Provider Listing
Provider data last updated: 04/23/2020
Last Update: 04/23/2020


(303) 460-6000UCHealth Broomfi712 


-Banner Health Center-Drake1937 


180 Medical1740,1748 
180 Medical1805 
180 Medical Inc2389 
1st Allergy Asthma and Pediatr39,397,1152 
1st Allergy Asthma and Pediatr1492,1728 
1st Allergy Asthma and Pediatr1787,2649 
1st Allergy Asthma and Pediatr2680 


5280 Anesthesia Pc1160,1730 
5280 Anesthesia Pc2437,2582 


84th Ave Neighborhood Emergenc3135 


A And P Levine Psychotherapy P2689 


A Child Thrpy Place1079 
A Fox Physical Therapy742,743,2079 
A Fox Physical Therapy2080,3065 
A Med Supply1128,1702 
A Personal Touch2954 
A Step Ahead Foot and Ankle Ce1993,2802 
A Womans Place PC1962 
AA Health System158 
Aagaard, Eva M., MD140,170,171 
Aagaard, Eva M., MD1280,1313 
Aardema, Stephanie M., APN1401,2367 
Aardema, Stephanie M., APN2412,3120 
Aardema, Stephanie M., APN3160 
Aardsma, William R., MA2431,2432 
Aardsma, William R., MA3008 
Aaron, Emily L., MD1313 
Aarsby Logsdon, Heidi Marit, P1520 
Abaco Rehabilitation and Nursi2013 
Abarca, Monica L., MD2607 
Abate, Nicole, PA-C1540 
Abaza, Mona M., MD338,1462 
Abbasian, Mohammad, MD1161,1468 
Abbey, Curlbert, PT, OT968,1036 
Abbey, Nicholas M., MD18 
Abbey, Shawna Harris, MD101,362,397 
Abbey, Shawna Harris, MD885,994,1009 
Abbott, David R., MD2997,2998 
Abbott, John P., DO2428 
Abbott, Jordan K., MD1152,1476 
Abbott, Jordan K., MD1492 
Abbott, Kent Davis, MD552 
Abbott, Mark F., MD2998,3004 
Abbott, Maxwell Bret, MD1092 
Abbott, Patricia D., MSN, NP263 
Abbott, Robert Thomas, MD2998 
Abbott, Stewart M., MD2429 
Abbott, Timothy W., PA-C461,1798 
ABC Home Medical Supply, Inc.841 
ABC Medical Home Medical Suppl1740 
Abdel Azeem, Ashraf A., MD397,1492 
Abdoo, Denise C., BA263,514,950 
Abdoo, Denise C., BA1088,2902 
Abdoo, Denise C., BA2929 


Abdoo, Denise Christine, MS, N1401,1580 
Abel, Amy S., OD1967 
Abel, Gregory S., OD1967 
Abela, Victor, DO1297,1313 
Abercrombie, Chad E., DC875,1192 
Aberdeen Ambulatory Surgical C2943,2985 
Aberdeen Surgery Center Llc2943 
Abernathy, Brett B., MD1683 
Abernathy, Mary A., MPT664,743,1791 
Abernethy, Durant B., MD2043,2046 
Abernethy, Kimberly A., DO2956,2958 
Abeyta, Trier, NP2490 
Abidi, Maheen Z., MD165,171 
Abilities Unlimited of Colorad1085 
Abilities Unlimited of Denver1207,1467 
Abilities Unlimited of Denver1683 
Ability Health Services Inc2369,2373 
Ability Physical Therapy2373,2682 
Abman, Carolyn F., MD2495,2569 
Abman, Carolyn F., MD2607,2642 
Abman, Steven H., MD357,387,397 
Abman, Steven H., MD524,993,1003 
Abman, Steven H., MD1009,1090 
Aboaf, Alan P., MD1750 
Abosch, Aviva, MD239 
About Kids Home Care916 
Above and Beyond Therapy LLC1965 
Abraham, Adam T., MD1313 
Abraham, Sofi M., NP1401 
Abraham, William P., MD2227,2239 
Abraham, William P., MD3041,3042 
Abrahams, Barbara B., MD55,62,171 
Abrahams, Barbara B., MD630,644 
Abrahamson, Bradley S., MD1920,1921 
Abrahamson, Bradley S., MD1922,1930 
Abrahamson, Bradley S., MD2015 
Abrahamson, Lara E., MD1922 
Abramowicz, Alexander J., MD171 
Abrams, Benjamin A., MD43,2437 
Abrams, Meghan E., MS, NP263 
Abrams, Steven Anthony, MD1600 
Abramson, Natalie Walders, PhD514 
Abramson, Simeon D., MD28,31,534 
 ^ = No New WC, * = EPP Provider
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Provider Listing
Provider data last updated: 04/23/2020
Last Update: 04/23/2020

Abramson, Simeon D., MD552,753,755 
Abramson, Simeon D., MD774,775,823 
Abramson, Simeon D., MD829,1600,1628 
Abramson, Simeon D., MD1809,1834 
Abramson, Simeon D., MD2002,2008 
Abramson, Simeon D., MD2086,2093 
Abramson, Simeon D., MD2094,2227 
Abramson, Simeon D., MD2239,2269 
Abramson, Simeon D., MD2270,2274 
Abramson, Simeon D., MD2275,2304 
Abramson, Simeon D., MD2307,2320 
Abramson, Simeon D., MD2322,2329 
Abramson, Simeon D., MD2331,2379 
Abramson, Simeon D., MD2382,2536 
Abramson, Simeon D., MD2554,2627 
Abramson, Simeon D., MD2635,2806 
Abramson, Simeon D., MD2816,2865 
Abramson, Simeon D., MD2868,2930 
Abramson, Simeon D., MD2932,3177 
Abramson, Simeon D., MD3183,3201 
Abramson, Simeon D., MD3203 
Abromaitis, Ann E., NP, BA652,1769 
Abtahi, Amir M., MD1707 
Abts, David P., MD1161 
Abu-Qwaider, Yazan Asad, MD2169 
Abuaba, Mercy N., NP263,1401 
Abuaba, Romano N., MD171,1313 
Abuid, Marcela M., MD1145 
Abundant Life Chiropractic2737,2741 
Abuogi, Lisa Lynn, MD362,383,397 
Abuogi, Lisa Lynn, MD734,736,738 
Abuogi, Lisa Lynn, MD994,1002,1009 
Abzug, Mark Lynn, MD165,383,397 
Abzug, Mark Lynn, MD1310,1485 
Abzug, Mark Lynn, MD1492 
AC Physical Therapy3168,3186 
Academy Park Family Practice2397 
Acaria Inc1294 
Accelerate Physical Therapy12,18,23,1294 
Accelerate Physical Therapy1369,1520 
Accelerate Physical Therapy1653 
Accelerated Recovery Specialis1105,3000 
Accelerated Sports Rehabilitat2716 


Access Family Medicine2883 
Accupath Diagnostic Laboratori
Accurso, Frank J., MD357,387,398 
Accurso, Frank J., MD524,1479,1487 
Accurso, Frank J., MD1492,1590 
Accurso, Tanya L., PT454 
Acevedo, Isabel, BS2791 
Acharya Leon, Radhika C., DO149,171,216 
Acharya Leon, Radhika C., DO2285,2286 
Acharya Leon, Radhika C., DO2288,2462 
Acharya Leon, Radhika C., DO2470,2480 
Acharya Leon, Radhika C., DO2592,2594 
Acharya Leon, Radhika C., DO2599 
Achcar, Rosane D., MD1471 
Acheff, Nancy J., MSN811,2490 
Achenbach, Gregory Alan, MD14,17,1362 
Achenbach, Gregory Alan, MD1471,1476 
Achenbach, Gregory Alan, MD3156,3166 
Achenbach, Gregory Alan, MD3167 
Achieve Whole Recovery PC1085 
Achterhoff, Morgan L., PA-C1060,1061 
Achtermann, Karen J., DC2700 
Achuthan, Hemamalini, MD714,715,1241 
Achuthan, Hemamalini, MD1252,3054 
Achuthan, Hemamalini, MD3055 
Acker, Shannon Nicole, MD394,581,1007 
Acker, Shannon Nicole, MD1107,1490 
Acker, Shannon Nicole, MD1664,2298 
Acker, Shannon Nicole, MD2309 
Ackerman, Donna Lynn, DO848,1492 
Ackil, Albert, MD171 
Acosta, Natasha R., MD534 
Acosta, William, MD505 
Action Potential939,968,985 
Action Potential989,1034,1036 
Action Potential1100,1105 
Action Potential1120 
Action Potential Physical Ther1034,1036 
Active Chiropractic Inc2656 
Active Chiropractic Wellness C875 
Active Medical Diagnostics Inc1600 
Active Motion Physical Therapy1520 
Active Solutions Pt664 


Adair, Margaret Ann, MD1152,1492 
Adair, Olivia V., MD1181,1313 
Adair, Olivia V., MD1735,1751 
Adair, Sarah J., MS264,1769 
Adair, Whitney B., PA, PA-C461 
Adam J Wolff MD Llc1381 
Adam, Murtaza K., MD1440,1777 
Adam, Murtaza K., MD2075,2369 
Adam, Murtaza K., MD2908 
Adamich, Andrew Ray, OD326,2841 
Adamowski, Laura Q., PA-C1540 
Adams and Giddings Physical Th1976,1977 
Adams and Giddings Physical Th2012 
Adams And Giddings Physical Th3040 
Adams III, George Legare, OD974 
Adams, Alicia L., MD2314 
Adams, Bonnie J., MA2220 
Adams, Brittain, AUD8,51,867,1169 
Adams, Brittain, AUD1733,2061 
Adams, Brittain, AUD2107,2439 
Adams, Brittain, AUD2582,2653 
Adams, Cheri L., MS1134 
Adams, Crystal Lynn, MD147,303 
Adams, Daniel K., PA-C, PA461 
Adams, Danielle V., PT1036 
Adams, Heather L., CRNA2071 
Adams, Heather R., DO73 
Adams, Jennifer E., MD1313,1314 
Adams, John C., MD2200 
Adams, John Q., MD1421 
Adams, Laurence J., MD945 
Adams, Lisa K., PA-C1061 
Adams, Megan Brooke, MD396,581 
Adams, Nicole B., NP, MS264 
Adams, Olixn L., DO1142,3088 
Adams, Robert B., PT743,2080,3065 
Adams, Ronald C., BS1977 
Adams, Ryan Dwight, MD1896 
Adams, Sabrina A., MD2055 
Adams, Stephen L., MD2839 
Adams, Todd M., DC875 
 ^ = No New WC, * = EPP Provider
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Provider Listing
Provider data last updated: 04/23/2020
Last Update: 04/23/2020

Adams, Wesley H., MD5,2982,3014 
Adamson, Danielle R., AUD792,2876 
Adamson, Theran B., MD1922 
Addington, Luke, PhD496 
Adeladan, Ajibade A., MD505,851,1805 
Adelberg, Amy M., MD303,613,1421 
Adelberg, Amy M., MD1772,1962 
Adelberg, Amy M., MD2495,2607 
Adelberg, Amy M., MD2608,2776 
Adelgais, Kathleen Klem, MD101,362,398 
Adelgais, Kathleen Klem, MD712,734,738 
Adelgais, Kathleen Klem, MD885,994,1009 
Adelgais, Kathleen Klem, MD1480,1492 
Adelman, Stuart, PhD1168,1171 
Adelman, Stuart, PhD1206,1367 
Adelman, Stuart, PhD1421,1580 
Adema, Amber Elizabeth, BA, CR1393,2072 
Adema, Anne Leigh, MD362,398,994 
Adema, Anne Leigh, MD1009 
Adi, Ahmad, MD505 
Adin Healthcare, Inc534,753,1092 
Adin Healthcare, Inc1600,1601 
Adin Healthcare, Inc1809,1810 
Adin Healthcare, Inc2086,2227 
Adin Healthcare, Inc2379,2536 
Adin Healthcare, Inc2627,2721 
Adin Healthcare, Inc2806,2997 
Adinoff, Allen D., MD39,171,351 
Adinoff, Allen D., MD398,1152,1314 
Adinoff, Allen D., MD1476,1492 
Adinoff, Allen D., MD2435,2470 
Adinoff, Allen D., MD2508,2511 
Adkins, Katlynn Zoe Anemo, MD303,1421 
Adlaon-Gott, Gleandy Lou, NP1401 
Adler, Abrianna, PA-C1061 
Adler, Erik H., MD10,1225,2064 
Adler, Sidney J., MD2316,3038 
Adochio, Rebecca L., MD1723 
Adragna, Joseph, MD2839 
Adrid, Eric M., MS, PA-C2525 
Adult and Pediatric Specialist1222,1294 
Adult and Pediatric Specialist1296,1654 
Adult and Pediatric Specialist2110,2119 


Adult and Pediatric Specialist2134,2145 
Adult Medicine Specialists2969 
Advanced Audiology Inc1733 
Advanced Care in Endocrinology891 
Advanced Dermatology Skin Canc94 
Advanced Hand and Orthopedic R1036,1037 
Advanced Hand and Orthopedic R1520,1652 
Advanced Medical Imaging1468,1601 
Advanced Medical Imaging2078,2086 
Advanced Medical Imaging2721 
Advanced Medical Solutions883 
Advanced Neurological Evaluati1159 
Advanced Orthopedic And Sports2897,2910 
Advanced Orthopedic And Sports2936,2937 
Advanced Orthopedic And Sports1453,1461 
Advanced Orthopedic And Sports1661 
Advanced Otolaryngology, PC1895,1970 
Advanced Pain and Anesthesia S848 
Advanced Pain And Anesthesia S838,1730,1783 
Advanced Pain Therapeutics, PC3166 
Advanced Rehabilitation Associ1520 
Advanced Urgent Care and Occup707,2025,2859 
Advantage ENT LLP16,3125,3165 
Advantage Physical Therapy1709 
Advantage Physical Therapy and1709 
Advantage Therapy and Rehabili1977,2013 
Aerocare Holdings2,3,6,771 
Aerocare Holdings772,774,883 
Aerocare Holdings916,1085,1127 
Aerocare Holdings1128,1131 
Aerocare Holdings1144,1146 
Aerocare Holdings1223,1573 
Aerocare Holdings2110,2272 
Aerocare Holdings2274,2340 


Aerocare Holdings2352,2359 
Aerocare Holdings2378,2431 
Aerocare Holdings2435,2836 
Aerocare Holdings2838,2843 
Aerocare Holdings2859,2954 
Aerocare Holdings2995,3015 
Aerocare Holdings3017,3076 
Aerocare Holdings3201 
Aerocare Holdings Inc100,780,2838 
Aerocare Holdings Inc2840,3010 
Aerocare Holdings Inc3049 
Aeroflow Healthcare10 
AF Williams Family Medicine Ce1297 
AF Williams Family Medicine Ce1241 
AF Wms Family Med Clinic-Stapl1225,1252 
AFC Urgent Care1683,2053 
Affil Theraputic Svcs496 
Affiliated Ear Nose and Throat815,2912 
Affiliated Ear, Nose & Throat 1782 
Affilliated Ear, Nose & Throat2504 
Affordable Hearing51,171,1169 
Affordable Hearing1314,1733 
Affordable Hearing1751,3137 
Affordable Hearing3152 
Afghahi, Anosheh, MD171,216,2286 
Afghahi, Anosheh, MD2288,2470 
Afghahi, Anosheh, MD2480,2594 
Afghahi, Anosheh, MD2599 
Aftab, Muhammad, MD581,599,601 
After Ours Urgent Care1683 
Afterours Urgent Care1314,1683 
Afterours Urgent Care2470,2575 
Afterours Urgent Care3058,3072 
AfterOurs, Inc.2437,2575 
Agape Hospice Services1748 
Agarwal, Pinky, MD1759 
Agarwal, Rita, MD43 
Agarwala, Amit O., MD2076 
Agbim, Salome N., MA78,264,496 
Agbim, Salome N., MA1194,1401 
Agbim, Salome N., MA1566 
Aghili, Nima, MD709,720,1174 
Aghili, Nima, MD1178,1181 
 ^ = No New WC, * = EPP Provider
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Provider Listing
Provider data last updated: 04/23/2020
Last Update: 04/23/2020

Aghili, Nima, MD1297,1314 
Aghili, Nima, MD2653,2654 
Aghili, Nima, MD2655,2665 
Aghili, Nima, MD2666 
Agility PT and Sports Medicine1791,2620 
Agnello, Joseph S., MD2728 
Agnew, Elizabeth K., PT18,2716 
Agrama, Susan Dina, MD124,171,1252 
Agrama, Susan Dina, MD1314,2745 
Agrama, Susan Dina, MD2754 
Agrawal, Basheal Mohan, MD2125 
Agudelo Rivera, Juan Fernando,328 
Aguila, Elvira G., MD1914,1936 
Aguila, Elvira G., MD2161,2176 
Aguila, Esther, MSW1196 
Aguilar, Irene, MD1314 
Aguilar, Maria I., MD870,1118 
Aguire Speciality Care1284,1747 
Aguire Speciality Care2592 
Aguirre, Maria, RNP264,1769 
Aguirre, Oscar A., MD2888,2905 
Aguirre, Oscar A., MD2938 
Aguwa, Okezie K., MD1779 
Agwu, Emma, NP1401,2073 
Ahearn, Marshall Alexander, MD398 
Ahearne, Timothy E., PA, PA-C462 
Ahern, Caitlin M., MD1,3222 
Ahlgren, Bryan S., DO2437 
Ahlmeyer, Leslie A., MD3026 
Ahmad, Hameed, MD2464,2470 
Ahmad, Hameed, MD2483 
Ahmad, Mariam S., MD320,398,1440 
Ahmad, Mariam S., MD1492,2293 
Ahmad, Mariam S., MD2298,2501 
Ahmad, Mariam S., MD2511 
Ahman, Kevin P., CRNA1951 
Ahmed, Faheem, MD913,919,927 
Ahmed, Faheem, MD940,972 
Ahmed, Iftikhar, MD2953 
Ahn, Jane, DO2196 
Ahn, Samuel T., MD534,851,1601 
Ahn, Samuel T., MD1810,2086 
Ahn, Samuel T., MD2387,3069 


Ahn, Samuel T., MD3177 
Ahnen, Dennis J., MD133,641,718 
Ahnen, Dennis J., MD1275,2065 
Ahnen, Dennis J., MD2663,2703 
Ahnen, Dennis J., MD2856 
Ahrendsen, Emma Elaine, NP264 
Ahrendt, Gretchen M., MD581,2310,2571 
Ahrendt, Lisa D., MD1288,1291 
Ahrendt, Lisa D., MD1362,1439 
Ahrendt, Lisa D., MD2358,2364 
Ahrendt, Lisa D., MD2369,3149 
Ahrendt, Lisa D., MD3156,3163 
Ahrendt, Steven A., MD319,581,2501 
Ahrendt, Steven A., MD2571 
Ahuja, Nilesh H., MD1947 
Aibar, Diana C., MD43 
Aigner, Tracy L., OD728 
Aikin, Robert B., MD1252 
Air Ambulance Specialists Inc1728 
Akau, Melanie M., OD320,326,1441 
Akau, Melanie M., OD1447 
Akbani, Mohammed A., BA, NP264 
Akers, Katherine M., MD235,3119 
Akers, Kathy R., CRNA1145 
Akers, Ted J., MD1133 
Akinrinola, Olukemi P., MD398,1009 
Akram, Mudassir, MD1298 
Akron Clinic
Aksut, Baran, MD171,803,2594 
Akturk, Halis Kaan, MD111,114,171 
Akturk, Halis Kaan, MD373,398 
Akuthota, Venu K., MD328,329,345 
Akuthota, Venu K., MD450,577,657 
Akuthota, Venu K., MD660,663,683 
Akuthota, Venu K., MD1453,1468 
Akuthota, Venu K., MD1516,1661 
Akuthota, Venugopal J., MD329,345,450 
Akuthota, Venugopal J., MD657,660,663 
Akuthota, Venugopal J., MD1453,1468 
Akuthota, Venugopal J., MD1516 
Al Ammary, Fawaz Saeed Omar, M235,698,699 
Al Ammary, Fawaz Saeed Omar, M707,1314,1374 


Al Ammary, Fawaz Saeed Omar, M1683,3058 
Al Ammary, Fawaz Saeed Omar, M3060,3072 
Al Brecht, Bruce Henry, MD1773,1856 
Al Brecht, Bruce Henry, MD2495,2570 
Al Safi, Zain Ayad, MD303,571,1421 
Al Safi, Zain Ayad, MD1653 
Al Zubaidi, Akrum A., DO1590 
Al-Adsani, Patricia M., MD1911,1998 
Al-Adsani, Patricia M., MD2224 
Alago, Angelo N., PSYD753 
Alam, Rafeul, MD1152,1314 
Alam, Shadia M., MD2727 
Alamdew, Yisfalem W., MD2120,2125 
Alamdew, Yisfalem W., MD2892,2898 
Alami, Maher, MD919,1298,2464 
Alami, Maher, MD2889,3110 
Alamosa County Nursing Service
Alaniz, Veronica Isabel, MD303,1421,2495 
Alaniz, Veronica Isabel, MD2608 
Alao, Adejoke, LSW80 
Alaska Valley Regional Medical2342 
Alattar, Fadi T., MD2949,2950 
Alattar, Fadi T., MD2969 
Alavi, Ali H., MD1314 
Albashaireh, Derar, MD2949 
Albeck, Sarah N., MS1104 
Alber, Sarah M., MD43,87 
Albers, Jessica, BS, RPT1977 
Albert, Benjamin K., CRNA2978 
Albert, Brooke A., PA-C2083 
Albert, Jeffrey, MD2226,2805 
Albert, Jeffrey, MD2806,3041 
Albert, Kevin Patrick, PhD, MD2511 
Albert, Laura G., MD1574 
Albert, Marcy C., PA-C2375 
Albert, Nils P., MD10,1225,2353 
Albert, Nils P., MD3099,3143 
Albert, Nils Peter, MD3088 
Albert, Richard K., MD87,171,524 
Albert, Richard K., MD525,1207,1314 
Albert, Richard K., MD1590 
Albert, Sarah W., MD1492 
Albertson, Gail A., MD1314 
 ^ = No New WC, * = EPP Provider
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Provider Listing
Provider data last updated: 04/23/2020
Last Update: 04/23/2020

Albertz, Megan, MD43 
Albietz III, Joseph A., MD87,357,398 
Albin, Jennifer A., OTR1693 
Albizo, Abram, MD1280,1298 
Albizo, Abram, MD2460,2464 
Albizo, Abram, MD2888,2889 
Albrecht, David W., MD2,3,870,927 
Albrecht, Emily A., DO398 
Albrecht, Kirsten, OD326,656,1447 
Albrecht, Kirsten, OD1448,2502 
Albrecht, Kirsten, OD2909 
Albrecht, Matthew J., PA-C1061 
Albright, Eric Scott, MD1238,1314 
Albright, Jay C., MD329,578,729 
Albright, Jay C., MD758,977,1105 
Albright, Jay C., MD2293,2309 
Albright, Jay C., MD2502,2571 
Albright, Kelsey A., PA, PA-C462 
Albright, Mark P., MD2976 
Albritton McDonald, Carolyn El1917,1922 
Albritton McDonald, Carolyn El2742,2745 
Albritton McDonald, Carolyn El2836 
Albritton, Casey E., BA, NP264,1401 
Albritton, Ryan L., MD1810,1834 
Albritton, Ryan L., MD2002,2008 
Albritton, Ryan L., MD2227,2240 
Albritton, Ryan L., MD2274,2275 
Albritton, Ryan L., MD2329,2331 
Albritton, Ryan L., MD2806,2816 
Albritton, Ryan L., MD3201,3203 
Albuja Cruz, Maria B., MD114,581,1238 
Albuja Cruz, Maria B., MD1665 
Alden, Jessie, PA-C, PA462 
Alderfer, Benjamin Schrock, MD1574 
Alderson Artmann, Amy L., CNM,260,264 
Aldoretta, Peter W., MD2125,2134 
Aldridge, Patricia E., MD1876 
Alejandre, Briseida R., PA-C462,787,2525 
Alejandre, Briseida R., PA-C2684 
Aleong, Ryan G., MD53,55,62,171 
Aleong, Ryan G., MD1172,1174 
Aleong, Ryan G., MD1181,1314 
Aleong, Ryan G., MD2281,2282 


Aleong, Ryan G., MD2286,2440 
Aleong, Ryan G., MD2442,2470 
Ales, Gregory D., DO945 
Alessi, Richard D., MD1869,1896 
Alessi, Richard D., MD2151,2650 
Alessi, Richard D., MD2728 
Aleti, Anil Reddy, MD885,919,1090 
Aleti, Anil Reddy, MD2262,2263 
Aleti, Anil Reddy, MD2269 
Alevras Sztukowski, Vasi P., O1778 
Alevras Sztukowski, Vasiliki, 5,326,974 
Alevras Sztukowski, Vasiliki, 1448,1778 
Alevras Sztukowski, Vasiliki, 2273,2341 
Alevras Sztukowski, Vasiliki, 2863,2983 
Alex, Jessica A., PA-C2621 
Alexa, Alexandru, MD864 
Alexander, A. B., PhD1566,1580 
Alexander, A. B., PhD2421,2422 
Alexander, Allyson Laura, MD239,944 
Alexander, Antwain, PA-C672,2684 
Alexander, Charles J., PT1710 
Alexandrovic, Kara M., MD1421 
Alfaro, Leonardo, MD3000 
Alfonsi, Grace A., MD1241,1252 
Alfonso, Alexandra M., PhD, PS1580 
Alfonso, Alexandra M., PSYD514 
Alfonso, Nicholas A., MD320,329 
Alford, Nicole L., DPT664 
Alger, Bradley Hart, MD1252 
Ali, Abdulfatah M., MD2349,2369 
Ali, Abdulfatah M., MD2878,2908 
Ali, Arshad, MD1174,1178 
Ali, Arshad, MD1181,1314 
Ali, Mir H., MD1785 
Aliabadi, Kelsey K., NP, MSN264 
Aligh Networks1124 
Align Networks18,27,454 
Align Networks617,621,622 
Align Networks664,665,690 
Align Networks703,743,770 
Align Networks778,786,789 
Align Networks818,849,1037 
Align Networks1038,1125 


Align Networks1130,1135 
Align Networks1137,1138 
Align Networks1141,1520 
Align Networks1521,1522 
Align Networks1693,1710 
Align Networks1721,1722 
Align Networks1725,1727 
Align Networks1791,1792 
Align Networks1868,1876 
Align Networks1882,1886 
Align Networks1977,1978 
Align Networks2024,2034 
Align Networks2038,2047 
Align Networks2052,2058 
Align Networks2080,2105 
Align Networks2136,2209 
Align Networks2261,2274 
Align Networks2280,2317 
Align Networks2325,2326 
Align Networks2373,2387 
Align Networks2418,2430 
Align Networks2434,2516 
Align Networks2517,2682 
Align Networks2716,2791 
Align Networks2835,2842 
Align Networks2849,2854 
Align Networks2864,2871 
Align Networks2921,2922 
Align Networks2941,2990 
Align Networks2991,3014 
Align Networks3019,3027 
Align Networks3040,3045 
Align Networks3065,3075 
Align Networks3127,3169 
Align Networks3199,3214 
Align Networks3219,3224 
Alijani, Alireza T., MD148,329,1286 
Alijani, Alireza T., MD1453,2888 
Alijani, Alireza T., MD2910 
Alisha, Skinner A., MD1314 
Alisky, Joseph M., MD143 
Alison, Jessica, PA-C2329 
Alistair N Mcnally DC140,719,1280 
 ^ = No New WC, * = EPP Provider
 Index 5 


