO273 
Asante, Philomena A., MD194 
Aseracare Hospice1200,1230 
Ash, Samuel Y., MD1261,1277 
Ashe, Anne Ellen, MSW421,1065,1195 
Ashenberg, Alena, MD420 
Ashkar, Rami A., MD591 
Ashley, Stanley W., MD84,99,227 
Ashley, Stanley W., MD233 
Ashton, Rebekah, MS1146 
Ashway, Judith A., MSW19 
Askari, Reza, MD1264,1280 
Askew, Elizabeth A., OD1059 
Aslam, Kashif, MD881,901 
Aslam, Naveed, MD114 
Aslami, Angela N., MD249,281 
Aspenti Health1296,1297 
Asrar, Luna A., MD1310,1311 
Assaf, Sana H., MD1130 
Associated Clinical Labs LP -
Assurance Homecare533 
Astapoveh, Robert W., DC623 
Asundi, Archana, MD111 
Aswad, Milhim Ibrahim, MD409 
Atalay, Michael Kemal, MD35,905 
Atasoylu, Ayse A., MD114 
ATG Massachusetts Numotion1141 
Athanasiou, Andreas, MD1252 
Athanassiou, Achilles, MD1269,1273 
Athappilly, Geetha K., MD173,318 
Athena Diagnostics Inc683 
Athol Memorial Hospital25,26,28,29 
 ^ = No New WC, * = EPP Provider
 Index 6 


Provider Listing
Provider data last updated: 12/02/20
Last Update: 12/02/20

Athreya, Balaji P., MD1083,1084 
Ati Physical Therapy71,202 
Atia, Ahmed M., MD261,285 
Atkin Hellman, Bonnie, MSW629 
Atkin, Kathryn P., NP919 
Atkinson, Katherine J., MD13,241,512 
Atkinson, Katherine J., MD552,553,760 
Atkinson, Katherine J., MD883,884,1074 
Atkinson, Katherine J., MD1075,1170 
Atkinson, Katherine J., MD1216,1217 
Atkinson, Katherine J., MD1218,1310 
Atkinson, Katherine J., MD1311 
Atlassi, Hassna, MD1058 
Atoofi, Omid, MS592 
Atta, Massuda, MD114,752,916 
Attar, Laila, MD877 
Attar, Lalia, MD877 
Attleboro Center32 
Aube, Marc E., MSN591,1087 
Auclaire, Brett Catherine, MS243,515,558 
Auclaire, Brett Catherine, MS763,894,1087 
Auclaire, Brett Catherine, MS1172,1222 
Auclaire, Brett Catherine, MS1326 
Aucoin, Paula J., MD887 
Audette, Heather L., MA1233 
Audiologic Hearing Services In547 
Audyatis, Joanne S., MA429 
Audycki, Robert A., OD822 
Auerbach, Amanda H., MD363,852 
Auerbach, Heidi P., MD101,114 
Auerbach, Sanford H., MD154,1046 
Augello, Lauren P., MD69 
August, Betsy S., MD1009 
Augustinos, Krysta L., CNP1271 
Augustinos, Peter, MD484,485 
Aujla, Jatinder, MD312,313,319 
Aujla, Jatinder, MD638,639,641 
Aujla, Jatinder, MD650,664,665 
Aujla, Jatinder, MD667,1006,1009 
Aurora Breast Magnetic Resonan804,807 
Aurora Imaging Corporation595,596 
Aussant, Terrence Garth, DC30 
Auster, Steven J., MD1196,1198 


Auster, Steven J., MD1204 
Austin Jr., Robert J., MD515,518,859 
Austin, Elizabeth T., PSYD1348 
Austin, John Charles, MD1091 
Austin, Lawrence R., MSW247,1227 
Austin, Robert P., PhD23 
Auterio Williams, Rosa, MS210 
Avakian, Nairi L., PA-C621 
Avbel, Allen, MD1242 
Aveanna Helathcare272 
Averback, Randy J., MD263,267,273 
Averback, Randy J., MD443,445,446 
Averbook, Lindsay, MED1288 
Averbuch, Tali, MSN1190 
Aversa, Mark A., MD1332 
Avery, Elizabeth Austin, MS224 
Avery, Jody L., AUD307 
Avery, Lauren M., MD1299 
Aviles, Amy K., MSN1326 
Avissar, Uri, MD99,114,236 
Awad, Mark M., MD140 
Awais, Ozaire A., MD1,1137 
Awais, Syeda A., MD1094 
Aweh, Nelson K., MD348 
Awobuluyi, Marc Taiwo, MD255,259,745 
Awobuluyi, Marc Taiwo, MD748,870,873 
Awobuluyi, Marc Taiwo, MD874,995,996 
Awobuluyi, Marc Taiwo, MD1085,1101 
Awobuluyi, Marc Taiwo, MD1103,1124 
Awobuluyi, Marc Taiwo, MD1126,1161 
Awobuluyi, Marc Taiwo, MD1166,1167 
Awtry, Eric H., MD75,114 
Axelrod, Matthew J., MD323 
Axten, Karen L., MD1265 
Ayala, Julio C., MD332,334 
Ayalon, Nir, MD74,75 
Ayalon, Rivka, MD114,152 
Ayan, Stephanie, FNP605 
Ayanian, Mark A., MD1292 
Ayers, Katherine J., MD841,913 
Ayers, Kathleen D., MD1006 
Ayers, Michael Edward, MD1047,1273 
Ayers, Timothy Frederick, DO261 


Ayotte, Jeffrey J., BA728,1326 
Ayres, Douglas K., MD186 
Ayvazian, Philip John, MD490,734,735 
Ayvazian, Philip John, MD1354,1355 
Ayyoub, Alaa S., MD308 
Azam, Seema, MD1249 
Azar, May, MD366,368,542 
Azar, May, MD543,745,746 
Azar, May, MD815,816 
Azar, Peter A., MD1286,1287 
Azar, Peter A., MD1295,1297 
Azaroff, Lenore S., MD476,725,1317 
Aziz, Khalid M., MD1314,1337 
Azizian, Maria, MD425 
Azocar, Jose Del Valle, MD1003 
Azrak, Robert C., EDD997 
Azzoni, Michael D., MD495 


Baah, Yaw O., MD555 
Baba, Timothy Wayne, MD194,651 
Babayan, Richard K., MD236 
Babcock Artificial Kidney Cent88 
Babcock, Judith H., MSW81,210 
Babigan, Gregory V., MD1242 
Babikian, Viken L., MD155,237 
Babinski, Katarzyna, OD660 
Babson, Daniel Kelly, DO267 
Babu, Krishnan, MD1084 
Bachand, Joshua J., PT1191 
Bachireddy, Pavan, MD114,140 
Bachman, William R., MD1028,1029 
Bachmann, Justin M., MD908 
Bachorik, Alexandra E., MD114 
Back And Neck Treatm472 
Back On Track Physical Therapy48,303,304 
Back On Track Physical Therapy341,482,785 
Backman, Thomas C., LCSW575 
Backworks Inc79,139 
Bacon Duddy, Margaret B., NP, 10,1161 
 ^ = No New WC, * = EPP Provider
 Index 7 


Provider Listing
Provider data last updated: 12/02/20
Last Update: 12/02/20

Bacon, Sharon, LISW360,586,926 
Bacon, Sharon, LISW976,1184 
Baden, Lindsey R., MD111,114,140 
Bader, David A., MD1325,1351 
Bader, Michael B., MD1116,1120 
Bader, Walid G., DO56 
Badiali, Robin J., MA599 
Badri, Omar, MD52,771 
Bae, David C., MD454 
Bae, Vania Y., OD181 
Baens, Cristina, DMD256 
Baer, Phyllis S., MD413 
Baer, Thomas D., DPM544 
Bagdasian, Pamela M., PA-C34 
Bagla, Ritu, MD316,317 
Bagley, Sarah M., MD68,114,194 
Baharozian, Dwayne B., MD1250 
Bahgat, Tamer, MS562 
Bahhady, Imad J., MD1136,1141 
Bahr, Kristine A., MS305 
Baidak, Summer, MC1011 
Bailen, Laurence S., MD788,789 
Bailey, Alexandra S., MD103,140,724 
Bailey, Alexandra S., MD727 
Bailey, Allison, MD341 
Bailey, Duff E., MD478,745 
Bailey, Vanessa, BA618 
Baillargeon, Brenda J., RD712 
Baillargeon, Mary T., PA-C204 
Bair Merritt, Megan H., MD194 
Baird, Dawn M., PA-C569,829 
Bairos, Courtney Lynn, DPT994 
Baisyat, Subha, MD291 
Baiyee Toegel, Emily, MD103,140 
Bajaj, Mahesh R., MD1067,1079 
Bajart, Ann M., MD173,480,919 
Bajart, Ann M., MD1162 
Bajwa, Muhammad, MD1265,1267 
Baker Berzansky, Mary Frances,12,535,775 
Baker Jr., Richard Earl, DPM422 
Baker, Amy K., MED1225 
Baker, Andrew D., OD350 
Baker, Ashley L., MSN161 


Baker, Brad J., MD390,619,625 
Baker, Brad J., MD1333 
Baker, Christine Dawn, MD466 
Baker, Christopher Wesley, MD816 
Baker, Howard N., MD1236 
Baker, Jillian M., MSW81 
Baker, Kayla B., OD438,449,822 
Baker, Kayla B., OD1139 
Baker, Meghan E., PA-C204,257 
Baker, Teresa C., PT202 
Balady, Gary J., MD75,114 
Balash, Eva M., MD594 
Balasubramanian, Padma, MD89,114,914 
Balasubramanian, Padma, MD916 
Balasubramanya, Rashmi, MD564,1103 
Balboni, Tracy A., MD109,218 
Balcom IV, James Heyward, MD65 
Balcom, William B., MD1335 
Baldini, Elizabeth H., MD218 
Baldpate Hospital497,498,532 
Baldpate Hospital538 
Baldwin, Marielle C., MD91,94,1001 
Baldwin, Marielle C., MD1031,1032 
Bali, Taha, MD155 
Balin, Nancy A., MD833 
Ballan, David A., MD426 
Ballenger, Johnye I., MD340 
Ballester, Rachel E., MS431 
Ballios, Brian G., MD173 
Bally, David F., PT1339 
Balsari, Satchit S., MD88,760 
Balthaser, Ryan, PA-C496 
Baltus, Marissa E., MD313 
Baltz, Julia O., MD809 
Bambrick, Kathleen M., LSW355,575,909 
Bambrick, Kathleen M., LSW937,1176 
Ban Draoi, Morgan, MA877 
Bana, Dhirendra S., MD1212 
Band Entrup, Debra S., BS202 
Band Entrup, Debra S., PT1339 
Bandarchuk, Andrei, MD475 
Bandari, Usha, MD681 
Bandi, Srinivas, MD893 


Banerjee, Sangeeta, MD834 
Bang-Campbell, Monika Ann, MSW758 
Bangash, Muhammad Fuad, MD1261,1267 
Bangash, Muhammad Fuad, MD1277 
Banker, Heena R., MD1164 
Bankova, Lora G., MD70,114,140 
Banks, Brian S., MSN821 
Banks, Caroline A., MD188 
Banovic, Kimberly, LCSW910,937,1176 
Bansal, Anu, MD557,564,1085 
Bansal, Anu, MD1103 
Bansal, Anurag, ANP878 
Bansal, Arun, MD883,884 
Barak, Tomer, MD114 
Barakat, Abdul R., MD51,55,60 
Baranano, Christopher F., MD730 
Baranwal, Purnima, MD651 
Baratz, Robert S., MD241,242 
Barbalat, Yanina S., MD66 
Barber, David Phillip Anthony,847 
Barber, Thomas W., MD111,114 
Barbie, David A., MD114,140 
Barbie, Thanh U., MD140,227 
Barbieri, Robert L., MD89,114 
Barbosa, Anna A., MD843,1044,1267 
Barbosa, Felipe, MD475,476 
Barbosa, Philip V., MD236 
Barden, Robert J., PSYD834 
Bargas, Elissa, MSW81 
Baribeau, Sharon, NP243,515,558 
Baribeau, Sharon, NP763,894,1087 
Baribeau, Sharon, NP1172,1222 
Baribeau, Sharon, NP1326 
Barker, Daniel Joseph, MD115 
Barker, George F., MD1261,1267 
Barker, George F., MD1270,1277 
Barker, Jennifer L., PA-C61 
Barker, Mary A., MED64 
Barker, Tobias D., MD88 
Barkin, Peter M., MD384,387,394 
Barksdale, Robert F., PT856 
Barkwell, Brian J., PT202 
Barlam, Tamar F., MD111,115 
 ^ = No New WC, * = EPP Provider
 Index 8 


Provider Listing
Provider data last updated: 12/02/20
Last Update: 12/02/20

Barlow, Alan E., MD1009 
Barnard, Katharine C., MD1311 
Barnard, Leslie M., PSYD733 
Barnert, Ruth, MD989 
Barnes, Alanna, MED575,584,758 
Barnes, Alanna, MED765 
Barnes, Haldor P., MD686 
Barnes, Tracy, MSW1198 
Barocas, Joshua A., MD111 
Baron, David E., OD464 
Baron, David W., MD334 
Baron, Terri L., MSN1128 
Barone, Alison M., DC679 
Barouch, Dan H., MD111,115,140 
Barouch, Fina C., MD318 
Barr, Kathleen M., OD22,49 
Barr, Wendy B., MD602 
Barraez-Masroua, Daniel E., MD8,612,896 
Barrett Hollander, Andrea, MSN1087 
Barrett, George L., MD737,738 
Barrett, Kimberly, NP, MS279 
Barrett, Kristen L., NP279 
Barrett, Patrick S., PA, PA-C707,1119,1154 
Barrett, Peter J., MD960,985 
Barrett, Susan B., PSYD755 
Barrette, Carol A., MD620,1335 
Barrientos, Mirian, NP423 
Barris, Jennifer H., MSW1306 
Barrisford, Glen W., MD735 
Barron, Katharine M., LCSW355,575,910 
Barron, Katharine M., LCSW937,938,1176 
Barron, Madison, OTR58 
Barron, Robert D., DC397 
Barros, Jilane, MS64 
Barros, Lauren K., MSN161 
Barrows, Mariah S., MS161 
Barry, Catherine M., BS202,746 
Barry, Danielle M., PhD1348 
Barry, Kathleen M., PT993 
Barry, Lynn M., PT1285 
Barry, Marianne, MD635,641,653 
Barry-Ayres, Kristie, MS1204 
Barsam, Charles A., MD1153,1162 


Barsky III, Arthur J., MD211 
Barthold II, Harold Joseph, MD927 
Bartholomew, Kati O., PA288,1274 
Bartlett, Frederick F., MD333,346,692 
Bartlett, Frederick F., MD698 
Bartlett, Richard A., MD304 
Bartley, Mary M., MD1037,1075 
Bartley, Mary M., MD1076 
Bartolucci, Alise M., MSN1087 
Barton, Sarah Elizabeth, BA9,1087 
Bartour, Ricki, PT202,1002 
Bartus, Marilou J., MS27,463,515 
Bartus, Marilou J., MS558,763,894 
Bartus, Marilou J., MS1087,1146 
Bartus, Marilou J., MS1172,1222 
Bartus, Marilou J., MS1326 
Barucci, Chris J., PT202 
Basa, Sushma K., MD1193 
Basch, Kirsten, MA395 
Bashar, Bela R., MD1002 
Basheer, Zainab, MD641 
Bashir, Hassaan, MD605 
Bashiruddin, Bashir, MD1236 
Basile, Philip, DPM332,342 
Baskind, Dianne M., PT682,1165,1339 
Basow, Robert D., MD569 
Bass, Adam J., MD115,140 
Bass, Anna I., MD266,273,292 
Bass, Anna I., MD297 
Bass, James C., MD63,404,538 
Bass, James C., MD539,654,655 
Bass, James C., MD669,873,874 
Bass, Jeffrey C., MD374 
Bass, Leslie F., MSW1114 
Bass, Stacey Ann, MD661,663 
Bassaly, Emad R., MD1197 
Bassett, Rachel Elizabeth, MSN630 
Bassler, Elisabeth C., MD751 
Basta, Nabil W., MD700,746,749 
Bastarache, Dana M., OD181,402 
Baston, David M., BS422,922 
Basu, Nisha A., MD1189 
Basu, Sanjay, MD386,387 


Basu, Shantanu G., MD903 
Batal, Hussam S., DMD184 
Batchelor, Tracy T., MD155 
Bateman, Alan L., MD304 
Bates, Carol K., MD115 
Bates, Rachel L., OD921,1016 
Bates, Sydney, MS224 
Bath, James S., MD624,691 
Batra, Ajay K., MD723,725 
Batra, Kerri L., MD725,734 
Battaglia, Tracy A., MD115,209 
Battinelli, Elisabeth M., MD103,115,140 
Battista, Brian J., MD1044 
Battit, David N., MSW330,1158 
Battite, Mark A., AUD74 
Bauch, Deborah R., MOT390 
Bauer, Diane R., CRNA542,1271 
Bauer, Katharine, BA1293 
Baum, Janet Kleinman, MD1065 
Baum, Michelle A., MD152,194 
Baumal, Caroline R., MD173 
Baumel, Andrew S., MD481 
Baumfeld, Joshua A., MD871 
Baumgart, Lisa J., RPT600 
Baumgarten, Kelsey, BS836 
Baustin, Allan P., MD522 
Bauza, Gustavo J., MD1280 
Bavongkhoun, Judy H., OD619 
Baweja, Harpreet S., MD1101,1103 
Baxter, Barbara R., PA-C, PA34 
Bay Ridge Hospital663,668 
Bay State Community Services261,278 
Bay State Medical Equipment Di599 
Bay State Medical Equipment Di266 
Bayard, Kern J., MD1317,1318 
Bayer, Lauren R., PA-C204,257 
Bayer, Steven R., MD1162,1168 
Bayer, Steven R., MD1332,1353 
Bayliss, Trevor J., MD504,798,886 
Baystate Franklin Medical Cent513 
Baystate Mary Lane Hospital1169,1170 
Baystate Mary Lane Hospital1171,1172 
Baystate Mary Lane Hospital1173,1175 
 ^ = No New WC, * = EPP Provider
 Index 9 


Provider Listing
Provider data last updated: 12/02/20
Last Update: 12/02/20

Baystate Medical Center1068,1070 
Baystate Medical Center1071,1073 
Baystate Medical Center1076,1077 
Baystate Medical Center1078,1083 
Baystate Medical Center1090,1092 
Baystate Medical Center1093,1095 
Baystate Medical Center1098,1099 
Baystate Medical Center1101,1109 
Baystate MRI and Imaging Cente1170,1173 
Baystate Wing Hospital & Medic862,863,864 
Baystate Wing Hospital & Medic866 
Bayuk, Jonathan L., DO465,466,1234 
Bayuk, Jonathan L., DO1236 
Bayview Associates684,918,1180 
Bazin, William R., DC425 
Bazylewicz, Gregory A., MD675 
Beal, Devon Elise, NP694,705 
Beals, Carole T., MSW765 
Bean, Devin L., PA-C848 
Bean, Mark S., MD29,520,566 
Bean, Mark S., MD769,904,931 
Bean, Mark S., MD1111,1149 
Bean, Mark S., MD1175,1226 
Bean, Mark S., MD1227,1356 
Bean, Matthew J., MD1059 
Bean, Michael J., MD476 
Bean, Stacy E., OD59 
Beard, Clair J., MD218 
Beardwood, Gordon A., MD436,437 
Bearse, Courtney R., PA-C537 
Bearse, Emily M., MSN161 
Beaser, Richard S., MD89,115 
Beatty, Jane C., MA425 
Beatty, Jennifer E., PA-C204,257 
Beauchamp, Justine, PT1033 
Beauchamp, Yves M., PA-C562 
Beaudoin, Samantha S., MSN427 
Beaudoin, Stephen Paul, MD773 
Beaulieu, Alan D., OD1154 
Beaulieu, Jacqueline D., MSW783 
Beaulieu, John E., MD1132 
Beaulieu, Renee L., MSN618 
Beberman, Stacey J., MD569,838 