Provider Listing
Provider data last updated: 04/23/2020
Last Update: 04/23/2020

Alistair N Mcnally DC2445,2453 
Alistair N Mcnally DC2461,2490 
Alistair N Mcnally DC2591 
Alix, Kristen E., NP264 
Alix, Stephen N., MD1314 
Alizadehrabili, Azin, PA, PA-C462,1540 
Alkes, Ivan, MD2113 
Alkire, Norma A., MA2220 
Alkousakis, Theodore James, MD94,1216,1727 
Alkousakis, Theodore James, MD1738,2447 
All Colorado Podiatry Group1562,2532 
All Medical Inc1223,1294 
All Pro Physical Therapy1516,1522 
All Sports Physical Therapy2922 
All Sports Physical Therapy Pc2922 
All Star Physical Therapy18 
All Star Physical Therapy & Re1653 
All Star Pt1358,1522 
All Star Pt1653,1692 
All Star Therapy Inc23 
All State Home Health1748 
Allain, Michael W., BS, PT665 
Allan, Barbara J., BS, PT1978 
Allan, Barbara Joan, RPT, BS1978 
Allan, Cara S., MA1358 
Allan, William S., MD3152 
Allard, Jenny D., MD927 
Allard, Russell P., MA1567,1580 
Allbright, James R., MD1123 
Alldredge, Brooks R., OD656 
Alldredge, Jill Katherine, MD145,303,1284 
Alldredge, Jill Katherine, MD1421,2461 
Alldredge, Jill Katherine, MD2495 
Alldredge, Justin, PA-C462,1061 
Allen De Oliveira, Karina Grac462,2525 
Allen, Alison B., MD616 
Allen, Antoni A., MD3164 
Allen, Blaine J., BA264,950 
Allen, Blaine Jared, BA, NP264 
Allen, Danya C., PA-C, PA462 
Allen, Deeann M., MD1161 
Allen, Gregory C., MD338,386,731 


Allen, Gregory C., MD736 
Allen, James E., MD2120 
Allen, Kevin M., PA-C, PA1061 
Allen, Larry A., MD55,62,171 
Allen, Larry Alexander, MD55,62,171 
Allen, Lindsy Allen, DPM1701,1714 
Allen, Lorna L., NP264 
Allen, Melinda B., PT2136 
Allen, Michael H., MD505 
Allen, Michael Jared, MD1574 
Allen, Michael W., MPT1792,2267 
Allen, Michael W., MPT2620 
Allen, Michael, DO2660 
Allen, Micki, PhD496 
Allen, Robert P., MD150,155,534 
Allen, Robert P., MD552,913,915 
Allen, Robert P., MD1092,1097 
Allen, Robert P., MD1288,1291 
Allen, Robert P., MD1601,1628 
Allen, Robert P., MD1747,1748 
Allen, Robert P., MD1810,1834 
Allen, Shawn Bradford, MD94,98,99,581 
Allen, Shawn Bradford, MD633,634,635 
Allen, Shawn Bradford, MD685,711,759 
Allen, Shawn Bradford, MD1216,1221 
Allen, Shawn Bradford, MD1665,2701 
Allen, Shawn Bradford, MD2724 
Allen, Tammy M., MD2112,2113 
Allen, Tammy M., MD2119,2120 
Allen, Tiffany L., MA2378 
Aller Huggins, Maria G., CRNA1393,2072 
Allergy and Asthma Care and Pr2581 
Allergy and Asthma Clinic SC2106,2120 
Allergy and Asthma Clinic SC2137 
Allergy Asthma and Sinus Cente708,790,1152 
Allergy Asthma and Sinus Cente2943 
Allergy Asthma and Sinus Ctr L1152 
Allergy Partners of Colorado P1869,1894 
Allergy Partners of Colorado P2025,2149 
Allergy Partners of Colorado P2726,3029 
Alletag, Michelle Johnson, MD362,398 
Alley, Kendra L., MPT1522 
Allian Sauer, Marybeth Uriarte111,114,160 


Allian Sauer, Marybeth Uriarte171,695,697 
Allian Sauer, Marybeth Uriarte698,858,859 
Allian Sauer, Marybeth Uriarte1237,1239 
Allian Sauer, Marybeth Uriarte1298,1314 
Allian Sauer, Marybeth Uriarte2395,2401 
Allian Sauer, Marybeth Uriarte2405,2955 
Allian Sauer, Marybeth Uriarte2956,2966 
Allian Sauer, Marybeth Uriarte2969,3053 
Allian Sauer, Marybeth Uriarte3054,3058 
Allian Sauer, Marybeth Uriarte3100,3110 
Allian Sauer, Marybeth Uriarte3111,3114 
Allian Sauer, Marybeth Uriarte3115 
Allian Sauer, Marybeth, MD798,801,803 
Allian Sauer, Marybeth, MD891,892,919 
Allian Sauer, Marybeth, MD927,1237,1238 
Allian Sauer, Marybeth, MD1298,1314 
Allian Sauer, Marybeth, MD2451,2464 
Allian Sauer, Marybeth, MD2470,2883 
Allian Sauer, Marybeth, MD2889,2892 
Alliance Health Partners863,875 
Alliance Healthcare Services1357,1362 
Alliance Healthcare Services1601,1810 
Alliance Healthcare Services2086,2379 
Alliance Healthcare Services I1601,2975 
Alliance Healthcare Services I3069,3177 
Alliance of Therapy Specialist1792 
Alliance Physical Therapy1978,2198 
Alliance Physical Therapy2251 
Alliance Physical Therapy PC1978 
Allied Family Prosthetics Llc2658 
Allind, Leya T., PT454,1522,1792 
Allind, Leya T., PT2922 
Allison C Schatz Dpt Pl dba Si2080 
Allison Jr., Kenneth Stark, MD25,28,32,172 
Allison Jr., Kenneth Stark, MD253,534,552 
Allison Jr., Kenneth Stark, MD615,616,618 
Allison Jr., Kenneth Stark, MD619,772,774 
Allison Jr., Kenneth Stark, MD776,803,808 
Allison Jr., Kenneth Stark, MD823,829,854 
Allison Jr., Kenneth Stark, MD855,856,927 
Allison Jr., Kenneth Stark, MD948,1092,1097 
Allison Jr., Kenneth Stark, MD1314,1315 
Allison Jr., Kenneth Stark, MD1386,1601 
 ^ = No New WC, * = EPP Provider
 Index 6 


Provider Listing
Provider data last updated: 04/23/2020
Last Update: 04/23/2020

Allison Jr., Kenneth Stark, MD1628,1751 
Allison Jr., Kenneth Stark, MD1759,1760 
Allison Jr., Kenneth Stark, MD1810,1834 
Allison Jr., Kenneth Stark, MD1835,1936 
Allison Jr., Kenneth Stark, MD1949,2002 
Allison Jr., Kenneth Stark, MD2008,2067 
Allison Jr., Kenneth Stark, MD2068,2070 
Allison Jr., Kenneth Stark, MD2086,2094 
Allison Jr., Kenneth Stark, MD2176,2187 
Allison Jr., Kenneth Stark, MD2227,2240 
Allison Jr., Kenneth Stark, MD2272,2273 
Allison Jr., Kenneth Stark, MD2274,2275 
Allison Jr., Kenneth Stark, MD2286,2289 
Allison Jr., Kenneth Stark, MD2304,2307 
Allison Jr., Kenneth Stark, MD2318,2320 
Allison Jr., Kenneth Stark, MD2322,2327 
Allison Jr., Kenneth Stark, MD2329,2331 
Allison Jr., Kenneth Stark, MD2361,2365 
Allison Jr., Kenneth Stark, MD2379,2382 
Allison Jr., Kenneth Stark, MD2470,2484 
Allison Jr., Kenneth Stark, MD2485,2536 
Allison Jr., Kenneth Stark, MD2537,2554 
Allison Jr., Kenneth Stark, MD2594,2602 
Allison Jr., Kenneth Stark, MD2627,2635 
Allison Jr., Kenneth Stark, MD2754,2755 
Allison Jr., Kenneth Stark, MD2766,2806 
Allison Jr., Kenneth Stark, MD2807,2816 
Allison Jr., Kenneth Stark, MD2861,2862 
Allison Jr., Kenneth Stark, MD2865,2868 
Allison Jr., Kenneth Stark, MD2892,2899 
Allison Jr., Kenneth Stark, MD2930,2932 
Allison Jr., Kenneth Stark, MD3152,3158 
Allison Jr., Kenneth Stark, MD3177,3183 
Allison Jr., Kenneth Stark, MD3195,3196 
Allison Jr., Kenneth Stark, MD3201,3203 
Allison, Caitlin, PA-C2622 
Allison, Jordan E., PT1978 
Allison, Jordan Eugene, DPT1978 
Allison, Mandy A., MD398 
Allison, Virginia Stefanoudaki1773,2495 
Allrad Direct LLC1127 
Allrad Direct Provision Imagin2002 
Allred, Kenneth D., PhD1079,1088 


Allred, Nathon C., MD791,1161,1730 
Allred, Nathon C., MD2344,2873 
Allstar Sports Therapy and Reh18,2716 
Allyn, Paul, MD1315 
Allyn, Rebecca L., MD1315 
Almeida Trujillo, Erika Leann,2978 
Alonso Jeckell, Yaima, MD160,505 
Alonso, Carol A., MD633,694,711 
Alonso, Carol A., MD1216,2701 
Alonso, Carol A., MD3098 
Alonso, Guy Todd, MD373,398,2297 
Alonso, Guy Todd, MD2298,2509 
Alonso, Guy Todd, MD2511 
Alonza, Erica E., PA1798,2525 
Alonzo, Corrie J., MD1372,2364 
Alonzo, Erica E., PA-C462 
Alpine Anesthesia Professional625,1161,2873 
Alpine Chiropractic Center632 
Alpine Family Practice Pc124 
Alpine Living Center1296,1657 
Alpine Physical Therapy2681,2682 
Alpine Physical Therapy2693 
Alpine Physical Therapy And We2038 
Alpine Surgery Center2272,2273 
Alpine Womens Healthcare1773 
Alpogianis, Katherine, PA, PA-462 
Alqaqa A, Ahmad M., MD1172,1178 
Alqaqa A, Ahmad M., MD1181,1315 
Alsauskas, Zygimantas, MD235 
Alston, Meredith A., MD1421 
Alston, Meredith Anne, MD303,1421 
Alston, Venessa E., MSW877 
Alstot, Lauren Maree, PA-C462 
Alsum, Amy Joan, LCSW866,876,877 
Alsum, Amy Joan, LCSW990,1079,1106 
Alswang, Martin, MD160,233,357 
Alswang, Martin, MD362,2464,2482 
Alswang, Martin, MD2508,2509 
Alta Physical Therapy Pc663,681 
Alter Pandya, Amy S., DO2356 
Alter, Alison, FNP1401 
Alterman, Bryan Scott, CSW1912 
Alternative Behaviors Counseli1367,1756 


Alternative Therapy461 
Althouse, Michele A., PA-C2718 
Althouse, Michelle, PA-C748,2622,3173 
Altitude Family and Internal M2454 
Altitude Physical Therapy & Sp2373 
Altitude Physical Therapy & sS663,665 
Altitude Physical Therapy and 663,665,743 
Altitude Physical Therapy and 1790,1792 
Altitude Physical Therapy and 2681,2682 
Altitude Physical Therapy and 3168,3169 
Altitude Physical Therapy and 3186,3190 
Altitude Physical Therapy PC665 
Altman, Brian D., MD663,2080,2716 
Altman, Brian D., MD3027 
Altman, John D., MD1178,1181 
Altman, John D., MD1315,2040 
Altman, John D., MD2043,2391 
Altman, John D., MD2405,3095 
Altman, John D., MD3115 
Altman, Natasha L., MD55,62,172 
Altman, Natasha L., MD2281,2282 
Altman, Natasha L., MD2286,2440 
Altman, Natasha L., MD2442,2470 
Altman, Richard L., MD2594 
Altmin, Stephen C., MD1225,3099 
Altneu, Erika Mantayna, MD2401,2405 
Altneu, Katherine E., LAC1147 
Alvarado, Miguel, PA-C1540 
Alvarez, Corrie, MA1567,1580 
Alvarez, Enrique III, MD242,505,1381 
Alvarez, Enrique III, MD1574 
Alvarez, Raul, MD1747,1748 
Alvarez, Raul, MD1751,1756 
Alvarez, Sean A., BS1038 
Alvero, Ruben J., MD114,115,147 
Alvero, Ruben J., MD303,571,892 
Alvero, Ruben J., MD912,965,1101 
Alvero, Ruben J., MD1239,1284 
Alvero, Ruben J., MD1421,1653 
Alyaseen, Samer A., MD165,172,2594 
Alyaseen, Samer A., MD2595 
Amack, Emily K., ANP2490,2902 
Amacker, Brittany M., MSN, NP1401,2490 
 ^ = No New WC, * = EPP Provider
 Index 7 


Provider Listing
Provider data last updated: 04/23/2020
Last Update: 04/23/2020

Amacker, Lauren E., PA-C462 
Amador, Liberty C., MD841,842,1742 
Amador, Liberty C., MD1743 
Amador, Luis Felipe, MD2401,2405 
Amanda Conrad3119 
Amaral, Chrisopher Iii, PA, PA462,2301,2525 
Amarillo Kidney Specialists2063 
Amateau, Stuart Kevin, MD, PhD134,172,1275 
Amateau, Stuart Kevin, MD, PhD1315 
Amato, Hillary H., NP, BA264 
Amazing Care Home Health Servi158,159 
Ambardekar, Amrut V., MD55,62,172 
Ambardekar, Erin J., MD1493 
Amberwood Court Care Center1657 
Ambler, Andrew W., MD2892,2911 
Ambler, Dana Rose, DO1773,1856 
Ambrose, Ann R., MSN1401 
Ambrose, Christa E., DO636,3100 
Ambruso, Daniel R., MD150,155,216 
Ambruso, Daniel R., MD379 
Ambulatory Anesthesia Consulta1161,2873 
Ambulnz CO861 
Ambuske, Gregory A., DO721 
Amdurer, Zach, MD3100,3104 
Amdurer, Zachary E., PA-C3067 
Amend, Stephanie R., MD1161 
Amend, Stephanie Rene, MD1298 
Ament, Alexandra M., PhD514 
Ament, Michael Armand, MD78,242 
Amer, Jules, MD1493 
Americair of Colorado1223 
American Family Care (AFC) Urg854 
American Home Patient100,1127,1697 
American Home Patient2860 
American Oxygen Company1748 
American Pharmaceutical Servic2990 
American Renal Associates LLC10,612,1222 
American Renal Associates LLC2352,2394 
American Renal Associates LLC2658,2881 
American Renal Associates LLC3053,3098 
American Renal Associates LLC3142 
Americas Back and Neck Clinic 2620 
Ameridrug Laboratories2749,2761 


Ameripath Florida LLC1221,1355 
Ameripath SC Inc10,13,1221 
Ameripath SC Inc1601,2352 
Ameripath SC Inc2363,3142 
Ameripath SC Inc3155 
Ames Hodges, Michele J., PSYD2142 
AMI Rocky Mountain1440,1468 
AMI Rocky Mountain1601 
Amiel, Howard, MD701,846,1441 
Amiel, Howard, MD1777,3062 
Amigues, Isabelle AF, MD1654 
Amir, Mana Kouros, MD2352,2378 
Ammen, Sue, PhD514 
Ammirato, Samuel P., PhD1168,1190 
Ammirato, Samuel P., PhD1206,1222 
Ammirato, Samuel P., PhD1367,1580 
Ammon, Stefen M., MD1225,1226 
Ammons, John Timothy, MD1441 
Ammons, Mark A., MD1181,1281 
Ammons, Mark A., MD1680,1681 
Amoroso, Sarah A., DO1009 
Amos, Ankie Marie, MD1174 
Amos, Madison Elizabeth, Pa-C672,704,2375 
Amos, Margaret P., MD1421,1962 
Ampanattu, Sherin Daniel, MD2966 
Amsbaugh, Sean T., MD94,99,797 
Amsbaugh, Sean T., MD1216,1221 
Amsbaugh, Sean T., MD1738,1740 
Amsbaugh, Sean T., MD2040 
Amundsen, Erin Nicole, MS1722,1965 
Amundsen, Erin Nicole, MS1968,2199 
Amundsen, Erin Nicole, MS2201,2779 
Amundsen, Erin Nicole, MS2782 
Amundson, Jeffrey A., MD1252 
Amy Hill Physical Therapy and 2922 
Amy Rogge and Associates1436,2369 
Amy Rogge and Associates2499,2517 
Anain, Pamela V., BA264 
Ancheril, Tiffany L., MD3115,3126 
Anchor Physical Therapy PC744 


Anctil, Pierre J., OD974,3213 
Anda, Amber D., MPT, BS2209 
Andaya, Kimi L., DMD1213 
Anderberg, Jane R., PT3169 
Andersen, Craig A., CRNA1874,1951 
Andersen, Craig A., CRNA2190,2672 
Andersen, Craig A., CRNA2769 
Andersen, Craig H., MD2053 
Andersen, Ivy M., MD650,723,2670 
Andersen, Ivy M., MD2764,2898 
Andersen, Jamie M., MA3211,3216 
Andersen, Laura J., MSW1197 
Andersen, Megan L., NP1401 
Andersen, Randy P., LCSW1197 
Anderson Elder, Emily R., MD3196 
Anderson III, William Carl, MD39,352,1152 
Anderson III, William Carl, MD1476 
Anderson Kepler, Robin, MS1944,1995 
Anderson Oesder, Roberta P., M3065 
Anderson Reitz, Lowell A., MA1401,1567 
Anderson Wallace, Mary Anderso172 
Anderson, Ann C., MSW2838 
Anderson, Ann, NP1893,1956 
Anderson, Barbara E., MSN1401 
Anderson, Carole Michele, DO210,228,398 
Anderson, Carole Michele, DO1358,1369 
Anderson, Carole Michele, DO1493,1944 
Anderson, Carole Michele, DO1945,1946 
Anderson, Carole Michele, DO1974,2761 
Anderson, Carole Michele, DO2763,2788 
Anderson, Carrie S., MPT3169 
Anderson, Charles C., MD686,760,2386 
Anderson, Charles C., MD2696 
Anderson, Christi R., MSN1145 
Anderson, Christianna Mary Stu362,398,994 
Anderson, Christianna Mary Stu1009 
Anderson, Clark A., MD101,243 
Anderson, Clinton Mark, MD1601,2086 
Anderson, Clinton Mark, MD2423,3132 
Anderson, Danielle A., MD2314,3146 
Anderson, Danielle, PA-C1540 
Anderson, Debra Lou, PhD677 
Anderson, Dennis R., MA1079 
 ^ = No New WC, * = EPP Provider
 Index 8 


Provider Listing
Provider data last updated: 04/23/2020
Last Update: 04/23/2020

Anderson, Dustin J., MD742 
Anderson, Erick Duane, PA-C2025 
Anderson, Erik W., MD972 
Anderson, George M., MD2059 
Anderson, Gunnar J., DC2952 
Anderson, Harold W., PhD2031 
Anderson, Harry J., MD1009 
Anderson, Ian S., MD1896 
Anderson, James C., DPM1928,1993 
Anderson, James R., PA-C2993 
Anderson, James T M., DC840 
Anderson, Janean M., PhD1580 
Anderson, Janeen C., MD864,1730 
Anderson, Jennifer Anne, PT1522,3169 
Anderson, Jennifer J., PT1522 
Anderson, Jessica L., CNM, MSN260,264,1397 
Anderson, Jessica L., CNM, MSN1401,2605 
Anderson, Jessica L., MSN, APR1769,2328 
Anderson, Jessica L., MSN, APR2605,2771 
Anderson, Jessica L., MSN, APR3196 
Anderson, Joy G., OT, BS1436,1965 
Anderson, Joy G., OT, BS2199 
Anderson, Julia F., PT1886 
Anderson, Karen E., MA496 
Anderson, Katherine P., MD1241,1252 
Anderson, Kathleen R., CRNA2072 
Anderson, Kevin J., OD326,1967 
Anderson, Kirk M., MD604 
Anderson, Kristi Anne, MPT2682 
Anderson, Lara P., LCSW, MSW1197 
Anderson, Laura E., MSW80 
Anderson, Lauren R., MD398,1009,1493 
Anderson, Leighton M., CRNA1393 
Anderson, Magdalene M., RNP2126 
Anderson, Malcolm, DO1479,1493 
Anderson, Malcolm, DO1785,1787 
Anderson, Margaret Rose, MD1191,1574 
Anderson, Mark E., MD1493 
Anderson, Marsha, MD165,383,398 
Anderson, Marsha, MD1310,1485 
Anderson, Marsha, MD1493 
Anderson, Mary Renee, BS1436,1522 
Anderson, Maureen S., PA, PA-C21,462,819 


Anderson, Maureen S., PA, PA-C1540,1890 
Anderson, Maureen S., PA, PA-C2526,2684 
Anderson, Maureen S., PA, PA-C3067 
Anderson, Megan Brooke, MD394,581,582 
Anderson, Megan, NP1893 
Anderson, Melanie Anicee, PA-C3067 
Anderson, Michael W., MD2448,2882 
Anderson, Nicole M., NP950 
Anderson, Nila M., MA2836 
Anderson, Peter Eugene, MD864 
Anderson, Rachael M., MSW80 
Anderson, Renee D., CRNA259,949,1393 
Anderson, Renee D., CRNA2900 
Anderson, Robert James, MD115,143,165 
Anderson, Robert James, MD172,235,1239 
Anderson, Robert James, MD1282,1310 
Anderson, Robert James, MD1315,1374 
Anderson, Robert Scott, MD1922,3192 
Anderson, Robert Scott, MD, DP124,133,494 
Anderson, Robert Scott, MD, DP842,851,1922 
Anderson, Robert Scott, MD, DP1928,1993 
Anderson, Sarah J., MS2771 
Anderson, Stacy Meredith, CNS,78,264,496 
Anderson, Thomas M., MD, DO124,233,399 
Anderson, Thomas M., MD, DO578,799,807 
Anderson, Thomas M., MD, DO817,835,1252 
Anderson, Thomas M., MD, DO1373,1493 
Anderson, Thomas M., MD, DO1661,1743 
Anderson, Thomas M., MD, DO1757,1787 
Anderson, Thomas M., MD, DO1857,2454 
Anderson, Thomas M., MD, DO2482,2512 
Anderson, Thomas M., MD, DO2571,2588 
Anderson, Thomas M., MD, DO2600,2618 
Anderson, Thomas M., MD, DO2643,2743 
Anderson, Thomas M., MD, DO2745,2764 
Anderson, Thomas M., MD, DO2771,2782 
Anderson, Thomas M., MD, DO2788,2826 
Anderson, Thomas Michael, DO1920,1922 
Anderson, Thomas Michael, DO1956,1968 
Anderson, Thomas Michael, DO2015,2165 
Anderson, Thomas Michael, DO2166,2191 
Anderson, Thomas Michael, DO2201,2253 
Anderson, Thomas Michael, DO2744,2745 


Anderson, Thomas Michael, DO2771,2782 
Anderson, Thomas Michael, DO2826 
Anderson, Thomas Michael, DO, 124,125,239 
Anderson, Thomas Michael, DO, 578,1922,1947 
Anderson, Thomas Michael, DO, 2015 
Anderson, Tiffany R., PA-C2526 
Anderson, Tonya K., MD1703 
Anderson, Tracey A., MSN1957,2771 
Anderson, Tracey Anne, NP2771 
Anderson, Travis C., MD2835 
Anderson, Travis F., OD1448,2076 
Anderson, Travis F., OD2131 
Anderson, Valerie J., PSYD1088 
Anderson, Whitney Morse, NP1298,1401 
Anderson, William D., DC2700,2713 
Anderson, William, MD1174,1178 
Anderson, William, MD1181,1476 
Anderson, William, MD2107,2108 
Anderson, William, MD2133,3138 
Anderson, William, MD3139,3167 
Anderson-Elder, Emily R., MD3192 
Andersson, Nancy B., MA2533 
Andorsky, David J., MD643,648,679 
Andrade, Taylor C., PT2517 
Andrea, Bruce, MD1695,1696 
Andreoli, Damara B., CNM, BS260 
Andreoli, Lindsey A., BA, NP1401,1402 
Andreoli, Philip R., DO1315 
Andres, Kathryn S., MSW80,1197 
Andresen Arthur, Mary S., MD1493 
Andrew M Lieber1493,1787 
Andrew M Lieber2512 
Andrews, Darci, BS, PT2209 
Andrews, Francine G., MD7,18,623,662 
Andrews, Francine G., MD1152,1493 
Andrews, Francine G., MD1728,1788 
Andrews, Francine G., MD2060,2079 
Andrews, Francine G., MD2343,2372 
Andrews, Francine G., MD2388,2417 
Andrews, Francine G., MD2436,2512 
Andrews, Francine G., MD3092,3126 
Andrews, Janette J., MD147,303 
Andrews, Jill Denise, BS, OTR1140,2369 
 ^ = No New WC, * = EPP Provider
 Index 9 


Provider Listing
Provider data last updated: 04/23/2020
Last Update: 04/23/2020

Andrews, Jill Denise, BS, OTR2675,3123 
Andrews, Karen, PhD496 
Andrews, Lynn, MD1493 
Andrews, Marley Elizabeth, MSW1197 
Andrews, Rhianna Renee, LCSW, 575 
Andrews, Sasha E., MD210,303,1358 
Andrews, Sasha E., MD1422 
Andrews, Tracey, MSW1197 
Andrianakos, Rosemary George, 1241,1253 
Andrick, Rebecca M., DO1253,1651 
Andringa, Pamela Bollinger, MS665 
Andrus, James P., MD993,1479 
Andruski, Heidi Lynn, BA1768 
Anesthesia and Pain Management2944,2985 
Anesthesia Associates of The F1161,2437 
Anesthesia Associates of The R43,692,1161 
Anesthesia Associates of The R2873 
Ang, Julian C., PhD1567,1580 
Angel, Jose Manuel, MD625,2344,2389 
Angel, Jose Manuel, MD2698,3093 
Angel, Luke J., PT, DPT1710 
Angela, Callaway, BA1957 
Angeletti, Kaitlyn Nicole, PA-2925 
Angelic Hands Inc1128 
Anger, Michael S., MD1152,1375 
Angerman, Anne Gottlieb, MSW1197 
Angerstein, Jenna L., NP, MS264 
Angland, Katherine F., MSN2709 
Anglund, Dana C., DO1385 
Animas Surgical Hospital1701 
Animas Surgical Occupational M1707 
Animas Valley Audiology Associ1695 
Anisimova, Elena, MD1315 
Anisimova, Yelena, MD1315 
Anna Hayes Speech Therapist In3214 
Annam, Aparna R., DO390,399,552 
Annam, Aparna R., DO1005,1009 
Annam, Aparna R., DO1097 
Annen, Kyle Michelle, DO348,399 
Annest, Stephen J., MD1281,1665 
Annest, Stephen J., MD1687 
Annett, Robert D., PhD514 
Anoff, Debra L., MD172 