Bechara, Christopher I., MD600 
Bechta, Sarah W., MD1060 
Bechtel, Christopher J., MSN5,279 
Bechtel, David J., MD267 
Beck Jr., Laurence H., MD115,152 
Beck, Adam Paul, MD606 
Beck, Aimee B., PT41,42 
Beck, Christine Ann, MD385 
Beck, Louise G., MSW11 
Becker, Ann Nicoloff Nicoloff,1203 
Becker, Anne E., MD155,211 
Becker, Bruce S., MD1160 
Beckett, William S., MD334,338,344 
Beckingham, David C., DC592 
Becklehimer, Jennifer, MS161 
Beckley, Shelly L., MS, NP161,255 
Beckmann, Barbara Maria, LSW, 444 
Beckmann, Robert M., MD731 
Beckwith, Andrew W., MD8,612,896 
Bedford, John Donald, MD1079 
Beeghly, Laura, MD665 
Beer, Dennis J., MD779,780,781 
Beer, Dennis J., MD783 
Beesen, Ayshe A., MD84,155 
Begin, Amie Lee, MS666 
Begin, Monica, CRNA439,1259 
Begon, Emmanuel, DPT593,668,993 
Beguerie, Jordan Leigh, DPT1274 
Behenna, Kristin B., MSN790 
Behr, Ian J., MD188 
Behrens, Kristen H., OD181,182 
Beilin, George I., EDD62,63 
Beja Umukoro, Bruno O., MSN, C1283 
Bejin, Giovannie C., MS161 
Bekefi, Chaia, MSW81,299 
Belady, Petra H., MD727,729 
Belanger, April J., BS393 
Belanger, Danielle J., MS1326 
Belanger, Jennifer Leigh, MS48 
Belanger, Steven M., DPM451 
Belanger, Timothy Alan, DC880 
Belay, Nebyou, PSYD30 
Belemjian, Mark E., MD427 


Belezos, Elias V., MD40,1062 
Beliveau, Susan E., MED11,13 
Belkin, Edward, MD270,273,423 
Belkin, Michael, MD227,237 
Bell Nagle, Theresa, BS846 
Bell, Erin, MED827,1209 
Bell, Heather L., DO703 
Bell, James A., MD378 
Bell, Jennifer L., PT376 
Bell, Michael L., BS1224 
Bellairs Roy, Elizabeth M., MS353 
Bellavance, Paula, LPC668 
Belleville, Amanda L., OD22,49 
Bellin, Paula B., MD1354,1355 
Bellingham Urgent Care48 
Bellino, Alyssa M., PA-C548 
Bellizzi Jr., John A., MD505 
Bello, Annemarie, MSW81 
Bello, Judith F., MSW81 
Bello, Richard S., MD1259 
Bellon, Jennifer R., MD140,218 
Belmont, Brooke Margaret, MOT58 
Belok, Samuel H., MD115,216,387 
Belok, Samuel H., MD394,1044,1050 
Belok, Steele S., MD334,337 
Belton, Juanita D., PA-C204 
Beltone Hearing Aid Center376,377,434 
Beltone Hearing Aid Center435,510,513 
Beltone Hearing Aid Center521,522,572 
Beltone Hearing Aid Center878,879,887 
Beltone Hearing Aid Center1215,1219 
Beltone Hearing Aid Center1234,1236 
Beltone Hearing Aid Center1283 
Beltran, Gerald W., DO862 
Beltran, Himisha P., MD103,140 
Bemis, Kaye, BA161 
Benacerraf, Beryl R., MD305 
Bencale, Maureen, NP535 
Bendowski, Michelle, MSW788 
Beneck, Neil, MD1157,1164 
Benedetti, Daniel J., MD194 
Benedetti, Katie M., MS34 
Benedetto IV, Bernard J., MD405,406 
 ^ = No New WC, * = EPP Provider
 Index 10 


Provider Listing
Provider data last updated: 12/02/20
Last Update: 12/02/20

Benedict Jr., Karl T., MD1204 
Benedict, Elizabeth A., MS563,1098 
Benet, Ruth G., DO260 
Benetti, Richard E., MD1116 
Benevides, Christina M., OD438,449,822 
Benjamin, Emelia J., MD75,115 
Benjamin, Heather L., MD1291 
Benjamin, Jonathan A., MD784 
Benjamin, Leffell, MD1267 
Benner, Robert Reese, MD8,612,896 
Bennett, Andrew E., MD608 
Bennett, Dionne, LCSW355,575,910 
Bennett, Dionne, LCSW938,1176 
Bennett, Jeffrey P., MD1056,1281 
Bennett, Kerry Gallivan, MD769,929,1259 
Bennett, Linda M., OD49 
Bennett, Michael I., MD376 
Bennett, Shari J., MSW1247 
Bennett, Susan E., MD115,214 
Benning, Kathleen M., DO842,957 
Benoit, Alina, CRNA447 
Benoit, Jeffrey A., BS42,1339 
Benoit, Justin P., DO71 
Benson, Susan K., MSW, LCSW664 
Bentley, Jamie L., MSN1194 
Bentley, Jeffrey M., MD779 
Bentley, Mari J., MD, MPH91,94 
Bentz, Daniel P., DC468 
Benyo, Karen, MS395 
Benz, Matthew W., MD1060 
Benz, Ricarda Daniela, MD919 
Berard, Christopher John, DC417 
Berardi, Sandra M., BA987 
Berchuck, Jacob E., MD140 
Berde, Charles B., MD72,191,194 
Berenbaum, Isidore L., MD212 
Berenji, Manijeh, MD172,209 
Berg, Harry M., MSW986,988 
Berg, Monika, MD473 
Bergen, Hayley L., MA785 
Berger Greenstein, Jori A., Ph214 
Berger, Kyan J., MD53,499 
Berger, Meredith S., MS786 


Berger, Steven T., MD1090 
Bergeron, Stephane, MD186 
Bergman, Eric D., CRNA5,618,1201 
Bergman, Eric D., CRNA1209 
Bergman, Wendy J., MD1318 
Berical, Andrew C., MD84,216 
Bering, Harriet A., MD55,56,57,1006 
Bering, Harriet A., MD1008 
Berk, Elizabeth C., MSW
Berk, John L., MD84,115,216 
Berk, Steven A., PhD1166 
Berkenwald, Alan D., MD610 
Berkman, David A., MD466 
Berkowitz, Adrienne M., PA-C204 
Berkowitz, Jamie L., MS899 
Berkowitz, Joshua L., MD313 
Berkowitz, Lori R., MD172 
Berkowitz, Rachel F., BA1326 
Berkowitz, Rachel N., OD182 
Berkowitz, Shawn A., MD26,1289 
Berkshire Cosmetic And Reconst878 
Berkshire Faculty Services Inc8,9,506,507 
Berkshire Faculty Services Inc892,897 
Berkshire Faculty Services Inc797,799 
Berkshire Healthcare Systems, 510 
Berkshire Hospital882 
Berkshire Medical Center885,886,892 
Berkshire Memory Services881,897 
Berkson, Eric M., MD469 
Berlanstein, Bruce P., MD928 
Berley, Nancy K., MD1311 
Berliner, Nancy M., MD103,115,140 
Berling, Amanda H., MD333,334 
Berman, Caryn, MA498 
Berman, David J., MD370 
Berman, Jeffrey S., MD84,115,216 
Berman, Lauren C., MSW299 
Berman, Marc E., MSW417 
Berman, Stanley J., PhD394 
Berman, Steven Howard, MD670,1013 
Berman, Steven I., DPM209 
Berman, Stuart M., MD218 


Berman, Wendy L., MS926 
Bermann, Max Meir, MD1350,1351 
Bern, Murray Morris, MD374,375,475 
Bern, Murray Morris, MD478,526,527 
Bern, Murray Morris, MD915,918 
Bernacki, Rachelle E., MD109 
Bernal, Oscar G., MD1,854,1026 
Bernal, Oscar G., MD1137 
Bernard, Kevin K., MD287 
Bernard, Sheilah A., MD76,115 
Bernardo, John, MD70,84,115 
Bernardo, John, MD216 
Bernardo, Mark M., OD182 
Bernardo, Veronica, MD450 
Bernier, Christopher, LPC1099 
Bernier, Richard J., PT1339 
Bernstein, Carolyn A., MD375 
Bernstein, Herbert Jeffrey, DC298 
Bernstein, Megan L., MD533,802,803 
Bernstein, Steven T., LMHC1253 
Bero, Eva, AUD307 
Beroukhim, Rameen, MD115,140 
Berrouet, Edwige, MSW81 
Berry, Kellie June, MS369 
Berry, Kevin J., MD712,714 
Berry, Michael V., MD739 
Berry, Paul F., MSW1207 
Berry, Suzanne, PT747,1232 
Bershel, Deborah, MD1028 
Bertagnolli, Monica M., MD140,141,227 
Bertelson, Carolyn D., DPT1125 
Bertges, Deborah R., MA777 
Bertozzi, Paul, MD331,334,344 
Bertuglia, Robin Lynn, PSYD570 
Berube, Jacqueline A., MSN380 
Berwick, Jessica Rosalind, MD115,916 
Berz, Jonathan P., MD115,210 
Berzansky, Stephen Scott, MD498 
Besen, Jessica M., OD822 
Bessette, Patrick L., OD319 
Bessette, Robert E., MD1317 
Bessnow, Amy C., MD103,141 
Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital750,751,752 
 ^ = No New WC, * = EPP Provider
 Index 11 


Provider Listing
Provider data last updated: 12/02/20
Last Update: 12/02/20

Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital753,754,755 
Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital736,737,738 
Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital739,740 
Beth Israel Hospital Imaging303,305 
Bethoney, Mary Christina, MD475,479 
Bettano, Harriet H., PT1339 
Bettencourt, Deborah E., OD619 
Bettencourt, Elizabeth Ober, M703,705 
Bettencourt, Joseph A., MD306 
Betteridge, David, MD928 
Betterton, Cheryl Lisa, BS1151 
Betts, Allison S., PA-C43,572,1342 
Beverley, Laurel A., MD284 
Beverly Family Chiropractic51 
Beverly Hospital50,51,53,54 
Beverly Hospital55,56,57,58 
Beverly Hospital60,61,62,63 
Beverly Hospital64 
Beverly Nursing Home61 
Beyer, Polly, MSW52 
Beyloune, Toffy J., MD383 
BFS - BHS Urgent Care882 
Bhadelia, Nahid, MD111,115 
Bhadelia, Rafeeque A., MD159,222,705 
Bhadelia, Rafeeque A., MD710,1117,1120 
Bhagania, Manish, DDS184 
Bhagat, Jayant R., MD1241,1242 
Bhakta, Arpan Mohan, MD72 
Bhakta, Rupal, AUD1113 
Bhalala, Mitesh Suresh, MD270,273,423 
Bhalala, Mitesh Suresh, MD1135,1136 
Bhardwaj, Mahesh K., OD319,870 
Bhargava, Pankaj, MD141 
Bhat, Abdul R., MD476 
Bhat, Arvind, MD55,56 
Bhat, Atul L., MD817 
Bhathena, Jasmin F., MD871 
Bhatia, Ishwar, DDS184 
Bhatia, Jasvinder S., MD115,152 
Bhatnagar, Nitin, DO551 
Bhatt, Amita K., MD791 
Bhatt, Samir M., MD791 
Bhattacharya, Subroto, MD399 


Bhattacharyya, Neil, MD188,227 
Bhave, Sujata A., MD306 
Bhide, Gauri V., MD399,400,401 
Bhide, Gauri V., MD1006,1008 
Bhimani, Uttara, MD30 
Bhimavarapu, Anuradha M., MD242,244,272 
Bhimavarapu, Anuradha M., MD286,986,987 
Bhise, Vikram V., MD1283 
Bi Deaconess Healthcare Childr624,626,628 
Bial, Erica J., MD316,320 
Bialobok, Jeffrey, MSN
Bianchi, Giada, MD115,141 
Bibuld, Lisa F., PSYD215 
Bidinger, Bonnie J., MD712,734 
Bido Santos, Engel B., MD273 
Biehl, Elizabeth R., DC51 
Bienfang, Don C., MD173 
Bienia Kenton, Lisa M., MD1073 
Bierer, Barbara E., MD103,115,141 
Bigby, Michael E., MD86,115,373 
Bigby, Michael E., MD374 
Bigda, Mark A., DO1057 
Biggins, Margaret Juliann, PA-652 
Bigonet, Laila Eva, MSW1198 
Biles, Daniel T., MD3,30,613,1197 
Biles, Daniel T., MD1208 
Biletch, Liane, PT677,1339 
Billatos, Ehab S., MD84,216 
Biller, Jeffrey A., MD194 
Biller, Leah, MD115,141 
Billerica Chiropractic Office66 
Billington, Michael E., MD1042 
Bills Woods, Katharine L., PA-1049,1275 
Bilodeau, Megan, AUD1113 
Binder, Karen W., MSW1114 
Binder, Tammy L., MD304 
Bindman, David J., MD1185,1186 
Bindman, David J., MD1350,1351 
Binello, Emanuela, MD153 
Bingham, Heather G., OTD23 
Binney, Elizabeth H., MD194 
Bio Care Diagnostics301 
Bio Reference Laboratories Inc727 


Biondi, Beverly A., BS248 
Bioreference Laboratories431,445,447 
Bioreference Laboratories475,478,744 
Bioreference Laboratories803,809,915 
Bioreference Laboratories917,1282 
Bioscrip Infusion Services1060 
Birbara, Charles A., MD1353 
Bird, Alison, PA-C621 
Bird, Diane C., NP1258 
Bird, Edward J., MSW862 
Bird, Katelyn C., MD155 
Birdsall, Christopher P., MD325 
Birdsall, Sarah Anne, MSP64 
Birjiniuk, Vladimir, MD346 
Birkett, Desmond H., MD324 
Birkhead, Richard G., MD45,46,363 
Birkhead, Richard G., MD365,813,814 
Birkshire Faculty Services Inc892,897 
Birnbaum, Faith, MD173 
Bisceglia Kane, Corey, MSW299 
Bisceglia, Marc V., PA-C572,1342 
Bish Sr., Elizabeth A., DC498 
Bishai, Magda A., MD1015 
Bishop, Barla R., MS1087 
Bishop, Jonathan S., DMD722 
Bishop, Kenneth D., MD31,32 
Bishop, Lynne, MD593 
Bishop, Pauline M., MD654,669,1012 
Bissell, Scott A., MD1090,1091 
Bissonnette, Alyssa M., PT245 
Bissonnette, Stephanie L., DO155 
Bitunov, Maxim, MD612,888 
Biuckians, Ghadam Thomas, MD1168,1169 
Bixler, Constance J., PhD1099 
Bizinkauskas, Paul A., MD580 
Bizzotto-Brown, Jillian, MD1253 
Bjork, Francesca J., MC210,342 
Bjork, Stephanie S., MD695 
Blachman, Paul S., MD1044,1046 
Black, Cherylyn K., MD670 
Black, Richard A., MD906 
Black, Richard E., MD843,958 
 ^ = No New WC, * = EPP Provider
 Index 12 


Provider Listing
Provider data last updated: 12/02/20
Last Update: 12/02/20

Black, Robert M., MD1324 
Blackburn, Esme J., PSYD23,358,361 
Blackburn, Esme J., PSYD584,587,923 
Blackburn, Esme J., PSYD926,965,979 
Blackburn, Esme J., PSYD1182,1184 
Blackman, Michael B., MD888,898 
Blackmun, Nancy C., PSYD1023 
Blacksin, Adam S., MD591 
Blackstock, Melanie Russell, M695,706 
Blackstone Valley Physical The1282 
Bladh-Silverstein, Kim K., NP612,894 
Blaeser, Bart F., DMD12,667,706 
Blaeser, Bart F., DMD871 
Blagg, Noel A., MD887,888 
Blaha, Gregory R., MD318 
Blair, Barbra M., MD111 
Blair, Dalys, LCSW355,575,910 
Blair, Dalys, LCSW938,1176 
Blair, Gary, MD422 
Blair, Irene F., BA1327 
Blair, Lauren C., DPT2,987,997 
Blair, Richard H., MD697,698,709 
Blair, Richard H., MD710,1120 
Blaire House of Milford734 
Blaire House of Tewksbury1148 
Blaire House of Worcester1354 
Blais, Sarah, LCSW910 
Blake, Colin, MD72,250,454 
Blake, Diane R., MD1302,1337 
Blake, Sarah L., MD1197,1203 
Blanaru, Amy, MS81 
Blanchard, Karyn E., BS1326 
Blanchard, Scott D., MD286 
Blanchet, Jacques H., MD1235 
Blander, Daniel S., MD66 
Blandford, Lauryn, MS830 
Blank, Eugenia, MD694,1117 
Blank, Jody S., MD641 
Blankenship, Howard Kirby, MD1242 
Blanton, Wanda P., MD691,1115 
Blaquiere, Keith P., PA-C584 
Blaski, Christine A., MD1005,1006 
Blaski, Christine A., MD1012 


Blass, Dean A., MD666 
Blatt, Charles M., MD373,374 
Blau, Adam J., MD227,1121 
Blaustein, David M., MD1212 
Blauvelt, Rachelle A., MS775 
Blazis, Angela M., MS, NP1063,1327 
Bleau, Monique Renee, MOT58 
Blechman, James W., MD906 
Bleckinger-OBryan, Joanne, LMH361,586,926 
Bleckinger-OBryan, Joanne, LMH977,1184 
Bleday, Ronald, MD83,227 
Blegen III, Halward M., MD916 
Bleich, Steven N., MD692 
Bleier, Benjamin S., MD188 
Bleiler, James K., MD460,589,1018 
Bleiler, James Keith, MD411,485,547 
Bleiler, James Keith, MD741,827,858 
Bleiler, James Keith, MD930 
Bleiman, Bruce S., MD467 
Blessen, Allison k., BS305 
Blevins, Frances R., PA-C204 
Bligdon, Shannon M., OD182,1118 
Blinder, Russell A., MD159,160,222 
Blindt, Adrian, PT, BS350 
Bliss Jr., Charles M., MD99,115 
Bliss, Adam D., NP1327 
Bliss, Stephen B., MD382,544,546 
Bliss, Stephen B., MD849,850,1051 
Bliss, Stephen B., MD1053,1054 
Bliss, Stephen B., MD1278,1279 
Bloch, Rina M., MD201,226 
Block, Caroline C., MD103,141,252 
Block, Caroline C., MD254 
Block, Lawrence S., MD1004,1006 
Blodgett, Rebecca A., MA877,1289 
Blom, David G., MD408 
Blomberg, Patrick J., MD471,472,476 
Blomerth, Paul R., DC659,862 
Blomstedt, Sarah K., MSW81 
Blonder, David B., MD564,1242 
Blondin, Brian D., MD439 
Bloom, Brian B., MD266,273,292 
Bloom, Frederick H., OD14,516 


Bloom, Richard D., MD742,1014,1017 
Bloom, Richard D., MD1357,1358 
Bloom, Steven P., MD536 
Bloom, Susan P., BS757 
Bloor, Nicole A., MD1153 
Bloss, Michael F., MD646,654,655 
Blue Hills Sports & Spine Reha240 
Blue Hills Sports and Spine of202 
Blue Hills Sports and Spine of922,929 
Blue Hills Sports and Spine of1274 
Blueberry Hill Skilled Nsg and61,64 
BlueHills Sports and Spine Reh1279 
Blumberg, Jonathan R., MD300 
Blumenthal, Mark A., MD688,1255 
Blumenthal, Nina C., MD819 
Blumhofer, Rebecca D., MD1310 
Blute Jr., Robert D., MD1355 
Bma Boston414 
Bma Brockton266 
Bma Roxbury88 
Bma Saugus1018 
BMRCF Childrens Hospital Imagi898,902 
Boal, Alex, CRNA542,1271 
Boateng, Samuel D., FNP506 
Bobby, Elizabeth M., MSN1201 
Boches, Eileen M., FNP401,1009 
Bochman, Marisa M., MD1040 
Bochnak, Stephen P., OD182 
Bockstall, Katy E., MD76,116 
Bocock, Matthew C., DPT1151 
Bodine, Gregory, MSW81 
Bodner, Bruce E., MD295 
Bodor, Stephanie M., MD569 
Boerner, Carol F., MD302,305 
Bogan, David L., MD561 
Bogart, Peter A., DC1158 
Bogdasarian, Haley M., PA-C24,28 
Boger III, William P., MD21,390,625 
Boger III, William P., MD1251 
Bohart, Zachary W., MD245 
Bohdiewicz, Francis X J, MD899 
Bohigian, R Kirk R., MD626 
Bohl, Daniel L., MD1,1136,1137 
 ^ = No New WC, * = EPP Provider
 Index 13 


Provider Listing
Provider data last updated: 12/02/20
Last Update: 12/02/20

Bohmiller, Adam M., PT381 
Boileau, Nathalie A., MD789,794 
Boisvert, Catherine B., MD1130 
Boisvert, Cathy A., LCSW1306 
Boisvert, John, LCSW444 
Bojanowski, Julia A., MS160 
Bojar, Robert M., MD1305,1354 
Bojar, Robert M., MD1355 
Bojarski, Emeric, MD394 
Boland, Agata A., MD1303 
Boland, Ann M., MS625 
Bold, Jonathan W., MD259,748,873 
Bold, Jonathan W., MD874,996,1101 
Bold, Jonathan W., MD1103,1126 
Bold, Jonathan W., MD1166,1167 
Bolduc, Philip John, MD1310 
Bolgar, Gary C., MD416 
Bolick, Kimberly S., PT25,569,732 
Bolkhovsky, Alla, MD476 
Bolla, Sudha, MD333,334,337 
Bolla, Sudha, MD1116,1117 
Bolliger, Glen A., MD366,649,1147 
Bolus, Christopher C., MD63,66 
Bombardier, Glen P., MD555 
Bomengen, Ciara, MS1198 
Bonacci, Anthony F., MD194 
Bonacci, Cathleen, MD651,1147 
Bonacum, Julia T., MD1072,1085 
Bonacum, Julia T., MD1100 
Bonawitz, Rachael E., MD194 
Bond Eaves, Christine M., MA689 
Bond, Charlotte M., MSP64 
Bonegio, Ramon G., MD152 
Bonilla, Francisco A., MD70,116,194 
Bonilla, Francisco A., MD783,784,1113 
Bonilla, Francisco A., MD1116,1119 
Bonilla, Francisco A., MD1129,1130 
Bonilla, Francisco A., MD1303,1318 
Bonilla, Francisco A., MD1337 
Bonilla, Pedro J., MD747,926 
Bonnette, Michelle M., MS854 
Bono, James V., MD186 
Bonoli, Virginia A., OD45 


Boodah, Inc597,598,830 
Bookbinder, David J., MED403 
Bookless, Steven, DDS184 
Bookman, Laura D., MD102 
Boos, Katherine E., MS161 
Booth, Olivia A., NP57 
Boots, Breta D., DO617,1231 
Bor Shavit, Elite, MD6,28,494,600 
Bor Shavit, Elite, MD619 
Borboli Gerogiannis, Sheila, M173 
Bordeau, Christina M., DO491 
Border, Michael W., MD353 
Bordiuk, John D., MD1200 
Borezo, Daniel E., PA-C848,1275 
Borgelt, Bruce B., MD218,985,1050 
Borges, Lawrence F., MD332 
Borgi, Lea, MD999 
Borgmann Traiba, Andrea, MD1048 
Borhot, Hassen M., MS1087 
Borkan, Steven C., MD116,152 
Borkiewicz, Dorota, MSN161 
Bornstein, Aaron D., MD599 
Bornstein, Bruce Alan, MD218 
Bornstein, Byrna A., SLP1259 
Bornstein, Linda E., MD1100,1101 
Bornstein, Steven L., DO735,736 
Borodic, Gary E., MD961,1162 
Boroyan, Henry J., OD815 
Borrelli, Denise A., MA321,1299 
Borstel, Casey R., AUD248,526,685 
Bortan, Alin O., MD1136 
Bosch, Nicholas A., MD84,216 
Boskovska, Olivera B., MD269,271 
Bostic, Jeff Q., MD79,214 
Boston Center1212 
Boston Clinical Laboratories1160 
Boston Dialysis Center414 
Boston Eye Surgery & Laser Cen71,191 
Boston Eye Surgery and Laser C362,1158,1303 
Boston Eye Surgery and Laser C72 
Boston Eye Surgery and Laser C1014 
Boston Functional Nutrition LL395 
Boston Home Infusion408 


Boston Imaging Group301,303,305 
Boston Lactation, LLC21 
Boston Laser Eye Institute PC302 
Boston Medical Center70,71,74,79 
Boston Medical Center88,101,113 
Boston Medical Center139,172,191 
Boston Medical Center209,211,221 
Boston Medical Center225 
Boston Medical Center Imaging191,221 
Boston O and P of Beth Israel 187,211 
Boston O and P of Boston Child187,211 
Boston O and P of Boston Child1163,1166 
Boston O and P of Lawrence608 
Boston O and P of Longwood Med187,211 
Boston O and P of Peabody873 
Boston O and P of Waltham1166 
Boston O and P of Weymouth Ste1050 
Boston Open MRI254 
Boston Orthotics and Prostheti45,211,321 
Boston Plastic Surgery Associa1195,1196 
Boston Sports Medicine Inc11,1031,1191 
Boston Sports Medicine, INC.298,1028,1131 
Boston University Eye Associat71,173 
Boston University Eye Associat990 
Boston University Family Medic91 
Boston University Neurology As1040,1046 
Bostrom, Paul, MD6,392 
Bosworth, Michael C., MD1199 
Bote, Eileen, BS902,1286 
Botelho, Erica Lynn, NP446 
Botelho, Paul J., MD449,821 
Botelho, Wendy, MFCC451 
Botello, Linda S., Od350 
Botero, Jorge M., MD12,536,606 
Botero, Jorge M., MD805 
Bottner, Tammy B., MD776 
Bou Harb, Talal J., MD1066 
Bouche, Paul R., MD411,460,485 
Bouche, Paul R., MD547,741,828 
Bouche, Paul R., MD858,930,1018 
Boucher, Jordan Lynn, BS295 
Boucher, Nicole M., MA43,1026,1346 
Bouchereau, Chanel G., MD1109,1111 
 ^ = No New WC, * = EPP Provider
 Index 14 


Provider Listing
Provider data last updated: 12/02/20
Last Update: 12/02/20

Boudreau, Cheryl L., PT403,716 
Boudreau, Karen Miller, MD1032 
Boudreau, Regis J., DPM782 
Boudreau, Taylor K., BA1327 
Bouffard, Marc A., MD155 
Boulanger, Brad, PT245,963,1209 
Boulanger, Paula Wright, MD536 
Boulet, Christina M., MSN1194,1327 
Boulter, Laura L., BA675 
Bourassa-Pratt, Nicole Lee, MS1306 
Bourdeau, Lawrence M., PT806 
Bourdeu, Kathrin I., MD72 
Bourne Management Systems Inc 327 
Bourne, Leslie S., PhD1348 
Bournewood Caulfield Center1295,1299 
Bournewood Hospital298,301,304 
Bournewood Hospital374,375 
Bourque, Daniel L., MD334 
Bourque, Danielle Marie, BS1070,1283 
Bousvaros, Athos, MD99,116,194 
Bousvaros, Athos, MD224 
Bouteiller, Matthew, PA-C, PA1096 
Bouthot, Beth A., MD57,500 
Boutin, Pier, MD507 
Bouton, Grace D., MS204 
Bouton, Tara C., MD111 
Boutwell, Gina Serra, MD847,1049 
Bouvier Jr., Joseph Peter, MD1090 
Bouvier Pharmacy Inc679,682 
Bouyea, Michelle M., MD1283 
Bouzari, Navid, MD841,913 
Bove, Caitlin A., MD1032 
Bowden, Christine M., MSW765 
Bowden, Laura J., LPC359,584,924 
Bowden, Laura J., LPC965,1182 
Bowen, Kelly Rose, DO729 
Bowen, Natalie, MD651 
Bowers, Danielle M., PA-C204 
Bowers, Jack F., MD715 
Bowers, Kathryn E., MD331,384 
Bowling, Adam, DO508,801,903 
Bowling, David M., MD695,696 
Bowman Jr., Arthur J., MD847,1048 


Bowman, David R., MD696,708 
Bowman, Kim E., MD300 
Bowstead, Thomas Tiffin, MD1189,1191 
Bowzer, Tonya A., BA569 
Boyajian, Elizabeth, MED627 
Boyajian, Richard N., BA161 
Boyce, Daniel E C, MD564,1103,1242 
Boyd, Jon W., MD1029,1030 
Boyd, William F., MD868 
Boyer, Rebecca L., MD12,535,775 
Boykin, Glenda J., PA-C508,899 
Boyle, Alexandra, NP530,933,1206 
Boyle, Kathleen M., PA-C204 
Boylston, Robert J., MSW881 
Boynton, John K., MS788 
Boyum, Mary E., BA1137 
Bozeman, John K., PhD421 
Bozicas, George D., PhD622 
Bozzo, Thomas, MD509,513,549 
Bozzo, Thomas, MD555,757,761 
Bozzo, Thomas, MD877,888,1067 
Bozzo, Thomas, MD1079,1142 
Bozzo, Thomas, MD1145,1169 
Bozzo, Thomas, MD1171,1213 
Bozzo, Thomas, MD1219,1302 
Bozzo, Thomas, MD1318 
Brabec, Jiri, MD493 
Brace O Neill, Jill E., BA161 
Brackup, Ivy L., MD1199 
Bradbury, Michael J., MD619,682,1333 
Braden, Gregory L., MD1221 
Bradford, Debra A., NP, MS12,739,845 
Bradford, Debra A., NP, MS876,960,1271 
Bradford, Sarah E., NP506,799,894 
Brady IV, John Paul, MD1265,1267 
Brady, Martha, BA1201 
Brady, Michael B., MD1185,1186 
Braga, Alicia, PT1299 
Bragan, Christina Marie, MSW1122 
Brahmbhatt, Tejal S., MD227,233 
Braimon, Jennifer C., MD867 
Braintree Center for Occupatio1137,1140 
Braintree Center For Occupatio244,245 


Braintree Manor Healthcare245,247 
Braintree Rehabilitation Cente729,732 
Braintree Rehabilitation Unit 749 
Braintree Sports Therapy Cente523 
Brait, Michelle L., MSW81 
Braithwaite, Marc L., OD42,1334 
Braitman, Robert E., MD489 
Brajtbord, Jonathan S., MD411,828 
Brake, Garry L., MD460 
Braley, Janan R., MA482,1165 
Brams, David M., MD324 
Bramson, Robert T., MD1351 
Branca, Elise J., MD1017 
Brand, Laura Renee, PA-C568 
Brand, Thomas M., MD53,499 
Brandoff, Douglas E., MD103,109,116 
Brandoff, Douglas E., MD141,191 
Brandon Woods of Dartmouth1033 
Brandon Woods of New Bedford768 
Brandse, Karen-Gail, MD744 
Bransfield, Meara, MOT58 
Brasier, Judy L., DO688,736,1208 
Brasier, Judy L., DO1209,1210 
Brassard, Theresa, BS464 
Bratcher, Jason M., MD885 
Bratton, Megan Eileen, DC671 
Braucher, Sarah A., MSW1040 
Braun, David A., MD116,141 
Braun, Frances K., PSYD215 
Braun, Ilana M., MD141,212 
Braun, Lindsay M., DPT469 
Braunagel, Shawn T., DPM584 
Brauneis, Dina, MS161 
Brauner, Stacey C., MD173,1118 
Braveman, Robin H., MS1304 
Braverman, Igor, MD306 
Bravman, Richard Jay, DMD327 
Bravo, Albert A., DPM504,508,884 
Bravo, Albert A., DPM885,901 
Brawer, Seth A., PA-C1343 
Bray, Mary A., MSN351 
Brazer, William, MD479,736,837 
Brazin, Beth, PSYD361,587,926 
 ^ = No New WC, * = EPP Provider
 Index 15 


Provider Listing
Provider data last updated: 12/02/20
Last Update: 12/02/20

Brazin, Beth, PSYD979,980,1184 
Breckwoldt III, William L., MD692,698,699 
Breckwoldt III, William L., MD1290,1293 
Breckwoldt III, William L., MD1294 
Bredvik, Brian K., MD1090 
Breen Greally, Stacey Marie, M1022 
Breen, Brooke Kasperowski, MD15,435,467 
Breen, Brooke Kasperowski, MD518,835 
Breen, Christopher J., MD1091 
Breen, Daniel P., PA1343 
Breen, Elizabeth M., MD83,227,309 
Breen, Elizabeth M., MD324 
Breen, John C., PT350,598 
Breen, Nicole M., MED1166 
Breen, Theresa, OTR931 
Breitmeyer, James B., MD141 
Breitner, Lewis S., PhD514,518 
Brejcha, Krista, PT288,922,1339 
Brenes, Robert, MD633 
Brengola, Lisa D., MS995 
Brennan, Beverly Ann, MD534 
Brennan, Kathleen, MED965 
Brennan, Kelly Marie, MSP611 
Brennan, Kimberly A., PA-C1343 
Brenner, Mark Joel, MD1349,1350 
Brescia, Morgan E., MSN548 
Bresnahan, James P., MED1307,1323 
Bresnahan, Michael H., MD991 
Bresnick, Louis J., MD814 
Brett, Meghan F., MSW81 
Brew, Robert H., MD313 
Brewer, Jennifer D., PA-C1026 
Brewer, Matthew P., MD707 
Brewster, David C., MD1160,1168 
Briarwood Rehabilitation and H754 
Briasco, Marie E., MSN1059 
Briccetti, Frederick M., MD104,116,141 
Brice, Shelagh, PT593 
Briceno, Leera M., MD825 
Briceno, Sylvia J., OD256 
Brick, Jessica C., MD194 
Brickell, Melanie M., MSW1307 
Brickley, Gerald P., DC429 


Brickley, Margaret M., BA161,1047 
Brickman, Richard, DPT34 
Bridger, Cindy A., PSYD697 
Bridgewater Goddard Park Imagi285,293 
Brien, Kathleen, MS19 
Briere, Heather L., MSN352 
Briggs, Angela L., MS599 
Brigham and Womens Faulkner Ho70,74,79,88 
Brigham and Womens Faulkner Ho101,113,139 
Brigham and Womens Faulkner Ho172,191,202 
Brigham and Womens Faulkner Ho211,225 
Brigham, Kelly J., PA-C, MPAS451,1252 
Brigham, Meghan M., MSN838 
Brigham, Rebecca R., MSW81 
Bright, Amanda K., MSW938 
Brighter Side Wellness LLC819,820 
Brignall, David B., MD407 
Brill, Benjamin Jacob, DO620 
Brill, Daniel A., MD173 
Brill, Lorraine S., MA901 
Brincheiro, Francisco J., MD991 
Brinckerhoff, Laurence H., MD658,711,1121 
Brings, Catherine M., MSW677 
Brinius, George F., CRNA439 
Brinkman, Kimberley A., MSN728 
Brinkman-Cianci, Beth, MSW, LS938 
Briovarx of Massachusetts45 
Brisbon, Nicholas M., PhD210 
Briscoe, David M., MD152,194 
Britnell, Jessica J., PA1343 
Brito, Amanda L., MD116 
Britt, Timothy M., PA-C204 
Britton Colonnese, Jennifer D.161 
Britton, Kelsey E., PT25 
Broadreach Of Chatham812 
Broadway Health Rehabilitation370,372 
Brochu, Blythe N., BS205 
Brochu, Brian T., MD1350,1351 
Brockton Dialysis Center266 
Brockton Family and Community 278 
Brockton Healthcare Clinic266 
Broder, Martin I., MD880,888 


Broderick, Melissa M., PA-C417,420,810 
Broderick, Melissa M., PA-C811,1143,1148 
Broderick, Melissa M., PA-C1248,1252 
Brodeur, Jo-Ellen R., PA-C, PA1343 
Brodkin, William E., MD617 
Brodsky, Bari Sue, MD20 
Brodsky, Gregg D., MD399,400,1005 
Brodsky, Gregg D., MD1006 
Brody, Oren, DO1076,1077 
Brondon, Phillip J., MD99,110,116 
Brondon, Phillip J., MD751,752 
Bronstein, Lindsay Keach, MS1167 
Brook, Christopher D., MD188 
Brook, Olga Rachel R., MD221,305,372 
Brook, Olga Rachel R., MD376,628,755 
Brook, Olga Rachel R., MD1065 
Brookes, Alison R., MD677 
Brooks, Christopher S., PA-C1181,1343 
Brooks, Dawn, MD891 
Brooks, Dianna L., PA-C899 
Brooks, Glen S., MD631 
Brooks, Jaclyn, DPT1147 
Brooks, Stephen W., MD588 
Brooks, Traci L., MD69,194,328 
Brooks, Traci L., MD340 
Brookside Rehabilitation and H1194,1195 
Brotsky, Craig S., OD730,1334 
Broughton, Adam T., PA-C62,501 
Brouhard, Karen S., MSW240 
Brout, Isabella B., MD1032 
Brovman, Ethan Y., MD1259 
Brown, Adam M., DO828,829 
Brown, Alice H., MSW671,701 
Brown, Beth, MD561,1239 
Brown, Brett R., PA-C1343 
Brown, Charles H., MD375 
Brown, Christine H., MD4,629 
Brown, Daniel E., DPM872 
Brown, Donna, MSW758 
Brown, Fran M., MSW783,785 
Brown, Hannah E., MD212 
Brown, Jeffrey Stuart, MD1292,1298 
Brown, Jennifer R., MD104,116,141 
 ^ = No New WC, * = EPP Provider
 Index 16 


Provider Listing
Provider data last updated: 12/02/20
Last Update: 12/02/20

Brown, Jennifer R., MD212 
Brown, Jessie J., MS161 
Brown, Kani M., OD467,1172 
Brown, Kathleen M., NP, MS728,796 
Brown, Kristina J., MSN647 
Brown, Lauren R., MD281,826 
Brown, Lisa E., PT202 
Brown, Mary Linda, MD641 
Brown, Matthew D., DO1343,1347 
Brown, Matthew Wesley, MD1155 
Brown, Nathaniel F., MD737,738 
Brown, Rebecca Lee, PT202 
Brown, Renee E., MS279,989 
Brown, Richard K., MD1078 
Brown, Robert Timothy, MD1094,1103 
Brown, Tanya Aileen, MS420,811,1148 
Brown, Tanya Aileen, MS1252 
Brown, Vasumathi K., MD633 
Browne Martin, Kimberly Ann A.1074,1079 
Browne, Susan, MD712,715,716 
Brownell Krupat, Colleen A., M1255 
Browning, Clifford A., MD1305 
Browning, Tracey J., MD1224 
Brownstein, Scott L., MD1150,1151 
Broz, Gwendolyn M., DO1210 
Bruce, Joan, LMHC359,584,924 
Bruce, Joan, LMHC965,1182 
Bruce, Mary E., BS1232 
Brucker, Hanna R., DC79 
Bruining, Mi Ok, MSW30 
Bruinsma, Jennifer M., MA877 
Brun Cottan, Gaelle, MD116 
Brundige, Karyn J., MS161,255 
Bruneau, Randy W., PT320 
Brunell, Wayne E., MD343 
Brunner, Corey J., DC568 
Brunner, Katherine T., MD99,116 
Bruno Jr., Charles Anthony, DO557,564,566 
Bruno Jr., Charles Anthony, DO1085,1103 
Bruno Jr., Charles Anthony, DO1111 
Bruno, Emily, MSP60 
Brunt, Melanie J., MD332,334 
Brusch, John A., MD333,334 