Anouna, Sam H., MD718,1275,3057 
Anova Cancer Care2610 
Anschutz Cancer Pavillion344 
Anschutz Outpatient Pavillion41,344 
Ansell, Richard Chad, DPT1038,1039 
Ansell, Richard Chad, DPT2080,2849 
Anselmi, Edwin T., MD842 
Anson, Elaine E., PA-C, PA462 
Anstett, Tyler Jerome, DO172 
Antar, Annukka A., MD1934 
Antell, Andrew Gordon, MD648,679 
Antenucci, Krista L., DO2100 
Anthony, Bruno J., PhD514 
Anthony, Craig L., MD3017,3054 
Anthony, Craig L., MD3100 
Anthony, Karen Diane, MD990 
Anthony, Laura G., PhD514 
Anthony, Rachel N., MSN265,950 
Antolini, Christopher R., MD1315,1654 
Antolini, Christopher R., MD2595,2642 
Anton Schnell, Kristina A., MD643,644,2665 
Anton Schnell, Kristina A., MD2666 
Antonelli, Lara M., PA-C1540,1987 
Antonelli, Lara M., PA-C3067 
Antoniana Health Care LLC1294 
Antuna, Barbara A., MD2448 
Aparicio, Elizabeth M., MD1773 
Apel, Nicole A., PA-C462 
Apex Emergency Group PC1226,2701 
Apex Emergency Group PC3099 
Apex Family Medicine1253 
Apex Pathology Professional2417 
Apex Pathology Professional Co733,1471,2417 
Apex Pathology Professional Co2713,3125 
Apex Physical Therpy744,757 
Apexnetwork Physical Therapy3040 
Apkon, Susan D., MD345,392,399 
Apkon, Susan D., MD450,576,989 
Apkon, Susan D., MD1006,1009 
Apkon, Susan D., MD1034,1104 
Apkon, Susan D., MD1468,1469 
Apkon, Susan D., MD1490,1493 
Apkon, Susan D., MD1516,1660 


Apollo Internal Medicine1159,1241 
APP-Unipath LLC990,1159,1471 
APP-UniPath, LLC1355,1471 
Appel, Alicia L., MD1315 
Appel, Kristine L., MD1298,1493 
Appenzeller, Martin, MD786,816,990 
Appenzeller, Martin, MD992,2913,2914 
Appiah, Leslie Ayensu, MD303,399 
Appiah, Leslie C., MD37,303,399 
Apple, Benjamin D., MD1298,1493 
Apple, Benjamin D., MD2889,2917 
Apple, David G., DO2702,2724 
Apple, Joshua Y., MD1966,2780 
Applebee, Michael W., PT1039 
Applegate, Larissa A., MD2512,3168 
Appleman, John, DC1192 
Appleton Clinic2113 
Appleton, Sarah Jerome, MD304,1422 
Applewood Acupuncture1147 
Applewood Living Center2665,2694 
Apria Health Care Inc3,1740,1748 
Apria Health Care Inc1749,2067 
Apria Health Care Inc2119,2173 
Apria Health Care Inc2174,2463 
Apria Health Care Inc2464,2704 
Apria Health Care Inc2705,2752 
Apria Health Care Inc2753,2965 
Apria Healthcare883,916,918 
Apria Healthcare1223,1698 
Apria Healthcare2110,3217 
Apria Healthcare3218 
Apria Healthcare Littleton Sha2463 
Apria Healthcare LLC2447,2448 
Apria Healthcare LLC2701,2741 
Apria Healthcare LLC2954,2965 
Apria Home Health Care Alamosa
April, Carolyn Wills, MD3110,3115 
Aptekar, Donald W., MD1422 
Aquatics Center CSSC1039 
Aquila, Emily Catherine, DO3100 
Aracea Womens Care1422,1467 
Aracea Womens Care1692 
Aragon, Harry J., NP2979 
 ^ = No New WC, * = EPP Provider
 Index 10 


Provider Listing
Provider data last updated: 04/23/2020
Last Update: 04/23/2020

Arapahoe Endoscopy Center2452 
Arapahoe Internal Medicine2470 
Arapahoe Medical Plaza III Rad2506,2537 
Arapahoe Peak Physical Therapy1882 
Arapahoe Womens Care2437,2495 
Arapahoe Womens Care2506 
Araujo, Daniele Ramos, MSW, LC1197 
Arava Geva Counseling LLC2109,2124 
Arbini, Kamber L., PT1039 
Arboleda, Nicole R., MD1161 
Arbor Family Medicine1253,3104 
Arbouet, Sascha, MD1574 
Arbuckle, Harvey Alan, MD94,95,360 
Arbuckle, Harvey Alan, MD1216,1480 
Arbuckle, Justin H., MD1441 
Archabal Lee, Shannon D., MD1253 
Archambault, Marie X., LPC1567 
Archambault, Mark L., MS1039,2037 
Archard, John J., MD1298,2359 
Archdale Eye Care1119 
Archdale Eyecare PC1119 
Archdale Optometry Corporation974 
Archdale, Theodore W., OD974 
Archdale, Theodore William, OD974 
Archer, Amy J., DO2050,2113 
Archer, Deborah M., MD1974,2206 
Archer, Julia K., LSW, PhD1197 
Archer, Steven M., MD3146 
Archibald, David J., MD815,821,986 
Archibald, David J., MD1077 
Archibald, Julie Ann, PA-C1540 
Archuleta, Charlene, BA, NP, A1402 
Archuleta, Chope T., MD2341 
Archuleta, James S., NP2979 
Archuleta, Travis Dean, MD2964,2975 
Ardeljan, Adriana S., DO767,2035 
Arebalos, Kirsten U., MA2220 
Aref, Mohammed H., MD239 
Arellano, Anneke K., MD1920 
Arellano, Charleanea M., PhD706 
Arend, William P., MD573,1654 
Arends, Gregory N., MD663,742,2373 
Arends, Gregory N., MD2681,2790 


Arends, Jaclyn C., MD450,742,1516 
Arenson Jr., Edward B., MD1484,1786 
Arete Surgical Center2326,2329 
Arfsten, Gregory A., MD2512 
Argenti, Melissa M., BS, OTR317 
Argo, Tanya, MD791,1161,2344 
Argo, Tanya, MD2582,2873 
Arguello, Peter A., MA2220 
Argus of Colorado Inc1294,2752 
Arhelger, Erik J., MD897,898,2845 
Arias Anesthesia PLLC2650 
Arias, Eric, MD1758,1759 
Arias, Eric, MD1760 
Ariola Tirella, Rishi, MD644,2464 
Arja, Tarek T., DO858,2113 
Ark Valley Therapy Inc770 
Arkansas Valley Accumed2859 
Arkansas Valley Regional Medic2340,2341 
Arkansas Valley Regional Medic2342,2343 
Arkansas Valley Surgery Center785 
Arland, Lesley C., PA462 
Armano, Nicholas M., PA-C2058 
Armbrust, Douglas W., MD1601,1628 
Armbrust, Douglas W., MD2227,2240 
Armelino Physical Therapy Inc1522 
Armendariz, Barbara A., LCSW, 2062 
Armendariz, Barbara A., MSW1197 
Armentano, Stephanie, MSW1696 
Armento, Aubrey M., MD329,337,399 
Armento, Aubrey M., MD1453,1461 
Armento, Aubrey M., MD1493 
Armour, Grant A., MD2050 
Armstrong II, John D., MD1601 
Armstrong Wells, Jennifer Leig71,243 
Armstrong, Alix L., PA462 
Armstrong, April W., MD95,1216 
Armstrong, Cheryl A., MD95,1216 
Armstrong, Christopher A., PA-3083 
Armstrong, Ehrin J., MD1174,1178 
Armstrong, Ehrin J., MD1181,1315 
Armstrong, Ehrin Johnson, MD55,60,62,172 
Armstrong, John Preston, MD43 
Armstrong, Kiersten A., PT1039 


Armstrong, Leslie L., MD101,797,2448 
Armstrong, Leslie L., MD2659 
Armstrong, Lucas A., DPT744,1522,2080 
Armstrong, Lucas A., DPT3065 
Armstrong, Mallory E., PA-C1540 
Armstrong, Noel E., DPM2055,2058 
Armstrong, Paula M., NP1402 
Arner, Justin W., MD1724,2045 
Arner, Justin W., MD3080 
Arnett, David M., MD3011 
Arnett, Donna, MD791,1161,1730 
Arnett, Donna, MD2344,2582 
Arnett, Donna, MD2873,2874 
Arnett, Kelly R., MD2454,2464 
Arnette, Virginia D., PT18,665,2717 
Arnholz, Deirdre, MD399 
Arnim, Katherine A., PA-C463 
Arnold II, Charles O., MD846,1441 
Arnold, Brook L., MD2151,2344 
Arnold, Brook L., MD2698 
Arnold, Danielle Plattenburg, 399,1493 
Arnold, Ginger L., PhD1580,1737 
Arnold, Ginger L., PhD1804,1884 
Arnold, Jennifer Wedel, MD842 
Arnold, Mary Norine, PA-C1884 
Arnold, Michael A., MD387 
Arnold, Patrick D., MD1441,1665 
Arnold, Patrick D., MD1687,1966 
Arnold, Patrick D., MD2016,2022 
Arnold, Sarah Y., PA-C1125 
Arnsberger, M. S., DO715,2356 
Aron, Anthony Eugene, MD2166 
Aron, Elisabeth Anne, MD304,1422 
Aronoff, Rebecca S., PA2268 
Aronovitz, Benjamin A., MD1602,1628 
Aronovitz, Teresa Lynn, BS665 
Aronow -Frieden, Emily, PT665,2373,2682 
Aronson, Preston P., DC76,1192 
Arora, Pratheep, MD927 
Arpin, Kellie Hancock, MD43 
Arrambide, Kathryn A., MD769,2433,3012 
Arrambide, Kathryn A., MD3013,3091 
Arreguin, Elisabeth M., MS1397 
 ^ = No New WC, * = EPP Provider
 Index 11 


Provider Listing
Provider data last updated: 04/23/2020
Last Update: 04/23/2020

Arrera, Debora Kay, MS, MSN2282,2290 
Arrera, Debora Kay, MS, MSN2304,2445 
Arrera, Debora Kay, MS, MSN2491,2533 
Arrera, Debora Kay, MS, MSN2585,2605 
Arrera, Debora Kay, MS, MSN2625 
Arrigo, Ann Marie, MD1422 
Arruda, Jaime Suzanne, MD145,147,304 
Arruda, Jaime Suzanne, MD642,653,1284 
Arruda, Jaime Suzanne, MD1422,2285 
Arruda, Jaime Suzanne, MD2291,2461 
Arruda, Jaime Suzanne, MD2495 
Arthur, James W., MD1315 
Arthur, Jeffrey A., DO329,1779 
Arthur, Katherine, PA-C1798,2083 
Artist, Ricky L., MD3055 
Artman, Merrilynn J., MSN1402 
Artmann, Amy Louisa, MSN260,265 
Aruni Babu, Bhavith B., MD2949 
Aruni, Bhavith B., MD2949 
Arvada Emergency & Urgent Care10,24 
Arvada Sport and Spine Group9,19 
Arvinte, Christian T., MD1208,1298 
Arvinte, Christian T., MD1590 
Asad, Juhi, DO2100,3188 
Asadi, Shahram D., DO1935,1936 
Asadi, Shahram D., DO2174,2176 
Asadi, Shahram D., DO2327 
Asakura, Yuki, NP3097 
Asan, Kelly P., MD864 
Asap Diagnostics2477 
Asay, Mark S., MD2691 
Asbee, Shelly Marie, MD965 
ASC Lone Tree1728,1783 
Ascend Physical Therapy PC1039 
Ascent Orthotics And Prosthest1223 
Ascent Physical Therapy613,2515,2517 
Ascent Respiratory Care1740 
Ascent Surgery Center LLC861 
Ascent Therapy Clinic2517,2569 
Ascent Therapy Clinic Denver1522 
Ascent Therapy Clinics2517 
Aschenbrenner, Mallori B., OD326,2502,2909 
Aschner, Yael Blair, MD172,525 


Ash, Jordan J., MD2344 
Ash, Kenneth HOGELAND, MD3201 
Ash, Michael Jerome, MD3076 
Ashar, Tom, MD1226 
Ashbeck, Gerard A., DO885,898,1226 
Ashbeck, Gerard A., DO1253,2282 
Ashbeck, Gerard A., DO2284,2448 
Ashbeck, Gerard A., DO2454 
Ashby, Bethany D., PSYD514 
Ashby, Derek W., OD2983 
Ashby, Drew Corydon, MD125,1253 
Ashby, Kevin H., MD2663 
Ashcraft, Amelia Joy, PA-C463 
Asher, Shirley J., PhD1580 
Asher, Zachary P., PA, PA-C463 
Asherin, Jessica P., MS1540 
Asherin, Jessica P., PA-C, PA463,2526 
Asherov, Lev, MD2969 
Ashley, Judi L., MA622,1140,1142 
Ashley, Judi L., MA2669,2689 
Ashley, June Marie, PhD1581 
Ashley, Rhonda M., MSW80 
Ashmore, Roger C., MD1870,1871 
Ashmore, Roger C., MD1873,1876 
Ashmore, Roger C., MD1906,1907 
Ashmore, Roger C., MD1908,1936 
Ashmore, Roger C., MD1973,2027 
Ashmore, Roger C., MD2030,2033 
Ashmore, Roger C., MD2156,2157 
Ashmore, Roger C., MD2176,2205 
Ashmore, Roger C., MD2734,2735 
Ashmore, Roger C., MD2755,2787 
Ashmore, Roger C., MD3031,3035 
Ashmore, Roger C., MD3039,3221 
Ashmore, Roger C., MD3223,3224 
Ashok Pc861,2943 
Ashter, Yekaterina, PA-C1540 
Ashton, Alex, PA-C672,2375,2685 
Ashton, Douglas W., PT2991 
Ashton, Kelly M., BS1039 
Ashwood, Edward R., MD79 
Ashwood, Edward Ross, MD79 
Ashymov, Rakaht Ishenbekovich,2137 


Askenazi, Morris M., MD1241,1253 
Asleson, Russell J., MD1092,2853 
Asocar, Aliza J., LCSW, MSW1197 
Asolati, Massimo, MD1107,1665 
Aspen Center87,344,604 
Aspen Creek CSSC988,1034,1039 
Aspen Creek Family Medicine2884 
Aspen Crest Health2873,2897 
Aspen Emergency Physicians25 
Aspen Family Care2284,2454 
Aspen Hearing Ctr Pc1169 
Aspen living Center1102 
Aspen Medical Clinic2755,2761 
Aspen Orthopaedic Associates27,28 
Aspen Park Pediatrics Pc1124 
Aspen Ridge ENT2046,2416 
Aspen Ridge ENT3125 
Aspen Speech Therapy and Rehab2013 
Aspen Sports Medicine27 
Aspen Valley Hospital27,28 
Asplund, Sheryl L., MD1157,1195 
Aspromonte, Cynthia, BA, NP1402 
Asquith, Stephen B., DC1911 
Assini, Joseph B., MD1779,2293 
Assini, Joseph B., MD2502 
Assoc in Family Medicine Eliza1922 
Associates For Psychotherapy a2948 
Associates for Wellness1080 
Associates In Eye Care1448 
Associates in Family Eyecare P2781 
Associates In Family Medicine 1922 
Associates In Gastroenterology863,906,990 
Associates in General and Vasc910,1107,1114 
Associates in Obstetrics and G965 
Associates in PT Fort Collins1978 
Associates In Womens Care Pc965 
Associates Of Otolaryngology1462,2614 
Astor, Elaine T., MD898 
Astorino, Meghan, PA-C463 
Asturias, Edwin J., MD165,166,383 
Asturias, Edwin J., MD399,927,1002 
Asturias, Edwin J., MD1009 
Atcherley, Elsa I., MA2220 
 ^ = No New WC, * = EPP Provider
 Index 12 


Provider Listing
Provider data last updated: 04/23/2020
Last Update: 04/23/2020

Atchie, Benjamin N., MD1760,1810 
Atchie, Benjamin N., MD1835 
Atchie, Benjamin Neil, MD, DO1760,1810 
Atchie, Benjamin Neil, MD, DO1835,1949 
Atchie, Benjamin Neil, MD, DO2002,2008 
Atchie, Benjamin Neil, MD, DO2187,2227 
Atchie, Benjamin Neil, MD, DO2240,2273 
Atchie, Benjamin Neil, MD, DO2274,2275 
Atchie, Benjamin Neil, MD, DO2328,2330 
Atchie, Benjamin Neil, MD, DO2331,2766 
Atchie, Benjamin Neil, MD, DO2807,2816 
Atchie, Benjamin Neil, MD, DO3196,3201 
Atchie, Benjamin Neil, MD, DO3203 
Atencio, Stephanie R., MD3076 
ATG Rehab3191 
ATG Rehabilitation Inc2110,2119 
Atha, James C., CRNA1874 
Atherholt Jr., Gary Michael, P463,1798,2301 
Atherholt Jr., Gary Michael, P2526 
Atherholt, Allison Sachiko, PA1061 
Atherton, Allison J., PT, DPT1039 
Atherton, Stacy M., DPM1562,2219 
Atherton, Stacy M., DPM2688 
Athey, George R., MD1086 
Atkins, Fred Mcdaniel, MD39,352,399 
Atkins, Fred Mcdaniel, MD1152,1476 
Atkins, Fred Mcdaniel, MD1493 
Atkins, Glenda T., MSN2435 
Atkins, Julia K., MD2064 
Atkins, Steven Michael, DPM752,1562,1803 
Atkins, Steven Michael, DPM2304,2532 
Atkinson Jr., Leigh O., MD3137 
Atkinson, James, DO778,790,862 
Atkinson, James, DO1694,2872 
Atkinson, James, DO2943 
Atkinson, Monte E., PhD629,633,649 
Atkinson, Monte E., PhD662,675,677 
Atlas Home Health1294 
Atluri, Sai, MD720,802,919 
Atluri, Sai, MD1298,2464 
Atluri, Sai, MD2705,2889 
Atri, Ashutosh, MD505 
Attoma Mathews, Colleen M., MS1197 


Attoma Mathews, Colleen, MSW1197 
Attwell, Augustin Rawlins, MD134,172,1275 
Attwell, Augustin Rawlins, MD1315 
Atwell, Mary L., MS1995 
Atwell, Robert L., PSYD1581 
Atwood, Thomas C., DPM1993,2219 
Atwood, Thomas C., DPM2802,3220 
Audiological Consultants I1733,1751 
Audiology and HAC of Grand Jun2107,2120 
Audubon CSSC1034,1039 
Audubon CSSC1101 
Audubon Orthotics and Prosthet986,1104 
Audubon Surgery Center862 
Auer, Megan M., NP, MSN2672 
Auerbach, Scott R., MD54,55,353 
Auerbach, Scott Robert, MD55,353 
Auerhan, Lee Anne, MD3137 
Augspurger, Richard R., MD1683 
Augustat, Betty A., BS2499 
Augustine, Stephanie R., MD1242,1253 
Augustitus, Virginia Karen, MD2405 
Ault, Christine M., MA1080 
Ault, Krista L., MD1699,1700 
Aurora Community Mental Health36,80,209 
Aurora Community Mental Health317,496,497 
Aurora Community Mental Health504,505,513 
Aurora Community Mental Health514 
Aurora Community Mental Health36,80,209 
Aurora Community Mental Health317,496,497 
Aurora Community Mental Health504,505,514 
Aurora Denver Cardiology Assoc62,1181,2442 
Aurora Denver Cardiology Assoc2878 
Aurora Denver Medical Clinic P172 
Aurora Endoscopy122 
Aurora Endoscopy Center41 
Aurora Family Medicine Ctr Pc125 
Aurora Family Practice Group125 
Aurora Pediatric Associates399,1493,2917 
Auster, Alison, MD1493 
Austill, Bryan S., PhD691 
Austill, Siri E., MSW2159 
Austin Caldwell, Gaila Joy, OD326,2430 
Austin, Andrew R., PA-C1061 


Austin, Gregory L., MD134,172,1275 
Austin, Gregory L., MD1315,2459 
Austin, Gregory L., MD2470,2590 
Austin, Gregory L., MD2595 
Austin, Heather J., PA-C, PA463,1540,3083 
Austin, Joanna R., PT1522 
Austin, Leslie P., MD362,399 
Austin, Lorie A., PA-C2685 
Austin, Michael Arthur, PA-C1540 
Austin, Nathan L., PT1978 
Austin, Wendy J., MD1870,1871 
Austin, Wendy J., MD1873,1905 
Austin, Wendy J., MD1908,1936 
Austin, Wendy J., MD1937,2155 
Austin, Wendy J., MD2157,2176 
Austin, Wendy J., MD2732,2735 
Austin, Wendy J., MD2755,3022 
Austin, Wendy J., MD3023,3025 
Austin, Wendy J., MD3030,3031 
Austin, Wendy J., MD3035 
Auston, Darryl A., MD1122,1453 
Avalanche Physical Therapy690,1693,3019 
Avallone, Michael Anthony, MD604,1683 
Avalon, Celeste J., MA13,648 
Avamere Transitional Care and 707 
Avamere Transitional Care and 1657 
Avamere Transitional Care and 2858 
Avanesyan, Armine, MD2969 
Avant, Todd James, MD1742,1743 
Aven, Brandon A., CRNA2104 
Averitt, Travis M., MD2113 
Avery, Eli Blinn, MS1957 
Avery, Jessica M., LSW80 
Aviation and Occupational Medi1566 
Avidane, Julia B., PT2136 
Avila, Carolina, MSW, LCSW1197 
Avista Adventist Hospital744,1291,1522 
Avista Adventist Hospital2501,2697 
Avista Adventist Hospital2699,2700 
Avista Adventist Hospital2701,2704 
Avista Adventist Hospital2705,2706 
Avista Adventist Hospital2707,2710 
Avista Adventist Hospital2711,2713 
 ^ = No New WC, * = EPP Provider
 Index 13 


Provider Listing
Provider data last updated: 04/23/2020
Last Update: 04/23/2020

Avista Adventist Hospital2714,2723 
Avista Adventist Hospital2889 
Avista Brain & Spine Institute2707 
Avista Emergency Physicians Pc2701 
Avista Family Medicine637,715,1866 
Avista Family Medicine2356 
Avista Family Medicine-Boulder624,636 
Avista Family Medicine-Gunbarr624,636 
Avista Hospital744,1039,1522 
Avista Internal Medicine644,2344,2361 
Avista Surgery Center624 
Avista Therapy Clinic742,757,2716 
Avista Therapy Clinic2717,2723 
Avner, David B., MD101,712,2282 
Avner, David B., MD2448 
Avner, Marc T., MD2917 
Avner, Susan E., MSW1737 
Avon Emergency and Urgent Care614 
Avon Medical Center612,613,614 
Avon Urgent Care Center614 
Avrin, Sara, PhD514 
Awadallah, Nida S., MD122,125,1242 
Awadallah, Nida S., MD1253 
Axelrod, Joseph R., MD15,3161 
Axelrod, Kimberlee S., PT665 
Axford, Brandi L., MSN, NP950 
Ayaba Apawu, Alvis T., PhD2220 
Aycock, Joyce K., MD491,596 
Ayer, Nathan R., MD2755 
Ayers, Kennisha N., PA-C463,1540 
Ayers, Tracey J., MA2533 
Ayres, Jennifer L., MD534,1602 
Ayyar, Sandhya C., MD166,2594 
Azabdaftari, Gissou, MD41,94,348 
Azabdaftari, Gissou, MD1157,1213 
Azabdaftari, Gissou, MD1471 
Azam, Muhammad Fareedul, MD87 
Azar, Camille George, MD2962 
Azeltine, Ryan T., DC875 



Baack, Brad R., MD1915 
Baack, Bret R., MD1993,2801 
Babaei, Arash, MD1275 
Babayan, Lisa M., PA-C463,2301 
Babayan, Lisa Marie, PA463,2526 
Babb, Kendall Ann, MS, BA265 
Babbel, Dan M., PT2136 
Babcock Gilbert, Sara A., MD1422 
Babcock, Amanda O., MD11,1253 
Babcock, Mark E., MSW80 
Babcock, Sue Am, BA265,950 
Babcock, Terra Lachel, PA-C2213,2795 
Babnic, Filip, MD2119 
Babu, Ashok N., MD582,599,601 
Babu, Ashok N., MD1665,1680 
Babu, Ashok N., MD1681 
Baca, Brandon G., OT, PT, MPT3075 
Baca, Christine B., MD243 
Baca, Edwin L., MD122 
Bacak, Brian S., MD2588 
Bacalis, Bree, FNP2191 
Bach, Allan W., MD912,977 
Bach, Ian S., MD3054,3055 
Bacharach, Kimberly J., PA-C, 672 
Bachelder, Gloria Patricia, MD1743 
Bachenberg, Beatrice M., MSN2192,2771 
Bachman, Effie, PT1522 
Bachman, James J., MD2042,2044 
Bachman, Laura, BS968 
Bachmann, Peter M., MD2657 
Bachus, Kevin, MD1931,1962 
Bachus, Kevin, MD2013 
Back and Conditioning Clinic3162,3169 
Back and Conditioning Clinic3187 
Back and Sports Injury Physica1522 
Back In Action Physical Therap1882 
Back On Track Physical Therapy2209,2825 
Back Surgery Alternatives679 


Back To Action PT LLC2373,2716 
Back To Action PT LLC2717 
Back To Motion1522 
Back To Normal Physical Therap1522 
Back Wellness Ctr1736 
Back, Dawn R., BS1719 
Backer, Tammi M., NP1402 
Backstrom, Karen Maloney, PT, 95,399,454 
Backup, Linda D., MD2655,2666 
Backus, Jonathon D., MD3147,3164 
Bacon, Jeffrey Lance, DO3033 
Bacon, Patrick D., MD1191 
Bacon, Samantha D., PA-C, PA463 
Bader, Samantha, LCSW, MSW1197 
Badesch, David B., MD87,173,525 
Badlam, Jessica B., MD87,173,525 
Baduashvili, Amiran, MD173 
Baer, Bryan G., MD2066,2100 
Baer, Bryan G., MD2101,2102 
Baer, Bryan G., MD2664,2695 
Baer, Bryan G., MD2696,2697 
Baer, Bryan G., MD3148,3188 
Baer, Bryan G., MD3189,3190 
Baer, Daniel W., DO1034 
Baer, David A., MD1858 
Baer, Heather R., MD450,663,1516 
Baer, John H., DC1736 
Baer, Robert M., MD1968,2202 
Baer, Robert M., MD2782 
Baez, David C., MD173 
Baeza, Cheryl A., MSW3137,3138 
Baeza, Cheryl A., MSW3141,3142 
Baeza, Cheryl A., MSW3148 
Bagan, McKenna A., NP1402 
Bagby, Anna C., MD1922 
Bagley, Anjuli R., MD553,1628 
Bagley, Jack R., MD2144 
Bagley, Jack Ryan, MD2144 
Bagley, Michael C., DO1453,3039 
Bagnall, Kerri Michelle, MD1009 
Bahr, Paolo Juan, DO892,909 
Bahrych, Sharon, PA-C463,1540 
Baier, Michael J., DO101 
 ^ = No New WC, * = EPP Provider
 Index 14 