Brusseau, Elena B., MD72 
Bruyere, Danielle M., MOT390 
Bruzzese, Anthony G., MD452 
Bryant, Melissa, MSW330 
Bryantsville Family Chiropract875 
Bryer, Haldon P., MD1291,1293 
Brzozowska, Beata J., MD963 
Bu Saba, Nicolas Y., MD188 
Bu, Davis, MD1153 
Bu, Jing, MD696,708 
Bucchere, Shawna, PA-C, MS848,851,1275 
Bucchere, Shawna, PA-C, MS1280 
Bucci, Justin J., MD225 
Buccino, Deborah, MD507 
Buchanan, Jennifer L., DPM393 
Buchanan, Stephen S., MD1058 
Buchanan, Susan L., PA-C205 
Buchbinder, Elizabeth I., MD104,116,141 
Buchheit, Kathleen M., MD70,141 
Buchinski, Julie C., LCSW, MSW299,330,355 
Buchinski, Julie C., LCSW, MSW575,910,938 
Buchinski, Julie C., LCSW, MSW939,1176 
Buchwald, Irwin A., MD641,653 
Buckberg, Miriam S., MD426 
Buckenroth, William T., PA-C899,1286 
Buckle, David, MD407 
Buckley Jr., Frederick O., MD405,406 
Buckley, Deidre Anne, NP161 
Buckley, Todd C., DC867 
Buckley, Wade D., PA-C569 
Buckman, Kimberly R., MD1059 
Bucknor, Kimberly A., MD1079 
Budge, Eduardo M., MD371 
Bueno, Eleanor A., DO364,418,810 
Bueno, Eleanor A., DO1143,1248 
Bueno, Raphael, MD227,233,234 
Buettner, Catherine, MD116,334 
Buffum, James T., MD1071,1079 
Bugbee, Pamela H., BS1333 
Buhaescu, Irina, MD323 
Bui, Katherine M., MD1255 
Buie, Timothy M., MD194 
Buitron De La Vega, Pablo A., 116,210 


Bujor, Andreea M., MD225 
Bukur Doczy, Krisztina A., MD785,1203 
Bull, Melissa L., DPT461 
Bullock, Ariel J., MSN1063 
Bullock, Rebecca M., MOT1128 
Bulman, Mark J., MD847,1048 
Buncher, Noah A., DO194 
Bunker, Bruce W., OD367,1147 
Bunnell, Bruce W., MD303 
Bunnell, Craig A., MD116,141 
Bunzick, Margaret, LCSW359,584,924 
Bunzick, Margaret, LCSW965,966,1182 
Buonanno, Margaret R., PA-C205 
Bur, Martin E., MD1072,1073 
Bur, Martin E., MD1093 
Burakoff, Robert, MD99,468 
Buras, Wende R., MD267 
Burba Dick, Elizabeth A., MD1298 
Burbank, Elizabeth D., MD615 
Burbank, Kelton M., MD1311,1335 
Burbank, Kelton M., MD1354 
Burch, Lisa P., MA1099 
Burchard, Monique S., MSN728 
Burd, Douglas A., MD40,44,1180 
Burd, Douglas A., MD1185,1186 
Burd, Douglas A., MD1325,1350 
Burd, Douglas A., MD1351 
Burden, Veneita F., MA
Burdette, Matthew E., DO529,932,1205 
Burdick, Sara E., PA-C899 
Burdulis, Sharon C., MD731 
Burger, Kristin M., DPT376 
Burgess Wise, Jessica, MED48 
Burgess, Bridget D., MD421,422,962 
Burgess, Bridget D., MD1048 
Burgess, Jodi, PT583,687,861 
Burgess, Jodi, PT1339 
Burgess, Rachael M., BA161 
Burgess, Shauna L., MSW532 
Burgess, Zachary O., MSN162 
Burgett Yandow, Nicole C., MS647,1146 
Burgett, Sara, DPT963 
Burgos Chaves, Ariadna, MD194,216 
 ^ = No New WC, * = EPP Provider
 Index 17 


Provider Listing
Provider data last updated: 12/02/20
Last Update: 12/02/20

Burgoyne, Jacqueline M., MS162 
Burillo, Alicia, PT403 
Burke Jr., Joseph F., MD821 
Burke Jr., Paul M., MD818 
Burke, Alana, MSW758 
Burke, Frederick J., BS1339 
Burke, Heather L., PT501,1011,1339 
Burke, Jennifer Rose, CRNA439 
Burke, John J., PhD1012 
Burke, Kelsey J., PA-C205 
Burke, Kimberly V., DC858 
Burke, Lindsey A., MSN543,1047 
Burke, Melissa P., MA859 
Burke, Peter A., MD84,227,233 
Burkhart, Olin V., OD12,536,606 
Burkhart, Olin V., OD805 
Burl, Jeffrey B., MD1315 
Burley, Margaret, MSN1327 
Burlingame, Beth A., MSW355,575,910 
Burlingame, Beth A., MSW939,1176 
Burnaska, Rebecca E., MSW11 
Burnett, Alisa J., MD898 
Burnett, Melissa M., MD1203 
Burnham, Ann P., MD21,390,625 
Burnham, Ann P., MD1251 
Burnham, Chad A., PT, DPT1014 
Burns Lambert, Robin L., MD796,800,879 
Burns Lambert, Robin L., MD898 
Burns, Cathleen, RD
Burns, Christopher J., MD1280 
Burns, David L., MD311,313 
Burns, James A., MD88,188 
Burns, Joseph D., MD316,321,326 
Burns, Maureen M., MD614 
Burns, Paul G., MD20 
Burpee, Metta V., MSW881 
Burr, Robert E., MD455 
Burrer, Phillip F., MD720 
Burroughs, Brian R., MD1335 
Burroughs, Michael, LCSW359,584,924 
Burroughs, Michael, LCSW966,1182 
Burstein, Harold J., MD104,116,141 
Bursztajn, Harold J., MD332,343 


Burte, Leslie J., PT806,1339 
Burtoft, Teresa J., DPM803,807,1115 
Burtoft, Teresa J., DPM1119,1144 
Burtoft, Teresa J., DPM1148 
Burtt, Douglas M., MD30,32 
Busa, Jenna Ann, PA-C1275 
Busby, Lindsay Palmer, MD564 
Busch, Jordan S., MD374,413 
Bush, Roger A., OD921,1017,1228 
Bushati, Besa, MD725 
Bushee, Linda, CRNA439 
Busnengo, Evelyn J., LSW355,576,910 
Busnengo, Evelyn J., LSW939,1176 
Busse, Paul M., MD218,222 
Butera, Peppino, MD242 
Butero, Thomas, LSW758 
Butka, Matthew D., MD1263 
Butler, Edward P., MD692 
Butler, Marcus O., MD104,116,141 
Butler, Matthew P., DPM596,683,720 
Butler, Nicholas J., MD173 
Butler, Schaillee I., PA-C544,848,1275 
Butte, Atul, MD194 
Butterfield, Mark D., MD673 
Buzney, Sheldon M., MD174,194,338 
Buzney, Sheldon M., MD340,961,963 
Buzney, Sheldon M., MD1202,1203 
Buzzards Bay Hand Therapy1180,1181 
Buzzards Bay Hand Therapy, LLC678 
Byahatti, Seema V., MD285,855,1140 
Bychkovsky, Brittany L., MD116,141 
Byer, Robin L., MD88,195 
Byers, Janis J., MSW1015 
Byfield Drug328 
Bylund, Beth A., BS42,1339 
Byram Healthcare Center1308 
Byrne, Jeffrey M., MD813 
Byrne, Sarah J., MD853 
Byron, Kelsey L., PA-C1130 
Byse, Barbara Helen, MD918,928 



C&S Anesthesia486 
Caballero-Robles, Augusto E., 89,116 
Cabe, George Bradford, MD457,1180 
Cabezas, Justine, MS719 
Cabral Juaire, Alicia M., PT34 
Cabral, Angela, MD462,491 
Cabral, Benjamin M., MS787 
Cabral, Fernanda C., MD382,546,850 
Cabral, Fernanda C., MD1054,1279 
Cabral, Holly A., MSW1058 
Cabral, Kathleen, BA, CRNA1209 
Cabral, Marilyn, MSN558 
Cabral, Natasha N., MSN448 
Cabrera, Clara N., MD1116 
Cacace, Myra F., MS1327 
Caddigan, Amy K., PT1232 
Caddoo, William H., DC1158 
Cadigan III, John B., MD76,116 
Caesar, Richard E., MD706,711,1119 
Caesar, Richard E., MD1121,1154 
Caesar, Richard E., MD1155 
Caeti, Danyelle L., MD450 
Cafaro, Giovanna O., PA-C1343 
Caggiano, Danielle M., MSW1247 
Caggiano, Kristen Jeanee, DPT593,987,993 
Caggiano, Kristen Jeanee, DPT1011 
Caggiano, Robert A., EDD1011,1012 
Caggiano, Robert A., EDD1152 
Cagney, Daniel, MD218 
Cahaly, Ralph J., MD721,731,988 
Cahaly, Ralph J., MD990 
Cahill, Carol A., MS162 
Cahill, Daniel P., MD153 
Cahill, Katherine N., MD70,141 
Cahill, Michelle, PA-C433,598,848 
Cahill, Michelle, PA-C1049 
Cahill, Sarah E., PA-C205 
Cahill, Suzan C., MSW1072 
 ^ = No New WC, * = EPP Provider
 Index 18 


Provider Listing
Provider data last updated: 12/02/20
Last Update: 12/02/20

Cahill, Teresa R., MD793 
Caine, Jonathan L., MD856 
Caine, Rebecca P., MD888 
Caira, Jessica L., MA785 
Calarese, Pamela M., BA162 
Calculator, Britnie DeMello, L765 
Calculator, Trevor, MA451 
Caldarelli, John, MD906 
Calderwood, Patricia A., MSW551,1037 
Caldroney, Steven, DDS184 
Caldwell, Edward F., MD583,588 
Calef, David A., MD1153 
Caliendo, Erica, MS
Calkins, Thea Nichols, MD503,505,796 
Calkins, Thea Nichols, MD798,879,880 
Calkins, Thea Nichols, MD888 
Callaghan, Crista M., MS591 
Callahan Jr., Daniel F., DPM537,538 
Callahan, Alison B., MD366,1147 
Callahan, Cynthia Yan, MD901 
Callahan, David M., PhD452,1057 
Callahan, Kevin J., MD538,539 
Callahan, Mary B., DO1014,1015 
Callahan, Mary S., LISW355,576,910 
Callahan, Mary S., LISW939,1176 
Callahan, Megan A., MD32 
Callahan, Megan B., MD116,738,752 
Callahan, Megan B., MD916 
Callahan, Melanie L., PT806 
Callahan, Theresa G., MD620 
Callahan, Tracy A., PA-C1125 
Callahan, Tracy Ann, PA288 
Callahan, William J., MD255,302 
Callender, Glenda G., MD227 
Callihan, Michelle, LAC1129 
Callum, Michael G., MD1013 
Calmus, Dorene M., MSW722 
Calnan, Jennifer H., OD367,650,1147 
Calnan, Sarah L., DO421,1195 
Calvanese, Alphonse F., MD1079 
Calvanese, Deborah, MA1240 
Calvillo, Katherina Z., MD227 
Calvo, Jacqueline Elizabeth, M647,648 


Camac, Ann, MD316 
Camacho, Allison, BA1231 
Camara, Antonieta T., MS162 
Camara, Kristen, CNP, MSN694 
Camara, Veronica A., NP478 
Camarinos, James C., PT202 
Cambium Wellness108 
Cambridge Health Alliance333 
Cambridge Speech And Cognitive1030 
Cambridge Urological Assoc Inc347 
Camerota, Amy L., OD1224 
Cammarata, Diane, MSN694 
Campagna, Anthony C., MD309,313,322 
Campbell, Adam T., PA-C1275 
Campbell, Clovene P., MD1010 
Campbell, Colleen Anne, MSW758 
Campbell, David R., MD45,46,47,76 
Campbell, David R., MD101,116,227 
Campbell, David R., MD237,454,455 
Campbell, David R., MD456,460,525 
Campbell, David R., MD526,532,533 
Campbell, David R., MD534,540,770 
Campbell, David R., MD772,773,779 
Campbell, Douglas C., MD370 
Campbell, Justin J., MD381,382,542 
Campbell, Justin J., MD544,545,546 
Campbell, Justin J., MD843,849,850 
Campbell, Justin J., MD1043,1051 
Campbell, Justin J., MD1054,1265 
Campbell, Justin J., MD1278,1279 
Campbell, Kimberly A., MSN845 
Campbell, Natasha D., MSW831 
Campbell, Robert J., MD329,334 
Campelia, Linda V., MSN845 
Campion, Amy C., DO610 
Campion, Francis X., MD116 
Campion, Sharon M., MD1337 
Campo, Stephen L., MD72 
Campos, Christian T., MD296,297,929 
Campos, Christian T., MD930 
Campos, Gerry R., MD1043,1044 
Campos, Gerry R., MD1264,1267 
Campos, Susana M., MD116,141 


Campus Pharmacy and Medical Eq1073,1095 
Cancelliere, Alessandro, MD53,499 
Cancelliere, Pasquale M., DPM482 
Cancian, David J., MD1188,1189 
Cancro, Joanne, DC786 
Candal, Eugenio M., MD1059,1333 
Candence Behavioral and Therap831,832 
Candescent Eye Health Surgicen818,822 
Candib, Lucy M., MD1311 
Candito, Michael J., BS517 
Canellakis, George E., MD808,809 
Canellos, George P., MD104,116,141 
Canes, David, MD325 
Canha, Mary, MSW758,1176 
Canning, Mark D., MD543,1274 
Canning, Robert, MD734,1061 
Cannistra, Anthony Jos, MD904 
Cannon, Carrie G., MSN318 
Cannon, Marianne T., MSN52 
Canoni, Elizabeth J., PT674 
Canterman, Sarah, BS483 
Cantor, Amy Michelle, MPH784,786 
Cantor, Mami K., PA-C205 
Cantrell Center for Physical T847 
Cantu, Robert C., MD389 
Cao, Tram, PA-C288 
Cao, Xuemei, MAO1020 
Cao, Yili, MAC, MS1157 
Cape Ann Medical Center Lab500 
Cape Ann Medical Center, LLC500 
Cape Coastal PT Inc685 
Cape Cod Artificial Kidney Cen1357 
Cape Cod Asc Llc1014,1017 
Cape Cod Breast Evaluation Cen583,588 
Cape Cod Hand Therapy457,459 
Cape Cod Hand Therapy Limited 583 
Cape Cod Home Infusion828 
Cape Cod Home Infusion Service828 
Cape Cod Hospital579 
Cape Cod Pain Management, PC350 
Cape Cod Rehabilitation583,687,861 
Cape Heritage Athena Healthcar1017 
Cape Medical Supply349,460,588 
 ^ = No New WC, * = EPP Provider
 Index 19 


Provider Listing
Provider data last updated: 12/02/20
Last Update: 12/02/20

Cape Medical Supply1017 
Cape Regency351 
Cape Regency Rehabilitation & 351 
Capece, Danielle L., MS451 
Capeway Medical Equipment915 
Capino, John G., MD649 
Caplan, Benjamin P., MD373 
Caplan, Laura C., PA-C257 
Caplan, Louis R., MD101,116,212 
Caplan, Louis R., MD237 
Caplan, Richard I., MSW, MS330 
Caplan, Scott J., DPT1274 
Capodilupo, Liza W., CNM57 
Capone, Diane M., DC1261 
Caporizzo, Nicole M., MSN728 
Cappadona, Courtney P., PT569 
Cappadona, Donald, MD439 
Cappiello, Eric C., MD372 
Capra, Lisa Rachael, MD567 
Caprario, Laura C., MD713,714 
Capuano Home Health Care Inc426 
Carabba, Victor Hugo, MD500 
Caragacianu, Diana L., MD734 
Carandang, Elizardo P., MD607 
Carbajal, Anjelica J., MD172,371 
Carbo, Alexander R., MD117 
Carbone, Nancy M., BA162 
Carbone, Paula Jo, MD1130 
Cardarella, Stephanie, MD1265,1267 
Cardarella, Stephanie, MD1270 
Cardenas, Lilia, MD91 
Cardin, Eric M., PT1232 
Cardone, Vito R S, MD1116,1118 
Cardone, Vito R S, MD1121 
Cardoos, Nathan C., MD91,94,226 
Cardoso, Katie R., MSN249,1124 
Cardoso, Kylie R., DPT413 
Cardoso, Samantha M., MS, CNP543,845,1271 
Cardoza, Gabriella Maria, NP445 
CareCentral Urgent Care248,250,827 
CareCentral Urgent Care1127 
Cares, Herbert L., MD567,790 
Carewell Urgent Care465,838,1355 


Carewell Urgent Care Centers O67,347,485 
Carewell Urgent Care Centers O628,757,851 
Carewell Urgent Care Centers O875,1031,1035 
Carewell Urgent Care Centers O1149 
Carey, Brianna S., PA-C562 
Carey, Daniel, DPT1212 
Carey, Peter C., MD716,807 
Carey, Susan A., MD117,155,212 
Carey, Susan A., MD1200,1201 
Carey, Susan A., MD1204 
Carey, Tricia L., MSN591 
Cargill, Byron R., PhD587 
Caritas Good Samaritan Medical285,293 
Caritas Good Samaritan Medical261,285,293 
Caritas Medical Group Imaging469,470 
Caritas Medical Laboratories271,277,1123 
Caritas Medical Laboratories1124 
Carl, Cris, MA517 
Carlat, Daniel J., MD708 
Carley, Alexa, MSP405 
Carley, Kathleen A., OTR59 
Carlos, Sally T., OD746 
Carlson, David J., MD568,569 
Carlson, Deborah Z., MS1047 
Carlson, Desiree, MD285 
Carlson, Karen J., MD117 
Carlson, Phyllis W., MSW589 
Carlson, Wendy Marie, MS1141 
Carlton, Michael Elliot, MD564,1242 
Carlucci, Brandon Tyler, DC79 
Carlucci, Daniel, MD1305,1318 
Carmichael, Paula G., MD1315,1318 
Carmichael, Thomas J., MD776 
Carmine, Brian J., MD227 
Carmody, Cheryl M., PT1339 
Carneglia, Erica, BS808 
Carney Jr., Wilfred I., MD509,904 
Carniol, Eric T., MD730 
Caro, Jose A., MD386 
Caroff, Daniel A., MD313 
Caron, Jennifer, MAO1301 
Caron, Pierre A., MD676 
Carpentier, Bianca M., MD37,907 


Carpinito, Gennaro A., MD236,711,1121 
Carpinito, Gennaro A., MD1155 
Carpio, Cristina, MD1280,1281 
Carr Reynolds, Mary, BA162 
Carr, Elizabeth A., DPT598 
Carr, Maureen P., RN870,1009 
Carr, Nora, MSN162 
Carreiro, Colan J., APRN, CRNA1271 
Carreiro, Luis A., MD487 
Carreras, Victor, MS562,1096,1240 
Carroll Cronin, Joan B., MSW
Carroll II, William Emil, MD1161 
Carroll, Christian, DC568 
Carroll, Elizabeth A., PA-C205 
Carroll, Jacob C., CRNA439 
Carroll, James F., MD1073 
Carroll, Jessica R., MS488 
Carroll, John C., MD454 
Carroll, Joseph P., PT583,687,861 
Carroll, Joseph P., PT1339 
Carroll, Kaitlin F., PA-C288 
Carroll, Katherine V., PA-C562 
Carroll, Kathleen M., CNP1258 
Carroll, Kathryn M., PT583,687,861 
Carroll, Kathryn M., PT1339 
Carroll, Susan, BS686,687 
Carson, Barbara L., MSW722 
Carson, Daniel M., MD1287 
Carson, Lisa E., BA1194 
Carson, Milinda R., MD639,648 
Carswell, Brett M., MD1061,1355 
Carter Donovan, Prudy L., MSN436 
Carter, Benealia, EDD35 
Carter, Cullen O., MD227,233 
Carter, Daniel J., MD898 
Carter, Erin C., CSW768 
Carter, Helen M., MD1318 
Carter, James J., MD117,141 
Carter, Jerry Lee, MD878,893 
Carter, Lisa H., MD1310 
Carter, Michael D., MA765 
Carter, Neil Charles, PSYD361,587,926 
Carter, Neil Charles, PSYD980,1184 
 ^ = No New WC, * = EPP Provider
 Index 20 


Provider Listing
Provider data last updated: 12/02/20
Last Update: 12/02/20

Carter, Robert B., MD882,1284 
Carty, Jennifer, MOT1202 
Caruso, Christian D., MD958 
Caruso, Lisa B., MD102,117 
Caruso, Paul A., MD152,222 
Carvajal, Shannon, NP8,894 
Carvalho, Daniel J., DC30 
Carville, Charles J., PT1339 
Carville-Patch, Martha, MSN647 
Casaceli, Barbara J., BS44,1353 
Casady, James L., PT25,569,732 
Casal, Jorge E., MD117 
Case, Cathleen K., BA1327 
Caseira Cabral, Fernanda C., M1054 
Casey, Bobbie Jo, OD833 
Casey, Lindsey M., PT378,379,1088 
Casey, Lindsey M., PT1095 
Casey, Michael E., BA162 
Casey, Sara, DO1061,1310 
Casey, William B., MD1349 
Cash, James M., DC1023 
Casha, Lawrence M., MD778 
Casiles, Martha H., MSW828 
Casillas Claudio, Keila, MSN162 
Casper, Susan D., PA34 
Cassel, Mary Ann, AUD780 
Casserly, Brian J., MD991 
Cassidy, Kalie A., MSW66 
Cassidy, Michael R., MD227 
Cassidy, Mikaela L., MS1000 
Cassidy, Todd M., MSW81 
Cassista, Gerard R., DC417 
Cassotta, Amy Ruth, NP894 
Castel, Shahar, PA-C205 
Castellanos, Plutarco E., MD615,617,622 
Castells, Maria C., MD70,117,141 
Castells, Maria C., MD372,374,375 
Castiglione, Thomas F., MD597,958,1267 
Castillo, Jorge J., MD104,117,141 
Castle, Christine M., MS1353 
Castronovo, Elizabeth F., MS162 
Cataen, Erin L., NP467,919 
Catalano, Gregory D., DPM385,394,1249 


Catalano, Gregory D., DPM1252 
Catalano, Julie A., MSW1028 
Cataldo, James G., DPM463,465 
Cataldo, Lauren E., DO53,88,499 
Cataldo, Lauren E., DO760 
Catalina, Fernando, MD620 
Catanio, Whitney Lynn, OD822 
Catanzano, Tara M., MD427,428,515 
Catanzano, Tara M., MD518,630,632 
Catanzano, Tara M., MD864,865,1038 
Catanzano, Tara M., MD1039,1088 
Catanzano, Tara M., MD1103,1172 
Catanzano, Tara M., MD1174,1238 
Catanzano, Tara M., MD1242 
Cataract and Laser Center407,409 
Cataract and Laser Center Asso8,9 
Cataract and Laser Center Cent490,495 
Cataract and Laser Center Nort15,18 
Cataract and Laser Center West1215,1224 
Cataract Laser Center Central 490 
Cataract Surgery Center of Mil735 
Catlin, Elizabeth A., MD195 
Catrambone, Richard J., MD, DM284 
Cattel, Pamela J., MD117 
Cattell, Gwyn, MD696 
Cauchon, Matthew C., DO1073 
Caughey, Thomas D., MD333,334,337 
Cavallerano, Susan J., MSW81 
Cavalli, Giulio I., MD898 
Cavalli, Victoria R., MD797 
Cavallo, Francis Joseph, Ms1025,1036 
Cavallo, Jaime A., MD325 
Cavanaugh, Robert J., MD40,735 
Cave, David R., MD1314 
Cayer, Makara E., MD601 
Cazacu, Andreea C., MD688 
Ceccon, Alec, DPT245 
Ceglia, Lisa, MD89,117 
Celandine, Andrew M., MD1298 
Celentano, Mary A., OD1091 
Celestin, James, MD1337 
Celler, Catherine S., MD1290 
Cenat, Jasmine M., MSN162 


Cennerazzo, Albert J., MD1079,1094 
Center for Addictive Behaviors1003,1008 
Center for diagnostic imaging538,1101 
Center For Diagnostic Imaging 407,408,410 
Center For Diagnostic Imaging 535 
Center for Digestive Wellness 616 
Center For Radiation Oncology873 
Centrex Clinical Laboratories
Centrus Premier Home Care Inc1303,1354 
Cerel, Adam W., MD45,46 
Cerezo, Carolina S., MD764 
Ceron, Olga M., MD42,1059,1333 
Cervantes Arslanian, Anna M., 84,155,237 
Cestari, Dean M., MD155,174,212 
Cezaire, Linesary, CNP279,424,717 
Cezaire, Linesary, CNP1137 
Chabot, Wendy A., MD14 
Chad, Christine M., AUD573 
Chad, David A., MD1324,1325 
Chae, Jin, MD117 
Chaganti, Uma D., MD1079 
Chaglassian, John H., MD22 
Chagnon, Kimberly G., MSN162 
Chahla, Toni J., MD1068 
Chahraban, Pierre H., MD601,603 
Chai, Jessie L., MD424,719,985 
Chaichian, Minoo, DMD193 
Chain, Jeffrey R., MD1091,1092 
Chakrabarti, Aniket, MD876 
Chakraborty, Aurobindo, MD743,744 
Chaku, Meenakshi, MD174 
Chakyayil, Shaleen, MD117 
Chalana, Shalini, RD, MS628 
Chalfin, Michael, MD1030 
Chalifoux, Michael R., MD1068 
Challies, Tracy L., MD192 
Chamberlain Landis, Elizabeth 22 
Chamberland, Tammy L., MSN705 
Chamberlin, Susan J., MA769 
Chambers, John, MOT59 
Chambers, Katherine M., MSN162,1002 
Champagne, Jillian, DPT22 
Chan, Annie W., MD218 
 ^ = No New WC, * = EPP Provider
 Index 21 


Provider Listing
Provider data last updated: 12/02/20
Last Update: 12/02/20

Chan, Audrey S., MD59,174,457 
Chan, Audrey S., MD1016,1227 
Chan, Bernandette, MD692,695 
Chan, Edmond M., MD141 
Chan, Eugenia, MD195 
Chan, Jennifer A., MD142 
Chan, Kwok W., MD1303 
Chan, Maye M., PA-C205,257 
Chan, Rebecca, PT1339 
Chan, Wayne W., OD182 
Chandak, Twinkle R., MD902 
Chander, Deepak P., MD1044,1045 
Chander, Ravi B., MD443,446 
Chandler, Andrew J., MD1028,1029 
Chandler, Carolyn Rose, NP1189 
Chandler, Daniel M., MD387 
Chandonnet, Jamie, FNP1088 
Chandra, Shalabh, MD831,1071 
Chandrasekaran, Soumya, MD999 
Chandrasekhar, Geetha D., MD767 
Chang, Allen, MD1318 
Chang, Christine W., MD5,629 
Chang, Donny L., MD615 
Chang, Han Ying P., MD174,1118 
chang, Howard H., MD1277 
Chang, Hui Chu J., OD256 
Chang, Janet M., MD1200 
Chang, Jeffrey A., MD318 
Chang, Joann C., MD6,28,494,619 
Chang, Joann C., MD1333 
Chang, Kyung Hee, MD266 
Chang, Mary Ann, DO12,535,775 
Chang, Michael A., MD415,416,423 
Chang, Michael A., MD424,425,431 
Chang, Michael A., MD432,433,737 
Chang, Michael A., MD738,739,741 
Chang, Michael A., MD1036,1037 
Chang, Peggy Marguerite, MD94 
Chang, Peter Y., MD1333 
Chang, Ruby R., MD503,507 
Chang, Steven L., MD227,236 
Chang, Tien Lan, MD674 
Chang, Yung K., MD294 


Channappa, Chaitra, MD914 
Chao, Charlene Z., MD741 
Chao, Cindy W., MD961 
Chaoui, Alain A., MD868 
Chaparala, Sujana, MD825 
Chapin Center1109 
Chapin, David S., MD958 
Chapin, Nancy L., MD286,524,1209 
Chaplin, Amberly M., MSN728,1194 
Chaplin, Daylin A., MSN1327 
Chapman, Bertrand G., MD717 
Chapman, Chava E., MD104,142 
Chapman, Megan E., BA162 
Chapman, Sheila E., MD117 
Chari, Divya, MD188 
Chariton, Joel T., DPM737,740,986 
Chariton, Joel T., DPM988 
Charlene Manor Extended Care F520 
Charles River Endoscopy471,481 
Charles River Medical Associat478,483 
Charles, Jean B., MD415 
Charles, Julia J., DPT202 
Charles, Matthew J., DC434,435 
Charlot, Marjory, MD117,142 
Charlton Anesthesia Group Inc440 
Charlton Diagnostics452 
Charlton Memorial Hospital439,443,445 
Charlton Memorial Hospital446,447,450 
Charlton Memorial Hospital451,452,453 
Charnoff, Shelley K., MD382,545,849 
Charnoff, Shelley K., MD1051,1278 
Charon, Christopher C., MD353 
Chartor, Joseph I., MD746 
Chase Rey, Gretchen L., MSN506 
Chase, Joseph E., MD739,741,855 
Chase, Joseph E., MD858,1017 
Chase, Maureen, MD88 
Chase, Meghan M., MSN401,775 
Chase, Samantha M., MD1063 
Chasen, Robert S., DPM1050 
Chatson, George P., MD804,807,808 
Chatterjee, Neal Anjan, MSc, M1260,1265 
Chatterjee, Saurav, MD879,880,886 


Chatterjee, Saurav, MD888 
Chatterjee, Sudarshan, MD802 
Chau, Frank, MD1059 
Chau, Nicole G., MD117,142 
Chaudary, Mohammed, CRNA440 
Chaudhari-Kherde, Smita, MD639,641 
Chaudhary, Ahmed A., MD293 
Chaudhary, Meena Dalsang, MD730 
Chaudhary, Omer N., MD1318 
Chaudhry, Ghulam M., MD307,308,313 
Chaudhry, Ghulam M., MD769,770,773 
Chaudhry, Ghulam M., MD851,852,853 
Chaudhry, Sonia, MD272,286 
Chaudry, Sabeen A., MD721,725,1150 
Chaudry, Sabeen A., MD1151 
Chauhan, Kirankumar P., MD461 
Chavakula, Vamsidhar, MD845 
Chaves, Claudia J., MD790 
Chawla, Rajinder S., MD1044,1046 
Cheah, Yee L., MD324 
Cheema, Waqar A., MD852,1357 
Chemaly, Mariana Zacharias And641 
Chemmanur, Annie T., MD1314 
Chen, Aileen B., MD104,117,142 
Chen, Aileen B., MD218 
Chen, Chongjia, MD117 
Chen, Christopher, MD667,871 
Chen, Chu J., MD368,811 
Chen, Chuen Chieh James, PhD, 369,654,655 
Chen, Chuen Chieh James, PhD, 1185,1186 
Chen, Daniel C., MD117 
Chen, David J., MD914,919,922 
Chen, Eddy J., MD386,389 
Chen, Emy, MD842 
Chen, Gina A., MD117 
Chen, James, MD440 
Chen, Jim Y., MD293,294,990 
Chen, Jim Y., MD991 
Chen, Junrong, MAO328,779 
Chen, Junrong, MS851 
Chen, Kai, MD383,387 
Chen, Kenneth K., MD1002 
Chen, Kuan Chung, BS829 
 ^ = No New WC, * = EPP Provider
 Index 22 


Provider Listing
Provider data last updated: 12/02/20
Last Update: 12/02/20

Chen, Ming H., MD76,117,142 
Chen, Ming H., MD195 
Chen, Peter S., MD1318,1350 
Chen, Peter S., MD1351 
Chen, Rusi, MD476 
Chen, Sherleen H., MD174 
Chen, Shiun-Ru Jessica, MD117 
Chen, Stephanie Y., MD696 
Chen, Teresa C., MD174 
Chen, Vicki M., MD174,480 
Chen, Wendy Y., MD104,117,142 
Chen, Wenliang, MD929 
Chen, Xuejing, MD174,282,717 
Chen, Xuejing, MD1138 
Chen, Yung Hsin, MD453,840 
Chenail, Sarah A., PA-C899 
Chenette, Erin, PT652 
Cheng, Chiochen, MD16,533,534 
Cheng, Cindy Sin Yiu, MD1144 
Cheng, Jennifer, MD257 
Cheng, Michael L., MD142 
Cheng, Qiaomei, OD786 
Cheng, Steven, PT202,747,993 
Cheng, Steven, PT1340 
Cheng, Susan S., OD182 
Cheng, Teresa M., MD117 
Cheng, Teresa May Ling, MD413 
Cheng, Wai-Por (Richard), MSW,355,576,635 
Cheng, Wai-Por (Richard), MSW,910,939,940 
Cheng, Wai-Por (Richard), MSW,1176 
Chenkin, Sandra S., MD272,281 
Cherian, Rita C., OD1154,1292 
Cheriyath, Shabnam V., MD641 
Cherniak, Angela M., OD516 
Chernly, Sunny, LAC830 
Chernoff, Daniel M., MD1186 
Chernosky, Patricia D., MD1315,1332 
Cherry, Robert J., MD354 
Cherry, Steven D., MD798,1285 
Chertoff, Andrew Brian, MD1239 
Chervenka, Leigh S., OD1251 
Chesky, Alla, MD1066 
Chesley, Bonnie L., MED52 


Chesnick, Andrew H., OD182,1202 
Chestnut Woods Rehabilitation 1018,1019 
Cheverie, James A., MD602 
Chew, Victoria T., DO1312 
Chhajed, Gautam P., MD334 
Chi, Amy K., MD309,322 
Chi, John H., MD153,154,227 
Chiakpo, Evelyne N., MD92,94,110 
Chiakpo, Evelyne N., MD1031,1032 
Chiang, David C., MD843,1267 
Chiang, Gloria S., PhD1166 
Chiang, Jennifer D., MD481 
Chiang, Peter, DC472 
Chiang, Vincent W., MD88,195 
Chicoine, Meaghan E., MS1197,1204 
Chicopee Dialysis Center377 
Chicopee Gardens Nursing and R379 
Chiel, Laura E., MD195 
Chien, Edward K., MD762,764,767 
Chien, Peggy, DO561,1038 
Chien, Peter, MD880,894 
Chigurupati, Radhika, DDS185,256 
Chilazi, George J., MD717,1134,1136 
Child and Family Services Inc908 
Child Heart Associates1337 
Childs Roshak, Jennifer, MD486,1282 
Childs, Abigail M., MD733 
Childs, Amy, MS1327 
Childs, Andrew F., MD457,459 
Childs, Margaret Mary, DO775 
Chill, Michael, MD518,632,662 
Chill, Michael, MD835,865,1039 
Chill, Michael, MD1103,1174 
Chill, Michael, MD1242 
Chin Feman, Siu Ping, MD1302 
Chin, Adam T., MD174 
Chin, Connie, MD1337 
Chin, Emily K., MD994,1019,1115 
Chin, Jason R., OD17,776 
Chin, Ryan Edward, DC1023 
Chin, Terry L., OD18,182 
Chin, Wayne A D., MD1042 
Chin, Wayne, MD1262 


Chingas, Adelle, MSP1001 
Chinkam, Somphit, BA160 
Chintilapu, Udey, MD1242 
Chiocca, Ennio A., MD154,227 
Chiotasso, Leslie, LSW355,359,576 
Chiotasso, Leslie, LSW584,910,924 
Chiotasso, Leslie, LSW940,966,1176 
Chiotasso, Leslie, LSW1182 
Chiotellis, Peter P., MD573,580 
Chippendale, Ryan Z., MD102 
Chisholm III, John V., MD1312 
Chisholm, Helen Lidwena, MD1241,1242 
Chism Fraine, Lisa, MS506 
Chitalia, Vipul C., MD152,278 
Chitemerere, Chrispina Marunga894,1088,1238 
Chitre, Harshad, MD1318 
Chitre, Nandini H., MD1318 
Chittimoju, Sanjita Bhargavi, 1309,1318 
Chivas, Nicole A., RD1108 
Cho, Helen H., DPM817 
Cho, Michael H., MD84,117,216 
Cho, Nancy L., MD227 
Cho, Sylvia, DO674,695 
Chodirker, David P., MD1199 
Chodnicki, Kevin D., MD174 
Chodosh, James, MD174 
Choe, Songja C., MD873 
Choe, Susan, DO398,400 
Choe, Yeonil, MD261 
Choephel, Tenzin, DPT997 
Choi, Catherine Sujung, MD366,1147,1202 
Choi, Ellen, MD306 
Choi, Kara J., MD1236 
Choi, Sukgi S., MD188 
Choiniere, Raymond P., PT678,1340 
Chong, Cathy D., MD1048 
Choo, Peter W., MD714 
Choong, Karen W., MD841,843,957 
Choong, Karen W., MD958,1042,1044 
Chopra, Mohit Pawan, MD696,697 
Chopra, Ratnesh, MD497 
Chopra, Sameer S., MD117,142 
Chopra, Sanjiv, MD99,117 
 ^ = No New WC, * = EPP Provider
 Index 23 


Provider Listing
Provider data last updated: 12/02/20
Last Update: 12/02/20

Chopra, Shreekant, MD273,278,1123 
Chopra, Shreekant, MD1124 
Chordas, Christine A., MSN162 
Chou, Joseph H., MD340 
Choubah, Samar Amine, MD268,271,273 
Choubah, Samar Amine, MD274 
Choudhry, Niteesh K., MD118 
Choudhury, Atish D., MD118,142 
Choueiri, Toni K., MD118,142 
Choumanova, Ivanka V., MD72 
Chow, Charlene C., MA210 
Chow, Jennifer K., MD111,118 
Chow, Stella Y., MD868 
Chowdhry, Ranjan, MD48 
Chowdri, Hanumara R., MD820 
Choy, Hai L., LAC67 
Christensen, Jessie M., MSN1327 
Christensen, Julia, PA-C205 
Christensen, Tyler M., DO1073 
Christian, Benjamin P., MD102,208,228 
Christian, Benjamin P., MD1043,1050 
Christian, Benjamin P., MD1055 
Christian, Chenelle, MSN162 
Christian, Roger L., MD228 
Christiansen, Audrey K., MD195 
Christiansen, Dorothy M., MD520,521 
Christiansen, Kate M., MSW1307 
Christiansen, Stephen P., MD174,282,649 
Christiansen, Stephen P., MD717,1138 
Christine, Celone, CRNA440 
Christo, Karla S., MD240,241,510 
Christo, Karla S., MD512,550,552 
Christo, Karla S., MD757,760,878 
Christo, Karla S., MD883,1067,1074 
Christo, Karla S., MD1169,1170 
Christo, Karla S., MD1214,1216 
Christo, Karla S., MD1302,1310 
Christoforou, Andrea N., MS202 
Christoforou, Dimitrios C., MD186 
Christoph, Nathaniel, MS1096 
Christopherson, Susan B., EDD18 
Christopoulos, Voula E., PA1343 
Chromey, Joseph E., MA517 


Chrzan, James S., DPM584,747,997 
Chrzanowski, David Scott, MD60,402 
Chu, Sofia S., MD381 
Chua, Cherrie C., MD1239 
Chua, Isaac S., MD109 
Chua, Janet, MD994,995 
Chua, Lester C., MD1068 
Chua, Margareth Y., MD641 
Chua, Ryan C., MD352,354,615 
Chua, Ryan C., MD617,622,679 
Chua, Ryan C., MD681,683,1193 
Chua, Ryan C., MD1195 
Chuang, Kathy, MD155,201 
Chuang, Neal, MD1109,1110 
Chuba, Paul J., MD803,807,1295 
Chuba, Paul J., MD1300 
Chudasama, Nidhi V., PT1340 
Chuderewicz, Cara Lynn, MD58 
Chudgar, Avni A., MD1185,1186 
Chukwueke, Ugonma N., MD142,155 
Chuma, Brent, DC79 
Chun, Jeanette Y., MD323 
Chung, David S., MD286,524,1209 
Chung, Edward K., MD392 
Chung, Hye Jin, MD86,841 
Chung, Margaret K., MD294,824 
Chunis, Michelle L., PhD1207 
Churchill, Amy S., MD5,525 
Chute, Laurel Y., OD833 
Chweich, Haval C., MD216 
Chyat, Jamie L., PA288 
Ciampa, Abigail H., MSN255 
Ciano, Jennifer L., AUD248,934 
Ciarametaro, Lisa Marie, MS734 
Ciaramicoli, Arthur P., PhD, E570 
Ciccarelli, Andrew M., MD15,834,835 
Ciccone, Gloria L., MD195 
Cicerano, Elizabeth M., MSW672 
Cichon, Joanna, MD377,555,1236 
Cicoria, Kristina T., MD52 
Cilento Sr., Bartley G., MD1020 
Ciminelli, Lisa F., MSW81,330 
Cimoch, Christine C., PA-C489,570,839 