Provider Listing
Provider data last updated: 04/23/2020
Last Update: 04/23/2020

Bailey, Amy C., MD1974 
Bailey, Dennis R., DDS1738,1778 
Bailey, Frank A., MD1282,1296 
Bailey, Frank A., MD1315 
Bailey, Frank Amos, MD159,173 
Bailey, Grant J., MD794,803,1181 
Bailey, Grant J., MD1315,2442 
Bailey, Grant J., MD2470,2878 
Bailey, Grant J., MD2892 
Bailey, Katrina M., PA-C672,748,2375 
Bailey, Katrina M., PA-C2685,3129 
Bailey, Kolene E., MD2405 
Bailey, Laurilyn G., MS2675 
Bailey, Laurilyn, MS, OT2675 
Bailey, Melissa A., MA2220 
Bailey, Paul J., DPT455,1792 
Bailey, Sarah K., PA-C1798,2083 
Bailey, Sharon Lee, BA, ACRNP1957,2192 
Bailey, Sharon Lee, BA, ACRNP2771 
Bailey, Vickie, MA22 
Bainbridge, James Scott, MD1226,1453 
Bainbridge, James Scott, MD1469,1516 
Bainbridge, James Scott, MD1741,1779 
Bainbridge, James Scott, MD1783,1790 
Bainbridge, James Scott, MD2262,2265 
Bainbridge, James Scott, MD2266,2267 
Bair, Jeanne P., MSN, CNM260,265,1397 
Bair, Jeanne P., MSN, CNM1402 
Bair, Sarah M., MD2658,2740 
Bair, W. Douglas, MA2048 
Baird, Diane, LCSW80 
Baird, Kristin M., MD1872,2658 
Baiza, Roland, MD965 
Baja Catarinicchia, Angela Lei700,1121 
Bajaj, Jennifer E., MD1315 
Bajaj, Lalit, MD362,399,994 
Bajaj, Lalit, MD1009,2914 
Bajaj, Lalit, MD2917 
Bajrovic, Valida, MD166,173 
Bak, Lindsay P., PA-C, PA463 
Bak, Thomas E., MD582,603 
Bakanauskas, Egle A., MD1721,2745 
Bakanauskas, Egle A., MD3192,3193 


Bakarich, Whitney S., MS3028 
Bakel, Leigh A., MD100,362,399 
Bakel, Leigh A., MD712,734,738 
Bakel, Leigh A., MD885,994,1009 
Bakel, Leigh A., MD1225,1481 
Bakel, Leigh A., MD1493,2882 
Bakel, Leigh A., MD2915,2918 
Baker School Based Clinic1683 
Baker, Adam J., PA-C21,24,1540 
Baker, Adam J., PA-C1678,2925 
Baker, Adam J., PA-C2938 
Baker, Adam L., MD2132 
Baker, Brenda S., MA2995 
Baker, Brian P., DO2845 
Baker, Caleb R., DPM2663,2688 
Baker, Chelsea A., PA, BA265,463 
Baker, Christopher D., MD387,388,399 
Baker, Christopher D., MD525,1003,1009 
Baker, Christopher D., MD1090,1487 
Baker, Christopher D., MD1493,1590 
Baker, David A., PSYD514 
Baker, Dawn Marie, MD2068 
Baker, Elizabeth A., MD2588,2595 
Baker, Jamie L., PA-C2213,2795 
Baker, Jeffrey J., MD864 
Baker, Kim Barry, MD1381,1386 
Baker, Kim Barry, MD1602,2289 
Baker, Kim Barry, MD2304,2484 
Baker, Kim Barry, MD2485,2537 
Baker, Kim Barry, MD2602,2627 
Baker, Kim Barry, MD2764,2766 
Baker, Kim Barry, MD2807 
Baker, Linda D., AUD792,2876 
Baker, Michael J., MD906 
Baker, Michelle Sue, MSW, PA-C55,80,463 
Baker, Nataliia A., MD3193 
Baker, Nina E., MD450,742 
Baker, Peter R., MD214,390,400 
Baker, Peter R., MD940,1005,1009 
Baker, Peter R., MD1361,1489 
Baker, Peter R., MD1493 
Baker, Rita M., PhD2422 
Baker, Stephanie M., MD1373 


Baker, Terri M., PA-C, PA463 
Baker, Troy W., DO861 
Baker, William Blair, MD1132,1133 
Baker, William Blair, MD1134,1135 
Baker, William Blair, MD1136,1904 
Baker, William Blair, MD1905,1908 
Baker, William Blair, MD1937,1951 
Baker, William Blair, MD1976,2008 
Baker, William Blair, MD2338,2339 
Baker, William Blair, MD3022,3023 
Baker, William Blair, MD3025,3026 
Baker, William Blair, MD3027,3029 
Baker, William Blair, MD3030,3031 
Baker, William Blair, MD3035,3037 
Baker, William Blair, MD3040,3042 
Baker, William Blair, MD3087,3088 
Bakes, Katherine M., MD1226 
Bakkar, Mohammad Asem, MD788,2059 
Bakota, Jill, OD5,974 
Balabanis, David T., CRNA3037 
Balagat, Kimberlee, MSW2952 
Balance Center of Fort Collins1978 
Balance Point Vestibular Rehab1034,1101 
Balanced Rock Sports and Ortho858 
Balasubramaniam, Vivek, MD388,400,525 
Balazy, Thomas E., MD1790 
Balcerzak, Erin M., PA-C672,748,2375 
Balcerzak, Erin M., PA-C2685 
Baldauf, Caryn D., MD802,804,1298 
Baldauf, Caryn D., MD1316,2401 
Baldauf, Caryn D., MD2405,2464 
Baldauf, Caryn D., MD2470,2889 
Baldauf, Caryn D., MD2892,2966 
Baldauf, Caryn D., MD2969 
Baldessari, Osvaldo, RPT, MPT1522 
Baldwin, Bradley A., MD, DO2146 
Baldwin, Gregory T., MD43 
Baldwin, Jamie E., PA-C1061,1887 
Baldwin, Jamie E., PA-C2852 
Bales, Stephen R., NP1402 
Balgeman, Kathryn M., PT1039 
Balizet, Louis Bernard, MD2964,2975 
Balkissoon, Ronald C., MD1590 
 ^ = No New WC, * = EPP Provider
 Index 15 


Provider Listing
Provider data last updated: 04/23/2020
Last Update: 04/23/2020

Ball, Brad Bradley, MD1484 
Ball, James Bradley, MD150,155,379 
Ball, James Bradley, MD400,1288,1291 
Ball, James Bradley, MD1484,1494 
Ball, James Bradley, MD2593,2617 
Ball, James Bradley, MD2618 
Ball, Jason R., PT1978 
Ballantine Talmadge, Sherri L.637,657,683 
Ballard, Alison L., BA, NP265,950 
Ballard, Allison B., MSW3046,3047 
Ballard, Allison R., APRN652,1867 
Ballard, Brad R., MD1441 
Ballard, Candace, MSW80,497 
Ballard, Elizabeth A., MD1974,2788 
Ballard, Michael L., PA463 
Ballas, William E., PA-C850,2622 
Ballen, Beth, MD1736,2108 
Baller, Jeff J., AUD1169,2390 
Baller, Mark R., CRNA800,810,906 
Baller, Mark R., CRNA949,1745,1768 
Baller, Mark R., CRNA2357,2366 
Baller, Mark R., CRNA2887,2900 
Ballonoff, Ari P., MD1597,2379 
Ballonoff, Larry Bruce, MD1316 
Ballow, Edward B., DPM1273,1562 
Baloy, Lauren S., NP2672 
Balstad, Alexis, MD2709 
Bamberger, Gina C., DO892,898 
Bambha, Kiran Marie, MD134,603 
Bandele, Anthony, PSYD514 
Banden, Serenity M., BA, NP265 
Banecks, Maxine L., MSW80 
Banegas, Rodrigo Natalio, MD1286,1453 
Banegas, Rodrigo Natalio, MD1664 
Banerji, Shreela, NP1402 
Banet, Natalie, MD1784 
Banford, David M., OD2781 
Banga, Neil A., MD3000 
Bangiyev, John N., DO, MD1462,1466 
Bangiyev, John N., DO, MD1486,2614 
Bangiyev, John N., DO, MD2615,2617 
Bangiyev, John N., DO, MD2785,2786 
Bangiyev, John N., DO, MD2788 


Banich, James C., MD986,1077,2985 
Banich, James C., MD2994 
Banjoko, Opeyemi, MD2969 
Banka, Erika, PA-C724,748 
Banker, Michael W., MD781 
Banks, Brett A., DO885 
Banks, Heather S., MD637 
Banks, James L., MD228,400,807 
Banks, James L., MD817,1370,1494 
Banks, James L., MD1757,1788 
Banks, James L., MD2482,2512 
Banks, James L., MD2600,2618 
Banks, James L., MD2707,2715 
Banks, James L., MD3119,3126 
Banks, Mark F., MD1208 
Banks, Mindy A., MD927,944,1002 
Banks, Mindy A., MD1316,1375 
Banks, Mindy A., MD1486,2595 
Banks, Mindy A., MD2600,2617 
Banks, Mindy A., MD2705,2708 
Banks, Mindy A., MD2714 
Banner Fort Collins Medical Ce1930,1944 
Banner Health Center1946 
Banner Health Center-Sterling3036 
Banner Health Clinic2150,2151 
Banner Health Clinic2728,2739 
Banner Health Clinic2753,2788 
Banner Health Clinic2804,2825 
Banner Health Clinic2831 
Banner Health Clinic Windsor3195 
Banner Health Clinic- Fort Mor2031 
Banner Health Physicians Color2150,2170 
Banner Health Physicians Color2728,2753 
Banner Health Physicians Color3030,3034 
Banner Health Physicians Color2174,2257 
Banner Health Physicians Color761,2026 
Banner Home Care Colorado2150,2173 
Banner Home Care Colorado2174,2753 
Banner Home Medical Equipment2753,2786 
Banner Home Medsolutions2150,2163 
Banner Home Medsolutions2173,2174 
Banner Home Medsolutions2204 
Banner Hospital Based Physicia3035,3041 


Banner Hospital Based Physicia3042 
Banner Hospital Based Physicia762,1935,2174 
Banner Hospital Based Physicia2175,2753 
Banner Medical Group Colorado2150,2196 
Banner Medical Group Colorado2240,3191 
Banner Medical Group Colorado3194,3195 
Banner Medical Group Colorado3201 
Banner Occupational Health Ser2198,2779 
Banner Skyline Medical Pavilio2786,2807 
Banner Urgent Care Colorado1896,2150 
Banner Urgent Care Colorado2257 
Banner Urgent Care Colorado, L2728 
Banov, Sylvia D., PT1522 
Bansal, Anip, MD173,235 
Bansal, Ankit, MD1779 
Bansal, Ankush Kumar, MD2464,2471 
Banwait, Premilla, OD326 
Baptist, Ronald R., MA1080 
Barad, James P., MD972 
Baraglia, Courtney M., BA265,950 
Barajas, Carlos F., MD1494,1788 
Barajas, Caroline B., OD728,2711 
Barakat, Jehad, MD134,843 
Baran, Sean, MD1453 
Baravik, Mark, NP, MSN265 
Barbe, John D., MD3126 
Barbee, Janice L., MA1804 
Barbee, Lisa, CRNA2072 
Barbee, Stephen L., MD782 
Barber Starr, Nancy, BA265,845 
Barber, Alan R., OD1448,2416 
Barber, Alan R., OD2909 
Barber, Alfred Joseph, MD2121 
Barber, Anthony Scott, DO650,682,723 
Barber, Anthony Scott, DO758,2671,2694 
Barber, Anthony Scott, DO2764,2825 
Barber, Anthony Scott, DO2898,2935 
Barber, Jessica J., PA-C3129 
Barber, Joshua C., PA-C1987,2213 
Barber, Joshua C., PA-C2685,2795 
Barber, Marcus A., MD3004 
Barberis, Nicole E., MD7,624,1152 
Barberis, Nicole E., MD2060,2344 
 ^ = No New WC, * = EPP Provider
 Index 16 


Provider Listing
Provider data last updated: 04/23/2020
Last Update: 04/23/2020

Barberis, Nicole E., MD2436 
Barbero, Juan F., MD2111 
Barbieri, Alison M., PA463 
Barbour, Lesley Ann, MD101,159,712 
Barbour, Lesley Ann, MD719,797,801 
Barbour, Lesley Ann, MD885,918,1226 
Barbour, Lesley Ann, MD1296,1698 
Barbour, Lesley Ann, MD1702,2448 
Barbour, Lesley Ann, MD2464,2659 
Barbour, Lesley Ann, MD2665,2701 
Barbour, Lesley Ann, MD2705,2882 
Barbour, Lesley Ann, MD2889 
Barbour, Linda, MD111,115,173 
Barbour, Linda, MD210,304,1237 
Barbour, Linda, MD1239,1316 
Barbour, Linda, MD1359,1422 
Barbuto, Daniel James, DC2445 
Barclay, Carol F., BS, PT, RPT1978 
Bard, Rosalind K., PSYD675 
Bardella, Inis Jane, MD101,125,140 
Bardella, Inis Jane, MD160,1226,1253 
Bardella, Inis Jane, MD1280,1298 
Bare, Anthony C., DPT1039 
Bare, Jessica, DO1962,2776 
Barela, Dawn L., MSW1139 
Barfield, Jessica Lynn, MD362,400 
Barfield, Lawrence F., DO633,694,2701 
Barfield, Lawrence F., DO3098 
Barfield, Molly L., DPT665,2717 
Barge, Toni R., CRNA1393,2072 
Barge, Toni R., CRNA3211 
Barghelame, Mary C., MSN, BA2192,2771 
Barghelame, Mary C., MSN, BA3196 
Barhaghi, Krystle G., MD553 
Bariatric & Metabolic Center o2883,2925 
Bariatric & Metabolic Center o2928,2935 
Bariatric & Metabolic Center o2937 
Barikmo, Kelly A., MD2608 
Bariteau, Adam D., MD885,2036,3208 
Barke, Lora D., DO28,32,534 
Barke, Lora D., DO535,553,618 
Barke, Lora D., DO753,755,774 
Barke, Lora D., DO776,823,829 


Barke, Lora D., DO852,855,1092 
Barke, Lora D., DO1602,1629 
Barke, Lora D., DO1810,1811 
Barke, Lora D., DO1835,2002 
Barke, Lora D., DO2008,2086 
Barke, Lora D., DO2094,2228 
Barke, Lora D., DO2240,2269 
Barke, Lora D., DO2274,2304 
Barke, Lora D., DO2320,2322 
Barke, Lora D., DO2330,2331 
Barke, Lora D., DO2379,2382 
Barke, Lora D., DO2537,2554 
Barke, Lora D., DO2627,2635 
Barke, Lora D., DO2807,2816 
Barke, Lora D., DO2865,2868 
Barke, Lora D., DO2930,2932 
Barke, Lora D., DO3069,3177 
Barke, Lora D., DO3201,3203 
Barker Therapy and Rehabilitat19,744,2080 
Barker, Jennifer Marie, MD115,373,400 
Barker, Jennifer Marie, MD569,714,736 
Barker, Jennifer Marie, MD738,757,892 
Barker, Jennifer Marie, MD999,1009,1100 
Barker, John Rives, MD55,329,2583 
Barker, John Rives, MD2611 
Barker, Lance E., DO1937 
Barker, Lorie Y., OT317,1775 
Barker, Sarah K., BS1397 
Barksdale, Sarah Kay, MD1915,1972 
Barloco, Severn G., MD788,2253 
Barlow, Michelle S., MD345,450,1784 
Barlow, Michelle S., MD1790,2507 
Barlow, Michelle S., MD2515,2615 
Barlow, Michelle S., MD2619 
Barlow, Scott D., PT455,818 
Barmore, Ryan, MD1947,1948 
Barmore, Ryan, MD2764,2765 
Barner, Ross, MD862,1895,2727 
Barnes, Cherie A., MSW3097 
Barnes, Jerod A., PA-C, PA1061,1540 
Barnes, Julia C., PhD514 
Barnes, Kimberlee Irene, MD726,1422 
Barnes, Marla, MD1580 


Barnes, Meagan M., MA497 
Barnes, Stacie, PhD514 
Barnes, Stephen M., MD2937 
Barnes, Teresa J., BS1039 
Barnett Jr., Carlton Carter, M1665 
Barnett, John M., MD2665,2666 
Barnett, John M., MD2669,2691 
Barnett, Kyle R., PA-C1061,2038 
Barnett, Lauren A., MD885 
Barnett, Michael J., PT455 
Barnett, Michelle R., PA-C1061 
Barney, Kristin, CRNA1951 
Barnhart, Eric Duane, MD3055 
Barnwell, Jonathan C., MD977 
Barolat-Romana, Giancarlo, MD1377 
Baron, Kaye L., PhD1088 
Baron, Samuel J., OD2076 
Baronberg, Neiel Donald, MD1441,1665 
Barone, Julie L., MD, DO1665,2384 
Barqawi, Al Baha B., MD582,597,604 
Barqawi, Al Baha B., MD2644,2646 
Barqawi, Al Baha B., MD2647 
Barr, Emily P., NP265 
Barr, Jessica P., PA, PA-C463,672 
Barr, Tara E., PA-C463,1540,2925 
Barr, Thomas, PhD2224 
Barragry, Anna R., DO, MD122,125,714 
Barragry, Anna R., DO, MD715,798,799 
Barragry, Anna R., DO, MD1242,1253 
Barragry, Anna R., DO, MD1742,1743 
Barragry, Anna R., DO, MD2283,2284 
Barragry, Anna R., DO, MD2452,2454 
Barragry, Anna R., DO, MD2587,2588 
Barragry, Anna R., DO, MD2883,2884 
Barre, Lisha C., MD7,17,18 
Barreras, Mandy M., NP3160 
Barrett, Amelia S., MD2601,2602 
Barrett, Cindy Sutton, MD62,353,357 
Barrett, Cindy Sutton, MD400 
Barrett, Justin A., MD1226,2041 
Barrett, Justin A., MD3099 
Barrett, Linda Patricia, MD1092 
Barrett, Mary T., MD2674 
 ^ = No New WC, * = EPP Provider
 Index 17 


Provider Listing
Provider data last updated: 04/23/2020
Last Update: 04/23/2020

Barrett, Nina R., NP3120 
Barrett, Wendelyn McGrew, NP2192 
Barrett, Whitney J., MD101,1226 
Barrette, Taryn M., PA-C748,1061,1062 
Barrette, Taryn M., PA-C1712,2048 
Barrette, Taryn M., PA-C2925,2993 
Barrios, Jose Miguel, MD661,662,1000 
Barrios, Jose Miguel, MD1009,1483 
Barrios, Jose Miguel, MD1494,1786 
Barrios, Jose Miguel, MD1788,1973 
Barrios, Jose Miguel, MD1974,2134 
Barrios, Jose Miguel, MD2616,2618 
Barrios, Jose Miguel, MD2714,2715 
Barritt, Caitlin E., PT665 
Barron Krier, Nataeah R., MA2220 
Barron, Gregory Kirk, MD1316,1654 
Barron, Gregory Kirk, MD2595,2642 
Barron, Michelle A., MD166,173,1310 
Barron, Michelle A., MD1316,2286 
Barron, Michelle A., MD2469,2471 
Barrs, David M., MD986,988,1078 
Barry Erdman & Assoc Inc648 
Barry, James S., MD228,233,400 
Barry, James S., MD1370,1373 
Barry, James S., MD1494 
Barry, Megan Marie, DO71 
Barry, Michael Sean, DC
Barry, Patrick Charles, MD1872 
Barry, Scott W., PA2137 
Barry, Sharee L., PT1522,2080 
Barry, Usha V., MD1161,2344 
Barry, William Lawrence, MD768,779,869 
Barry, William Lawrence, MD870,2949,2950 
Barry, William Lawrence, MD3009,3095 
Barry, William Lawrence, MD3207 
Barsch, Thomas F., MD1602,1629 
Barsch, Thomas F., MD1688,2228 
Barsch, Thomas F., MD2240,2259 
Barta, Bethany A., MSW1197 
Barta, Diane C., MD1226 
Barta, Lynn A., MD1422 
Bartecchi, Carl E., MD2956,2958 
Bartecchi, Carl E., MD2970 


Bartel, Scott Bradley, MPT2620 
Bartel, Seth Emil T., MD1811,1835 
Bartel, Seth Emil T., MD2002,2003 
Bartel, Seth Emil T., MD2008,2228 
Bartel, Seth Emil T., MD2240,2330 
Bartel, Seth Emil T., MD2332,2807 
Bartel, Seth Emil T., MD2817,3201 
Bartel, Seth Emil T., MD3203 
Bartel, Victoria M., BS, PT1522 
Bartell, Carrie Wilson, MSW877,1080 
Bartell, Elin K., MD2353,3143 
Bartels, Karsten S., MD43,88,345 
Bartels, Rae Ann A., MA2140 
Barter, Jeffrey, MD400 
Barter, Mark, MD1239,1280 
Barter, Mark, MD1316,3100 
Barter, Mark, MD3109,3115 
Barth, Marguerite Christine, M665 
Bartholomay, Laurel A., MD2129 
Bartholomew, Paull B., MD1226 
Bartleson, Angela G., MS1995,2220 
Bartlett, Christopher R., MD1092,1097 
Bartlett, Thomas J., MD919,2464 
Bartlett, Veronica E., MS, FNP265 
Bartley, Cally E., BS, NP265 
Bartley, Jeremiah A., MD304 
Bartley, John M., MS1062 
Bartley, Justin H., MD329 
Barton, Alison D., MSN2491 
Barton, Colleen B., MD362,400,994 
Barton, Colleen B., MD1009 
Barton, Dalton T., PA-C2842 
Barton, Kari L., MD2452,2454 
Barton, Rachel M., PT744,2080,3065 
Barton, Zachary W., MD2839 
Bartoshesky, Amy Rachel, BA, B38,265 
Bartsch, Christan G., PA-C, PA463,464 
Bartusek, Megan, NP950,951 
Bartush, Katherine C., MD1724,1725 
Bartush, Katherine C., MD2045,2046 
Bartush, Katherine C., MD3081,3082 
Bartz, Brett H., MD27,32,390 
Bartz, Brett H., MD553,617,619 


Bartz, Brett H., MD773,776,816 
Bartz, Brett H., MD829,855,856 
Bartz, Brett H., MD1005,1097 
Bartz, Brett H., MD1489,1629 
Bartz, Brett H., MD1786,1835 
Bartz, Brett H., MD1836,1973 
Bartz, Brett H., MD2008,2079 
Bartz, Brett H., MD2094,2206 
Bartz, Brett H., MD2240,2241 
Bartz, Brett H., MD2273,2275 
Bartz, Brett H., MD2298,2307 
Bartz, Brett H., MD2320,2323 
Bartz, Brett H., MD2329,2332 
Bartz, Brett H., MD2372,2382 
Bartz, Brett H., MD2510,2511 
Bartz, Brett H., MD2554,2555 
Bartz, Brett H., MD2617,2635 
Bartz, Brett H., MD2788,2817 
Bartz, Brett H., MD2864,2868 
Bartz, Brett H., MD2917,2932 
Bartz, Brett H., MD3167,3183 
Bartz, Brett H., MD3198,3203 
Bartz, Sarah Kay, MD373,400,999 
Bartz, Sarah Kay, MD1009,1010 
Barzdines, Susan M., MA1080 
Basak, Jacob M., MD43 
Basak, Sarah A., MD95 
Basavanthappa, Sreenivasa, MD2982 
Basche, Michele L., MD1288,1291 
Basche, Michele L., MD1316,1362 
Basche, Michele L., MD2593,2595 
Basche, Michele L., MD2599 
Bashford, Kent P., MD, DO1966,2501 
Bashford, Kent P., MD, DO2780 
Bashore, Taylor W., NP, BA265 
Basi, Manpreet, MD3145 
Baskett, Joanna M., PA-C672,1540,2718 
Basnet, Shlesha, MSW1197 
Basow, William M., MD2779 
Bassarear, Emily Y., MSW3191 
Basse, Rachel Lee, MD1516 
Bassett, Kenneth W., DO3053 
Bassett, Natalie L., MA2058 
 ^ = No New WC, * = EPP Provider
 Index 18 


Provider Listing
Provider data last updated: 04/23/2020
Last Update: 04/23/2020

Bassett, Rachel Marie, MD2661,2666 
Bassow Scheve, Elizabeth M., M3146 
Bast, Margaret M., BA1402,1769 
Bast, Margaret M., BA2412 
Bast, Margaret Mary, NP2412 
Bast, Stephen D., PA-C2993 
Bastow, Brittney Dianne, MD304,2291,2495 
Baswell, Bonnie J., MD861 
Batchelder, Patti L., NP265 
Batchelder, Sarah M., PhD1385,1581 
Bateman III, James Russell, MD243 
Bateman, Christina R., PT744,3169 
Bateman, Cinthia T., MD792,793,804 
Bateman, Cinthia T., MD1174,1178 
Bateman, Cinthia T., MD1316,1734 
Bateman, Cinthia T., MD1735,1751 
Bateman, Cinthia T., MD2440,2441 
Bateman, Cinthia T., MD2471,2583 
Bateman, Cinthia T., MD2584,2595 
Bateman, Cinthia T., MD2877,2878 
Bateman, Cinthia T., MD2892 
Bateman, Devin C., MD1226 
Bateman, Jane Bronwyn, MD214,320,1361 
Bateman, Jane Bronwyn, MD1441 
Bateman, Michael C., MD1559 
Bateman, Shannon K., NP1402 
Bates, Christopher A., MD2352 
Bates, Daniel, MD2355 
Bates, Kara L., MA1358,1567 
Bates, Kara L., MA1581 
Bates, Michael A., PT2209 
Bates, Thomas R., MD1093,2853 
Batezel, Roxanne K., MS2014 
Bathgate, Christina J., PhD1581 
Batra, Dev, MD345,535,609 
Batra, Kalindi A., MD2396,2397 
Batra, Kalindi A., MD2452,2454 
Batt, Melissa M., MD265,505 
Battaglia, Matthew Ellis, PA-C464,672 
Battaglini, Vitale G., NP652,2367 
Battan, F. Keith, MD1481,1494 
Batterbee, Amanda J., MSN1086 
Battini, Vineela, MD1298,1316 


Battini, Vineela, MD2464,2471 
Battle, Paul J., BS, PA-C1540,2083 
Battle, Paul J., BS, PA-C2622 
Batuello, Stephen G., MD1462 
Bauer, Andrew Michael, MD649,679,2365 
Bauer, Andrew Michael, MD2379 
Bauer, Andrew Taylor, MD848 
Bauer, Edward R., CRNA2104 
Bauer, Elizabeth Rose, MSN, FN1893,1957 
Bauer, Elizabeth Rose, MSN, FN2725,2772 
Bauer, Francis, DDS1213 
Bauer, Jessica Lauren, MD304,571,965 
Bauer, Jessica Lauren, MD1102,1422 
Bauer, Jessica Lauren, MD1653 
Bauer, Jodi H., MS2273 
Bauer, Kevin P., MD864 
Bauer, Marion E., PA-C2375,3173 
Bauer, Maureen Egan, MD352,400,2296 
Bauer, Maureen Egan, MD2299 
Bauer, Paul, DO766 
Bauer, Ryan, OD974 
Bauer, William J., MD695,1120 
Bauerle, Gary W., MD1602,2228 
Bauerle, Gary W., MD3041 
Bauers, Lisa S., BA, NP265 
Bauersfeld, Bridget, LCSW1197 
Baugh, Denise E., PT, MPT665 
Bauleth, Diogo T., MD3150 
Bauling, Paulus C., MD1993,2016 
Bauling, Paulus C., MD2801,2827 
Baum, Rodney L., DPM2802 
Bauman, Colleen Donna, APRN, N265,1402 
Bauman, Jana C., MA2140 
Bauman, Kylie J., PT2080 
Baumann, Jeanette, CNS877 
Baumann, Kyle R., DPT1522,1792 
Baumchen, George H., PA-C1712 
Baumel, Kathryn Anne, MPT2373 
Baumgardner, David J., OD2502 
Baumgarten, Howard I., MA1567 
Baumgartner, Christina, MS2252 
Baumgartner, Melissa D., PT3027 
Baumgartner, Robert B., MD2343 