Cingari, David, MD1262 
Ciolino, Joseph B., MD17,174 
Ciottone, Robert A., PhD1348 
Cipolla, Scott J., MSW771,777 
Cipriani, Lauren J., PA-C205 
Circle Chiropractic49 
Ciruolo, Nicole, RD64 
Ciszak, Lauren Michelle, MD92,94 
Ciu, Linda, MD700 
CKT Chiropractic and Wellness 412 
Clafin Continuing Care LLC444 
Clancy, Mary C., MS162 
Clancy, Mary Coe, BA, PT, MS854,856,1327 
Clancy, Mary Coe, BA, PT, MS1340 
Clancy, Thomas E., MD142,228 
Clark, Andrew B., MD98,195 
Clark, Brian T., MD691,692,1115 
Clark, Brian T., MD1116 
Clark, Cheryl R., MD118 
Clark, David R., DO818,819 
Clark, Jacob A., MD306 
Clark, Jeffrey W., MD118,142 
Clark, Jennifer J., MD193,195 
Clark, John R., MD104,118,142 
Clark, Kelley A., PA-C205 
Clark, Mark S., BS239 
Clark, Nathaniel G., MD914 
Clark, Patricia A., OD1091 
Clark, Paul R., MD487 
Clark, Ryan L., DO1073 
Clark, Susannah J., PA-C652 
Clark, Terence Mather, MD1242 
Clark, Timothy M., MSW1207 
Clarke, Anne B., BS424,543 
Clarke, Constance J., CNS355,361,576 
Clarke, Constance J., CNS587,737,740 
Clarke, Constance J., CNS940,980,1176 
Clarke, Constance J., CNS1184 
Clarke, Greer A., MD427 
Clarke, Terrance, NP894,1285 
Clasby, Kristine M., LCSW240,355,576 
Clasby, Kristine M., LCSW910,940,1176 
Claunch, Joshua D., MD1324 
 ^ = No New WC, * = EPP Provider
 Index 24 


Provider Listing
Provider data last updated: 12/02/20
Last Update: 12/02/20

Claus, Mark T., MD261,286,721 
Claus, Mark T., MD731,907,921 
Claus, Mark T., MD988,990 
Clay, Sara L., MD641 
Clayman, Jeffrey O., MD308,317 
Cleanslate Center1145,1146 
Cleanslate Center Greenfield513 
Cleanslate Center New Bedford761 
Cleanslate Center Quincy957,959 
Cleanslate Center Springfield1076 
Cleanslate Center West Springf1218,1221 
Cleanslate Center Worcester1315 
Cleanslate Centers Braintree242,243 
Cleanslate Centers Holyoke550,557 
Cleanslate Centers Pittsfield885,891 
Cleanslate Centers Ware1170 
Cleary, Francis X., MD51 
Cleary, James M., MD118,142 
Cleary, Marie, PT1340 
Cleary, Tina S., MD174,338,402 
Cleary, Tina S., MD920 
Clemens, Dylan J., PA-C205 
Clement, Mariza O., MD222 
Clemente, Emmett A., MD725 
Clements, Meghan, NP1009 
Clemow, Christina Cavalier, DO1241,1242 
Click, Michael E., MD519,632,662 
Click, Michael E., MD835,865,1039 
Click, Michael E., MD1103,1150 
Click, Michael E., MD1174,1242 
Clifford, Bernard D., MD863 
Clifford, Jeanne S., MD695 
Clifton Outpatient Rehabiltati1027 
Cline, Catherine M., MSN694,1291 
Cline, Lizabeth M., MS162 
Clinical 1 Home Medical431 
Clinical Research1164,1166 
Clinton Hospital379,380 
Clinton Hospital Imaging380 
Clippinger, Benjamin B., MD458 
Clock, Christopher R., PT203 
Clough, Emily M., PA-C1096 


Clouse, Francis W., EDD1346 
Clouse, Melvin E., MD222,237 
Cloutier, David A., MA1282 
Clyman, Robert F., MD43,1347 
CNS Multi-specialty Clinic1200 
Coady, Michael A., MD228,234 
Coakley, Mary E., MS448 
Coast 2 Coast Diagnostics326,759,762 
Coast 2 Coast Diagnostics841,844,849 
Coast 2 Coast Diagnostics913,918,1034 
Coast 2 Coast Diagnostics1114,1117 
Coast 2 Coast Diagnostics1120,1121 
Coastal Lab Partners386,388,389 
Coastal Medical Associates541,542 
Coastal Medical Associates, In1259,1261 
Coastal Medical Associates, In1262,1271 
Coastal Sleep Diagnostics Inc546 
Cobb, William E., MD737,738 
Cobis, Justin J., PA-C1275 
Coblyn, Jonathan S., MD749 
Cobozeva, Olga, MS815 
Coburn, Janis, NP845 
Cochran, Melissa A., BA162 
Cochran, Michelle, MD419,648,815 
Cochran, Michelle, MD1250 
Cochrane, Scott M., MD561,1038 
Cochrane, Thomas I., MD155,158,208 
Cochrane, Thomas I., MD212 
Coconcea, Nicoleta, MD343 
Coderre, Leigh, MSW766 
Codman Square Health Center151,152,236 
Codman Square Health Center Im414,415,416 
Cody, Irene N., MD
Cody, Stephanie, MD94,110,914 
Cody, Stephanie, MD915 
Coe, Mary E., BS856 
Coffey, Katherine F., OD962 
Coffey, Michael D., MD1028 
Coffey, Victoria E., MS162 
Cogent Healthcare of Brockton 278,1171 
Cogliano, Danielle, MS817 
Cognitive Rehabilitation Progr246 
Cohan, Kathryn Leigh, MD712 


Cohan, Lawrence D., MD244 
Cohen, Bruce Frederick Frederi254,256,301 
Cohen, Bruce Frederick Frederi302 
Cohen, Daniel Michael, MD610 
Cohen, David A., MD31,32 
Cohen, David J., MD706 
Cohen, Devon A., MD155 
Cohen, Eric R., MD957,958 
Cohen, Gary, MD1006 
Cohen, George L., MD118,225 
Cohen, Herbert T., MD118,152 
Cohen, James P., MD1249 
Cohen, Jay Leslie, MD86,373,755 
Cohen, Jay Leslie, MD788 
Cohen, John M., MD792 
Cohen, Karen R., MED1346 
Cohen, Mark W., MD6,526,629 
Cohen, Matthew A., MD370 
Cohen, Mauri Roger, MD400 
Cohen, Meredith M., PhD628 
Cohen, Michael B., MD188 
Cohen, Michael S., MD155,188 
Cohen, Natalie L., MD5,525 
Cohen, Peter B., MD1156 
Cohen, Rachel L., MSN162 
Cohen, Saul L., MD53,499 
Cohen, Steven B., MD756 
Cohen, Steven Bruce, MD751,752 
Cohen, Susan R., MD1125 
Cohen, Tracey Ellen, MD241,512,552 
Cohen, Tracey Ellen, MD883,1075,1170 
Cohen, Tracey Ellen, MD1216,1310 
Cohn, Debra L., DO736,837 
Cohn, Michael S., MD508,903 
Cohn, Peter B., MD1156 
Coka, Ilia J., MD998 
Colancecco, Michael, DO309,313,322 
Colandreo, Judith, PT590 
Colbert, Melissa L., MD481 
Colby, Kathryn A., MD174 
Colclough, Judith Yen Lin, MD1032 
Cole, Alan G., MD744 
Cole, Andrew J., MD881,893,902 
 ^ = No New WC, * = EPP Provider
 Index 25 


Provider Listing
Provider data last updated: 12/02/20
Last Update: 12/02/20

Cole, Anne B., MSW
Cole, Cynthia Hamlet, MD152,195,646 
Cole, Cynthia Hamlet, MD651 
Cole, Karin P., MD212 
Colella, Danette T., MD598,1049 
Colella, Raymond F., MD977 
Coleman, Daniel E., MD802,804,807 
Coleman, David L., MD111,112,118 
Coleman, James M., MD697 
Coleman, Lydie E., DC755 
Coleman, Michele D., OD182 
Coleman, Russell T., MD464,521,1252 
Coles, Gary M., MD487 
Coles, Mandy S., MD69,195 
Colgrove, Robert C., MD112,118,751 
Colgrove, Robert C., MD752 
Colizzo II, Francis Paul, MD772 
Collier, Lauren F., MS919 
Collier, Mary L., MS162 
Collier, Theresa M., DO690,702 
Collins, Caroline Watts, MSW521,592 
Collins, Charles M., MD1133 
Collins, Christina Marie, NP1088 
Collins, Christopher, DPT245,810 
Collins, Craig E., MD1068 
Collins, Daniel, MD564,566 
Collins, Elizabeth J., MD313 
Collins, Georgianna, LMFT337 
Collins, Jennifer M., MD308 
Collins, Kim A., MSW52,592 
Collins, Martha, MD155,212 
Collins, Thomas Michael, MD392 
Collins, Wendy J., MD699,700 
Colmer, Kenneth P., MD1057 
Colocino, Barbara Ann, NP763 
Colombino, Maureen S., LCSW1014 
Colon Mulero, Luis R., MD1312 
Colonial Heights Care and Reha609 
Colony Center for Health and R
Colsell, Carole, MSW330 
Colson, Amy E., MD334 
Colson, Yolonda L., MD228,234 
Colucci, Andrew T., MD382,546,850 


Colucci, Andrew T., MD1054,1279 
Colucci, Wilson S., MD76,118 
Column Health23,258,1031 
Colvin, Jennifer Clare, MD487,725 
Colvin, Misty J., MD1190 
Colzani, Raffaella M., MD1159,1160 
Comander, Jason I., MD174 
Comeau Health Care Assoc397,401,403 
Comeau Health Care Assoc406 
Comeau Health Care Associates958 
Comeau, Douglas W., DO92,94,226 
Comeau, Jenna R., PA-C420,812,1148 
Comeau, Jenna R., PA-C1252 
Comeau, Jillian K., PA-C205 
Comeau, Kimberly A., PA-C1132 
Comeau, Parry N., DC397,403 
Comeau, Wayne A., DC397 
Comins, Jill M., MSN162 
Commisso, Maria A., DPT593,993 
Commonwealth Diagnostics Inter1005,1008 
Commonwealth Endoscopy Center261,1207 
Commonwealth Laboratories664 
Community Counseling of Bristo1137 
Community Empowerment Services497,498,1135 
Community Empowerment Services1137 
Community Nurse Home Care438 
Community Surgical Supply680,683 
Compagnone, Anthony N., MD118,195,590 
Compass Medical Imaging1164,1166 
Compass Medical Imaging1282 
Compassus-Greater Boston832 
Compassus-Western Massachusett40 
Competitive Edge Physical Ther848 
Complete Private Home Care, In724 
Conard III, Frederick U., MD1094,1103 
Concentra Medical Center1068,1077 
Concentra Medical Center1083,1090 
Concentra Medical Center1095,1287 
Concentra Medical Center1288 
Concord Hillside Med Associate392,395 
Concord Language Learning Cent393 
Condon, Joseph F., MD1064,1337 
Condon, Joseph F., MD1339 


Condon, Paula A., MD561,1038 
Condon, Robert M., OD855 
Congdons Pharmacy742 
Congleton, Miranda A., PT257 
Conley, Diane Huntington, MD259,748,873 
Conley, Diane Huntington, MD874,996,1101 
Conley, Diane Huntington, MD1103,1126 
Conley, Diane Huntington, MD1166,1167 
Conley, Janet M., PA1343 
Conley, Thomas G., MD487,490 
Conlin, Frederick T., MD1068 
Conlins Pharmacy713 
Conlon, Noreen S., MS1254 
Connaughton, Alexander J., MD1335 
Connell, Brendan J., MD55,500 
Connell, Jennifer, DPT598 
Connell, John M., MD929 
Connell, Nathan T., MD104,142 
Connell-Boudoya, Elise J., MD532,539,634 
Connell-Boudoya, Elise J., MD655 
Connelly, Carla M., PA-C732,1343 
Connelly, Marianne M., BA992 
Connelly, Michael C., MD601,607,633 
Connelly, Michael C., MD651 
Connelly, Neil R., MD1068 
Conner, Elizabeth, LSW295 
Conner, Rachel, PA-C289 
Conners III, William P., MD749 
Conniff, Jennifer Robinette, M910 
Connolly Jr., Charles W., DPM1132 
Connolly, Brian M., MD
Connolly, Caitlin M., MD24,345,1167 
Connolly, Deirdre M., MD364 
Connolly, Eric M., PT1282 
Connolly, Jennifer, DPT806 
Connolly, Nicole F., PhD
Connolly, Patricia A., MD1298 
Connor, James F., MD333,339 
Connor, Maria B., MD242 
Connor, Michelle A., MSN1088 
Connors MacMillan, Teresa, MA877 
Connors, Jean M., MD104,118,142 
Connors, Lori L., PSYD1348 
 ^ = No New WC, * = EPP Provider
 Index 26 


Provider Listing
Provider data last updated: 12/02/20
Last Update: 12/02/20

Connors, Mary M., DC1122 
Connors, Michael A., MD568,838 
Connors, Nancy C., MS162 
Conroy, Christopher K., PT349,469,1022 
Conroy, Christopher K., PT1340 
Conroy, Judith A., BS1157 
Conroy, Mary Ellen, MD651 
Conroy, Robert W., DO820 
Consolati, Thomas Andrew, MD610 
Constant, Carmelle Marie A., M868 
Constantine, John B., MD67,366,649 
Constantine, John B., MD1147 
Constantine, Michael, MD104,118,142 
Constantine, Michael, MD724,725,727 
Constantinou, Dino C., MD274 
Contardo, Leonard, OD1334 
Conte, Joanna, MD63,66,404 
Conte, Joanna, MD406,539,540 
Conte, Joanna, MD655,659,669 
Conte, Joanna, MD670 
Convenient MD985 
Conway, Joyce O., MED, LMHC359,584,685 
Conway, Joyce O., MED, LMHC924,966,1182 
Conway, Karen, MD378 
Conway, Laurence A., MD689 
Conway, Marianne, LCSW359,584,924 
Conway, Marianne, LCSW966,1182 
Cook Jr., Charles Howard, MD228,233 
Cook, Bruce, MD604,646 
Cook, Emily A., DPM332,342 
Cook, Jeremy J., DPM332 
Cook, Thorley E., DO487 
Cooke, Robert J., PA-C28 
Cooke, Vera D., MD776 
Cooley Dickinson Hospital831 
Cooley Dickinson Hospital Labo14,434,435 
Cooley Dickinson Hospital Labo466,522,832 
Cooley Dickinson Hospital Labo1033 
Cooley Dickinson Hospital Reha522 
Cooley Dickinson Rehabilitatio435,1034,1356 


Cooley Dickinson Urgent Care a1057 
Cooley, John A., MD440 
Cooley, Randahl F., MD1068 
Cooley, Timothy P., MD118,142 
Coombs, Carol Jeanne, LCSW1307 
Cooney, Robert F., MD457,1180 
Cooper, Amanda C., MED864 
Cooper, Bronwyn, MD1303 
Cooper, Bruce E., MD778 
Cooper, Christopher B., PA-C1096 
Cooper, Hugh M., MD1063 
Cooper, Irina B., MAC470 
Cooper, Kyle A., MD503,505,880 
Cooper, Kyle A., MD888 
Cooper, Michael L., MD313,318 
Cooper, Robert J., MD863 
Cooper, Scott Richard, MD1224 
Cooper, William C., DPM1060 
Cope, Heidi Marie, MSP64 
Copeland, Maura P., MD403 
Copeland, Paul M., MD89,118,664 
Copeland, Paul M., MD665 
Copello, Maria V., MD594 
Coppa, Nicholas D., MD456,581,918 
Coppola, Hannah E., PT1165 
Coppolino, Antonio III, MD228 
Corallino, Christine A., BA279,424,717 
Coram Cvs Specialty Infusion S272,434,435 
Coram Cvs Specialty Infusion S915,1073,1077 
Coram Cvs Specialty Infusion S1095 
Coram Healthcare Warwick568 
Corber, Ziv, MD1068 
Corbett, Darlene M., MSW750 
Corbett, Kevin J., MD381 
Corbin, Kyle G., DC1021 
Corcoran, Gerald P., MD756 
Corcoran, Sarah A., DC676 
Corcoran, Teresa Rose, MD526,527,529 
Corcoran, Teresa Rose, MD531,932,933 
Corcoran, Teresa Rose, MD1205,1206 
Core Communication Center LLC663 
Corea, Michael E., MD460,589,1018 
Corey, Christopher J., MD271,296 


Corin, Scott Mitchell, MD764,821 
Corkery, Joseph C., MD313 
Corkins, Scott Patrick, MD842,957,1263 
Corkum, Patricia, MSN1088 
Corliss, Nancy Ellen, MD118,374 
Cormier, Aimee M., PT495 
Cormier, Christine M., PT1049 
Cormier, Jaime L., PA1275 
Cornejo, Christine M., MD86 
Cornell, Kelley M., MD698,699,1293 
Cornell, Kelley M., MD1294,1301 
Cornerstone Counseling Center535,538 
Cornwall, Craig S., MD526,579 
Corrales, Carleton E., MD60,402 
Correia, Christian A., MD476 
Correira, Kristine, PA1343 
Correll, Darin J., MD72 
Corrigan, Brenda E., MD788,789 
Corrigan, Kathleen a., NP401,1009 
Corse, Lindsay C., MD94,1001 
Corsello, Steven M., MD104,142 
Cortes, Sarai E., BA162 
Cortez Greig, Shanta P., MSW330 
Corvello, Bethany M., DPT203 
Corwin, Christian H., MD542,546 
Corwin, Jennifer M., MD992 
Corzo, Deyanira, MD195 
Coscina, William Francis, MD906 
Cosgrove, Anna C., AUD1113 
Cosimi, Benedict A., MD228 
Costa, Antoinette, LCSW758 
Costa, Brian, NP763,1180 
Costa, John J., MD326,327,421 
Costa, John J., MD840,843 
Costa, Kimberly J., MSN419,811,1146 
Costa, Kimberly J., MSN1249 
Costa, Kristine R., LMHC766 
Costa, Lisbeth J., MSW1004 
Costa, Mark E., MD1152 
Costagliola, Joseph, MD1287 
Costantino, David A., MD557,564,660 
Costantino, David A., MD662,1085,1103 
Costantino, David A., MD1237,1242 
 ^ = No New WC, * = EPP Provider
 Index 27 


Provider Listing
Provider data last updated: 12/02/20
Last Update: 12/02/20

Coste, Gerard, MD334 
Costello, Allison M., AUD787,1198 
Costello, Christopher K., PT203 
Costello, Eileen M., MD195 
Costello, Lindsey Sarai, CRNA440 
Costello, Stefanie, PA-C562,765,1225 
Costello, Thomas H., MD1292,1298 
Costigan, Laurie A., PSYD1346,1348 
Costigan, Rory, BS1293 
Cotet, Monica, MD3,614,1197 
Cotet, Monica, MD1208 
Cotten, Joseph F., MD72 
Cotter Jr., Paul B., MD174,282,717 
Cotter Jr., Paul B., MD1138 
Cotter, Bryan J., DC80,265 
Cotter, Janis M., OD995 
Cotting, Karen A., MD620 
Cotton, Deborah J., MD112,118 
Cotugno, Michelle C., MS435 
Cotulbea, Elena R., MD474,1312 
Couchon, Amanda M., MS1088 
Coughlan, Maurice, MS1291 
Coughlin, Bret F., MD1101,1104 
Coughlin, Cheryl A., LMHC, MED355,359,541 
Coughlin, Cheryl A., LMHC, MED544,576,584 
Coughlin, Cheryl A., LMHC, MED910,924,940 
Coughlin, Cheryl A., LMHC, MED941,967,1176 
Coughlin, Cheryl A., LMHC, MED1182 
Coughlin, Cynthia B., CNM, BSN647 
Coughlin, Kathleen C., PT288 
Coughlin, Kevin, DPT320 
Coughlin, Stephen M., MSW81 
Couillard, Albert, DC80,373,412 
Coukos, William John, MD260,1191 
Counseling Collaborative624,628,1130 
Counseling Collaborative1131 
Count, Gary W., DPM1020,1021 
Count, Gary W., DPM1043,1050 
Country Center for Health and 779 
Country Gardens Skilled Nsg an1133 
Courniotes, James H., DPM553,563,1075 
Courniotes, James H., DPM1098 
Cournoyer Jr., Russell W., DPM39,43,1314 


Cournoyer Jr., Russell W., DPM1346 
Cournoyer, Paul A., DPM1314,1346 
Courtagen Diagnostics Laborato1296 
Courtney, Christopher Lee, CRN440,447 
Courtney, Jennifer, PT341 
Courtyard Nursing Care Center698 
Coutinho, Brenda G., MD729 
Coutinho, Chandra, LCSW758 
Couture, Sabrina A., BA1327 
Covacha, Andre S., PA-C34,905 
Covello, Christopher M., OD449 
Covett, Robert G., MD274 
Cowan, Casey L., PA-C289 
Cowasji, Shiavax B., MD1315 
Cowley, Susan M., DO331,334,344 
Cox, Christopher R., DO847,1049 
Cox, Gerald F., MD195 
Cox, Joanne E., MD69,118,195 
Cox, Rachel Lauren, NP279,839 
Cox, Sara, MSN1088 
Coyle, Mara G., MD764 
Coyne, John F., DDS284 
Coyne, Joseph T., MD1068 
Coyne, Tara M., MSN1146 
Cozzens, Linda B., MD1060 
Craford, John Paul E., MD760 
Crage, Michele A., MD1297 
Craig Muller, Julia A., MD686 
Craig Muller, Jurgen, MD580,588 
Cramer, Angela, PA-C848,1275 
Crawford, Betsey L., MD313 
Crawford, Melissa A., MSW1198 
Crawford, Patricia L., MS, LAC1027 
Crawford, Robert D., OD283 
Crawford, Ryan W., MD426,428,514 
Crawford, Ryan W., MD519,630,632 
Crawford, Ryan W., MD660,662,832 
Crawford, Ryan W., MD835,863,865 
Crawford, Ryan W., MD1037,1039 
Crawford, Ryan W., MD1085,1104 
Crawford, Ryan W., MD1149,1150 
Crawford, Ryan W., MD1171,1174 
Crawford, Ryan W., MD1237,1242 


Crean, Hailey, RD787 
Creedon, Paul D., PT464,495,1340 
Crevecoeur, Thamarah, BA160 
Crider, James L., PhD861 
Criscione, Candace, DPM451 
Criscitiello, Ronald P., MD20 
Criss, David, MD689,691,692 
Criss, David, MD701,702,703 
Cristo, William Jr., MD985 
Critchlow, Jonathan F., MD83,84,228 
Critchlow, Jonathan F., MD233 
Critelli, Michele F., MSW1216 
Critical Care Systems312 
Crocker Jr., Roderick H., MD699 
Crocker, Jonathan Thomas, MD118 
Crocker, Margaret M., MS666 
Croke, John J., MD266,825 
Crombie, Jennifer L., MD118,142 
Cronin, Brenda, OD22,391,626 
Cronin, Bridget J., MSP64 
Cronin, Claire Tine, MD794 
Cronin, Eileen M., MS732 
Cronin, Jon W., MD736,737,738 
Cronin, Jonathan H., MD195,1010 
Cronk, Katharine M., MD154 
Cronquist, Steven D., MD1114 
Cropp, Anne M., PA-C1343 
Crosby, Sondra S., MD118 
Cross, Elizabeth Grace, MOT59 
Cross, Patricia A., MD221,222,622 
Cross, Patricia A., MD1185,1186 
Crossen, Kaitlyn T., MSN1302 
Crossman Jr., Gregory E., DPT1147 
Croteau, Odalys M., MD491,496 
Croteau, Stacy E., MD104,195 
Crotty, Beth, PSYD250 
Crouch, Shalisha K., MS162 
Crouse, Nancy, MS162 
Crowell, Anne M., MSN1327 
Crowell, Bradley, LMHC359,584,924 
Crowell, Bradley, LMHC967,1182 
Crowell, Mary W., MD579 
Crowell, Stephen Richard, PT747,1340 
 ^ = No New WC, * = EPP Provider
 Index 28 


Provider Listing
Provider data last updated: 12/02/20
Last Update: 12/02/20

Crowley, Julie E., BA318 
Crowley, Karri A., MSN735 
Crowley, Kerrie A., MED1225 
Crowley, Micaela A., OD391,626,1251 
Crowley, Sarah S., MD871,992 
Crowninshield, Cindy A., RD1061 
Crowson, Matthew, MD962,964 
Cruse, Ingrid, MD620 
Cruz Jimenez, Maireni R., MD26,493 
Cruz, Antonio P., MD1133 
Cruz, Christina, MD306 
Cruz, Elizabeth, NP1271 
Cruz, Emmeline L., OD182 
Cruz, Ricardo Jr., MD118 
Cryer, Sarah K., MD1196 
Crystal Lake Pathology PC495 
Csank, George A., MD900,903 
Csaplar, Joanne, BA395 
Cserr, Robert, MD767 
Csikesz, Courtney R., MD430,809 
Csikesz, Nicholas G., MD1267,1277 
Csudae, Rajitha R., MD837 
Ctr For Womens Health438,445,452 
Ctr For Womens Health453,599,819 
Ctr For Womens Health824,1133,1134 
Ctr For Womens Health1256 
Ctr, David M., MD70,119,216 
Cuchural Jr., George J., MD1043,1044 
Cuetara, John M., EDD696,697 
Cuevas, Carmen I., MSN1287 
Cuff, Meghan, PSYD361,587,926 
Cuff, Meghan, PSYD980,1184 
Cuiffo, Barry P., MD272,277 
Cullen, Carol, MED830 
Cullen, Scott J., MD691 
Cullinan, Donna M., MSN739 
Cullinane, Cynthia L., MD957 
Cullingford, Brian P., MD812 
Cullivan, Joseph Michael, PA524 
Cummings III, Charles H., DO445,450 
Cummings, Christy Lynn, MD152,195 
Cummings, Coleen A., NP280 
Cummings, Elzbieta N., MD1133 


Cummings, Kelly A., BA162 
Cummings, Virginia K., MD102,242,594 
Cummins, Deborah L., MD52 
Cummins, Jordan M., MD53 
Cummins, Robert C., PhD23,1120,1300 
Cuneo, Richard Kevin, MD871,1010 
Cunnane, Mary E., MD222 
Cunningham, Christine M., MSW1210,1211 
Cunningham, James M., MD104,119,142 
Cunningham, Kathleen, MS719 
Cunningham, Mary E., DO868 
Cunningham, Susan, PSYD359,584,924 
Cunningham, Susan, PSYD967,1182 
Curaflex Health Services Coram680 
CuraScript Infusion Pharmacy328 
Curdo, Mark J., MD992 
Curl, Jane R., MD567,568 
Curletti, Eugene L., MD508,903 
Curran, Caroline A., NP705 
Curran, David K., PhD1026 
Curran, Denise, MS162 
Curran, John R., MD680,681 
Curran, Lynn S., MSW836,1307 
Curran, Michael Joseph, MD411,460,485 
Curran, Michael Joseph, MD547,589,741 
Curran, Michael Joseph, MD828,858,930 
Curran, Michael Joseph, MD1018 
Curran, Nancy Anne, NP1146 
Curran, Paula J., MD1255 
Curran, Shelagh, BS808 
Curran, Timothy G., DPM1,2,98,209 
Currie, Kristen Elisabeth, MD503,505,506 
Currie, Kristen Elisabeth, MD796,797,798 
Currie, Kristen Elisabeth, MD799,880,888 
Currie, Kristen Elisabeth, MD894 
Curry-Mckeon, Brenda, NP280 
Curtin, Hugh D., MD222 
Curtis, Deborah W., MSW771 
Curtis, Jennifer R., PT464 
Curtis, Megan H., MD1312 
Curtis, Paul F., MD1283 
Curtis, Richard L., MD788,789 
Curtis, Seth C., MD615 


Cushing, Gary W., MD311,314 
Cusson, Susan E., MSN1029 
Cutler, Alex Jay, MD671,673,675 
Cutler, Alex Jay, MD689,694,696 
Cutler, Alex Jay, MD701,705,708 
Cutler, Andrew J., MD1189 
Cutler, Carissa G., MSW862 
Cutler, Corey S., MD104,119,142 
Cutler, Corey S., MD143 
Cutler, Mark O., MD1347 
Cutler, Sandra A., MSW722 
Cutlip, Donald E., MD74,75,76,110 
Cutlip, Donald E., MD119,908,915 
Cutlip, Donald E., MD916 
Cutrona, Sarah L., MD487,725 
Cutting, Eric H., DC770 
Cwass, Evan P., DPM426,428,831 
Cwass, Evan P., DPM833,1075,1098 
Cwass, Evan P., DPM1170,1173 
Cycz, John Michael, MSN1088 
Cyr, Brenna L., MSW81 
Czaja, Shirley, CRNA440 
Czapla, Lauren E., BA163 
Czaplicki, Molly E., MSN1088 
Czarnecki, Joseph J., MD1298 
Czepiel, Theodore John, DC1215 
Czerkowicz, Michael G., BS1151 
Czerniach Jr., Donald R., MD490,734,1354 


D Achille, Julian, MD459,687 
D Addario, Glenn, PT320,1154 
D Afflitti, Joanna L., MD119 
D Agostino, Richard S., MD325 
D Ambrosio Jr., Francis A., MD6,28,494,619 
D Ambrosio Jr., Francis A., MD1333 
D Amico, Anthony V., MD218 
D Andrea, Alan D., MD195 
D Innocenzo, Richard, DMD185,256 
D Ottavio, Gina E., MD723,1312 
 ^ = No New WC, * = EPP Provider
 Index 29 


Provider Listing
Provider data last updated: 12/02/20
Last Update: 12/02/20

D Souza, Cheryl M., MD50,60,1003 
D Souza, Cheryl M., MD1010 
D Souza, Sanita B., MS248,934 
D Souza, Stanlies M., MD1068 
Da Silva, Ernesto, MD665 
Dabady, Gertha M., MS163 
Dacampo, Nicole Elizabeth, MSN1088 
Dacey, Mark P., MD432,876,961 
Dacey, Mark P., MD1036 
Dacey, Sue A., OTR1128 
Dadah, John A., OD1139,1334 
Dafford, Erica E., MD847,1048 
Dafford, Kurtus A., MD1046 
Daggett III, Willard M., MED621 
Dagher, Walid I., MD285,905 
Dagle, Wendy S., PT349,469,1022 
Dagle, Wendy S., PT1340 
Dagli, Delia, PA-C43 
Dahl, Raynold J., MD838 
Dahlberg, Carl R., MD664 
Dahle, Danielle, MD708 
Dahlmer, Beth Ann, BS59 
Dahod, Shamim A., MD365 
Dahrouj, Mohammad, MD174,961 
Daia, Amr M., MD286 
Daigle, Sarah J., DPM1064 
Daignault, Elyse, LCSW355,576,910 
Daignault, Elyse, LCSW941,1176 
Daigneault, Joseph F., MD418,810,1143 
Daigneault, Joseph F., MD1248 
Dain, Peter J., MD476,725,1193 
Dain, Peter J., MD1212 
Daines, Bradley S., MD42,1333 
Dakkak, Maryann, MD92,94,110 
Dakoyannis, Steven John, MD995 
Dalal, Anuj K., MD119 
Dalal, Michelle, MD731 
Dalbec, Julie A Brown, LAC678 
Dalby, Clive D., MD716 
Daley, Kristina S., PA-C1343 
Daley, Kristopher J., MD63,404,539 
Daley, Kristopher J., MD655,656,669 
Daley, Luke F., MD573,574,580 


Daley, Luke F., MD860 
Daley, Michael J., MD1232 
Daley, Tracey L., MD303 
Dalke, Matthew D., MD1128 
Dallenbach, John C., MD898 
Dalrymple, Christine F., DPM803,807,1115 
Dalrymple, Christine F., DPM1119,1145 
Dalrymple, Christine F., DPM1148 
Dalrymple, Susan S., MSN799 
Dalton, Diane, BS203 
Dalton, Edward R., MSW472 
Dalton, Kathryn H., DO460,588 
Dalton, Michael E., OD182,1163 
Dalton, Virginia M., BA163 
Daly, John Stockton, MD520 
Daly, Kevin P., MD237 
Daly, Mary K., MD174,282,717 
Daly, Mary K., MD1138 
Daly, Nichole T., MS224 
Daly, Philip F., MD994 
Daly, Richard J., MD486 
DAmboise, Michelle, MAC407 
Dambreville Lundy, Nirphemy, M163 
Dambrosio, Paul David, MD387 
Damiani, Aldo L., MD868 
Damiani, Suzanne M., MD607 
Damiano, Holly B., MS1059 
Damico, Anthony Victor, MD218,823 
Damico, Karen E., DO499 
Dammann, Christiane E L, MD272,278,286 
Dana Farber Cancer Institute256,259,715 
Dana Farber Cancer Institute716,721,722 
Dana Farber Cancer Institute727,730,731 
Dana Farber Cancer Institute733,734,1041 
Dana Farber Cancer Institute1042,1045 
Dana Farber Cancer Institute1046,1048 
Dana Farber Cancer Institute1050,1051 
Dana Farber Cancer Institute1055 
Dana, Nava, MD314 
Dana, Pamela D., MD285 
Dana, Reza, MD174 
Dancewicz, Paul M., BS593 
Danesh, Hamid R., MD639,641,642 


Daneshmand, Ali, MD84,155 
Dang, Gaurav, MD526 
Dang, Richard A., MAC1301 
Dangelo, Carrie Lewis, MD489 
Daniel, Imola E., MD493 
Daniel, Shaji P., MD1084 
Daniels, Alfred L., MD72 
Daniels, Brian, DC623 
Daniels, David, PSYD361,587,927 
Daniels, David, PSYD980,981,1184 
Daniels, Laura M., MAC67,297 
Daniels-Galletti, Anita, LAC907 
Danielson, Carl Leon, MD711 
Danik, Stephan B., MD383 
Danis, David O., MD60,403 
Dann, Chelsea M., MSW831 
Dann, Harriet B., MD855 
DAnna, Kali Nicole, PSYD1300 
Danowitz, Jay S., MD20,314 
Dansereau, Lauren Ann, MSN1088 
Danton, Trevor, DPT22 
Danyluk, Andrew W., MD888,897 
Daouk, Ghaleb H., MD152,155,195 
Daquila, Steven J., DC548 
Darcy, Mary E., NP415,960 
Darcy, Maryhelen A., MSN694 
Dardeno, Paul D., MD1006 
Dargin, James M., MD309,311 
Darji, Prakash R., MD886,888,1265 
Darji, Prakash R., MD1267 
Darkoh, Ernest K., PA-C1096 
DArpino, Emma, BS786 
Das, Anurag K., MD236 
Dasari, Sridhar H., MD1,2,266,292 
Dasenbrock, Hormuzdiyar H., MD154 
Dash, Anthony Z., MD119,152 
Dashnaw, Erin, MSN1063 
Datres, Glen Phillip, MS503 
Datu, Joycelyn A., MD686 
Davae, Ketan C., MD654,656 
Davaro, Raul E., MD1317 
Davco Pharmaceutical and Home 533,537 
Dave, Ritu, MD881,888,903 
 ^ = No New WC, * = EPP Provider
 Index 30 


Provider Listing
Provider data last updated: 12/02/20
Last Update: 12/02/20

Dave, Snehlata V., MD651 
Davi, Jessica L., BS1354 
David, Carlos A., MD316 
Davidi, Shmuel Erez, MD244 
Davidner, Jordan C., OD469 
Davidoff, Ravin, MD76,119 
Davidow, Peter C., MD682,1332 
Davidowicz, Janice, PhD361,587,927 
Davidowicz, Janice, PhD981,1184 
Davids, Matthew S., MD104,143 
Davidson, Emily J., MD195 
Davidson, Eric S., MD472,476 
Davidson, Heather L., MD792 
Davidson, Mark B., MD681 
Davidson, Nancy J., BA160 
Davidson, Nicole L., MSN, NP845,960,1271 
Davidson, Paul B., PhD215 
Davidson, Peter K., MD610,832 
Davidson, Thomas E., MD17,535,605 
Davies, Carrie M., MD569 
Davies, Emma C., MD174,1162 
Davies, Joshua D., MD228 
Davies, Keith G., MD154,192 
Davies, Patricia S., PhD10 
Davin, Gina, BS64 
Davis, Cara C., PT245 
Davis, Carmon J., MD195 
Davis, Chansler V., PA-C1096 
Davis, Elizabeth A., MD119,212 
Davis, Frances A., DPT848 
Davis, Frances S., MD871 
Davis, Jamie, NP163 
Davis, Jesse, DC701 
Davis, Jonathan M., MD278,286 
Davis, Karen P., CRNA440 
Davis, Lawrence M., MD35,906 
Davis, Mark A., MD88,160,163 
Davis, Mark A., MD182,209,221 
Davis, Mark A., MD222 
Davis, Meredith R., PA-C205 
Davis, Steven, MD1349,1350 
Davis, Steven, MD1351 
Davis, Susan P., MD873,874 


Davis, Todd O., DC1253 
Davison, Brian D., MD323,326 
Davison, Robert D., DC329 
Dawber, William C., LSW299,355,421 
Dawber, William C., LSW576,910,941 
Dawber, William C., LSW1020,1176 
Dawes, Michael A., MD68,69,212 
Dawiskiba, Malgorzata I., MD323 
Dawit, Hellen, PA-C1275 
Dawson Jones, Lanita Monae, MD1241,1242 
Day Brook Village Senior Livin565 
Day, Barbara L., PSYD653,993 
Day, Francesca E., MSP484 
Day, Hollis D., MD102 
Day, Jessica, BA1327 
Daye, Maureen W., MD46 
De Armas, Olga III, MSW81 
De Beauport, Carolyn M., MSN469 
De Carvalho, Filipe L., MD236 
De Castro Marceau, Dawn Marie 17 
De Felippo, Noel P., MD1013 
De Geus, Linda Gifford, MD489 
De Jesus Cruz, Anayda, MD33,38,1190 
De Jesus Cruz, Anayda, MD1192 
De La Torre Bueno, Laura E., P1031 
De Maggio, Andrew John, MD898,899 
De Simone, Alba, PhD372 
De Venecia, Ronald K., MD188 
De Vera, Maria T., DO597,846 
Deamicis, Richard A., MD365 
Dean, Edward M., MD832 
Deangelis, Ann Marie B., MD1060,1232 
Deangelis, Christopher P., MD1190 
Deangelis, Cynthia L., MD805,808 
Deangelis, Vivian, MA1099 
Deangelo, Daniel J., MD104,119,143 
Deans, Aaron S., DC628 
Deanzeris, Kathryn M., MD789 
Dearden, Jennifer L., MD72,228 
Deary, David J., PA-C34,905 
Deasy, Taylor J., MSN163 
Deaton, David W., MD1071,1109 
Deaton, David W., MD1110 