Baures, Timothy J., MD644 
Bausell, Olivia, MA2014,2252 
Bavage, Annabel E., PT2717 
Bawcom, Amanda D., BA, NP265 
Bawn Hernandez, Meghan T., BS455 
Bawn Hernandez, Meghan Thomas,455 
Baxt, Sarah K., APRN1402 
Baxter, Aaron T., MD701 
Baxter, Jennifer R., MS1397,1402 
Baxter, Kelly, MD3100 
Baxter, Sophie, PA-C2268 
Bayada Home Health Care3110 
Bayada Nurses916,1294,3110 
Bayer, Vanessa, PhD1581 
Bayfield Massage621 
Bayfield Physical Therapy621,2326 
Bayley, Christopher T., MD875,1086 
Bayliss, Andrea M., CRNA1393 
Baynham, Paul, NP3160 
Bayonne Renal Center2063 
Bazan, Leandra B., PA-C2190,2213 
Bazan, Leandra B., PA-C2366,2375 
Bazaz, Rajesh, MD1453 
BCH Sports Medicine Imaging, L657,679 
Beacon Center1736 
Beacon Respiratory of Georgia 2838 
Beadle, Michele A., PSYD2803 
Beagle, Melissa D., MD1242,1253 
Beale, Sarah, MD535,852,1602 
Beale, Sarah, MD1811,2086 
Beale, Sarah, MD2387,3069 
Beale, Sarah, MD3177 
Bealer, John F., MD393,394,582 
Bealer, John F., MD1006,1007 
Bealer, John F., MD1107,1490 
Bealer, John F., MD1665,1787 
Bealer, John F., MD1859,2917 
Bealer, John F., MD2937 
Bealer, John Fredric, MD394,582,1490 
Bealer, John Fredric, MD1665 
Beals, Caitlyn A., PA-C1726,2048 
Beals, Caitlyn A., PA-C3083 
Beam, Julie B., MA822,1080 
 ^ = No New WC, * = EPP Provider
 Index 19 


Provider Listing
Provider data last updated: 04/23/2020
Last Update: 04/23/2020

Beamgard, William J., MD1161,2344 
Bean, Cynthia M., BA, ARNP1149,1402 
Bean, Ehrich L., MS3083 
Bean, Heather A., PSYD2690 
Bean, Leslie A., MSN2126 
Beans, Jacob A., NP1402 
Bear Creek Center2853,2854 
Bear, Heather R., MD1453,1516 
Bear, Jocelyn E., MD3158 
Beard, David A., MD1968,2202 
Beard, David A., MD2782 
Beard, Douglas Ward, MD1968,2783 
Beard, Lauren A., MD229,233,234 
Beard, Lauren A., MD400,1370,1373 
Beard, Lauren A., MD1494,2897 
Beard, Lauren A., MD2898,2918 
Beard, Lauren A., MD3157,3168 
Bearden, Audrey Jan, MD173 
Beardmore, Anthony, MD1453,1461 
Beardsley, Rachel L., PA-C464,1540 
Bearish, Krysta L., PA-C464,1540 
Bearman, Scott I., MD913,915,927 
Bearman, Scott I., MD940,941,1107 
Bearman, Scott I., MD1288,1291 
Bearman, Scott I., MD1316,1362 
Bearman, Scott I., MD1665,1932 
Bearman, Scott I., MD1933,1937 
Bearman, Scott I., MD1945,2016 
Bearman, Scott I., MD2117,2118 
Bearman, Scott I., MD2121,2123 
Bearman, Scott I., MD2146 
Beasley, Chris, PSYD515 
Beasley, Dean J., MD637 
Beasley, Joanne, PT, BS1978,2209 
Beasley, Joanne, PT, BS3199 
Beasley, Kara D., DO649,2365 
Beasley, Typhanie, NP, BA265,266 
Beato, Kevin Eric, MD1253,1880 
Beaton, Meredith G., BA, NP266 
Beatty, Todd William, MD16,3125 
Beauchamp, Kathryn M., MD239,1377 
Beauchamp, Sara E., PA-C1062 
Beauman, John G., MD2956 


Beavercreek Medical Center622 
Bebarta, Vikhyat S., MD101,227,1226 
Bebarta, Vikhyat S., MD1366 
Bebendorf, Karl, PT1522 
Becco, Gregory Joseph, DC875 
Becco, Jeffery A., DC875 
Beck Gifford, Michael Allen, N1957 
Beck, Amanda K., PA-C2375,2526 
Beck, Bridget OBrien, MD1174,1181 
Beck, Bridget OBrien, MD1316,1734 
Beck, Bridget OBrien, MD1735,1751 
Beck, Bridget OBrien, MD2390,2391 
Beck, Bridget OBrien, MD2405 
Beck, David Duane, MD2426 
Beck, Meredith Briann, DPT1522 
Beck, Susan M., MD1917,1920 
Beck, Susan M., MD1922,2742 
Beck, Susan M., MD2744,2745 
Beck, Susan M., MD3192,3193 
Becka, Vera, MD848 
Becker Cordova, Julie Renee, M2299,2512 
Becker, Amy L., PA-C1987,2001 
Becker, Amy L., PA-C2795,2806 
Becker, Andrea Nicole, DPT19,455 
Becker, Andrea Nicole, PT1522 
Becker, Christopher Thomas, MD2134 
Becker, Deborah C., MD400,848,1494 
Becker, Deborah C., MD2918 
Becker, Eric S., PA-C1540 
Becker, Erica L., PA, PA-C464 
Becker, Lisa A., MD1284,1422 
Becker, Lisa A., MD1747,1773 
Becker, Lisa A., MD2462,2495 
Becker, Mary Ellen, MD1574 
Becker, Suzanne R., MSW2028 
Becker, Tara P., MD210,304,613 
Becker, Tara P., MD1359,1422 
Becker, Tara P., MD1755,1773 
Becker, Tara P., MD2479,2495 
Becker, Tara P., MD2598,2608 
Becker, Tara P., MD2761,2776 
Becker, Tara P., MD2896,2905 
Becker, Todd C., MD633,2658,2701 


Beckham III, James Eugene, MD2039 
Beckham, John D., MD166,173 
Beckham, John David, MD166,173,1310 
Beckham, John David, MD1316,2286 
Beckham, John David, MD2469,2471 
Beckham, Ruth H., MSN3061 
Beckley, Akinlolu S., MD685,2724 
Beckley, Shelly L., NP, MS266 
Beckley, Sunmolu Akinlolu, MD685,2724 
Beckman, Jeffrey Scott, MD2353,2856 
Beckman, Jeffrey Scott, MD3143 
Beckman, Jennifer K., MD1935 
Beckman, John W., MD2175 
Beckmann, James H., MD1174,1181 
Beckmann, James H., MD1316,2157 
Beckmann, James H., MD2390,2391 
Beckmann, James H., MD2405,2654 
Beckmann, James H., MD2655,2666 
Beckmann, James H., MD2699,2705 
Beckmann, James H., MD3094,3095 
Beckmann, James H., MD3115 
Beckmann, Megan A., CFNP1957,2192 
Bedard, Alexander F., MD101 
Bedinghaus, Joan M., MD1253 
Bednarek, Joseph T., MD1242,1253 
Bedosky, Nathan E., PA-C2213,2795 
Bee, Christopher S., MD766,2205,2787 
Bee, James Michael, MD977 
Beebe, Anya Lisa, LPC, MS1567 
Beeks, Cindy J., OD2711 
Beeman II, Bowman Stone, BA, N266 
Been Hallum, Kristi A., AUD867 
Beer, Michael O., PA-C2685 
Beer, Milena C., BS2685 
Beery, Patricia M., PT789,2854 
Beesley, Richard R., MD1876 
Beezley, Brian P., MD2454 
Befera, Nicholas T., MD3085 
Begg, Michael E., PA-C2058 
Beggs, Martin L., MD869,1114,1115 
Beggs, Martin L., MD2948,2950 
Beggs, Martin L., MD3001,3002 
Begley, Colleen P., MD1285,1422 
 ^ = No New WC, * = EPP Provider
 Index 20 


Provider Listing
Provider data last updated: 04/23/2020
Last Update: 04/23/2020

Begley, Colleen P., MD2358,2368 
Begly, John P., MD3081 
Behavioral Clinical Services2140 
Behbakht, Kian, MD145,146,147 
Behbakht, Kian, MD150,216,217 
Behbakht, Kian, MD304,911,912 
Behbakht, Kian, MD913,941,965 
Behbakht, Kian, MD1284,1285 
Behbakht, Kian, MD1288,1362 
Behbakht, Kian, MD1422,2285 
Behbakht, Kian, MD2288,2291 
Behbakht, Kian, MD2461,2462 
Behbakht, Kian, MD2480,2495 
Behbakht, Kian, MD2591,2592 
Behbakht, Kian, MD2593,2599 
Behbakht, Kian, MD2608 
Behen, Edward N., DPM2116,2140 
Behlen, Breann Marie, PA-C464 
Behnke, Franki L., BA, ARNP1149 
Behr, Adriana M., NP, BA266,2902 
Behrend, Kacy, MA, LPC1567 
Behrendt, Nicholas J., MD210,304,615 
Behrendt, Nicholas J., MD616,1359,1422 
Behrendt, Nicholas J., MD2123,2129 
Behrendt, Nicholas J., MD2479,2495 
Behrendt, Nicholas J., MD2598,2608 
Behrendt, Nicholas J., MD2896,2905 
Behrendt, Nicholas J., MD3155,3161 
Behrens, Cynthia R., MS951 
Beim, Gloria M., MD1137,1138 
Beim, Gloria M., MD2273,2276 
Beim, Gloria M., MD3049 
Beitscher, Adam J., MD1316 
Bekkela, Aaron H., MA3200 
Belanger, Sheryl Chantay, MD780,781,1892 
Belanger, Sheryl Chantay, MD2062,2064 
Belanger, Sheryl Chantay, MD2953,2955 
Belanger, Sheryl Chantay, MD2958,2959 
Belding, Edward B., PT, BS1039 
Belen, Gary A., MD1441,1777 
Belhadaoui, Nezha, RNP1957 
Belibi, Franck A., MD173,236 
Believing In Kids and Families2481 


Belkind Gerson, Jaime, MD134,376,400 
Belknap, Robert William, MD1310 
Bell Arnold, Sarah K., OD1448 
Bell, Brad E., MD1861,2575 
Bell, Brad E., MD2647 
Bell, Brian W., MD2944,2986 
Bell, Deborah E., BA, ARNP1149,1402 
Bell, Jerry M., OD2909 
Bell, John J., MD928 
Bell, Kathryn, PA-C1987,2795 
Bell, Levi W., BA266,951 
Bell, Levi Walker, BA, NP266 
Bell, Marcella A., MA497 
Bell, Reginald C W, MD1859 
Bell, Sarah A., OD2909 
Bellah, Stephanie D., DC2952 
Bellassai, Ryan J., PA-C1541 
Bellian, Kenneth Thomas, MD1462 
Bellinger, Mariah H., MD712,1226,2353 
Bellinger, Mariah H., MD2448,3143 
Bellis, Jennifer Marie, MD362,400,994 
Bellis, Jennifer Marie, MD1010 
Bellmar, Christopher J., MPT2791 
Bellon, Richard J., MD28,35,535 
Bellon, Richard J., MD609,618,620 
Bellon, Richard J., MD753,760,774 
Bellon, Richard J., MD777,823,836 
Bellon, Richard J., MD852,854,855 
Bellon, Richard J., MD857,1093,1119 
Bellon, Richard J., MD1602,1688 
Bellon, Richard J., MD1811,1861 
Bellon, Richard J., MD1862,2003 
Bellon, Richard J., MD2022,2086 
Bellon, Richard J., MD2102,2228 
Bellon, Richard J., MD2259,2304 
Bellon, Richard J., MD2312,2320 
Bellon, Richard J., MD2325,2330 
Bellon, Richard J., MD2333,2379 
Bellon, Richard J., MD2386,2537 
Bellon, Richard J., MD2576,2577 
Bellon, Richard J., MD2627,2647 
Bellon, Richard J., MD2807,2833 
Bellon, Richard J., MD2865,2870 


Bellon, Richard J., MD2930,2939 
Bellon, Richard J., MD3069,3073 
Bellon, Richard J., MD3177,3190 
Bellon, Richard J., MD3201,3206 
Bellows III, Charles F., MD1665,1859 
Bellows III, Charles F., MD2016,2724 
Bellows III, Charles F., MD3015 
Bellows, Jason M., MD101,1226,2353 
Bellows, Jason M., MD3099,3143 
Bellows, Jennifer W., MD1226 
Bellus, Gary A., MD77,142,214 
Bellus, Gary A., MD400,876,1010 
Bellwether Nutrition and Rehab2999 
Belmar Physical Therapy2418 
Belmar Womens Care PC1422 
Belmont Lodge Health Care Cent3000 
Beloy, Victoria A., PA-C672 
Belshaw, Allen T., MD3029 
Beltinck, Tammy L., ARNP1893,2149 
Beltinck, Tammy L., ARNP2326,2725 
Beltinck, Tammy L., ARNP2807,3191 
Beltinck, Tammy Lynn, NP, MD, 1149,1602 
Beltinck, Tammy Lynn, NP, MD, 1727,1811 
Beltinck, Tammy Lynn, NP, MD, 2060,2086 
Beltinck, Tammy Lynn, NP, MD, 2087,2149 
Beltinck, Tammy Lynn, NP, MD, 2228,2280 
Beltinck, Tammy Lynn, NP, MD, 2304,2581 
Beltinck, Tammy Lynn, NP, MD, 2627,3136 
Beltinck, Tammy Lynn, NP, MD, 3177 
Beltrani, Brian A., PA-C672 
Belway, Rebecca M., PA-C2858 
Belz, Kimberly Dyan, PT744,1039,2047 
Belz, Kimberly Dyan, PT2080,2517 
Belz, Kimberly Dyan, PT2849,2922 
Belz, Kimberly Dyan, PT2991,3127 
Belz, Kimberly Dyan, PT3214 
Beman, Mandi Lynn, MD304,1422 
Bemis, Robert L., BS, DPT1792 
Bemis, Trey J., NP, MS266 
Benabe, Jodie, PSYD1581 
Benamu, Esther, MD166,173 
Benavidez, Michael A., MD, DO1242,1253 
Benchich, Katherine S., BA, NP266 
 ^ = No New WC, * = EPP Provider
 Index 21 


Provider Listing
Provider data last updated: 04/23/2020
Last Update: 04/23/2020

Benchmark Anesthesia Consultan625 
Benchmark Physical Therapy455,814,818 
Benchmark Physical Therapy968,1039,1040 
Benchmark Physical Therapy1522,1523 
Benchmark Physical Therapy1722,1792 
Benchmark Physical Therapy2032,2034 
Benchmark Physical Therapy2198,2209 
Benchmark Physical Therapy2499,2518 
Benchmark Physical Therapy2717,2922 
Benchmark Physical Therapy3038,3040 
Benchmark PT744 
Benchmark PT Littlton2518 
Benchmark PT Thornton1523 
Benchmark Worker Rehabilitatio2209 
Bender, Bruce G., PhD1168,1171 
Bender, Bruce G., PhD1206,1581 
Bender, Bruce G., PhD1657,2439 
Bender, Bruce G., PhD2446,2534 
Bender, Bruce G., PhD2570 
Bender, John D., DO1226,1253 
Bender, John D., DO1516 
Bender, John Douglas, DO, MD635,637,663 
Bender, John Douglas, DO, MD1917,1922 
Bender, John Douglas, DO, MD1976,2659 
Bender, John Douglas, DO, MD2661,2681 
Bender, John Douglas, DO, MD2742,2745 
Bender, John Douglas, DO, MD2790,2882 
Bender, John Douglas, DO, MD2884,2921 
Bender, Sean P., MD1226,3099 
Bene, Leslie J., PT, DPT1135,1523 
Bene, Leslie J., PT, DPT1792 
Benedetti, Nancy J., MD1386,1603 
Benedetti, Nancy J., MD1629,1760 
Benedetti, Nancy J., MD1811,1836 
Benedetti, Nancy J., MD1949,2003 
Benedetti, Nancy J., MD2008,2070 
Benedetti, Nancy J., MD2087,2094 
Benedetti, Nancy J., MD2187,2228 
Benedetti, Nancy J., MD2241,2328 
Benedetti, Nancy J., MD2330,2332 
Benedetti, Nancy J., MD2485,2538 
Benedetti, Nancy J., MD2555,2602 
Benedetti, Nancy J., MD2627,2635 


Benedetti, Nancy J., MD2766,2807 
Benedetti, Nancy J., MD2817,3158 
Benedetti, Nancy J., MD3177,3183 
Benedetti, Nancy J., MD3196,3201 
Benedetti, Nancy J., MD3203 
Benedict, Claudia K., MD709,710,721 
Benedict, Claudia K., MD1175,1181 
Benedict, Claudia K., MD1316,2348 
Benedict, Claudia K., MD2349,2361 
Benedict, Claudia K., MD2855,2857 
Benedict, Claudia K., MD3138,3139 
Benedict, Claudia K., MD3152 
Benedict, Lewis, PT2791 
Benedict, William Logan, MD2200,2369 
Benedict, William Logan, MD2675 
Bengs, Stephanie L., PA, PA-C1541 
Beniflah, Jacob D., MD1481 
Benisch, Lori Jo, PT, MPT2080 
Benish, Bethany, MD1161,1422 
Benjamin, Brian W., PT, BS, DP1978 
Benjamin, Joshua S., MD1373 
Benjamin, Kimberley, MAC1892 
Benjamin, Sanford H., MD134,173,2284 
Benjamin, Sanford H., MD2286,2459 
Benjamin, Sanford H., MD2471 
Benjamin, Sarah T., DPM2532 
Benjamin, Theresa M., PT1978 
Benke, Timothy A., MD71,243,400 
Benkert, Robert E., MD1208,1590 
Bennett, Cynthia E., MD2208 
Bennett, Daine T., MD1737,1859 
Bennett, Elizabeth M., PhD515 
Bennett, Jackie D., MS2837 
Bennett, Jeffrey L., MD243,1381 
Bennett, Joyce R., BA, BS, PT727,744,1436 
Bennett, Joyce R., BA, BS, PT1437,1523 
Bennett, Joyce R., BA, BS, PT3123,3127 
Bennett, Joyce R., BA, BS, PT3162,3169 
Bennett, Kimberly S., MD357 
Bennett, Lindsay E., MSN2057 
Bennett, Mark D., OD974 
Bennett, Mary J., NP266,1769 
Bennett, Michael Ernest, MD1603,1629 


Bennett, Ronnie L., MS2182 
Bennett, Tellen D., MD357,401 
Bennett, Wade, PA464 
Bennetts, Alexia R., LAC
Bennetts, Erin L., LCSW, MSW1197 
Bennington, Kaitlan T., OT317 
Bennion, Kendell J., MD1298,1316 
Bennion, Kendell J., MD2464,2471 
Bennion, Kendell J., MD3111,3115 
Benoit, Anastasia, MD633,694,1216 
Benoit, Anastasia, MD2701 
Benoit, Michael R., MD1316 
Benoit, Michael Richard, MD1316 
Bensard, Denis D., MD393,394,582 
Bensard, Denis D., MD598,1006,1007 
Bensard, Denis D., MD1107,1114 
Bensard, Denis D., MD1490,1665 
Bensard, Denis D., MD1678,1679 
Bensen, Christina M., MA938,3211 
Benson, Alan E., MD2650 
Benson, Alexander, MD1208,1316 
Benson, Alexander, MD1590,2393 
Benson, Alexander, MD2405,2422 
Benson, Carolyn M., MA2804 
Benson, David F., CRNA1393 
Benson, Douglas D., MD2586 
Benson, Eric M., MD1888,2661 
Benson, Jo Anna, LPC, MED1130 
Benson, Laurel J., MD1286,1453 
Benson, Laurel J., MD1490,1491 
Benson, Laurel J., MD2592,2611 
Benson, Laurel J., MD2617,2704 
Benson, Laurel J., MD2711,2715 
Benson, Rachel, MSW1197 
Benson, Rebecca S., PA-C464 
Bentley, Michael W., CRNA2429 
Bentley, William H., MD2862 
Benton, Christopher Brent, MD173,217,1751 
Benton, Christopher Brent, MD1756,2471 
Benton, Christopher Brent, MD2480 
Benton, Emily M., NP, BA266 
Bentrott, Kimberly E., MD2325 
Benz, Becky Kim, MD1949,2008 
 ^ = No New WC, * = EPP Provider
 Index 22 


Provider Listing
Provider data last updated: 04/23/2020
Last Update: 04/23/2020

Benz, Becky Kim, MD2671,2692 
Benz, Becky Kim, MD2766,2817 
Benz, Nicolle R M, DO2121 
Benz, Robert J., MD1969,2202 
Benz, Robert J., MD2783 
Benz, Todd, PT1978 
Beougher, Kristin Powondra, DO125 
Beougher, Scott J., DO125 
Berarducci Jr., Laurence A., M767,768,769 
Berarducci Jr., Laurence A., M2948,2950 
Berarducci Jr., Laurence A., M2970,3009 
Berarducci Jr., Laurence A., M3012 
Bercuk, Susan, DC7,687 
Berdahl, Laurie D., MD2166,2174 
Berdahl, Laurie D., MD2196 
Berdell, Katherine M., PA-C1987,2795 
Berdie, Mitchell J., PSYD1581 
Berdijis, Farhouch, MD62,353,401 
Berdjis, Farhouch, MD353,401 
Berenbaum, Wendy Kazman, MD1423,1773 
Berenbeim, Joel A., DO, MD1254,1385 
Berenbeim, Joel A., DO, MD1461,1462 
Berenbeim, Joel A., DO, MD1516 
Beresford, Carol A., MD73,74,505 
Beresford, Carol A., MD1191,1574 
Beresford, Kaea N., MD1962,2196 
Beresford, Kaea N., MD2776,3197 
Bereskin, Gayle Frankie, DO1254,1282 
Bereskin, Gayle Frankie, DO1296 
Berg, Annette W., MS8,1169,2653 
Berg, Chrystal S., DPM1562 
Berg, Derek G., DO1298 
Berg, Karen Jane, BA651,1952,2709 
Berg, Kelsey L., PT1040,2047 
Berg, Kelsey L., PT2518,2849 
Berg, Kelsey L., PT2991,3127 
Berg, Kelsey L., PT3214 
Berg, Kerry E., DPM906,1078 
Berg, Kevin R., MD759,1891,2695 
Berg, Mary P., MD348 
Berg, Mary Patricia, MD348 
Berg, Megan E., PT1040 


Berg, Michael S., MD2944,2986 
Berg, Nancy, PA2375 
Bergamo, Nicole F., OD974 
Berganini, Emily V., PA, PA-C464,1987 
Berge, Bryon Lee, DO3101,3104 
Berge, Bryon Lee, DO3125,3145 
Berge, Bryon Lee, DO3146,3165 
Berge, Eamon M., MD2599 
Bergen, Michael K., MD2839,2840 
Bergen, Michael K., MD3149,3152 
Bergen, Michael K., MD3156 
Bergen, Michael Kevin, MD1288,1291 
Bergen, Michael Kevin, MD1317,1362 
Bergen, Michael Kevin, MD2118,2121 
Bergen, Michael Kevin, MD2124,2839 
Bergen, Michael Kevin, MD2840 
Berger, Alyssa, MSN1121 
Berger, Amy Marie, PA-C1062 
Berger, Christine A., BS2682 
Berger, Debra Debi, PT1130 
Berger, Erik M., MD2361,2384 
Berger, Erik Morgan, MD721,758 
Berger, Kristin V., MD2344 
Berger, Paul A., MD637 
Berger, Sally C., MD1226,1254 
Berger, Scott M., MD1161,2345 
Bergeron, Christine, RPT2682 
Bergfalk, Caroline Elizabeth, 621 
Berggren, Ronald Kent, OD1448 
Berghorst, Rebecca Dawn, MD74,505 
Bergman, Lindsay M., PA-C690,1726,3083 
Bergquist, Noel Melinda, MD1097 
Bergstrom, Roy G., MD1423 
Berguin, Jenna N., MS, MSN1402 
Berk, Ellen, MSW1737 
Berk, Julie L., PA, PA-C464 
Berkbigler, Dale T., MD1142 
Berke, Michael A., PA1541 
Berkley Home Health Care Syste1294 
Berkley Manor Care Ctr1657 
Berkley, Richard B., MD2059,3005 
Berkley, Richard B., MD3028,3085 
Berkman, Jennifer L., MSW1696 


Berkosky, Jeffrey L., MD1145 
Berkovits, Lauren D., PhD515 
Berkowitz, Bruce Andrew, MD2003 
Berkowitz, Steven Jay, MD74 
Berl, Tomas M., MD236,525,1375 
Berl, Tomas M., MD1590 
Berland, Mark P., MD147,304 
Berley, Steven A., DO637 
Berliner, Jeffrey C., DO1784,1790 
Berliner, Jeffrey C., DO1857 
Berling Moot, Elizabeth A., MS1197 
Berlinger, Elissa N., MSW1197 
Berman, Brian D., MD243 
Berman, Edward Richard, MD173,229,401 
Berman, Edward Richard, MD1751,1757 
Berman, Edward Richard, MD1788 
Berman, Kathryn Lieber, MD1317 
Berman, Kenneth H., MD134,1275 
Berman, Mark D., DDS1213 
Berman, Rebecca P., MSN260,266 
Berman, Stephen B., MD401 
Berman, Stephen F., MD401 
Bermingham, Roger P., MD1922,1931 
Bernal Barrera, Rose A., MSN1402 
Bernal, Patricia A., NP, MS1402,2126 
Bernard, Aline M., MD357,1479 
Bernard, Brandon D., MD217,319 
Bernard, Jennifer B., MD2042,2043 
Bernard, Jennifer B., MD2395,2405 
Bernard, Mariann, BA1402 
Bernard, Martine, MD1381 
Bernard, Philip A., MD1373 
Bernard, Sandra L., PA-C1884,2083 
Bernard, Timothy J., MD71,243,401 
Bernardini, Donald Jonathan, M1730,1784 
Bernardini, Donald Jonathan, M3137,3166 
Bernardo, Kenneth J., MSW2738 
Bernauer, Eric A., MD2944,2986 
Berngard, Samuel C., MD2720 
Bernhard, Andrew S., DPM614,2048 
Bernhard, Kaitlyn N., DPM1563 
Bernheim, Amanda, MSW877 
Bernholt, David, MD2045,3081 
 ^ = No New WC, * = EPP Provider
 Index 23 


Provider Listing
Provider data last updated: 04/23/2020
Last Update: 04/23/2020

Berning, Amber A., MD348 
Bernstein, Anna, DC2054 
Bernstein, Patricia A., PSYD1080,1088 
Bernt, Kathrin Maria, MD150,217,379 
Bernt, Kathrin Maria, MD401 
Bernton, John Tashof, MD317,450 
Berntsen, Mark F., MD2175,2177 
Berntsen, Mark F., MD2753,2755 
Berntsen, Mark F., MD3195 
Bernus, Anna, MD62,353,401 
Berrios Siervo, Gretchen M., P515 
Berry, Breanna R., DO780,781,784 
Berry, Debra M., MD2618 
Berry, Elizabeth D., MA675 
Berry, James C., PhD1759 
Berry, Jennifer M., BA1769 
Berryman, Gregory K., MD2980 
Bersentes, Korina R., MD2065,2663 
Bersentes, Korina R., MD2703,2856 
Bershader, Robin S., DO, MD505,851,1805 
Bershinsky, James Matthew, PA464,1062 
Bershof, John Fox, MD1462,1466 
Bershof, John Fox, MD1491,1559 
Berson, Andrew J., MD6,771,857 
Berson, Andrew J., MD1107,2343 
Berson, Andrew J., MD2431,3001 
Berson, Andrew J., MD3216,3225 
Berson, Deane S., MD1086 
Berson, Megan O., MD994,1010 
Bert, Robert James, MD253,535 
Bertasso, Karen L., PA1987,2795 
Bertelson, Heather A., MD2067 
Bertelson, Noelle L., MD86,582,1207 
Bertelson, Noelle L., MD1665,2351 
Bertelson, Noelle L., MD2384 
Berthoud Living Center623 
Bertocchi, Michael E., MD835,2937 
Bertoldo, Fred J., MD2997,2998 
Bertrandt, Sandra L., PT665 
Bertz, Michael W., DDS94 
Beshel, Judith A., MSW1197 
Beske, Cindy Lou, BS, BA1397 
Bess, Corey Patrick, DPM1563,2532 


Bess, Robert J., MD329,1453,1779 
Bess, Robert S., MD977,2783 
Besser, Emily, MD506,515 
Bessesen, Daniel H., MD1237,1239 
Best Care Inc1748 
Best Life Physical Therapy1978 
Best, Christine M., OD1448,3062 
Best, Maureen, RPT1978 
Bestwina, Stephanie L., OD2847 
Beswick, Daniel M., MD338,1462 
Bethany Healthplex1657 
Bethards, Kelby F., MD694,695,1917 
Bethards, Kelby F., MD1920,1922 
Bethards, Kelby F., MD2163,2165 
Bethards, Kelby F., MD2166,2742 
Bethards, Kelby F., MD2744,2745 
Bethards, Kelby F., MD3053,3054 
Bethards, Kelby F., MD3055 
Bethesda Home Respiratory Serv3098 
Bethke, Karen M., DPT1040,2849 
Betoni, James S., DO940,965 
Bettcher, Brianne M., PhD515,1581 
Bettner Vision, Inc974 
Bettner, Christopher A., OD974 
Betz, Marian E., MD101 
Betz, Susan L., OT, BS1775,3162 
Beuf, Francesco G., MD662 
Beukema, Kylie R., MD714,715,798 
Beukema, Kylie R., MD799,3054,3055 
Beukema, Kylie R., MD3101,3104 
Beuther, David A., MD1317,1590 
Beutler, David, DO870,928 
Beutz, Michelle A., MD1317,1590 
Beutz, Michelle A., MD1751,1807 
Bevan, Lesley N., MD1423 
Beverly Hawpe And Assoc Pc1080 
Beverly, Justin Bayard, MD401 
Beverly, Lindsey, PA-C1541 
Bewley, Timothy L., PA-C2431 
Bey, Lovie Dorch, MD697,698,699 
Bey, Lovie Dorch, MD1292,1317 
Bey, Lovie Dorch, MD1362,2118 
Bey, Lovie Dorch, MD2121,2124 


Bey, Lovie Dorch, MD2359,2361 
Bey, Lovie Dorch, MD2364,3150 
Bey, Lovie Dorch, MD3152,3156 
Beyer, Craig F., MD655 
Beyer, Gregory Robert, MD2766,2817 
Beyerlein, Brita, MSW80,497 
Beyond Beautiful, PLLC1088 
Bezdek Benage, Kim K., MD1242,3101 
Bhagat, Michael F., MD2997,2998 
Bhagavat, Aparna M., MD1181,1317 
Bhakta, Jaya C., BS, OT317 
Bhamra, Mandeep S., MD718,720,1275 
Bhamra, Mandeep S., MD1298,2065 
Bhamra, Mandeep S., MD2067,2357 
Bhamra, Mandeep S., MD2359 
Bhargava, Elizabeth, MD1574 
Bhaskaran, Dinesh, MD2016,2020 
Bhaskaran, Dinesh, MD2253,2256 
Bhat, Courtney M., MD1275 
Bhatt, Asmeen, MD134,173 
Bhattarai, Nimesh, MD160,173 
Bhatti, Sana U., MD944 
BHCLC Johnstown2329,2330 
BHCLC Loveland Ob Gyn2786,2807 
BHCLC Mountain Vista Ortho2204,2228 
BHCLC Skyline Ortho2786,2807 
BHCLC Summit View Greeley OB2204,2228 
BHCLC Westlake2204,2228 
BHCLC Windsor3198,3201 
BHCTR Drake1971,2003 
BHCTR SW Loveland2786,2807 
Bhide, Manisha K., MD173 
Bhvrl Hlth And Wellness Ctr Pl2140 
Bian, Ronghua, LAC860 
Bianco, Peter M., DO965 
Bibby, C. King, MD1144 
Biblis, Melodie D., BA, NP266,951 
Bickel, Alan W., MD3003 
Bickerton, Melanie J., DPT1792 
Bickford, Kelly B., PA-C464 
Bickford, Todd Henderson, MD2353,3143 
Bickley, Adrian W., PA-C1062 
Bida, Jane E., MSW632 
 ^ = No New WC, * = EPP Provider
 Index 24 


Provider Listing
Provider data last updated: 04/23/2020
Last Update: 04/23/2020

Bidegaray, Michele G., CRNA1393 
Bidwell II, Ralph Lason, PT, M818,3214 
Bieganski, Andrea Jean, PA-C1987,2795 
Bielsky, Alan R., MD401 
Bienemann, Jennifer K., NP, BA266 
Bierbrauer, David Mark, MD719,729,912 
Bierbrauer, David Mark, MD977,2592,2611 
Bierbrauer, David Mark, MD2704,2711 
Bierbrauer, David Mark, MD3110,3124 
Bierbrauer, David Mark, MD3149,3164 
Biffl, Susan E., MD159,329,401 
Biffl, Susan E., MD450,506,1296 
Biffl, Susan E., MD1453,1494 
Biffl, Susan E., MD1516,1574 
Biffl, Susan E., MD2889,2910 
Biffl, Susan E., MD2918,2921 
Biffl, Susan E., MD2929 
Biffl, Walter, MD1665 
Biggins, Scott William, MD134,603 
Biggs, William D., MD1969,1970 
Biggs, William D., MD2202,2783 
Bigsby, Glenn Edgar, DO2495 
Bilett, Jane L., PhD1581 
Bilir, Bahri M., MD1275,1317 
Bilir, Bahri M., MD2459,2471 
Billig, Joseph, MD2345 
Billings, Ashley B., CRNA810,1393,1768 
Billings, Ashley B., CRNA2366,2900 
Billings, Sean P., DC875 
Bills, Corey B., MD101 
Bilthuis, Sarah H., MD125 
Bilyeu, Scott Andrew, PT1523,1792 
Bilyeu, Scott Andrew, PT1882,2518 
Bilyeu, Scott Andrew, PT3170 
Binder, Anna M., PT, BS2682,2791 
Binder, Lauren Ashley, BS, DPT19 
Bindseil, Richard F., DO1896,2650 
Bindseil, Richard F., DO2651 
Bing, Kenneth Tate, MD1812 
Bingham, Jonathan Lee, MD95 
Binswanger, Ingrid, MD1317 
BioDesign, Inc.1159 
Biodesix, Inc642 


Biondi, Nyle C., MA648 
Biondo, Cameron C., MA2220 
Birchem, Travis M., CRNA1393 
Bird, C. D., MD898,909 
Bird, Ryan A., PA-C633,672,694 
Bird, Ryan A., PA-C704,2352,2375 
Birdsey, Nicholas J., PA464 
Birdsong, Suzanne S., BA259 
Bireley II, William R., MD390,553 
Birgenheier, James A., MD2728 
Birks Jr., George Franklin, MD2970 
Birlea, Laur Marius, MD243 
Birlea, Stanca A., MD95,1216 
Birmingham, Mark A., DPM641,675 
Birnbaum, Elisa H., MD86,582,2282 
Birnbaum, Elisa H., MD2310,2446 
Birnbaum, Elisa H., MD2572,2586 
Birnbaum, Elisa H., MD2644 
Birney, Timothy J., MD1453 
Birnhaum, Bernard, MD1922 
Biron, Edwina S., PA-C1062 
Bisarya, Sameer, MD2483 
Bisbee, David D., OD974 
Bisby, Amanda N., PT1876 
Bischoff, Andrea, MD86,394,401 
Bise, Maria Theresa Palmieri, 1448 
Bise, Maria Theresa, OD5,326,974 
Bise, Maria Theresa, OD1892,2273 
Bise, Maria Theresa, OD2342,2430 
Bise, Maria Theresa, OD2863,2983 
Bisgard, Amber E., MD2359,2372 
Bisgard, Elizabeth W., MD813,968,1886 
Bishara, Joseph M., DO2970 
Bishop, Anthony J., PA, PA-C464,1062 
Bishop, Brian R., MD1751 
Bishop, Emmett, MD1574 
Bishop, John S., MD2870 
Bishop, Kammy L., MA1804,1806 
Bishop, Karen L., PT744,1040,2849 
Bishop, Karen L., PT2922,2991 
Bishop, Karen L., PT3214 
Bishop, Keith Neil, BS, DPT1040 
Bishop, Melissa O., MD2368 


Bishop, Robert M., MD353,357,401 
Bishop, Staci F., BS3021 
Bishop, Stephen J., MD1574,1580 
Bislip, Debra A., MD2588,3222 
Bissell, John H., MD989,1034,2986 
Bissell, John H., MD2990 
Bissett, Donald J., MA3084 
Bitar, Abdallah Y., MD1317 
Bitner, Kelli R., MS2429 
Bitter, Mitchell A., MD150,173,174 
Bitter, Mitchell A., MD348,697,698 
Bitter, Mitchell A., MD702,1288,1317 
Bitter, Mitchell A., MD1471,2462 
Bitter, Mitchell A., MD2471,2507 
Bitter, Mitchell A., MD2704,2705 
Bitter, Mitchell A., MD2713,2888 
Bitter, Mitchell A., MD2892,2913 
Bitter, Mitchell A., MD3057,3058 
Bitter, Mitchell A., MD3064 
Bivrell, Paul F., DC2700 
Bixler, Brian, PA-C672,2685 
Bixler, James L., MS938 
Bjerke, Benjamin Todd, MD657,2370 
Bjerklie, Theresa A., MA, MD, 3076,3078 
Bjerklie, Theresa A., MA, MD, 3079,3080 
Bjerklie, Theresa A., MA, MD, 3084,3085 
Bjerklie, Theresa A., MA, MD, 3087 
Bjoraker, Kendra J., PhD515 
Bjoraker, Kendra Jo, PhD515 
Bjore, Zachery Ryan, PA-C1799,3129 
Bjork, Debra F., PhD1999 
Bjork, Gregory J., BS2220 
Bjork, Michael R., MD886 
Bjornstad, Petter Mathias, MD373,401,999 
Bjornstad, Petter Mathias, MD1010 
Bjubrey, Devon, MS, OT1965 
Bjurstrom, Sonja A., MA2141 
Black Canyon Surgeons Pc2844 
Black Canyon Surgical Center2838,2842 
Black, Benjamin Jacob, DPT665,2717 
Black, Brandon R., MD2997,2999 
Black, Callie G., MD2359,2372 
Black, Carla L., PA, PA-C464 
 ^ = No New WC, * = EPP Provider
 Index 25 


Provider Listing
Provider data last updated: 04/23/2020
Last Update: 04/23/2020

Black, Christina Lynn, DPT744,1523,3170 
Black, Jason Allen, PA174,464 
Black, Michelle T., MD1812,1836 
Black, Michelle T., MD2003,2008 
Black, Michelle T., MD2228,2241 
Black, Michelle T., MD2330,2332 
Black, Michelle T., MD2807,2808 
Black, Michelle T., MD2817,3201 
Black, Michelle T., MD3203 
Black, Sonya L., MD125,1254 
Blackburn, Danielle R., MA2220 
Blackburn, Elizabeth, MA1567 
Blackler, Jennifer R., PA-C1987 
Blackmon, Shari A., MD2977,2996 
Blackwood, Brian P., MD1679,2101 
Blackwood, Brian P., MD3189 
Blackwood, Cheryl A., PA-C657 
Blackwood, Clint B., MD657 
Blackwood, Lisa A., MD1216 
Blaine, Caitlin M., PA, PA-C464 
Blaine, Jonathan, PSYD515 
Blaine, Judith Tamara, MD115,166,174 
Blaine, Judith Tamara, MD236,1239,1310 
Blaine, Judith Tamara, MD1317,1375 
Blair, Christopher, NP2126 
Blair, Jennifer, MD714,715,720 
Blair, Jennifer, MD892,898,919 
Blair, Jennifer, MD1242,1254 
Blair, Jennifer, MD1298,1699 
Blair, Jennifer, MD1700,1702 
Blair, Jennifer, MD2396,2398 
Blair, Jennifer, MD2401,2452 
Blair, Jennifer, MD2454,2464 
Blair, Jennifer, MD2883,2884 
Blair, Jennifer, MD2889,2956 
Blair, Jennifer, MD2959,2966 
Blair, Jennifer, MD3101,3104 
Blair, Jennifer, MD3111 
Blair, Laura A., MA2141 
Blair, Sarah A., MD2151,2162 
Blair, Sarah A., MD2728,2740 
Blair, Sloane Roxane, MD2984,3039 
Blake, Leah J., DO2454 


Blake, Margaret, PSYD2224 
Blake, Robert A., MD2202 
Blakeley Smith, Audrey M., PhD259,515 
Blakely, Stephen A., MD1683 
Blakeway, Brett, MD1896 
Blanchard, David Charles, PT, 1725,3083 
Blanchard, Megan T., NP, BA266 
Blanchet, William L., MD644 
Blanchette, Eliza Davis, MD385,401 
Blanco, Ernesto I., MD390,553,1005 
Blanco, Ernesto I., MD1097 
Bland, Laura, PA-C748 
Blaney, William D., BS, RPT618 
Blang, Stacy M., PT2849 
Blank, Lisa Sherron, PhD2224 
Blanke, Jane, RN1149 
Blankenheim, Bethany L., MA752 
Blankenship, Dorothy W., MD1723,2040 
Blankenship, Dorothy W., MD2054 
Blanton, Harrison D., MD1922 
Blanton, Krista M., BS260 
Blanton, Renae Michelle, MSN1705 
Blaskowsky, Leeann M., CRNP, A266,951 
Blatt, David R., MD1947,2185 
Blatt, Ellen Rose, MD27,28,32,390 
Blatt, Ellen Rose, MD535,553,737 
Blatt, Ellen Rose, MD753,756,816 
Blatt, Ellen Rose, MD817,823,829 
Blatt, Ellen Rose, MD1489,1603 
Blatt, Ellen Rose, MD1629,1787 
Blatt, Ellen Rose, MD1812,1836 
Blatt, Ellen Rose, MD2079,2087 
Blatt, Ellen Rose, MD2094,2266 
Blatt, Ellen Rose, MD2269,2270 
Blatt, Ellen Rose, MD2320,2323 
Blatt, Ellen Rose, MD2511,2538 
Blatt, Ellen Rose, MD2555,2617 
Blatt, Ellen Rose, MD2627,2636 
Blatt, Ellen Rose, MD2864,2865 
Blatt, Ellen Rose, MD2868,3168 
Blatt, Ellen Rose, MD3178,3183 
Blatt, Rebecca J., MD2448 
Blattner, Mary Austin, MD2162,2740 


Blattner, Mary Austin, MD3191 
Bleacher, Heather R., MD1254 
Bledsoe, Ivette L., MSW1912 
Blei, Michael L., MD450,1516 
Bleistein, Abby L., MD2372 
Blesch, Frederick M., DC1911 
Blessing, Erin E., PT2682 
Blicharski, Christopher K., MD2587,2595 
Blickenderfer, Katie, MSW877 
Bliss Jr., David Paul, MD394,401,582 
Bliss Jr., David Paul, MD1007,1010 
Bliss Jr., David Paul, MD1107 
Bliss, Coty Jenifern, NP811,951,1402 
Bliss, Coty Jenifern, NP2412,2491 
Bliss, Coty Jenifern, NP2709,2902 
Bliss, Coty Jenifern, NP2979,3120 
Bliss, David William, MD881,978,1007 
Bliven, Christine M., MD28,32,535 
Bliven, Christine M., MD536,553,618 
Bliven, Christine M., MD619,823,829 
Bliven, Christine M., MD852,853,855 
Bliven, Christine M., MD856,1093,1097 
Bliven, Christine M., MD1603,1629 
Bliven, Christine M., MD1812,1836 
Bliven, Christine M., MD2087,2094 
Bliven, Christine M., MD2229,2241 
Bliven, Christine M., MD2274,2275 
Bliven, Christine M., MD2304,2307 
Bliven, Christine M., MD2320,2323 
Bliven, Christine M., MD2379,2382 
Bliven, Christine M., MD2538,2555 
Bliven, Christine M., MD2628,2636 
Bliven, Christine M., MD2808,2817 
Bliven, Christine M., MD2865,2868 
Bliven, Christine M., MD2930,2933 
Bliven, Christine M., MD3069,3071 
Bliven, Christine M., MD3178,3183 
Bloch, Clifford Alan, MD891,999,1010 
Bloch, Clifford Alan, MD2262,2266 
Bloch, Clifford Alan, MD2267,2702 
Bloch, Clifford Alan, MD2714,2715 
Bloch, Martin A., MD698,3058 
Block, Alexander, AUD2439 
 ^ = No New WC, * = EPP Provider
 Index 26 


Provider Listing
Provider data last updated: 04/23/2020
Last Update: 04/23/2020

Block, Geoffrey A., MD1317 
Blodnick, Elizabeth Marie, PA-819 
Bloedow, Becky M., PA-C1541 
Bloink, Steven W., MD1128 
Blois, Marsden S., MD630,631,644 
Blois, Marsden S., MD2348,2349 
Blois, Marsden S., MD2361 
Bloise, Jane L., MA938,1080 
Blok, Barbara K., MD101 
Blom, Eric E., MD2982 
Blommel, Hilary, PT2518 
Blomquist, Matthew, MD681,756,2382 
Blomquist, Thomas M., MD2016,2827 
Blonder, Ronald D., DO869,870 
Bloom, Edward James, PT19,2518,3170 
Bloomfield, Elizabeth C., MD1317 
Blount, Summer Edainah, MD79 
Blue Horizon Therapy2500 
Blue Mesa Foot and Ankle Cente2843 
Blue Mountain Counseling, LLC2124,2141 
Blue Sky Physical Therapy1523 
Blue, Angela K., NP892,949,2036 
Blue, Angela K., NP2037 
Blue, Kevin J., DPM2886,2928 
Blue, Leisa Jan, MSN951 
Blue, Michael, MA2871 
Blue, Susan, PT, MPT19,2717 
Blue, Yuko, BA266 
Blum, Joshua D., MD1317 
Blum, Kerri L., MD1254,1298 
Blum, Kerri L., MD1743,1749 
Blum, Kerri L., MD2454,2464 
Blum, Raymond Neil, MD1310,1317 
Blumenshine, Tara, MS2126 
Blustein, Jeffrey A., MS2435 
Bly, Nell, MSW2445 
Blyth, Bruce, MD397,525,604 
Blyth, Bruce, MD1008,1090 
Blyth, Bruce, MD1116,1492 
Blyth, Bruce, MD1590,1683 
Blyth, Bruce, MD1787,1807 
Blyth, Bruce, MD1861,2618 
Blyth, Bruce, MD2647,3126 


Blyth, Bruce, MD3132,3135 
Blyth, Lynn S., PhD51,52,140 
Blyth, Lynn S., PhD208,497,515 
Blyth, Lynn S., PhD612,1168,1171 
Blyth, Lynn S., PhD1279,1356 
Blyth, Lynn S., PhD1567,1581 
Blyth, Lynn S., PhD1691 
Blyton, Barry D., MD1808,1812 
BMA Fort Collins1916 
BMA Greeley2162 
BMA Loveland2741 
Boackle, Susan A., MD174,573,1317 
Boackle, Susan A., MD1654 
Boada, Richaard, PhD515 
Boardman, Dawn, MSW877 
Bobay, Tarrah L., CRNA2072 
Bobay, Tarrah L., MSN1769 
Bobba, Madhuri, MD2341 
Bober, Stephen D., MSW
Bobo, Russell W., MD1896 
Bock, George, MD1242,1254 
Bock, Kristen G., MA752 
Bock, Margret Elisabeth, MD385,401,1002 
Bock, Margret Elisabeth, MD1010 
Bock, Shannon L., PA-C464,1062,1541 
Bock, Shannon L., PA-C2213,2685 
Bocker, Jennifer M., MD1665,2100 
Bocker, Jennifer M., MD3188 
Bodden, Jane, BA, NP1403 
Boddie, Genevieve, BA, NP266 
Bode, Eric K., MD1093 
Bodenhamer, James E., MD101 
Bodenhamer, John R., MD2003,2008 
Bodenstab, William E., MD1683 
Bodine, S. Ross, PT665 
Bodkin, Amy W., BS, PT455,464 
Bodoni, Andras A., MD1208,1590 
Bodoni, Andras A., MD2446,2535 
Body and Brain Pediatric Thera727 
Body Image Physical Therapy & 148,317 
Body Image Physical Therapy an845,853 
Body Image Rehabilitation Inc455,2922 
Body Massage Center1539,2525 


Body Mechanics Physical Therap770 
Body Works Custom Compression3143 
Bodywise Physical Therapy665,744 
Boe, Darren M., MD796,804,1208 
Boe, Darren M., MD1317,2393 
Boe, Darren M., MD2405 
Boe, MARILEE J., MA1567,1804 
Boedecker, Andrea E., MD2695 
Boeding, Marvin, PhD2725,2731 
Boeding, Marvin, PhD2732,2738 
Boeding, Marvin, PhD2741,2763 
Boeding, Marvin, PhD2786,2804 
Boehlke, Heather J., PT1040 
Boehm, Kevin S., MD2703 
Boehner, Melissa J., BA, NP267 
Boehnke, Kathryn Lamb, MD1812 
Boerner, John A., MD2949,2950 
Boersma, Emily M., PA464,2301,2526 
Boesiger, Renita K., MA1903,2731 
Bogaert, Yolanda E., MD115,166,236 
Bogaert, Yolanda E., MD320,1239,1310 
Bogaert, Yolanda E., MD1375,1441 
Bogardus, Christine M., DO2432 
Bogart, Amanda R., MD37,401 
Bogart, Trina Lee, MD2742 
Bogenschuetz Bonn, Mary B., BS744,1040,2047 
Bogenschuetz Bonn, Mary B., BS2849,2922 
Bogenschuetz Bonn, Mary B., BS2991,3214 
Boggan, Nicole, MA1080 
Boggavarapu, Jagadish, MD1153,1317 
Boggs, Chelsey M., NP, BA267 
Bogin, Robert M., MD796,804,822 
Bogin, Robert M., MD1208,1317 
Bogin, Robert M., MD1590,2393 
Bogin, Robert M., MD2406,2422 
Bogin, Robert M., MD2881,2892 
Bogin, Robert M., MD2929 
Bogin, Staci, DPM1994,3200 
Boguniewicz, Juri, MD383,401 
Boguniewicz, Mark, MD39,352,401 
Boguniewicz, Mark, MD1153,1476 
Boguniewicz, Mark, MD1494 
Bogush, Kimber F., MD2448 
 ^ = No New WC, * = EPP Provider
 Index 27 


Provider Listing
Provider data last updated: 04/23/2020
Last Update: 04/23/2020

Bogush, Tamara L., MD2448 
Bohan, Ellen Maria, CRNA259,2412 
Bohannon, Christy, MA1080 
Bohannon, Donna, PT1523 
Bohks, Kathryn L., DC76 
Bohl, Rebecca, PA2034 
Bohling, Pamela J., PT19,2717,3170 
Bohm, Shelby E., MSN1769 
Boies, Andrew C., MD362,401,734 
Boies, Andrew C., MD738,994,1010 
Boies, Andrew C., MD1481,1494 
Boies, Andrew C., MD2915,2918 
Boland, Kirsten M., PA-C2138 
Bolding, Deborah L., MS2220 
Bolduan Lomax, Jana M., PSYD1581,2378 
Bolduan Lomax, Jana Marie, PSY515 
Boleman, Falicity M., DPT1523 
Boley, Brian P., PA-C1541 
Boley, Susan G., PhD2534 
Bolgeo, Mary A., CRNA1874 
Boling Langer, Elizabeth A., A652 
Bolinger, Gina S., PA-C3067 
Bolles, Colleen E., NP, MSN267,951 
Bolles, Gene E., MD1377,1665 
Bolls, Colleen E., MSN267,951 
Bologna, Giovanni A., CRNA1952 
Bolotin, Todd S., MD688,1692,2041 
Bolotin, Todd S., MD3078 
Bolouri, Marjan S., MD855,856,1603 
Bolouri, Marjan S., MD1630,1812 
Bolouri, Marjan S., MD1836,2087 
Bolouri, Marjan S., MD2094,2229 
Bolouri, Marjan S., MD2241,2274 
Bolouri, Marjan S., MD2275,2305 
Bolouri, Marjan S., MD2307,2538 
Bolouri, Marjan S., MD2555,2628 
Bolouri, Marjan S., MD2636,2808 
Bolouri, Marjan S., MD2817,3178 
Bolouri, Marjan S., MD3183 
Bolshoun, David L., MD1317 
Bolshoun, Patricia Anne, PA-C,464,1541 
Bolt, Evelyn Yoh, MD644,682,721 
Bolt, Evelyn Yoh, MD758,2666,2694 


Bolt, Evelyn Yoh, MD2755,2825 
Bolt, Evelyn Yoh, MD2892,2935 
Bolt, Evelyn Yoh, MD3058,3072 
Bolton, Andrew K., MD2840 
Bolton, Jesse D., MD1208,1318 
Bolton, Jesse D., MD2393,2406 
Bolton, Kevin M., MD2944,2986 
Bomberg, Ann M., MSW1168,1171 
Bomberg, Ann M., MSW1198,1367 
Bomberg, Ann M., MSW1421,1565 
Bomberg, Ann M., MSW1657,1692 
Bomberg, Ann M., MSW3051,3052 
Bomberg, Ann M., MSW3060,3062 
Bomberg, Ann M., MSW3068,3072 
Bomberg, Ann M., MSW3073 
Bomberg, Bryan C., MD2430 
Bomhoff, Beverly A., MSW632,711 
Bonaca, Marc P., MD55,62,174 
Bonacci, Paul D., MD1161,2345 
Bonack, Timothy D., PT1040 
Bond, Amy Marie, NP, BA267 
Bond, Judith, MSW80 
Bondi, Rosalie Aurelia, DO7,11,16 
Bondi, Rosalie, DO3091,3104 
Bondi, Rosalie, DO3125 
Bonds, Cale W., MD2611 
Bonelli, Joseph, MD348,3039 
Bong, Christine Janel, MD1010 
Bong, Gary W., MD1116,1117 
Bongar, Connie Ela Lupe Billon2127 
Bongiovanni, Josephine A., MD1254,1318 
Bongiovanni, Josephine A., MD2884,2892 
Bongiovanni, Josephine A., MD3044 
Boniface, Megan M., PA-C464 
Bonnett, Carl J., MD1226,2448 
Bonnett, Carl J., MD2882 
Bonney, Caitlin, MD1226 
Bonney, Charles Stephen, MD2996 
Bonney, Cynthia D., MSN, CNM2672 
Bontadelli, Johnna C., OD1967 
Bontekoe, Rae A., OTR969 
Bontrager, Jeffrey Allen, MD160,362,363 
Bontrager, Jeffrey Allen, MD401,720,734 