Deb, Priyanka, MD630,631,632 
Deb, Priyanka, MD1238,1241 
Deb, Priyanka, MD1242 
Debarros, Ashley, PT245,922 
Debeasi, Linda C., BA1327 
Deborah Rancourt1300 
Debruyn, Beverly A., MSN1194 
Debs, George A., DC1023 
Debs, Jaclyn, DC1023 
Decaprio, James A., MD119,143,219 
Decene, Gina, MS1327 
Decenzo, Joseph Michael, MD1110 
Decesaris, Vincent Arthur, MD35,49,849 
Decesaris, Vincent Arthur, MD906 
Dechert, Tracey A., MD228,233 
Decker, Dionne M., MA1021 
Decker, Douglas L., MD261 
Decoste, Susan D., MD430 
Decubellis, Jamieson J., DC1152 
Dedian, Joan M., LAC742,836 
Dedier, Julien J., MD110,119,1265 
Dedier, Julien J., MD1267 
Dedon, Michelle, MS618 
Defalco, Francis, DC38 
Defoe, Jill M., MSW
Defoe-Raymond, Katie Diane, MS1109 
Defranca, George G., DC1207 
Defreitas, Carlos R., OD449 
Degala, Sree Lalitha, MD1243 
Degen, Gary P., DPM772,777 
Degiacomo, Teresa M., MD431 
Degirolami, Laura E., MD303 
Deglialberti, Jessica M., MS1327 
Degnan, Katelyn, DPT469 
Degrand, David B., MD1318 
Degrenier, Jennifer S., DO800 
Degrush, Elizabeth R., DO1231,1233 
Dehaven, James P., MD1190 
Deignan, Eileen M., MD331,384 
Deju-Queredo, Ana, MD888 
Dekkers, Elana, MD843,1267 
Del Mundo, Winfred F., MD597,598,842 
Del Mundo, Winfred F., MD851 
 ^ = No New WC, * = EPP Provider
 Index 31 


Provider Listing
Provider data last updated: 12/02/20
Last Update: 12/02/20

Del Rio, Carlos Angel, MD419 
Del Val, Jose, MA766 
Delacey, Kevin F., MD40 
Delafield, Deborah L., PhD292,433,981 
Delany, Richard M., MD737,738 
Delchamps, Lisa D., MED700 
Delegas, Evelyn S., AUD307 
Deleo Jr., Michael J., MD504,505,797 
Deleo Jr., Michael J., MD799,885,891 
Delgado, Fabian A., MD32,274,446 
Delgado, Fabian A., MD989,1123 
Delgado, Jose, MD291 
Delgado, Leyda D., MD843,958,1267 
Delgado, Shannon M., MA1233 
Delia, Lisa R., PT792,806,1340 
Delight Medicals672 
Delisa, Rebecca A., MS591,1088 
Dell Cannata, Nancy, MS461,1109 
Delle Chiaie, John F., MSW81 
Delmonico, Nicole A., PA-C459,562,584 
Delmonico, Nicole A., PA-C1181,1225 
Deloach, Julia Paige, NP163 
Delollis, Donald P., MD695 
Delollis, Rita D., MD695 
Deloomy, Ilham, MD314 
DeLoureiro, Amanda E., MD, MPH92,95 
Delrio, Carlos, MD419 
Delta Physical Therapy416 
Deluca, Amy E., MSN27 
Deluca, Pamela, MD387,395 
Deluca, Susan M., MD54,399 
Delude, Anna, NP530,933,1206 
Delugan, Jamie Robert, OD962 
Demarchi, Giuliana T., BA163 
Demarco, Danielle, PA-C205 
Demarco, William J., MD886,888 
Demarkles, Michael P., MD54 
Demartino, Peter J., MD5,525,629 
Dematteo, Mark Peter, MD914 
Dembitzky, Meagan Ashley, MSN618 
Demchuk, Laura, MSPT, DPT1299 
Demelo, Antonio M., DPM451 
Demeo, Paul Edward, MD457,1180 


Demetri, George D., MD104,119,143 
Demetroulakos, James L., MD60,402 
Demick, David F., MD1259,1260 
Demick, David F., MD1261 
Demick, Mary Louise, MS1162 
Demirjian, Aram N., MD346 
Demont, Mark J., MD490 
Dempewolff, Judith A., PhD748 
Dempsey, Brian J., MD898 
Dempsey, Katherine R., BA1327 
Dempsey, Peter K., MD316 
Demuth, Nancy J., PT678,1340 
Denine, Marcia L., NP436 
Denison Jr., William C., MD24,345,1167 
Denmark, Vera K., MD788 
Denmarks Home Medical Equipmen473,1135 
Denmarks Inc455,473,759 
Denmarks Inc860,931,1135 
Denney Reyes, Andrea D., BS461,1109 
Denney, Kimberly A., MED62 
Dennis, Clarence Theodore, APR590 
Densmore, Agnes, MSN918,919 
Denuyl, Barbara E., MD1133 
Denver, Elizabeth F., APRN1327 
Depan, Cormac D., MD1336 
Depaolo Jost, Cheryl A., OD182 
Der Sarkissian, Raffi, MD185,188,962 
Deraska, Donald J., MD1114 
Derderian, Deborah S., DO487,725,837 
Derkevorkian, Nazaret, MD16,670 
Dermatopath Lab31 
Dermcare Experts956 
Dermovsesian, Arlene K., MS163 
Dermpath Diagnostics New Engla680,681 
Dern, Michael Lee, MD1,269 
DeRoche, Ketisha A., MD885 
Derr, Laura S., PSYD349 
Derr, William V., OD427,1091 
Desai, Abhijit N., MD1068 
Desai, Akshay S., MD1357 
Desai, Anupam Madhusudan, MD772,774 
Desai, Deepthi, MD636 
Desai, Hemali J., MD905,907 


Desai, Manishi A., MD174,282,718 
Desai, Manishi A., MD1138 
Desai, Shilpa J., MD282,449,536 
Desai, Shilpa J., MD606,805,1153 
Desai, Shilpa J., MD1292 
Desai, Sweta A., MD25,29,491 
Desai, Sweta A., MD497 
Desai, Vikas S., MD471,472,678 
Desai, Vikas S., MD679 
Desalermos, Athanasios, MD616 
Desantis, Vincent P., MD1196,1197 
Desbiens, Jillian, MSW766 
Deschler, Daniel G., MD188 
Deschrijver, Antoin J., PA-C740,964 
Desimone, Michael L., MD387 
Desjardin, Sarah, BS1129 
Deso, Tara L., MSN1327 
Desocio, Cristi A., MD877 
Desouza, Brandon, DPT1002,1165 
Desouza, Cody A., BA1059 
Desroche, Elizabeth, AUD307 
Destadler, Bronson G., MSW771 
Destadler, Kathleen, MSW771 
Detweiler, Anne E., MSW941 
Devaiah, Anand K., MD188 
Devaraj, Lily R., MD392 
Devarajan, Raj, MD
Devarakonda, Srinivas S., MD885 
Deveikis, John Peter, MD1237,1243 
Dever, Kimberly Ann, MD846 
Devereaux, Lori V., MSN845 
Devine, Barbara A., MS1012 
Devine, Eric G., PhD215 
Devine, Jennifer M., PA-C9,592 
Devine, Martin D., MD352 
Devineni, Praveen, MD387,555,1062 
Devito, Alissa A., MSN686 
Devlin, Amy B., MD225,372 
Devlin, Phillip M., MD219 
Devon, Octavia N., MD325,1301 
Devries, Marjorie Y., MD888 
Devries, Thomas T., PA-C205,257 
Dewaele, Matthew J., PT682,1165,1340 
 ^ = No New WC, * = EPP Provider
 Index 32 


Provider Listing
Provider data last updated: 12/02/20
Last Update: 12/02/20

Deweer Aviles, Ann M., MD467 
Dewey, Chantal G., MD838 
Dewey, Kimberly A., MD1284 
Dewhirst, Diane R., PT806,1340 
Dewolfe, Patricia A., PT806,1340 
Deyab, Mark A., MSW701 
Deyo, Robyn M., MED, MD356,359,576 
Deyo, Robyn M., MED, MD585,910,924 
Deyo, Robyn M., MED, MD941,967,1176 
Deyo, Robyn M., MED, MD1182 
DHA Endoscopy1113,1119 
Dhand, Suneel, MD119,752,916 
Dhar, Shusmita, MD119,195 
Dharia, Amee K., MD422,1048 
Dhillon, Perminder, MD750,752 
Dhillon, Satinder, MD272,274,277 
Dhingra, Gagandeep, MD692,693,695 
Dhingra, Gagandeep, MD703,706 
Dhingra, Jagdish K., MD274,278,285 
Dhingra, Jagdish K., MD904,905 
Dhokarh, Rajanigandha, MD309,322 
Dhooge, Patricia, MS163 
Dhroso, Kalyn Rene, PA-C1335,1343 
Dhruva, Tanvee U., MD836,1024,1112 
Di Anni, Brooke E., DO39,42 
Diaco, Maurizio, MD308,314 
Diagnostic Imaging Services538,776,778 
Diagnostic Laboratory Medicine1315 
Diagnostic Radiology Network369,410,985 
Diagnostic Radiology Network1350 
Dialysis Center of Attleboro31 
Dialysis Center of Western Mas377,378 
Diamantis, Sotirios, DMD650 
Diamond, Barry, DC
Diamond, Jill F., MD871 
Diana, Charles L., MD1350,1351 
Dias, Celso E., MD1076,1109 
Dias, Celso E., MD1111 
Diaz, Arley F., MD1084,1222 
Diaz, Brittany A., MSN160,163 
Diaz, Jose F., PA-C1096 
Diaz, Kelly A., PA-C353,862 
Diaz, Maria, MD603 


Diaz, Melissa, DC472 
Dibara, Colleen M., PA-C1343 
Dibble, Jenifer, MSW576 
Dibenedetto, Christine M., PA-205 
Dibner, Maria, MD1324 
Dicampli, Dennis J., MD1084 
DiCapua Sr., John F., MD440 
Dickason, John W., MD67,1297 
Dickerman, Jane, MD855 
Dickerman, Lauren J., OD339 
Dickerson, Anissa E., MSN163 
Dickert, Benjamin C., DPM1098 
Dickinson, Charles W., DC486 
Dickson, Mark J., RPT403 
Dickstein, George, MD474,476 
Diebold, Kurt A., MD387 
Diedwardo, Christine A., MD627 
Dieffenbach, Rosemarie, MD1254,1255 
Diehl, Barbara J., MA13 
Diercks, Gillian R., MD188,791,1203 
Dietlin, Kathy M., MD818,823 
Dietrich, Gail, LMHC766 
Dietrich, Gretchen W., MD20 
Dietz, Blanche G., MSW679 
Dietzen, Diane L., MD1076,1077 
Dietzen, Diane L., MD1079 
Difraia, Kathy J., MC13,777 
Difranza, Joseph R., MD615 
Diggins, John J., MD1064 
Digioia, Jenny, PT1002 
Digiorgio, Lyndsey E., MS41,1327 
Digiovanni Jr., Leonard G., DO729 
Digiovanni, Brian F., MD1130 
Digitrace Care Services588 
DigiTrace Care Services Inc247,622,875 
Dileo, Christine, DO, MD12,535 
Dilernia, Andrew, MD476 
Diller, Emmeline A., MD343 
Dillon, Brian John, MD221,222,237 
Dillon, Christy, PT523 
Dillon, William D., MD1356,1357 
Dilorenzo, Lori, MD461,462 
Dimaria, Laurie A., MD1042 


Dimeo, Robert A., MSW813 
Dimitri, Dennis M., MD1312 
Dimond, Paul M., MD458 
Dinardo, James A., MD72 
Dincher, Matthew R., PA-C1191 
Ding, Cheng, MD1265 
Dinh, David M., NP-C, MSN, NP1063,1327 
Dinicola, Arturo N., MD440 
Dinis, Christina F., MSN591,1088 
Dinovski, Svetlin H., MD612,888 
Dinunno, Melissa A., MSN431 
Dinuovo, Emily, PA-C205 
Dinwoodey, Danya L., MD308 
Dionne, Emily A., MS850 
Dionne, Ethan J., PA-C607,652 
Dionne, Jeanne M., MSW861 
Dipalma, Suzanne, BA163,255 
Dipetrillo, Melissa D., MD119 
Dipilato, Vanessa R., MS1231 
Dipillo, Steven W., MD511,831,1037 
Dipirro, Mary E., DDS284,667,871 
Diramio, Carrie J., MD838,1061 
Diresta, James J., DPM772,777 
Dirr, Bonnie J., BA163 
Disegna, Steven T., MD186 
Disessa, David J., LCSW1235 
Disiena, Michael R., DO508,903 
Distefano, Alberto G., MD174,718,1138 
Distler, Rachel, MC422 
Ditommaso, Kayla, CNP389 
Ditullio, Christine L., BA1059,1060 
Divari, Katya, MD473,474,476 
Diversified Medical Equipment 615 
Diversity Healthcare Connencti811 
Divito, Barbara A., PA-C496 
Divito, Cheryl T., DO462,491,615 
Divito, Sherrie J., MD86 
Dixit, Rohit, MD603 
Dixit, Vidya H., MD487 
Dixon, John P., PT34 
DM Tek Inc88,108 
Do, Daniel, MSW664 
Do, Hung K., MD119,415,642 
 ^ = No New WC, * = EPP Provider
 Index 33 


Provider Listing
Provider data last updated: 12/02/20
Last Update: 12/02/20

Do, Hung K., MD665,958 
Do, Khanh T., MD143 
Do, Khoa D., MD399,400,1005 
Do, Khoa D., MD1006 
Do, Lien T., PA-C43,1343 
Do, Yena H., DPM332,342 
Doan, Tanya, MD597,598,843 
Doan, Tanya, MD850,916,929 
Doan, Tanya, MD1268,1279 
Dobberteen, Lisa, MD340 
Dobe-Costa, Karen E., DPM9,801,1286 
Dobles, Elizabeth M., MD1312 
Dobre, Mircea C., MD401,404,405 
Dobre, Mircea C., MD535,539,646 
Dobre, Mircea C., MD647,656,666 
Dobre, Mircea C., MD669 
Dobrilovic, Nikola, MD76,228,234 
Dobrowski, Elizabeth, MSN, ACR845,960,1047 
Dobrowski, Elizabeth, MSN, ACR1271 
Dobrowski, John M., MD188 
Docken, William P., MD372,374,376 
Doctoroff, Lauren B., MD119 
Doctors Express407,409,411 
Doctors Express674,1019,1192 
Dodek, Anton Blaine, MD195 
Doggett, Ann M., DC935 
Dohan, David A., MD67 
Doherty, Gerard M., MD228 
Doherty, Jayne M., MD119,413 
Doherty, Kurt D., DC1018 
Doherty, Lisa M., BA163 
Doherty, Maryellen, MSN1190 
Doherty, Thomas F., PhD852,1155 
Dohlman, Thomas H., MD174 
Dohoney, Stephen Warren, DC712 
Doi, Kei, MD452,453 
Dolan, Megan L., MSN1201 
Dolan, Noreen A., MSN163 
Dolan, Robert W., MD188,320 
Dolan, Roseanne C., MSW407 
Dolby, Elizabeth A., BS517 
Dolinsky, Paul A., MD527 
Doll, David, MD1014 


Dollinger, Julie B., MD196 
Dolloff, Lauren A., PA-C205 
Dolma, Yarchim T., DO642 
Doman, Lisa E., MA676 
Dombek, Zbigniew, MD462 
Dombrowski, Philip J., MD459 
Domin Waters, Christannah M., 535,775 
Domingo, Minerva, MD419,648,815 
Domingo, Minerva, MD1250 
Domingues, Erik, MD1133 
Dominguez, David Y., MD1164 
Dominguez, Eric, MD1133 
Dominici, Laura S., MD228 
Dona, Brian S., BS590 
Donahue, Alicia M., OD1139 
Donahue, Daniel G., MD1058 
Donahue, Elizabeth J., FNP-C, 992 
Donahue, Esperanza, NP705 
Donahue, John P., MD282,293 
Donahue, Kevin P., MD768 
Donald, Melissa C., OD1147 
Donaldson, Magruder C., MD475,484,486 
Dondapati, Satya S., MD119,738,752 
Dondapati, Satya S., MD916 
Donegan, Samuel Patrick, MD989,1137 
Donepudi, Ramesh, MD635,639,642 
Donepudi, Ramesh, MD653,658,1024 
Donepudi, Ramesh, MD1025,1026 
Donepudi, Ramesh, MD1229,1230 
Donepudi, Ramesh, MD1234 
DOnfro, Joanne, PT, BS464 
Donlon, Elizabeth W., MD901 
Donnaruma, Blake, PT1049 
Donnelly Boylen, Kevin M., MD212 
Donnelly, Erica, DPT598,684,987 
Donnelly, James M., MD15,661,662 
Donnelly, James M., MD834,835 
Donnelly, Kevin J., PhD596 
Donnelly, Russell D., MD1064,1194 
Donoff, Robert B., MD185 
Donohue, Kevin G., MD722 
Donohue, Michelle Marie, PT856 
Donohue, Susan E., MD1316,1323 


Donovan, Carolyn E., MD216 
Donovan, Josepha, PT393 
Donovan, Kailey Grace, RD345 
Donovan, Keri Nicole, DPT1011,1132 
Donovan, Leo W., OD684 
Donovan, Lori Beth, MS985 
Donovan, Michael P., MD411,460,485 
Donovan, Michael P., MD547,741,828 
Donovan, Michael P., MD858,930,1018 
Donovan, Noreen, PhD1300 
Donovan, Timothy B., DC991 
Donta, Sam T., MD456 
Doody, Daniel P., MD228 
Dooley, Christine R., BS1340 
Dooley, John T., MD55,65,66 
Dooley, Katherine, LAC779 
Doolittle, Andrew M., MD1292,1298 
Dooney, Staci Lynn, LMHC49 
Doppelt, Samuel H., MD339 
Doran, Elizabeth A., MD92,95,1001 
Doran, Elizabeth A., MD1032 
Dorans, Dennis M., OD660,864 
Doray, Kevin R., MSN1327 
Dorchester House Imaging221,413,414 
Dording, Christina M., MD62 
Doreau, Heidi R., MSN48 
Doret, Leah E., MD1230 
Dorfman, Justin N., DO1058 
DOrio, Vanessa L., PhD299 
Dorkin, Henry L., MD193,196,216 
Dorkin, Henry L., MD651,653,1164 
Dorkin, Henry L., MD1166 
Dorman, Katharine S., MSW941 
Dorn, John C., PSYD918,927 
Dornfeld, Richard A., MD1162 
Dorrell, Michelle, MD42,572,731 
Dorrell, Michelle, MD1337 
Dorsch, Terryl Ann, DPM923 
Doshi, Poonam N., MD21,390,625 
Doshi, Poonam N., MD1251 
Doshi, Seema N., MD486,852 
Dossett, Lucy Maryanna, MD1241,1243 
Dostie, Julie A., MSW881 
 ^ = No New WC, * = EPP Provider
 Index 34 


Provider Listing
Provider data last updated: 12/02/20
Last Update: 12/02/20

Doty, Joshua, DC240,414,875 
Doty, Joshua, DC935 
Dou, Yamin, MD317,323 
Doucette, Cody A., MS342 
Doucette, Kari G., MD306 
Doucette, Meaghan E., MSN163 
Dougherty, David W., MD119,143,1044 
Dougherty, David W., MD1045 
Dougherty, Mark H., MD866 
Dougherty, Tiriam T., MD791 
Douglas, Brandon, MA18,498,538 
Douglas, Brian J., DC1003 
Douglas, David W., MD664 
Douglas, Sean Terence, PA-C899,1286 
Doumas, Alexander, MD51,56 
Dover, Jeffrey S., MD373 
Dovidio, Kenneth R., PA-C806 
Dovinos, Pinelopi, MSW1158 
Dow, John E., CRNA440,447 
Dowd, Christine M., PA1275 
Dowd, Dana C., CNP1047 
Dowd, John G., DO386 
Downey Luhrmann, Susan F., NP503,796,878 
Downey Wolcott, Jennifer A., M52 
Downey, Brian C., MD76,119 
Downey, Megan E., MS517,833,1096 
Downing, Diane M., MS919 
Downs, Timothy M., DPM364,369,772 
Downs, Timothy M., DPM777 
Downtown Physical Therapy & Re225 
Doyle, Daniel M., MD881,902