Bontrager, Jeffrey Allen, MD738,919,994 
Bontrager, Jeffrey Allen, MD1010,1298 
Bontrager, Jeffrey Allen, MD1481,1494 
Bontrager, Rebecca J., PA-C, P464,1541,1799 
Bontrager, Rebecca J., PA-C, P2925 
Bonvicino, Amanda M., MD1471 
Bonwell, Lisa M., MD2959,2970 
Book, David T., MD986 
Book, Richard K., DO2341 
Bookman, Kelly J., MD101,2448 
Bookout, David B., PT, BS1040,3127 
Bookstein, Nancey A., PT455,465 
Boone, Christopher R., MD2959 
Boone, Karlie M., PA-C, PA465 
Boone, Paul D., MD1377,2483 
Boone, Paul D., MD2601 
Boos, Werner K., PSYD1581 
Booster, Genery, PhD1581 
Booth, Elise J., MSN1875 
Booth, Meghan E., MSW1198 
Booth, Richard R., MD1974 
Boothe, Dustin, MD2001,2806 
Boothe, Dustin, MD3041 
Borchard, Kevin S., MD1135 
Bordelon, Brock M., MD1107 
Borden, Kelly Christine, MD553,1836 
Borgerding, Kevin J., MD3025 
Borgert, Jamie Y., MSW, LCSW1198 
Borges, Manuel T., MD536,553 
Borges, Virginia F., MD150,174,217 
Borges, Virginia F., MD2285,2286 
Borges, Virginia F., MD2288,2462 
Borges, Virginia F., MD2471,2480 
Borges, Virginia F., MD2593,2595 
Borges, Virginia F., MD2599 
Borgstadt, Joshua T., PA-C2864 
Borgstede, James P., MD553,554,609 
Borgstede, James P., MD1097,1119 
Borgstede, James P., MD1630,1688 
Borgstede, James P., MD2636,2647 
Borisov, Igor B., MD1318 
Borland, Jennifer, MSW1912,1995 
Borman, Bonnie Mae, DC710,2062 
 ^ = No New WC, * = EPP Provider
 Index 28 


Provider Listing
Provider data last updated: 04/23/2020
Last Update: 04/23/2020

Bormanis, Debra C., MS951 
Born, Scot E., MD944,2976 
Borne, Ryan T., MD53,62,174 
Borne, Ryan Thomas, MD1172,1181 
Borne, Ryan Thomas, MD1318 
Borrego, Deborah, NP, FNP2127 
Borris, Thomas J., DDS1452 
Borsa, Valeria J., MD3089 
Borsa, Valerie J., MD1494 
Borst, Gregory Michael, MD582,598,1666 
Borst, Gregory Michael, MD1679 
Borstad, Brett J., OD1448,1778 
Borthwick, Laurie A., BS1957 
Bortz, Ann, PSYD1581 
Bortz, Libby L., MSW2445 
Bortz, Richard A., MD1242,1254 
Borzager, Frank R., PA-C1987,2213 
Borzager, Frank R., PA-C2795 
Bos, Rachel Ann, MD125,637,1743 
Bosarge, Patrick Langdon, MD2253,2256 
Boschert, Laura G., MD3213 
Boschini, Fernando J., MD1143,1812 
Boschini, Fernando J., MD1836,3178 
Boschini, Fernando J., MD3183 
Boschini, Laura, MD1559 
Bosen, Benjamin Charles, DO763,3033 
Bosley, John C., MD817,1788 
Bosman, Djimmer, MPT, BS1523,2518 
Bosque, Patrick Joseph, MD243,1381 
Bost, Sandra C., BS969 
Bost, Thomas W., MD796,804,822 
Bost, Thomas W., MD1208,1318 
Bost, Thomas W., MD1590,2393 
Bost, Thomas W., MD2406,2422 
Bost, Thomas W., MD2881,2892 
Bost, Thomas W., MD2929,3098 
Bost, Thomas W., MD3115,3132 
Bostwick, Dan Earle, DC2392 
Bosworth, Cortney R., MD3157 
Botha, Andre, BS1710 
Bothner, Joan P., MD363,402 
Botnick, Robert M., PA-C704,1541,2375 
Botolin, Daniela, MD1107 


Botolin, Sergiu, MD978 
Botton, Diana L., NP267,1403 
Botton, Diane L., BA267,1403 
Bottone Post, Carolyn Louise, 2770,2772 
Bottorff, Catherine J., PT1040 
Bottorff, Joshua L., PT1040 
Bottorff, Joshua, PT1040 
Botts, Miranda K., MA2141 
Boublik, Martin, MD329,578,1779 
Boublik, Martin, MD1857,2265 
Boublik, Martin, MD2271 
Boucharel, Adria L., MD352 
Bouche, Lauren L., MA705,706,1567 
Bouche, Lauren L., MA1581 
Boucher, Maryann, MD, PhD, PSY1580,1581 
Boulay, Genevieve C., CRNA2978 
Boulder Back Pain Clinic665 
Boulder Community Foothills Ho641,642 
Boulder Community Health624,630,631 
Boulder Community Health635,644,647 
Boulder Community Health649,660,665 
Boulder Community Health675,676,679 
Boulder Community Health682 
Boulder Community Health Couns624,649,676 
Boulder Community Health Sport660,679 
Boulder Community Health Urgen686,1869,2348 
Boulder Community Health Urgen2363,3048 
Boulder Community Hospital624,649,2371 
Boulder Community Hospital2379,2385 
Boulder Community Hospital Occ2344,2351 
Boulder Community Hospital Occ2364,2369 
Boulder Community Musculoskele624 
Boulder Holistic Medical Cente649,652,653 
Boulder Manor643,648,682 
Boulder Medical Center642,647 
Boulder Medical Center At Avis2704 
Boulder MRI2352,2363 
Boulder MRI2379 
Boulder Valley Allergy and Ast10,624,1216 
Boulder Valley Allergy and Ast1738,2063 
Boulder Valley Allergy and Ast2352,2447 
Boulder Valley Allergy and Ast3046 
Boulder Valley Anesthesiology 624,625,635 


Boulder Valley Anesthesiology 647,665,681 
Boulder Valley Anesthesiology 708,2650,2697 
Boulder Valley Anesthesiology 2698 
BoulderCentre For Orthopedics657,659,663 
BoulderCentre For Orthopedics665,681,2373 
BoulderCentre For Orthopedics2384 
BoulderCentre for Orthopedics,2374 
Boullier, John Arthur, MD2021,2257 
Boullier, John Arthur, MD2831 
Boulware, Mark E., MD870,928 
Bourgeois, Gregory P., DPT1792 
Bourkovski, Heather S., MD2129 
Bourland, Steven B., DO1161 
Bourne, Eugene Everett, MD1603,1630 
Bourne, Eugene Everett, MD2423,2424 
Bourne, Eugene Everett, MD2721,2722 
Bourne, Jennifer Louise, PT, D818 
Bourque, Stephanie Lynn, MD229,402,1370 
Bourque, Stephanie Lynn, MD1494 
Bouts, Catherine M., PA, PA-C465,2302,2526 
Bouzarelos, Kirk G., MD817,1788 
Bovay, Jamie Kent, DPT1523 
Bove, James Donald, MED1581 
Bovet, Claire A., MD1254 
Bowden, Kasey R., MS, NP267 
Bowels, Daniel W., MD217,1362 
Bowen, Brian, LAC1727 
Bowen, Bruce K., MD615 
Bowen, Jacqueline M., OD2201 
Bowen, Michael, MD886 
Bowen, Renee Christine, DPT1040 
Bowen, Tyler S., MA2049 
Bower, Christine Mary, MD243,1381 
Bowers, Krista W., MD1318 
Bowers, Marci L., MD1423 
Bowers, Mark William, MD329 
Bowie, James William, MD3101 
Bowler, Russell P., MD1208,1318 
Bowler, Russell P., MD1590 
Bowles, Charles R., MD681,687 
Bowles, Colleen M., DO3168 
Bowles, Daniel W., MD174,217,1318 
Bowles, Daniel W., MD1362 
 ^ = No New WC, * = EPP Provider
 Index 29 


Provider Listing
Provider data last updated: 04/23/2020
Last Update: 04/23/2020

Bowles, Roger E., MD2471 
Bowling, Allen Clarke, MD243 
Bowman Harvey, Cris Ann, BA, N267,951 
Bowman Harvey, Cris, NP1403 
Bowman III, James Russell, MD329 
Bowman, Greg A., MD788,3002 
Bowman, Jenifer, RD2012 
Bowman, Sarah Jean, DPT618 
Bowser, Thomas E., MD945 
Bowser, Whitney E., PA-C1146,2842 
Bowyer, Trista A., MD363 
Box Butte General Hospital1812 
Boxer, Rebecca Sue, MD125,143 
Boyarski, Jeni C., PT744,2081,3065 
Boyce, Kristen B., DPM3028 
Boyce, Lynn J., ARNP2192,2772 
Boyd Trull, Kathryn D., MD125,174,1254 
Boyd Trull, Kathryn D., MD1318 
Boyd, Kevin P., MD95,1738 
Boyd, Tonya, MS1080 
Boyd, William D., PhD1581,3068 
Boyd, William D., PhD3069 
Boydston, Joanna D., MD965 
Boyer, Ann E., MD160,402,720 
Boyer, Ann E., MD738,1298,1494 
Boyer, Ann E., MD2889,2918 
Boyer, Eric S., MD886 
Boyer, Jonathan A., MD1574 
Boyer, Kelsey Maren, DPT1978,2209 
Boyer, Laura Beth, MD726,1423 
Boyer, Malgorzata M., PA-C1062 
Boyers, Lindsay N., MD633 
Boyken, Susan B., PT744,1040,2518 
Boyken, Susan B., PT2849,2922 
Boyken, Susan B., PT2991,3214 
Boyko, Aleksandr, MA497 
Boyko, Toni, PA-C1062 
Boyle, Dennis J., MD1318,1654 
Boyle, Kevin J., MD2452,2454 
Boyle, Michelle, MD43 
Boyle, Monica R., MD2701,3098 
Boyle, Sheila R., MD3098 
Boyles, Aaron D., DO329,337,978 


Boyles, Aaron D., DO985 
Boynton, Steven E., MD2036,3088 
Boysen, Eric C., MD2356 
Boyum, Lisa A., PhD1581,1806 
Bozich, Kimberly Anne, DPT2518 
Braaton, Michael J., MD536 
Bracchi, Emma, MA1080 
Brach, John P., MD621,1129,1707 
Brach, John P., MD2863 
Brachman, Danielle M., DPT1882 
Bracht, Ruediger F., MD2572 
Bracken, Rand N., CRNA3037 
Brackett, Bess E., MD2202 
Bracy, Layne C., MD1120 
Braddock, Nicole A., PA-C, PA465,748 
Braden, Beau R., DO101 
Braden, Teresa K., DO2955,2970 
Bradford, Lisa L., DPT, MPT1523,1792 
Bradford, Lisa L., DPT, MPT2518 
Bradford, Ray K., MD1836,1862 
Bradley III, Robert Claud, MD2166,2745 
Bradley III, Robert Claud, MD3193 
Bradley, Brandeis Law, MPT1523,1792 
Bradley, Cassandra L., CRNA1952 
Bradley, Helen Clare, BS, PT613 
Bradley, John C., CRNA1393 
Bradley, John C., MD1896,2651 
Bradley, Sean M., MD1010 
Bradley, Shane P., DC875 
Bradmon, Mollie M., PA-C2213 
Brady, Charlene Elaine, MD1208,2446 
Brady, Julie M., MD892,893,928 
Brady, Katherine, LCSW1198 
Brady, Kathleen V., NP, BA267,1403 
Brady, Sara Allison, MSN3061,3120 
Brady, Sheryl A., NP951 
Bragg Pesco, Cynthia J., BS3170 
Bragg, John D., MD2196 
Braidman, Gina M., PA465 
Brain Function Optimization LL2936 
Brain Matters Imaging Center1357,1468 
Brain Matters Imaging Center1603 
Brainard, Alison J., MD43 


Brainard, Jason C., MD43,88 
Brainerd, Tiffany Lynn, MD1722,3076 
Brake, Shelley M., PA-C, PA465 
Brakefield, Seth C., PT1523 
Brakke, Rachel A., MD345,450,451 
Brakke, Rachel A., MD578,660,663 
Brakke, Rachel A., MD683,1469,1517 
Brakke, Rachel A., MD1661 
Bramble, Joshua C., LPC, MA2865 
Brames, Gregory P., MD63,353,402 
Brames, Gregory P., MD871,992,1010 
Bramlett, Dewayne, OT969 
Brammer, Eleanor S., BA, NP267 
Bramwell, Lindsay Gaido, MA, M1194,1403 
Branagan, Alexandra M., PSYD1581 
Branagan, William T., PhD515 
Branan, Richard C., MD1758 
Branch, Paul K., MD2165,2355 
Branchaud, Stephanie R., PT2717 
Branchford, Brian R., MD379,402 
Brand, Jeffrey A., BS2842 
Brandehoff, Nicklaus P., MD1226 
Brandenburg, Jennifer Suzanne,267 
Brandenburg, Suzanne L., MD174 
Brandon, Allen Dewain, PhD1999 
Brandon, Jessica M., PA-C1062 
Brandon, Jonathan Lightfoot, M2423,2721 
Brandon, Lorin Scott, DPM641,675,1701 
Brandon, Lorin Scott, DPM1714,2029 
Brandon, Lorin Scott, DPM2034,2663 
Brandon, Lorin Scott, DPM2688 
Brandon, Maryellen Ellen, NP652,2672 
Brandt, Kendra N., MS465 
Brandt, Olivia L., PA-C465,1799 
Branick, Leslie A., MSN951 
Branney, Scott W., MD1226,3099 
Branon, June, MA, LPC1567 
Branson, Jessica N., PA-C2622 
Branstetter II, Robert M., MD1603,1630 
Branstetter II, Robert M., MD2229,2241 
Brant, Julia Aogaichi, MD363,402,994 
Brant, Julia Aogaichi, MD1010,1481 
Brant, Julia Aogaichi, MD1494 
 ^ = No New WC, * = EPP Provider
 Index 30 


Provider Listing
Provider data last updated: 04/23/2020
Last Update: 04/23/2020

Brant, William Edward, MD304,554 
Brants, Allan Meacham, MD3189 
Brar, Kanwaljit, MD1153,1476 
Brar, Kanwaljit, MD1494 
Brar, Leah Gwendolyn, MD250 
Brar, Samrit S., MD506,1805 
Brarens, Robert M., DPM2748,2802 
Brase, Bernadette L., PT2682 
Brasfield, Mary, PA-C465 
Brashear, Susan Lorraine, MD1773,2495 
Brass, Abraham Louis, PhD, MD1929,1937 
Brass, Abraham Louis, PhD, MD2169,2177 
Brass, Abraham Louis, PhD, MD3193,3195 
Brassard, Sarah Jane, PA, PA-C1541 
Brasser, Courtney M., BA, CRNA259 
Brassfield, Thomas S., MD898 
Bratton, Donna L., MD1153,1477 
Bratton, Emily M., MD321 
Brauer, Beverly A., PSYD497,515 
Brauer, Brian C., MD134,174,1275 
Brauer, Brian C., MD1318 
Brauer, Christine S., DPT1040,1041 
Brauer, Patrick L., MS986,1062 
Braukhoff, Julie A., MA1080 
Braun, Audra J., PA-C2526 
Braun, David S., PA-C, PA465,2302,2526 
Braun, Mark, MSN951 
Braun, Patricia A., MD1494 
Braun, Stacy L., MA1080,1088 
Braun, Stephanie L., RPT, MSPT665,2374 
Braund, Cortney S., MD363,402,994 
Braund, Cortney S., MD1010 
Braunholtz, Gayle L., MD1692,2041 
Braunholtz, Gayle Louise, MD688,2337 
Brauninger, Samuel J., CRNA1952 
Braunlin, Paul P., PT2792 
Brautigam, Gillian, CNM, BA260 
Brave, Lauren C., MD662,2680 
Braverman, Jennifer Anne, MD210,305,1359 
Braverman, Jennifer Anne, MD1423,2287 
Braverman, Jennifer Anne, MD2291,2313 
Braverman, Jennifer Anne, MD2479,2495 
Braverman, Jennifer Anne, MD2896,2905 


Braverman, Rebecca S., MA, MD321,402,582 
Braverman, Rebecca S., MA, MD1441,1494 
Braverman, Rebecca S., MA, MD1666,2293 
Braverman, Rebecca S., MA, MD2299,2310 
Bravermanc, Jon, MD1441,1666 
Bravman, Jonathan Todd, MD329,578,657 
Bravman, Jonathan Todd, MD684,1453,1661 
Braxton, Ernest E., MD1720,3079 
Braxton, Ernest E., MD3080 
Braxton, Tyrone T., MSW1198 
Bray, Vance J., MD1654 
Brayall, Patrick R., PT3040 
Brayden, Robert M., MD402 
Brazeau, Cailin A., PA, PA-C465,748,1541 
Brazeau, Cailin A., PA, PA-C2622,2925 
Brazil, Lindsay E., MT939 
Breaker, Kathryn M., NP, BA267 
Breast Diag and Counse1856 
Breaux, Charles Warren, MD2134,2147 
Breaux, Rebecca Diane, BS1437,1466 
Breckenridge Emergency and Urg691 
Breckinridge, John C., MD1181,2349 
Breckinridge, John C., MD2391 
Bredenberg, Erin Linn, MD174 
Breed, Christopher Aaron, MD146 
Breeden, Matthew Phillip, MD1423 
Breen, Ellen K., MD1575 
Breen, John M., MD2196 
Breese, Jessica R., BS, BA260,267,1397 
Breese, Jessica R., BS, BA1403 
Breeze, Robert E., MD150,217,239 
Breeze, Robert E., MD243,506,582 
Breeze, Robert E., MD1288,1362 
Breeze, Robert E., MD1377,1381 
Breeze, Robert E., MD1575,1666 
Brega, Kerry E., MD240,582,1377 
Brega, Kerry E., MD1666 
Bregni Page, Carla T., DO798,799,801 
Breithart, Katharine, AUD1169,2439 
Breithart, Katharine, AUD2582 
Breitnauer, Nicholas J., MD1318 
Brekke, Shawn Renee, NP, MSN267,1769 


Brendon, Browning S., DO886 
Breneman, Alexandra F., BS, AU2026 
Brenman, Steven A., DO95 
Brenman, Steven Adley, DO840 
Brennan, John Paul, PA-C, PA465 
Brennan, Lee K., RPT665 
Brennan, Paige, PA-C2622 
Brenneman, Janice K., MD28,32,536 
Brenneman, Janice K., MD554,753,756 
Brenneman, Janice K., MD774,776,823 
Brenneman, Janice K., MD824,829,1603 
Brenneman, Janice K., MD1630,1812 
Brenneman, Janice K., MD1813,1836 
Brenneman, Janice K., MD1837,2003 
Brenneman, Janice K., MD2009,2087 
Brenneman, Janice K., MD2094,2229 
Brenneman, Janice K., MD2241,2269 
Brenneman, Janice K., MD2270,2274 
Brenneman, Janice K., MD2276,2305 
Brenneman, Janice K., MD2307,2320 
Brenneman, Janice K., MD2323,2330 
Brenneman, Janice K., MD2332,2379 
Brenneman, Janice K., MD2382,2538 
Brenneman, Janice K., MD2555,2628 
Brenneman, Janice K., MD2636,2808 
Brenneman, Janice K., MD2817,2866 
Brenneman, Janice K., MD2868,2930 
Brenneman, Janice K., MD2933,3178 
Brenneman, Janice K., MD3183,3201 
Brenneman, Janice K., MD3203 
Brenner, Anne H., MD17,3166 
Brenner, Anne M., MD662 
Brenner, Jennifer W., MD1275 
Brenner, Lisa M., PhD516 
Brenner, Tricia M., OD1778 
Brent, Alison P., MD363,402,994 
Brent, Alison P., MD1010,2915 
Brent, Alison P., MD2918 
Brent, Allison S., MD363,402,994 
Brent, Allison S., MD1010,2915 
Brent, Allison S., MD2918 
Brentin, Steven A., PT3170 
Breske, Tara M., DC2879 
 ^ = No New WC, * = EPP Provider
 Index 31 


Provider Listing
Provider data last updated: 04/23/2020
Last Update: 04/23/2020

Breslin, Molly J., CRNA1952,2190 
Breslin, Molly J., CRNA2769 
Breslow, Suzanne K., MD2029 
Bresnick, Shelley E., PSYD2085 
Bresnitz, Svetlana, MD
Bresrahan, Timothy M., MD3035 
Bress, Cynthia E., PA-C1062,2419 
Bress, Cynthia E., PA-C2526,3129 
Bretey, Linda M., BA2127 
Bretz, Paul A., LSW3048 
Brew, Elizabeth, MD2100,3015 
Brew, Elizabeth, MD3188 
Brew, Jeffrey Michael, LAC3050,3092 
Brewer, Benjamin W., PSYD516 
Brewer, Diane M., CRNA810,1393,1768 
Brewer, Diane M., CRNA2367,2900 
Brewer, Faith N., MD1010 
Brewer, Jordan M., PA-C1541,1799 
Brewer, Jordan M., PA-C2622 
Brewer, Laura G., PA-C766 
Brewer, Rachel B., MD1494,1661 
Brewer, Rachel B., MD2079,2100 
Brewer, Rachel B., MD2618,2643 
Brewer, Sheryl S., NP2127 
Brewer, Tara Bernadette Fite, 2491 
Brewer, Wheaton H., MD1226 
Brewington, Elaine S., MSW2109 
Brewington, Flora H., MD1922,3104 
Breyer, Diana M., MD1871,1873 
Breyer, Diana M., MD1877,1914 
Breyer, Diana M., MD1937,2000 
Breyer, Klementyna M., MD101,2353,3143 
Breyer, Michael J., MD1226 
Brezinsky, Michael V., MD2840 
Brian Alan Miller, DO2437 
Briargate CCOM968 
Briargate Endoscopy Center862 
Briarwood Health Care Ctr1657 
Brice, Sylvia L., MD95,1216 
Brick, Aaron S., BA267 
Brickell, Lindsey Jennifer, DO1010 
Brickell, Lindsy J., DO1010 
Bricker, Shana L., PT, DPT455 


Brickl, Ian D., MD1922 
Bricknell, Julia, OT2130 
Bridenstine, Mark P., MD115,160,174 
Bridenstine, Mark P., MD1239,1299 
Bridenstine, Mark P., MD1318 
Bridges, Jessyca, PA-C465 
Bridges, John F., MD3176 
Brief Therapy Institute of Den752,2085,2533 
Brieke, Andreas, MD55,63,174 
Brieske, Hollie N., NP14,1881,2325 
Brieske, Hollie N., NP2413 
Briggs, Barbara N., EDD1567 
Briggs, Benjamin T., MD1299 
Briggs, Haley M., PA, PA-C465 
Briggs, Jennifer Lynn, PA465,1799 
Brigham, Dania, MD376,402 
Brighi Donato, Giulia, NP1403 
Bright Skies Therapy Center LL3197,3205 
Brightman, Marisa L., PA, PA-C465 
Brighton Community Emergency P694 
Brighton Eye Associates701 
Brighton Pediatrics Pc702 
Brighton, Kelson, MSW, LCSW1198 
Brighton, Kimberley W., CRNA1145 
Brightstar Care916,918 
Brignoni, Hector J., MD101,125,140 
Brignoni, Hector J., MD402,604,2317 
Brignoni, Hector J., MD2318,2336 
Brignoni, Hector J., MD2337 
Brill, Amanda J., NP, BA267 
Brill, Sonia Maria, MSW1737 
Brimsek, Kathleen Goble, MD161,402,919 
Brimsek, Kathleen Goble, MD1010 
Brinckman, Mark Alan, MD1386,1630 
Brindle, Jayme S., PT3170 
Briner, Andrea L., MSN2127 
Briney Jr., Walter Frederick, 573 
Brink, Janel N., MD813,2495 
Brinkley, Thomas J., MD43 
Brinkman, Chad, PT2518 
Brinkman, Heather L., PA-C1541 
Brinkman, Judith M., MD965 
Brinkman, Marian, PA, PA-C465,1541 


Brinkmann, Mary E., PT2792 
Brinley, Julia M., DO946 
Brisson, Douglas P., DC2656 
Bristlecone Health Services2043 
Bristlecone Health Services Ho2043 
Bristlecone Home Health Servic2043 
Bristow, Michael R., MD55,63 
Brito, Megan J., PT2136 
Britt, David W., MD1888,2661 
Britt, Gregory J., MD1288,1292 
Britt, Gregory J., MD1318,1362 
Britt, Gregory J., MD2358,2359 
Britt, Gregory J., MD2361,2364 
Britt, Gregory J., MD3149,3150 
Britt, Gregory J., MD3152,3156 
Brittain, Stacey C., PA-C749,1541 
Brittan, Elizabeth S., PhD1806 
Brittan, Mark S., MD402,739,1494 
Brittan, Mark S., MD2918 
Britton, Eric Noyes, MD148,329,801 
Britton, Eric Noyes, MD814,1286,1454 
Britton, Eric Noyes, MD1747,1779 
Britton, Eric Noyes, MD2066,2077 
Britton, Eric Noyes, MD2888,2910 
Britton, James A., MD2676 
Britton, John R., MD2364 
Britz, Betsy A., CNS, MA78 
Bro, Reed F., OD974 
Brock, Corinne M., NP2672 
Brock, Michael K., PT818 
Brock, Nicole L., PT, DNP724,744 
Brock, Rebecca Jane, MD1441 
Brockel, Megan A., MD43,402 
Brockman, Kathryn A., MA2220 
Brockmann, Robert A., MD2753 
Brockway, Julie M., MD1974,2788 
Brockway, Julie M., MD3073 
Brodbeck, Alvin A., CSW80,795 
Brodbeck, Elode H., PSYD516,822 
Broderick Cantwell, John J., M1190,1191 
Broderick, Kerry B., MD1227 
Brodeur, Amy R., PT2792 
Brodie Reid, Andrea Marie, DPT1041 
 ^ = No New WC, * = EPP Provider
 Index 32 


Provider Listing
Provider data last updated: 04/23/2020
Last Update: 04/23/2020

Brodie, Steven K., MD928 
Brodrick, Ellen M., MSN1403 
Brody, Pamela Ellen, PhD516,1581 
Broe, Molly K., PT2518 
Broecker, Eric H., OD1448,3062 
Broecker, Gretchen A., RD2049 
Broering, Gregory H., MD3085 
Broeseker, Emily A., MS, NP268 
Brogdon, Jill Marie, BA724 
Broghammer, Robert L., MD846,2907 
Brogmus, Donna Marie, MD2744 
Brohard, Deborah J., SLP, MS, 1995,2014 
Brolsma, Stephanie Jo, PA-C1541 
Broman, Steven D., MD1922 
Bromley, Susan P., PSYD2154,2161 
Bromley, Susan P., PSYD2176,2224 
Bron, Tyler R., MD329,978,1454 
Bron, Tyler R., MD2676 
Bronk, Barry B., PA-C2083,3129 
Bronsky, Eric S., MD886,1227,1723 
Bronsky, Eric S., MD2041 
Brook, James W., DO1891 
Brookdale Senior Living1856 
Brooke Sanche, Magdalene A., M1666 
Brooke, J. Daniel, MD41,79,348 
Brooke, J. Daniel, MD691,693,702 
Brooke, J. Daniel, MD1157,1195 
Brooke, J. Daniel, MD1471,2436 
Brooke, J. Daniel, MD2445,2507 
Brooke, J. Daniel, MD2697,2700 
Brooke, J. Daniel, MD2713,2872 
Brooke, J. Daniel, MD2880,2913 
Brooke, J. Daniel, MD3050,3052 
Brooke, J. Daniel, MD3064,3220 
Brooke, J. Daniel, MD3222,3224 
Brookens, Andrew E., MD802,843,859 
Brookens, Andrew E., MD919,1299,2043 
Brookens, Andrew E., MD2402,2464 
Brookens, Andrew E., MD2889,2966 
Brookens, Andrew E., MD3111 
Brooker, Nancy I., BA621 
Brookoff, Daniel, MD1318 
Brooks Kayal, Amy R., MD71,243,250 


Brooks Kayal, Amy R., MD402,3051,3060 
Brooks, David M., MD2057 
Brooks, Ellen H., MD2058 
Brooks, Erin E., RPT, DPT, BS665 
Brooks, Heather E., MD2355 
Brooks, Joseph M., MD989 
Brooks, Roberta J., PA-C1987 
Brookshire House Rehabilitatio1657 
Brookside Inn834 
Broomer, Amy M., DO797 
Broomfield Medical Imaging Cen708,709,754 
Broomfield Physical Therapy744 
Broomfield Skilled Nursing and758 
Brophey, Stacey Dyan, BS, MSN,1397,1403 
Brophey, Stacey Dyan, BS, MSN,1881 
Brophy, Sonya J., MSW1696 
Brosnahan, Godela M., MD174,236 
Bross, Michael H., MD125 
Brotherson, Bobbie, DO2111 
Brotsky, Rochelle J., MD2200 
Brougham, Heather M., DO125,1254,1743 
Broughton, Carrie C., MD1922,1937 
Broughton, Carrie C., MD1976 
Brouwer, Jessica L., PT2922 
Browder, Robert K., OD2983 
Brown III, Stephen T., MD783,2976 
Brown III, William Wilfred, MD134,305,1275 
Brown III, William Wilfred, MD1423 
Brown Levey, Shandra M., PhD1581 
Brown, Ann E., BS1125 
Brown, Anthony C., MD554,609,829 
Brown, Anthony C., MD836,1630,1688 
Brown, Anthony C., MD1837,1862 
Brown, Anthony C., MD2094,2102 
Brown, Anthony C., MD2555,2577 
Brown, Anthony C., MD2636,2648 
Brown, Barry D., BS, PT2991 
Brown, Beth, MSW80 
Brown, Brandon Dalton, MD1107,3043 
Brown, Bridget M., MD2206,2788 
Brown, Bridget M., MD3198 
Brown, Brittany Kate, NP, BA268,1403 
Brown, Bryce D., OD2076 


Brown, Candace D., MD2454,2464 
Brown, Cara E., MD2327 
Brown, Carrie M., MD1299 
Brown, Christine D., MD2838 
Brown, Cory J., MD715 
Brown, Craig L., MD86,582,1207 
Brown, Craig L., MD1666,2351 
Brown, Craig L., MD2384 
Brown, Daniel C., PT666,2374 
Brown, David M., MD972,1107 
Brown, Edward A., PA-C1062,1987 
Brown, Edward A., PA-C2795 
Brown, Elise, MD2359,2372 
Brown, Fidella D., MSN2429 
Brown, Gary R., DO898,909,968 
Brown, Gary R., DO1079 
Brown, Gerald D., MD2471 
Brown, Holly S., PhD677 
Brown, James John, MD363,402,994 
Brown, James John, MD1010 
Brown, Janelle M., PA, DPT1138 
Brown, Jeffrey Maccollam, MD101,363,402 
Brown, Jennifer L., MS1403 
Brown, Jessica, PA465,2376 
Brown, John M., MD2326,2327 
Brown, Joslyn F., PA, PA-C465,2302,2526 
Brown, Jullie G., NP2772 
Brown, Kathleen H., MD2948,2950 
Brown, Kathleen H., MD2970,2989 
Brown, Kathleen H., MD3009,3010 
Brown, Kathleen H., MD3012,3014 
Brown, Kaylin M., MSN1769 
Brown, Kevin K., MD1208,1318 
Brown, Kevin K., MD1590 
Brown, Laura A., MSW1879 
Brown, Laura Sue, MD71,229,234 
Brown, Laura Sue, MD402,1190,1370 
Brown, Laura Sue, MD1373,1494 
Brown, Leah T., MD1471,1472 
Brown, Leah T., MD1495 
Brown, Leigh Anne R., PA-C2526 
Brown, Lindsay A., MSW, LCSW1198 
Brown, Mariah R., MD43,95,582 
 ^ = No New WC, * = EPP Provider
 Index 33 


Provider Listing
Provider data last updated: 04/23/2020
Last Update: 04/23/2020

Brown, Mariah R., MD625,633,685 
Brown, Mariah R., MD1161,1216 
Brown, Mariah R., MD1666 
Brown, Mark A., MD388,402,1003 
Brown, Mark A., MD1010,2298 
Brown, Mark A., MD2299 
Brown, Matthew Allen, MD554,609 
Brown, Mesha Gay M., MD243,244 
Brown, Michael W., MD945 
Brown, Michael, DO1896,1972 
Brown, Michelle Catherine, MD363,403,994 
Brown, Michelle Catherine, MD1011 
Brown, Molly C., NP652 
Brown, Molly Kate, NP652 
Brown, Nancy L., MD638,842,1120 
Brown, Nancy L., MD1254,2703 
Brown, Natalie D., MSW1912,1995 
Brown, Nicholas Peter, DPT1523,1792 
Brown, Rachel E., MD234,807,1373 
Brown, Rachel E., MD1757,2482 
Brown, Rachel E., MD2600,2708 
Brown, Rachel E., MD3119 
Brown, Regina Jeanise, MD150,155,175 
Brown, Regina Jeanise, MD217,1932,1933 
Brown, Regina Jeanise, MD1937,1945 
Brown, Regina Jeanise, MD2593,2595 
Brown, Regina Jeanise, MD2599,2750 
Brown, Regina Jeanise, MD2752,2755 
Brown, Regina Jeanise, MD2762 
Brown, Robert E., MD1157,1161 
Brown, Robert E., MD1192,1469 
Brown, Robert E., MD1517,2061 
Brown, Robert E., MD2062,2078 
Brown, Robert E., MD2080,2388 
Brown, Robert E., MD2389,2393 
Brown, Robert E., MD2417,2418 
Brown, Robert E., MD2581,2582 
Brown, Robert E., MD2585,2615 
Brown, Robert E., MD2619,3136 
Brown, Robert E., MD3137,3140 
Brown, Robert E., MD3166,3168 
Brown, Robert E., MD3169 
Brown, Robert F., MD2860 


Brown, Ryan F., MD1462 
Brown, Sally A., BS654 
Brown, Samuel L., MD1299 
Brown, Sharnay, PSYD1581 
Brown, Steven B., MD536,852,1603 
Brown, Steven B., MD3069,3178 
Brown, Steven Michael, LPC, MA2220 
Brown, Susan G., BA2127 
Brown, Teresa S., MS1693 
Brown, Timothy R., MD788 
Brown, William Carroll, MD1560 
Browne, Deborah J., PA-C2795 
Browne, Hillary L., MD645 
Browne, Joseph V., DO1923 
Browne, Lorna P., MD390,554,1005 
Browne, Lorna P., MD1098 
Browne, M. Joy, PhD516 
Browne, Vaughn A., MD102,712 
Brownell, Belinda, PT3027 
Brownfield, Niccole R., DDS1213 
Browning, Carol Ann T., MD3085 
Browning, Carol Ann, MD1489,1630 
Browning, Carol Ann, MD2079,2094 
Browning, Eiko T., MD1289,1362 
Brownlee, Sara M., BA, NP1403 
Brownson, Mark R., MD2041 
Brozovich, Elisabeth M., PA-C2048 
Brozyna, Jozef M., DO1837 
Brubaker, Rick L., MD2701 
Brubaker, Todd A., DO161,403,919 
Brubaker, Todd A., DO1011,1299 
Brubaker, Todd A., DO1495 
Bruce Jr., Robert Conrad, MD1974,2788 
Bruce Randolph Middle School S1368 
Bruce, Julia Lynn, MD2175,2185 
Bruce, Todd R., PA-C1987,2213 
Bruce, Todd R., PA-C2795 
Bruch, Hannah Elizabeth, PA, P1799 
Brucker, Noel M., MD739 
Brucker, Willis A., PT455,1523 
Bruckner, Anna L., MD95,360,403 
Bruckner, Anna L., MD882,994,1011 
Bruckner, Anna L., MD1480,1495 


Bruckner, Anna L., MD2447,2509 
Bruckner, Anna L., MD2512 
Brueckner, Lisa I., PT2081,2620 
Brueggler, Andreas, ARNP, BA1149,1403 
Bruestle, Benjamin, CRNA765 
Bruice, Kenton T., MD1423 
Bruin, Eleanor L., LCSW688,2040,3017 
Brumbaugh, David Elliott, MD376,403,1000 
Brumbaugh, David Elliott, MD1011,1484 
Brumbaugh, David Elliott, MD1495 
Brumbaugh, Patricia Ann, MD2064 
Brumenschenkel, Amy S., NP, BA268 
Brumfield, Brent A., MD2944,2986 
Brumfield, Brittany, MSW1127,1696 
Brumfield, Brittany, MSW2860 
Brummel, Catherine, MD1161,2345 
Brummet, Ingrid M., MSW2738 
Brunell, Megan M., BS, OTR15,2710,3162 
Brunelle, Rebecca E., BA268 
Brunin, Gregory M., MD1441 
Brunk, Tammy M., CNM, BSN, BS2191,2192 
Brunko, Michael W., MD1227,3099 
Brunner, Rebecca J., PT, BS2717 
Brunnett, Susan M., OD2502 
Brunnquell, Michael J., MD1318 
Bruns Buchheit, Lauren A., MD363,403,739 
Bruns Buchheit, Lauren A., MD994,1011,1481 
Bruns Buchheit, Lauren A., MD1495,2918 
Brunschwig, Ari S., MD1161,2345 
Brunsdon Jones, Diane M., PT, 19,2518 
Brunson, Charlie E., MD2121 
Bruntz, Cara R., FNP1957,2192 
Brunvand, Mark Wilson, MD915,941,1292 
Brunvand, Mark Wilson, MD1362,1702 
Brunvand, Mark Wilson, MD1704,1933 
Brunvand, Mark Wilson, MD1945,2118 
Brunvand, Mark Wilson, MD2124 
Brunworth, Gretchen Louise, MD451,2267,2515 
Bruny, Jennifer L., MD393,394,403 
Bruny, Jennifer L., MD582,583,1006 
Bruny, Jennifer L., MD1007,1011 
Bruny, Jennifer L., MD1107,1490 
Bruny, Jennifer L., MD1491,1495 
 ^ = No New WC, * = EPP Provider
 Index 34 


Provider Listing
Provider data last updated: 04/23/2020
Last Update: 04/23/2020

Bruny, Jennifer L., MD1666,2298 
Bruny, Jennifer L., MD2299,2310 
Bruschwein, Scott H., MD554 
Bryan, Dean T., OD1448 
Bryan, Nancy Kathleen, BS, PT3040 
Bryan, Yaicha A., PA-C, MPAS, 466 
Bryan, Zachary, DO791,1161,1730 
Bryan, Zachary, DO2345,2874 
Bryant Greenwood, Peter K., MD1472 
Bryant, Christie G., MSN, CNM1397,1403 
Bryant, Eric N., MD102,2882 
Bryant, John Allen, OD974,2316 
Bryant, Joseph M., PT2081 
Bryant, Michael Shane, PT849,1523,2267 
Bryant, Sean O., MD3085 
Bryant, Sean Olof, MD253,536,554 
Bryant, Sean Olof, MD2187,2229 
Bryant, Sean Olof, MD2241,2412 
Bryant, Sean Olof, MD2423,2424 
Bryant, Sean Olof, MD2708,2721 
Bryant, Sean Olof, MD2722 
Bryant, Susanne F., BS2870 
Bryant, Thomas Lavern, MD2035 
Bryce, Todd J., PA-C1987,2213 
Bryce, Todd J., PA-C2795 
Brynda, Alecia G., MS2491 
Brzezinski, Amber Margaret, LC3097 
bStill Integrative Counseling,938,3211 
Bub, Joan B., MD1813,3178 
Bubier, Catrina C., MD2608 
Bubis, David N., MD2588 
Bublitz, Luke T., MS1541,2925 
Bucca, Brian C., OD326 
Buchan, Stacey L., MS, PA-C1541,2526 
Buchan, Stacey L., MS, PA-C2622 
Buchanan, Cindy L., PhD516 
Buchanan, Colin C., MD240,1758 
Buchanan, Douglas J., MD3218 
Buchanan, Jennie A., MD1227 
Buchanan, Matthew J., DO, MD1227 
Buchanan, Matthew S., OD974 
Buchanan, Steven M., OD975 
Buchanan, William S., MD3038 


Buchenauer, Kathleen C., LPC1567,1582 
Bucher, Linda M., BA951 
Buchholz, Melissa A., PSYD516 
Buchholz, Terri A., BS969 
Buchler, Lucas Theodore, MD1779,1857 
Buchner, Julie N., MD2860,2861 
Bucholz, Hana Sphia, DPT2274 
Buck, Amy L., PA-C951,1062 
Buck, Dustin B., PT2922 
Buck, Lea L., PA-C2526 
Buck, William Christopher, MD363,1481 
Buckingham Psychological Servi228 
Buckley, Linda L., MD1742,1751 
Buckley, Madison J., PT666 
Bucklin, Brenda A., MD43 
Bucknam, Robert C., MD2715 
Buckner, John K., MD1175,1181 
Buckner, John K., MD1590 
Buckner, Lisa M., OT, OTR, BS1931,1965 
Buckner, Lisa M., OT, OTR, BS2199,2779 
Buckner, Tyler W., MD150,175,403 
Buckner, Tyler W., MD913,928,1011 
Buckvold, Shannon M., MD55,63,88,353 
Buckvold, Shannon M., MD357,403,2108 
Buckvold, Shannon M., MD2109,2133 
Buckvold, Shannon M., MD2134,2441 
Buckvold, Shannon M., MD2442,2446 
Buckvold, Shannon M., MD2508,2509 
Buckvold, Shannon M., MD2512 
Buckwalter, David G., DO1127 
Bucy, Emily Evelyn, MD51,228,303 
Bucy, Emily Evelyn, MD495,506,524 
Bucy, Emily Evelyn, MD612,629,649 
Bucy, Emily Evelyn, MD653,675,676 
Bucy, Emily Evelyn, MD678,687 
Budagher, Barbara A., PA-C2842 
Budai, Margaret K., MSN, NP1957 
Budde, Praveen K., MD763,2029 
Budde, Stacy Kristine, PT, BS2209 
Budensiek, Richard L., MD, DO763,2165,2166 
Budge, John C., MD2691 
Buell, Ann M., MD1011 
Buell, Elizabeth H., MD1923 


Buena Vista Physical Therapy770 
Buenaventura, Michael A., MA497 
Buerger, Kelly J., DO1299,2464 
Buerger, Kelly J., DO2889,3111 
Buerk, Molly E., PA-C, PA466,749,2302 
Buerk, Molly E., PA-C, PA2526 
Buesing II, Alisha C., MA2220 
Buffalo Ridge Medical Center719,722 
Buffington Reider, Jacki R., A8,51,867,1169 
Buffington Reider, Jacki R., A1733,1903 
Buffington Reider, Jacki R., A2039,2061 
Buffington Reider, Jacki R., A2107,2153 
Buffington Reider, Jacki R., A2439,2582 
Buffington Reider, Jacki R., A2653,2731 
Buffington Reider, Jacki R., A2876 
Bugoci, Darlene M., MD2535 
Bui, Hai P., MD2406 
Bui, Lan Ahn S., MD1161,1730 
Bui, Lan Ahn S., MD2345 
Bui, Yen Kim, MD353 
Buisker, Elizabeth, DO, MD2112,2113 
Buisseret, Kelly A., MD1935 
Buklarewicz, Thomas J., BS2922 
Bukowski, Allison M., DO1254,1299 
Bukowski, Allison M., DO2398,2402 
Bukowski, Allison M., DO2454,2464 
Bukowski, Allison M., DO3104,3111 
Bull, Jessica M., MD1242,1254 
Bull, Jordan L., PA-C1062,1108 
Bull, Lauren C., MD1242,1254 
Bull, Sarah Victoria, MD1239,1318 
Bull, Todd M., MD88,175,525 
Buller, Sarah, MA1567 
Bullis, Alessandra Marie, FNP1138,3212 
Bulow Ops1223,1740 
Bunch, Amber L., MA497 
Bundy, Jeffrey, PA-C1970,2785 
Bundy, Kevin M., MD3046 
Bunik, Maya M., MD403,1495 
Buning, Mary Ellen E., PhD, OT1437 
Buning, Mary Ellen, OT317,1437 
Bunjer, Jessica Michal, NP1403,1769 
Bunjer, Jessica Michal, NP2605 
 ^ = No New WC, * = EPP Provider
 Index 35 


Provider Listing
Provider data last updated: 04/23/2020
Last Update: 04/23/2020

Bunker, Stephen Raymond, MD949,1098 
Bunn Jr., Paul A., MD150,175,217 
Bunn Jr., Paul A., MD2055,2056 
Buonaiuto, Salvatore J., MD1299,1495 
Bupathi, Manojkumar, MD151,175,217 
Bupathi, Manojkumar, MD1289,1318 
Bupathi, Manojkumar, MD1363,2462 
Bupathi, Manojkumar, MD2471,2480 
Burakoff, Alexis W., MD363,403,995 
Burakoff, Alexis W., MD1011 
Burch, Lindsey L., BA268 
Burcham III, James R., MD321 
Burcham, Sara, PA-C1712 
Burchenal, Joseph E., MD2442,2471 
Burchenal, Joseph Emory Barcla2878 
Burchett, Patrick T., BA268,724,951 
Burchett, Patrick T., BA, NP268,1403 
Burdakin Jr., John H., MD1746 
Burden, Kristin A., PA-C704,2526 
Burden, Lea M., MA2220 
Burden, Marisha A., MD161,175,1299 
Burden, Marisha A., MD1318 
Burdi, Tamara M., MSN1769 
Burdick, Ginia, NP951 
Burdick, Lori A., MA2220 
Burdick, Yvette R., MD2050 
Burdick, Yvette Rodriguez, MD1144 
Burdine, Virginia D., MD1157,1472 
Burdine, Virginia D., MD3224 
Bureau, Christopher A., PA-C21,1987,2795 
Bureau, Lora A., PA, PA-C1987,2795 
Burelle, Elizabeth H., MS, ARN1149,1397 
Burgamy, Sarah E., PSYD516 
Burgardt, Sara T., MD1947 
Burger Schmid, Verena J., MA787 
Burger, David Maurice, MD536 
Burger, Evalina L., MD329,729,2612 
Burgess, Alan William, MD1318,1319 
Burgess, Andrea Lizette, MD1423,2368 
Burgess, Lindsay A., CNM, MSN1878,1879 
Burgett, Sara, PT, DPT2518 
Burghard, Rachel M., PA466 
Burgos Zavoda, Arellis Burgos,360,403,734 


Burgos Zavoda, Arellis Burgos,739 
Burgos, Arelis, MD95,360,403 
Burgos, Nelson, CRNA1393 
Burgos-Zavoda, Arelis, MD95,360,403 
Burgos-Zavoda, Arelis, MD633,661,662 
Burgos-Zavoda, Arelis, MD694,702,711 
Burgos-Zavoda, Arelis, MD734,739,1216 
Burgos-Zavoda, Arelis, MD1480,1495 
Burgwin, Elizabeth K., MD1923 
Burke, Brian L., MD1603,2423 
Burke, Brian L., MD3132 
Burke, Charles R., MD1011 
Burke, Daniel Joseph, MD125,1254 
Burke, Deborah L., PA-C, PA466,1541 
Burke, Erika Jean, MD3145,3146 
Burke, Erika Jean, MD3150 
Burke, Haley A., MD244,345,1381 
Burke, Haley A., MD1469,1759 
Burke, Haley A., MD1784,2264 
Burke, James B., MD1603 
Burke, Jocelyn F., MD1108,1114 
Burke, Jocelyn F., MD1859,1860 
Burke, John M., MD913,915,941 
Burke, Joseph Malachy, MD1179,1299 
Burke, Lauren Vaughn Peterson,790,811 
Burke, Megan P., MD2401,2406 
Burke, Megan P., MD3109,3115 
Burke, Robert William, MD2750,2776 
Burke, Scott Anthony, MD451,1517,3169 
Burke, Stephanie M., MSW81 
Burke, Thomas Gerard, MD2353,3143 
Burkeen, Patricia A., NP, MS951 
Burket, Charles R., MD2196,2776 
Burket, Charles R., MD3197 
Burkett, Dale A., MD353,403,1478 
Burkett, Dale A., MD1495,2205 
Burkett, Dale A., MD2206 
Burkett, Ellen M., MD2471 
Burkhalter, Alisa C., MS, NP268 
Burkholder, Matthew C., PA-C1062 
Burkley, Jillian M., MSW2160,2221 
Burkley, Matthew D., MD3010 
Burleigh, Lane, PhD497 


Burleson, Carrie M., OD16 
Burlew, Clay Cothren, MD1666 
Burlingame Physiotherapy, LLC2267,2271 
Burlingame, Judy, PT2267 
Burlon, Drew C., DO919 
Burm, Michael L., MD2345 
Burman, Robert Ward, MD554 
Burman, William J., MD1566,1589 
Burnbaum, Mitchell D., MD2052,2126 
Burne, Brian A., OTR, OT, BS318,1437 
Burnell, Daniel M., PA-C838,1146,2842 
Burnett III, Harry A., MD715,1867 
Burnett, Atuhani, MD, PhD2253,2827 
Burnett, Atuhani, MD, PhD3043 
Burnett, Bridget C., PSYD516 
Burnett, Denise A., MD2113 
Burnett, Heidi J., MSN1957 
Burnett, Heidi L., PT, SLP, OT969,1041,1104 
Burnham, Ellen L., MD88,175,525 
Burnham, Ellen L., MD1208,1590 
Burnham, Linda A., MD1920,1930 
Burnham, Linda A., MD3090 
Burnosky, Christine, MS1080 
Burns, Cynthia A., MD1937,2755 
Burns, David Alex, MD536,554 
Burns, Emily K., MD968,1034,1079 
Burns, Eric, MS614 
Burns, Jennifer A., MD1495,1683 
Burns, Karie, BS613,2277 
Burns, Kellie N., PSYD1995,2221 
Burns, Kristin, OD728 
Burns, Laurie L., CFNP2491 
Burns, Michael J., DPM1928,1994 
Burns, Michael John, DPM1928,1994 
Burns, Michael John, DPM2748,2802 
Burns, Patrick I., MD1108 
Burns, Paul D., DC1736,2261 
Burpee, Leah A., NP2491 
Burpee, Leah H., MSN2057 
Burrell, Kim, DO321 
Burroughs, Arthur Andersen, MD175,1751,2892 
Burroughs, John R., MD972,1108,2982 
Burroughs, John R., MD3001 
 ^ = No New WC, * = EPP Provider
 Index 36 


Provider Listing
Provider data last updated: 04/23/2020
Last Update: 04/23/2020

Burrow, Joshua W., PA-C1987 
Burrowes, Barbara H., PA-C1541 
Burrows, Aaron J., MD1275,2055 
Burrows, David A., MD2595 
Burstein, Adam S., DO74,403,506 
Burt, John W., PhD, PSYD1892,1999 
Burton Jr., Grant L., MD919,993,1011 
Burton Jr., Grant L., MD1299,1479 
Burton Jr., Grant L., MD1495 
Burton Jr., Grant Lee, MD357,403 
Burton Jr., James Reaves, MD134,175,603 
Burton, Abby O., BA260 
Burton, Carolyn Sloan, MD1575 
Burton, Eleanor, OD1448 
Burton, Lisa Kay, MD2254 
Burton, Maura Mccourt, NP, BA268 
Burton, Melissa, OD2711 
Burton, Tara M., PA-C1062 
Burton, William V., MD638,684 
Burtschi, Andrew J., PT1041,2047 
Burtschi, Andrew J., PT2081,2518 
Burtschi, Andrew J., PT2849,2922 
Burtschi, Andrew J., PT2991 
Burtz, Justin Allen, PA-C1541 
Busby, Leslie T., MD643,648,679 
Busby, Mindy E., PA-C, PA466,749,1799 
Busby, Sabina R., PT666 
Busch, Benjamin A., DO10 
Busch, Eric W., PA-C672 
Busch, Jillian L., MD1947,1998 
Bush, David A., PT1041,2037 
Bush, James F., MD1937 
Bush, Jerry O., MD2130 
Bush, Kenneth A., PT818 
Bush, Marie, MD1887,1889 
Bush, Marie, MD2659,2666 
Bush, Marie, MD2674,2675 
Bush, Mark Robert, MD1653,2384 
Bush, Mark Robert, MD2570,2642 
Bush, Steven E., MD1716 
Bush, Susan L., CNM, MSN700,1398,1403 
Bush, Susan L., CNM, MSN1956,1957 
Bush, Susan L., CNM, MSN2770,2772 


Bush, Trevor W., MD1923 
Bushard, Patrick J., MD2365 
Bushnell, Jeffrey, DO102 
Busmente, Casey L., MPA3040 
Busse, Angela S., NP3160 
Busse, Daniel E., MD2701,2742 
Bussey, Randy Max, MD2172,2202 
Bustamante, Alejandro, MD898 
Butcher, Lisa R., AUD2281 
Butikofer, Scott A., MD2982 
Butler Cleland, Stephanie, MSN2037,2435 
Butler, Bennie W., MS1804,2928 
Butler, Chad W., CRNA1952 
Butler, Maria Angeline, DPT1523 
Butler, Melissa J., PA, PA-C466,2925,3173 
Butler, Rhett, MD694 
Butler, Sherri M., MD2989 
Butterfield, Austin Lee, MD74,506,874 
Butterfield, Austin Lee, MD1086 
Butterfield, Jennifer L., MD618 
Butters, Eric P., MS2127 
Buttrick III, Theodore Romeyn,1319 
Buttrick, Peter M., MD55,63,175 
Buttrick, Peter M., MD2281,2282 
Buttrick, Peter M., MD2286,2441 
Buttrick, Peter M., MD2442,2471 
Butts, Jeffrey K., OD814 
Butzen, Brian P., MD